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4.4 out of 5 stars140
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 24 December 2012
If you love Glee then this third series will not disappoint. You may have been a little put off by the second series (who could balme you?) but stick with it as this series really picks up. I literally could not stop watching, the songs were great, the storylines a bit juicier and the ending totally un-expected and emotional. If you're new to Glee (where have you been?) then don't start here, obviously start with the first series. No point going over the characters and storyline as I should imiagine it's only serious Gleeks buying this, so if you are a Gleek then prepare to close the curtains, turn your phone off, tell your friends you're away for the weekend, turn up the volume and sing along to the Glee jukebox in the extras of this box set.
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on 10 November 2012
First of all I absolutely LOVE glee, I have since I started watching it in Season 1, then I fell more in love with it in Season 2 with the more developed story lines and introducing a couple of new characters like Blaine and Sam who were a couple of little stars to add to the already amazing Glee. With Season 3 now I still loved it most of the time, the song choices and how they performed them were the best yet like Rumor Has It/Someone Like You and Somebody I Used To Know. There was also some amazing episodes in there like On My Way and Dance With Somebody, these were the episodes where is say that when Glee gets it right, they get it so right.
But, when Glee gets it wrong they get it very wrong. I didn't enjoy a few of the episodes firstly The Spanish Teacher because if Will had that much of a problem with Spanish why has he been going at it all this time, and I didn't like how there was so many Spanish stereotypes which might have offended some people.
Also, I Kissed A Girl, not only did I not like this episode but I had a problem with the way that Santana's outing was dealt with. Instead of talking about her coming out with her girlfriend she talking about it with the person that outed her in the first place so he then became the hero, and she actually never talked about it with Brittany for a few episodes after that.
Another episode that I had a bit of a problem with is Goodbye, at the end I thought i turned into the Rachel Berry show because her story line was all cleared up but someone like Kurt's wasn't we were left hanging for the whole summer as to what Kurt was going to do. We also didn't get to see how Blaine helped Kurt with his rejection because this obviously meant a lot to Kurt, instead we got another Finn/Rachel scene talking about chairs.
Other people that I've read don't seem to like the episode Big Brother, but I really liked how we got to see Blaine as a separate character not just Kurt's love interest and got to see some more aspects of Blaine's life outside of the one with Kurt.
There was more positive episodes than negative episodes don't get me wrong but as I said the producers at Glee certainly did get some things wrong this season but a great season and I will be buying the DVD and enjoying the episodes that I like which is most of them
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on 6 October 2012
I seem to be in a minority when it comes to Glee season 3. It seems to be viewed by most as the ugly duckling of the series and I've heard many negative reviews. Anyway, as a proud Gleek, I had to get the DVD and try it for myself. I was pleasantly surprised! There were a few low points, a rocky start being one of them, I didn't get into this season quite as fast as the previous ones, it took a good few episodes, but when I did get into it, I really did! There seem to be more themed episodes in this season and mash-ups have gone from being a special occasion thing to a more common occurrence, some of which fell a bit flat with me in this season... but as a whole, I enjoyed the song choices and there were plenty that stuck in my mind.

High points of the season- The Trouble Tones, Santana's story, Sue's lines as always, the development of Quinn's character, Unique's performances, Coach Beist's very emotional story later in the season, Kurt and Blane relationship turbulence, a few great cliffhangers, a good ending and much much more.

Low points- The dream sequence in 'Props' could have been a great stand alone episode, but ended up hardly being explored so that we could quickly get back to Rachel's New York obsession story. The Christmas episode: I'm not a fan of the Christmas eps anyway, but this one was particularly sickly sweet. Rory: Apparently he was the Glee Project winner, so people may throw me to the lions for saying this, but I thought he was a boring character... I don't blame him, I blame the writers: He's Irish, so lets make leprechaun jokes! Really? And as I said before, the first few episodes are a little weak... but it gets going.

WARNING- If you are watching this season for the first time, you may want to close your eyes when you get to the 4th disc. There is an episode called 'On My Way', which ends on a huge cliffhanger. Unfortunately, the morons who made the DVDs ruined this for me completely by putting a huge spoiler clip on the main menu, then a huge spoiler picture on one of the episode menus. Not sure how you'd avoid it, but be aware of that. Clearly they've just assumed we'll all have seen this on TV already.

In conclusion- a great season, with a different feel and going in some different directions (or new directions...hahahaha, whatever). Some weaker moments where the writing isn't quite as strong, but they make up for it as a whole IMO and the characters keep it together for the most part.
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There's no point offering a critique of the phenomenon that is Glee - suffice to say that this series 3 Blu Ray offers the chance of uniinterrupted and detailed viewing of the 22 programmes, which takes us from the beginning of the school year to graduation and the central character Rachel Berry heading out of town to seek her fortune on Broadway - a little odd to be travelling the 1000 miles by what appears to be a heritage railway, but what the hey. The HD is fantastic, too - I've never seen such beautiful freckles as those of Brittany (Heather Morris) - all revealed in exquisite detail.

Glee is a show that for its many virtues and quite a few sins, often appears quite chaotic in its plot and character development, and Gleeks, the shows devoted followers, go to extrordinary lengths speculating and tracking down inconsistencies due to sequences ending up on the cutting room floor. The series Bluray/Disc could have given us more than a handful of these in the "extras", but Santana's smouldering "Santa Baby" and Sue's hilariously traumatic backstory at high school are the best of what little they include.

Definite recommend, particularly to those UK viewers who lost access to this series as it disappeared behind the Sky paywall.
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on 15 October 2012
Quick word on the packaging: six DVDs covering all 22 episodes of the third season, lots of special features (the GleeBox, of course, but also background information, set impressions etc.).

What reeled me in from episode one is that this is a really colourful, funny, sweet show that is not as superficial as a lot of other shows coming from the US.
I like the characters, I like the music, I like the dancing. The characters are evolving (well, except for Quinn who really got on my nerves for being such a selfish little bitch most of the time). The only other thing that bugged me was Sue's pregnancy and her subsequent "hormonal cotton candy" demeanour.

Yes, of course the story arcs are exaggerated and more than once there's a more or less quick fix for problems, but this is entertainment, not real life.

I recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy roughly 40 minutes of music, dance and cute people.
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on 28 May 2012
After the disappointing second season I feel that Glee has fully rehabilitated itself back to the show I once loved. Sure there are a few bad episodes,for example "The Spanish Teacher" and "Big Brother", but when Glee does everything well, it excels most other shows on television.
Highlights for me include "Props" and "Nationals",the disco episode, the Whitney and Michael tributes and the highly emotional "On My Way". Overall I feel this season was a success. There were a few hurdles and mis-steps along the way but I feel that if they carry on the way they are Season 4 could be the next Season 1!
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on 24 November 2012
If you love "Glee" how can you fail to enjoy seeing all the episodes without the irritating breaks for adverts. Yes, there are weaknesses in some of the plots and some are downright silly but on the whole the standard is high. I am amazed at the number of positive messages put across and hope that youngsters watching the show are encouraged by it. It has pathos, humour and the most superb singing and dancing.
It is great that you can choose to watch just the musical numbers in Extras.
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on 30 November 2012
As an avid lover of Glee despite being 60+ years I was devasted when I could no longer receive Glee through my Freeview box. I waited and waited in anticipation and impatience until the DVD was available and when it was finally released and I received my copy I had a mammoth session of afternnon viewing, watching the whole series in the space of a week. I LOVED it and was sad when it came to an end. I felt all the emotions with the kids when they went their separate ways but glad that some of the old favourites will be in Series 4. To be hyper critical, there were some weak episodes but on the whole it was brilliant!
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on 3 January 2013
Disappointing new characters, who don't add any worth to the entertainment output of the programme. Not nearly enough comedy, or plot, and very limited sightings of Sue Sylvester, Puck, Arty and other funny characters. Instead we endure countless episodes featuring Rachael and Kurt, neither of whom are to my liking, as I find them exceedingly dull and verging on irritating.
Even the songs have gone downhill, I am only assuming the budget for royalty payments has diminished.
A shame, because Glee was good light entertainment.
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on 1 July 2013
I loved season 1 and 2, I also love season I thought the season was quite different to the first two - which is not bad, just needs some time getting used to. Its not that supercrazy anymore though. At least thats what i thought, when i saw the first two season... "wow, thats crazy, strange, colorful and spectacular.. but funny, and hilarious, mixed with great music!"

Just expect a little less crazyness, a little bit more "normal", in a Glee-Sense ;)
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