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4.4 out of 5 stars36
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 24 August 2011
Full marks to the producers and presenters of this series, in bringing forward the latest thinking on a very thought-provoking subject. Erich Von Däniken of course is the high priest of the Ancient Astronaut concept, and some excellent investigators and thinkers have followed in his footsteps, notably Giorgio Tsoukalos, David Childress, and Graham Hancock, who all make contributions.

There's no doubt in my mind that many clues have been left behind from the ancient past in answer to the tantalising questions of "who are we?" and "where did we come from?" and the experts all bring their individual personalities and viewpoints to the fore in deciphering the evidence. There's no doubt that orthodox religious viewpoints take a bit of a hammering, and if you're a committed "creationist" then this series is definitely not for you.

If, however, you bring an open mind to what is being said, this series will be a stimulating experience, however controversial some of the ideas may seem.

I think the thrust of the argument is as follows: the people who lived in antiquity saw what was to them, some inexplicable events, and quite probably interacted with advanced civilisations "not of this earth". Of course, these primitive "earthlings" had no idea about space travel, genetic manipulation, advanced engineering and so on, and put their own interpretation on what they saw and experienced.

In the light of what we know today, many events described in the Bible and other ancient writings, could have a far more prosaic explanation than what was adopted at the time and handed down through the generations. It's quite possible that extraterrestrial civilisations many thousands of years in advance of ourselves, could have visited our little corner of the Universe on a regular basis and left various clues behind before their departure.

I think many of these clues are being jealously guarded by the orthodox Establishment and other vested interests, e.g. the Egyptologists, and the modern investigators have a tough job on their hands in trying to chip away and get nearer "the truth".

I particularly enjoyed the "Underwater Worlds" section, featuring the various submerged formations around the world, such as the "lost city" of Dwarka, the "pyramid" at Yonaguni, and so on. Are they natural or man-made? Have a look at the footage and decide for yourself.

This series has a good stab at explaining the Ancient Astronaut hypothesis and the various mysteries associated with it. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone with an enquiring mind as to these age-old questions which, let's face it, will never be totally answered.
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on 24 February 2012
i watched the first series on dvd back in the summer of last year and was very surprised with all the overwhelming evidence that this fantastic series presented. ancient aliens series 2 is certainly no different, you'll be amazed what's in store. this is a fantastic dvd and well worth the money. series 2 has 10 episodes that are 45 minutes each in length(450 minutes in total). this covers more subjects, but is 3 hours shorter than the first ancient aliens dvd (that was over 10 hours long). i will list each episodes as follows:

alien contacts.
alien devastations.
alien tech.
aliens and the third reich.

angels and aliens.
gods and aliens.
mysterious places.

underground aliens.
underwater worlds.
unexplained structures.

the scientific community need to stop ignoring the facts! aliens really do exist fact, they have been visiting are planet for thousands of years. the first human civilizations are much older than we thought. this series looks at new discoveries and locations. derinkuyu is a massive deep underground city in turkey that hold human populations between 20.000-50.000 people, and is 8.000 years old, the city is more than 280 feet deep and has hundreds of rooms, networks of tunnels - plus 15.000 ventilation ducts, livestock was kept within derinkuyu on a large scale. how these people made this city is a complete mystery and you need to see it to believe it.

it is believed derinkuyu was built because of a global ice age, so, the civilization of that area built this massive underground city for shelter and survival. there is one problem is that theory, derinkuyu has 15.000 vents that could easily freeze-up from outside ice and because a 20.000 to 50.000 population would very easily deplete all breathable air within this city in a day or less. other flaws with this theory include, no weather forecasts were available 8.000 years ago, so, how on earth did these people know of an ice age. the fact derinkuyu must of taken century's to build and experts admit - even with advanced technology, we would struggle to build it. derinkuyu in very well built with no mistakes made from its builders, but the stone within is very soft so it could've easily collapsed from the massive weight and size of the chambers, but, no mistakes whatsoever where made. so, it begs the question - did they really build this city alone? i really don't think so.

other ancient sites are presented that are just as compelling, if not better. the top scientists and archaeologist's are wrong, they need to investigate this better, if they don't - then it is injustice.
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on 13 May 2015
Anyone buying The History Channels "Ancient Aliens" DVD box sets could be forgiven for thinking that two seasons was taking it a bit too far but the subject is so vast that you could do ten seasons and still not cover every aspect of the phenomenon. Once again the subject of U.F.O.s, Alien intervention and contact with humanity throughout our history is handled with care and scientific professionalism. The experts put forward compelling arguments and use archaeological relics, ruins and writings to back up their findings. Fundamentalist religious groups decry what is put forward in this series of programmes and remain blinkered by their adherence to a limited and obstinate perspective of our universe. It is a shame that religion does not adapt to new discoveries as paradigms shift and inter-grate the new found knowledge to improve society's understanding of the worlds around us. This series opens the mind to a bigger reality that transcends the territorial and geographically limited view of religion. If you are a believer in a universe teaming with life and other civilizations then this series of programmes in definitely for you.
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on 17 January 2014
Bought as a present for my father who is very interested in the possible historical connections with extra-terrestrials. Well put together, thought provoking and all round enjoyable, putting forward many scenarios and in some cases (depending on your own opinions) evidence.
Will be buying my father the rest of the DVDs as he has very much enjoyed the first two seasons as well as myself and would highly recommend these to anyone who is fed up of the same boring documentaries full of attention seeking "eyewitnesses" of UFOs etc.
This show offers a much more in depth look than most in the category and is highly rated for a reason!
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on 23 March 2014
As a layman with no qualifications in history, science or human development I found this series easy to understand, and wonderfully free of jargon, and 'tecno-babble' !

Experts talk in everyday terms about the possibility of alien influence on our ancient past in fundamental aspects.Each episode explores one aspect. If you are open-minded and prepared to give this idea a hearing, you will be delighted at how the case fits together !

The narrator is the only minus point; his voice is rather monotonous, and becomes tedious after 11 hours.
Overall a great buy, and thoroughly enjoyable stimulating viewing !
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on 3 February 2013
This series is very interesting and shines a different light on certain things.I know mainstream science laughs at it but we have to remember that mainstream science used to laugh at people that thought the Earth was round.Personally I find the explanations in this series far more likely than the rantings of religion and what science has said so far.
Can't wait for season 3 which I understand will be available in the UK in May 2013
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on 30 July 2012
Really enjoyed this, crammed full of interesting features, makes you think a little of what is out there, the sort of film to watch time and time again.
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on 18 June 2014
If nothing else, Ancient Aliens is certainly entertaining - and a little bit addictive. While I take a lot of what is presented with a pinch of salt, it does makes you think. In my opinion, Series 1 and 2 are the best...when you get to Series 5 (although enjoyable) you realise that the makers of Ancient Aliens attribute everything that has ever happened to extra-terrestrials - some of the theories go a bit too far. If you have an open, "what if?" kind of mind, I think you'll like this. If you have a cynical, closed mind who only believes in what they can see and what they were taught at school, then you probably won't.
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on 26 February 2013
This series (1 and 2) have good entertainment value whatever your beliefs. I have been into this subject most of my life and found it refreshing in the way the subject was dealt with. There is so much rubbish out there that shows the same old stuff, but there realy is some surprising evidence, 'yes evidence' of alternate theorys of our past in this. I don't want to give away anything so i will finish by saying a very safe buy at the price even if just for entertainment value. But good also for knowledgable people in this subject matter.
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on 17 April 2012
A very interesting program, after watching the first season and finding myself asking questions etc I had to learn more. I can't help but think if we are alone in the universe, why oh why do we need so much space!?? This is a must see for any UFO and Alien believers. We cant be alone its just too improbable or impossible. I am personaly convinced we are not alone and cant wait for the day they return!!
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