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3.6 out of 5 stars1,667
3.6 out of 5 stars
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I'm a huge sci-fi fan and we've tended to be on the back burner for some time with decent new films of this genre.
So getting stuck into the film it's certainly not bad by any means, but it's confused and rather than take a clearly defined "real Alien" prequel it merely skirts around the edges unsure if it's a new film or a re-treading pre Alien.

There are undeniable nods to Alien, from the actual seemingly abandoned "Alien ship", right down to the Aliens themselves which are very close to the ones you find in the original Alien film (ie the long dead ones which were wiped out by the well known Aliens)...clearly intended on the Director's part. But it stops short of being the prequel it should have been, and leaves more questions than it does answers.

Visuals are excellent as you would expect from a modern sci-fi with the power of up to date computers and talented CGI artists you won't be left wanting here.
Cast is overall quite good with Michael Fassbender taking the part of the android "David" and probably the best performance of the film. Charlize Theron stunning as ever, and decent acting but probably not quite the role I would have picked for her. Noomi Rapace, not a well known actress but does quite well with what she has role wise (I would have picked Charlize for her role). Few other cast members really stand out though, but that's not the real issue of the movie.

If Avatar was all CGI and not much story (which in my view it was, great visuals but predictable corny story/plot) Prometheus is a bit of a let down in it's conclusion, it doesn't deal with the questions you want, it fails to be the full blown no messing around prequel it should be. The ending clearly leaves things open for sequels which one hopes explains things (can we smell cash cow?). But as a stand alone movie you will probably be a little let down in the overall package.

It's great to see Ridley Scott back in the Director's chair, I only wish he'd have had the guts to do a proper prequel rather than too many nods and winks to Alien, but never taking the risk to really push the genre a bit more. The plot is decent enough (but with some padding in places) despite the lack of conclusions (it's at least more interesting than Avatar) Scott is famed for the original (and probably the best) of the Alien series (only Alien and Aliens were worthy IMO), and Bladerunner another cult classic. This doesn't live up to either movie either in tension or story, or dare I say cast (both films had superb casts this one merely decent), despite the stunning visuals it can't match the moody atmosphere of Bladerunner, not build the tension as well as Alien managed.

Overall I can't say it's a 2 star movie (clearly it's not awful or bad), but it's not really up to more than an "ok" 3 stars overall. I did quite enjoy the film the first viewing, but felt little incentive to watch it again. I can't hide my disappointment with the ending which explains little and merely leaves the door open to numerous sequels.

Had Scott sat down and done a full blown no fluffing around "Alien Prequel" this could have worked very well, esp since there is much to work with material wise, but we want answers and a proper prequel not a half way house! As it is it's not likely to satisfy Alien fans (and I'm one of them), and it's not departed from that title enough to stand on it's own as a (non Alien prequel) Worth a watch no question, but this isn't going to find a place in the sci-fi classic collection.
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Despite all the vitriolic fanboy scorn and savagery it was met with from those with unrealistic expectations of the Second Coming, Prometheus isn't the greatest crime against cinema of the 21st Century. Unfortunately it is very bland. On paper it has everything it needs to work: a decent story, solid production design, excellent special effects and some talented actors, yet all four elements largely underwhelm. The idea of a scifi retelling of the Prometheus myth is a good one, and the attempt to do something new with the Alien franchise admirable but the workmanlike screenplay is defiantly ordinary, Ridley Scott never managing to bring an interesting enough visual approach to hide its deficiencies the way he did with Alien while excellent special effects come as standard these day so can't add the kind of awe or sense of wonder they did in 1979. The characters are thinly drawn and the cast can't do much more than play the same note with them: Noomi Rapace smiles a lot because she doesn't know what's coming, Charlize Theron pays the cold corporate bitch while Michael Fassbender's android with a hidden agenda spends half the film quoting lines from Lawrence of Arabia in his best HAL 9000 voice, inadvertently just reminding you of more ambitious filmmaking.

It plods along from plot point A to plot point B to plot point C with the kind of professionalism that's rarely seasoned with imagination, the setpieces unfolding competently but without inspiration or directorial flourish, let alone excitement. Where Alien took a pulp story and treated it like a work of art (albeit an at times soporifically paced one), this takes a potentially more intriguing story and turns it into something almost anyone could have made. Unusually for anything Damon Lindelof had a hand in things pick up in the last half hour, but you don't really care much who'll live or die. For the faithful there are enough nods to the previous films to tick the requisite boxes (although there's one major continuity issue if this is indeed set on the same planet) while Marc Streitenfeld's score occasionally references Jerry Goldsmith's motifs from Alien but never does much to create an atmosphere of unease of its own: while it seems churlish to criticise one of the few recent scores to actually have a main theme, it's one that does seem to belong to a completely different film. Ultimately it's the kind of film where the only thing you'll probably remember about it a few days after seeing it is that you can't remember much about it aside from the mind-numbing stupidity of one astronaut who, when confronted by a King Cobra-like alien, tries to pet it because he thinks it's cute. Still, at least it makes a change from being chased through corridors by xenomorphs, and it could have been much worse - at one point the director of the listless 47 Ronin fantasy remake was scheduled to make it.

The 3D/2D Blu-ray Blu-ray release has a surfeit of extras, including a whole exclusive disc with a lengthy making of documentary, featurettes and trailers, while the standard edition makes do with deleted scenes (lengthy but largely disposable), audio commentaries and a few additional featurettes.
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on 30 November 2015
Alien again only this time with pretension rather than tention.
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on 24 August 2015
As ‘adventures in space with sinister aliens’ films go, Prometheus is not bad, but I would have hoped for something more exceptional considering the number of talented people involved.

It has a distinguished director, Ridley Scott, who has made some very famous films like Gladiator, Blade Runner, Alien and (my favourite film of all time, although not a typical work for him) Thelma & Louise. However, those films were all made some years ago. Aged in his mid-70s by the time he made ‘Prometheus’, Ridley may have been past his peak.

Prometheus does though introduce the talented Scandinavian actress Noomi Rapace to English-speaking audiences.

In a supporting role is the mega-talented Charlize Theron who is, as always, good, playing the cold-hearted leader of a commercial expedition to a bleak, seemingly uninhabited planet (partly filmed in Iceland, which replaced the planned location Morocco due to the ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings).

In another supporting role Michael Fassbender (who I still remember from the British Sky TV series Hex, which deserves to be better known, but has had various film roles since) is good as an android.

Sometimes, once one distinguished director or actor is signed up for a film project, it becomes easier to attract other leading people to it. Perhaps that is what happened in this case.

The main relative weakness is the story. It seems based on recycled ideas from Ridley Scott’s 1979 film ‘Alien’ mixed with the probably crank theory popularised in the 1960s by Erich von Daniken that the gods worshipped by the Ancient Egyptians and others were really folk memories of visiting aliens from Outer Space. Combine the two and you might have perfectly good material for an older children’s ‘adventures in Outer Space’ type comic, but not an original top notch film.
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on 15 October 2015
Ridley. Oh, Ridley. Please no. Oh please, dear Lord, no. How the mighty have fallen. And continue to keep falling. Please do everyone a favour, least of all yourself - retire from filmmaking; or buy a rope and stool. Prometheus, quite literally, is atrocious. As a film on its own it's bad, but considering it's a prequel to the phenomenal Alien trilogy (the fourth not worth mentioning), it's quite simply insulting. Stupid characters, stupid script, stupid dialogue, stupid everything. Completely vapid of any intellectual or emotional engagement. Clearly, there's no real concept, thought, or story gone into any of it; no coherency. The acting, also, is dreadful - and that's for everyone, the leading lady included. And if someone can explain to me what Charlize Theron is doing in this film, please put me out of my misery. Idris Elba probably takes the crown, however, for the worst performance - all the way up to his final lines, which will leave you cringing. The best way to describe this "feat" is naff. A complete waste of two hours of one's life; with things this shocking, 'The Chipmunks' movies don't seem so bad after all. One to forget - eternally.
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on 1 September 2012
Don't be put off by the silly 1 star reviews on here because although prometheus isn't perfect and has flaws, it's still a magnificently crafted intelligent sci-fi film that challenges you to think. The problem was that the hype damaged this film, if you hype something for that long and that hard, then there will always be a degree of anti-climax, it's happened before and it'll happen again. People went in with ridiculous expectations and that's why there are so many stupid 1 or 2 star reviews - they never took it for what it was! to compare this,as some did on here, to "The phantom menace" is pathetic and childish to say the least.

The main problem with Prometheus is clearly it's unanswered questions, my opinion is that this will play better when the sequel arrives as it's really just act 1 of a 2 or 3 act play, that said there's still lots to enjoy here, namely Michael Fassbenders brilliant performance as David the Android, the exceptional design work,stunning fx and Naomi Rapace who is excellent in only her 2nd Hollywood role.

Fed up of silly robots smashing things up,superheroes and vacuous teen vampire movies? want sci fi but with a brain? then this movie is for you, sure it's not perfect but its miles better than most movies out there at the moment.
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I did enjoy the movie for what it offered. It is good entertainment with majestic imagery, mostly solid performances and absorbing music. Having said that, it is a movie not without its flaws. Some of them are hard to ignore.

>>>>>>>>> SPOILERS AHEAD <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

One would think that when someone is making a trillion dollar investment and, to boost, having his own immortality ride on this expedition, he would make a more careful selection of his team. Not slap together whoever happened to be waiting for the bus at the corner, right? So who did we get here?
-- A captain that is more interested in getting in the pants of the owner's dominating daughter than what enters his ship or not.
-- An archeologist (intense Rapace was a excellent fit for the role) who supposedly has faith but that seems to exhaust itself on clinging to her cross. However, I am willing to give this some leeway as it is bound to come up in the sequel(s). I am guessing sacrifice and probably I am not alone in this.
-- A geologist/gun expert that is so grossly stereotyped and has such a bad temper (no one thought of running a personality screen BEFORE launch, right?) that his (telegraphed) death is actually a relief.
-- A Biologist who is eager to abandon all notion of evolution in favor of an alien designer at the drop of a penny. And his sole contribution, when faced with an alien creature that looked like a cobra (fear of snakes is innate, mind you), was to try it, while uttering "here, kitty-kitty-kitty"...
Of course, said..."kitty" eats his face off.
As a Biologist myself, I felt shame - and I have to ask: of all the millions of Biologists on Earth, why did they choose this hooded hippie again?
-- The owner's daughter who decides to follow her father in order to cause his death and finally inherit him. Would it not make more sense to simply wish him farewell and stay behind on Earth? There was no way this ship of idiots would ever return!

Suspension of disbelief is a requirement for almost every single movie and needed in a large dosage for every science fiction one. Nevertheless, there are some thorns in my side that would not let go.
-- A spaceship that is capable of traveling between stars, entering an alien atmosphere without burning up and and being set down like a helicopter wherever managed to catch the team's eye at the last moment? No one even thought of scouting and mapping out the planet first in order to have a landing plan, right?
-- Said magic spaceship can also accelerate like a sports car in Earth-like gravity at a 45 degrees angle (in order to ram the alien ship) and the captain manages to make it do this, not in an g-suit and strapped in a harness, but standing up in his loose-hanging veteran jacket.
-- The archeologists were pursuing their discovery whereas the rest of the rag-tag team probably needed the money. But why would ultra-rich Vicker's daughter go on a mission like this? Did she have a death wish to undertake such a dangerous (and haphazardly slapped together) mission?
-- Relativity is a heartless mistress. Gliese-86 is 35 light years away. That means that even at light-speed, it would take 70 years to get there and back. Did she leave no one she cared for behind? Because almost everyone she knew will be dead by the time she gets back.
-- Okay now, what WAS the plan? Meet with these alien creators so that Vickers can become immortal? Did they have any indication that this was even remotely possible? Then how would they know about the mutating alien and have a plan to bring it back in a host in stasis?

I saw it in 3D and, with the exception of the first 3 minutes, it was not worth the glasses hassle. An interesting prequel to the Alien Saga. I only wish they had given the script as much thought as they did the cinematography.
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on 27 September 2015
Well this film might just be the biggest disappointment I have had for a long time. I suppose I should have expected the "dénouement", but I had not realised that Ridley Scott's bank account was so empty. The film promises much and delivers little, despite brilliant cinematography. It is no more than a rather expensively wrapped "prequel" (I hate that term) to the Aliens films and I didn't like those much either. A grand adventure with much potential, very little of which is realised.
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on 4 December 2015
I will probably get blasted for this but after absolutely dying to watch this when I did I wish I didn't... I actually thought 'I can never get that time back'!! Just didn't like it!
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on 21 June 2015
This movie is a bit of a mess, it doesnt always make sense, especially with knowledge of the Alien movies that this supposedly prequels but if you can ignore them, its one of the best sci-fi movies of recent years. A lot of the plot holes can be resolved by the directors cuts so your probably best off getting a version with those. Why those scenes were cut I do not know.
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