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4.6 out of 5 stars29
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 23 June 2013
My friend first introduced me to Fruits Basket, I was allowed to take the complete collection home with me and I loved it, watched it over and over again as much as I possibly could before Monday came to return it. I loved the characters, the connections, the music, just everything was brilliant. Now I am a proud owner of the Fruits Basket Collection and I would most certainly reccomend this product to anyone looking for a laugh - Also If previously brought 'Oran High School Host Club' you will love this too.
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on 7 April 2013
This is the first Anime that I have ever watched. I am new to the Manga world and I am happy that I started which such a great Shoujo anime.

Fruits Basket is full of cute animals, romance and drama. I love it so much. Even though I watched it ages ago I still think about it for ages. I cannot get the story, characters and animals out of my head. It is addictive!

I really wanted to watch more of it when I finished watching it so I went and read Fruits Basket. This for me was satisfying. I got to find out if Tohru had a love interest or not and who it was. Reading it was better regarding the whole plot but seeing the characters come to life on the screen was amazing, even though the whole story is not revealed the ending can be left for the viewers to decide. You can then decide what happens!.

If you enjoy watching things with cute and funny characters in then this is for you! I really enjoyed Fruits Basket. As this was so enjoyable I am now addicted to Anime. This is a good watch for both girls and boys of all ages. I am 18 and enjoyed it immensly.

I recommend that you buy Fruits Basket for a moving and lovely story brought to life in colour and in English!

You can watch it in Japanese with English subtitles or you can watch it dubbed in English. You can also choose to have subtitle on or off.

The settings and extras are on each disc and there are 4 discs altogether. Some features include Character profiles and interviews with the cast etc.

Overall it is a great box set and I will continue to watch it in the future.
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on 4 February 2013
My daughter loves manga: drawing it and watching it.. perhaps a bit too much for my liking! I vetted this to check it was suitable before giving it to her as a gift - while some parents might think it a bit too adult for young teens, I judged it to be ok with good morals at its core. Quite sweet really and excellent animation.
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Imagine if you moved in with a new family and friends... and found out they turn into animals when you hug them.

That's what Tohru Honda has to deal with in "Fruits Basket," the adaptation of Natsuki Takaya's hit manga. And the manga adaptation is a delightful one -- while the ending gets changed, it's still charming, quirky, slapsticky and sprinkled with darker moments.

Tohru is living in the woods, with only her late mother's photo for company. Exploring one day, she wanders down to a large house, and bumps into the owners: flirtatious Shigure Sohma, and his gorgeous cousin Yuki -- the school's mysterious "Prince." After Tohru becomes ill and her tent is destroyed, Yuki and Shigure take her into their home as their new housekeeper... especially since the place is a pigsty.

But Yuki and Shigure are keeping some strange secrets. When Kyo Sohma bursts in to fight Yuki, Tohru tries to stop him -- and the three turn into a dog, cat, and rat. Turns out the Sohma family is cursed with the spirits of the Chinese zodiac, and become those animals whenever they're hugged by a member of the opposite sex. Surprisingly, the mysterious family head Akito allows Tohru to stay with Yuki and Shigure, as long as the volatile Kyo also stays.

And soon Tohru becomes even more wrapped up in the Sohma family, and befriends many members of the zodiac. She, Yuki and Kyo must deal with crazed fanclubs, flamboyant brothers, school festivals, New Year's loneliness, Valentine's day woes, trips to the hot springs, visits to Tohru's mother's grave, and Yuki's band of loyal stalkers.

But Tohru also learns more about the curse -- the traumatic pasts that Momiji, Yuki and Kyo keep hidden, the little "tiger" girl who is bullied into silence, and Hatori's tragic romance. And finally Tohru discovers the horrific secret that Kyo is hiding, and the true role of the angry, violent Akito...

It takes a little while for "Fruits Basket" to get going, but after a few episodes it finds its footing and charges ahead like Kagura. Just don't expect it to really have an ending -- it doesn't end so much as stop, on a particularly moving story about Kyo and Tohru.

There's lots of romantic tension, slapstick fight scenes (usually involving Kyo and somebody else), quirky comedy (Ayame's kooky cosplay shop), and amusingly tongue-in-cheek dialogue ("Sometimes it feels like the whole world is conspiring to destroy my house!").

But while the anime is somewhat more lighthearted than the manga, there's also a melancholy side to the story, centering on a curse that is ruining its victims' lives. In the midst of the comedy, we get glimpses of Tohru's tragic past, the families torn apart by the curse, and the Sohmas' isolation from the rest of the world.

Tohru herself is the most lovable character of the bunch -- she has a lot of sorrow over her mother's death and the unkindness of some of her relatives, but she compensates with optimism and friendliness. She borders on Pollyannishness occasionally, but is balanced out somewhat by her oddball friends.

And the Sohmas rule as far as quirkiness is concerned -- there's the quiet "Prince" Yuki, the volatile loner Kyo, and the charmingly kooky Shigure. The rest of the family is even more eccentric -- the flamboyant, charming Ayame, Yuki's prodigal brother who is trying ineptly to mend fences. Not to mention the volcanic Haru, the tragic Hatori, and half-German, deceptively cheerful Momiji.

"Fruits Basket" is by turns hilarious and bittersweet, with plenty of wacky antics, sad backstories and quirky characters. Delightful from beginning to end.
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on 24 February 2016
I never knew you could buy the DVD of this in English until very recently.

Being a huge Anime fan I have read and watched many Anime cartoons for years but it was when I was around 13 when I discovered Fruits Basket the manga, I loved them dearly read them over and over, I loved all the characters and how they were presented.

I watched the T.V show years ago but I only saw about 4 episodes on a sky channel, after that I never saw it again, as I got older I moved on to other manga's directed at older people but Fruits basket has always been there.

I saw this set and had to have it, I was so pleased and impressed to find an English release!!!! it's not always easy finding English or even Japanese dvd collections as the releases can be limited.
I was so happy Amazon had it.
It's such a lovely anime. even though I am now way in my twenties I still appreciate how much I enjoyed the manga's and loved the characters.

The show is very short as they never made the full manga in the show which I don't know why.
Its suitable for young anime fans too, a good beginners choice for young people discovering anime.
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on 19 December 2014
good anime ! good condition and perfect 4 disc collection with no marks on the disc .
if you are looking for a great anime this is it ! its full of humour and and it can be heartfelt in some episodes , but over all it a awesome anime and here the intro for it ,

The Sohma family is cursed. However ,this is no ordinary family curse.When a member of the family is embraced by a person of the opposite gender ,they transform into an animal of the Chinese zodiac!

The Sohma's managed to keep the curse a private for generations,but when a young girl stumbles upon their secret ,life a the Sohma house changes forever .Conflict erupts as zodiac rivals clash in this most unusual household. Young Tohru Honda must promise the secret will remain her own,or face the consequences!

watch this and u just might really enjoy it ! or even love it :)
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on 27 March 2014
First off the story is good, the characters very interesting and overall it is a good story. But...

It doesn't complete the manga, so you only get half the story (I'm not going to ruin it) and to be honest about three quartersd of the way through it just looks like they ran out of interest - screaming people just for the sake of making a lot of noise might appeal to 3 year olds, not me.

It looks like they will never make the second half, so we're off to the library to get the manga and read the 'real deal' - I'm not a manga vs anime purist, but it is annoying not finishing properly. You can read them online too, I'd suggest that!
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on 29 June 2013
I received my package right on time and it was securely packaged so I had no issues with the CDs. There are 4 CDs covering all 26 episodes and I enjoyed each and every single one of them. The comedy, drama and romance all in one were superb. I found myself watching 18 of the episodes on the same day! And I laughed through almost every episode. The volume was a bit low on my tv but that can be easily remedied if you increase the volume of your tv. The audio and subtitles are all in English so there were no translation issues. I highly recommend this to those who love high school dramas, as well as for laughs because you'll have a lot of them!
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on 4 July 2015
My friend told me about this series and let me borrow hers, but it's so good I had to buy my own box set! The story is amazingly good - just the right amount of humour, action, sadness and naughtiness! The characters are so likeable (most of them) that they have stuck in my mind for many years now. I couldn't recommend enough - you really won't be disappointed! I've also purchased all the Fruits Basket manga books/comics as the story has more to it than what you see in the box set, but on its own it's still great!
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on 16 December 2014
I stumbled across the Fruits Basket manga initially and absolutely loved it, so when I realised there was also an anime out for it I was obviously pleased.

Totally doesn't disappoint. Although a few characters are missing and it is considerably shorter than the manga, it is still brilliant in its own right. Really funny, the voice actors were all perfect and the overall story is great. Not so good if you want some kind of epic anime, but just a nice bit of fluff. Would highly recommend!
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