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4.0 out of 5 stars98
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 6 December 2011
As a UK customer ordering early, this product was dispatched direct from USA, we needed it for a tour of South America at the end of the week we ordered it, and amazingly it turned up in 3 days.

Having used the old GoPro - this version is better. Sharper, more options, and a more intuitive user interface.

You may find as we do that a large SD card will last longer than the standard battery, so we are looking at getting more batteries or perhaps the batterypac.

Video quality is great in 1080p @ 30fps or 720p @ 60fps. Personally i feel the 120fps to be a bit gimmicky as the resolution is like an old webcam. (when lets face it, anything that you want to show at 120fps is probably an action you want to see very crisp at the highest possible resolution) In this instance 720p @ 60fps and then slowing the footage by generating the extra frames in post is a better option.

Another minor gripe is that the mic input is on the side of the GoPro, which means from the standard open backed skeleton case, we cannot rig up our rode videomicpro to the camera directly whilst it is in its housing, which in a couple of instances would have been a nice touch.

Don't buy this expecting your shots to look as good as a dSLR with a good lens, the video compression rate on the footage is a lot higher than off a dSLR setup, the sensor size to capture the detail is smaller, and the lens has nowhere near the dynamic capabilities of a good dSLR lens... However, that is not what this should be compared to. When compared with cams like the ContourHD, yes the gopro looks odd, you may feel like an idiot wearing it, and there is a lot of squeaking from the plastic hinges when the ride gets a bit bumpy.. but the better low light, easy to use interface, easy expandability (there are a ton of accessories) and most importantly - the image quality mean that for all the shortcomings, we absolutely love this bit of kit, it's small so we take it everywhere with us.

If you are looking for a compact HD camera, with wide angle POV possibilities - in our humble opinion it is really hard to find a rival product on the market that ticks as many boxes as the GoPro HD Hero2.
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on 30 December 2011
Having been using a GoPro Hero camcorder for the last 3 months I was excited to get the latest model for Christmas. Initial tests do show it is better than the previous one. I especially like the increased resolution for still pictures. My LCD back fitted straight on and worked; the housings are interchangable; the menu is easier to understand; the lights all round to show when it is on are a GREAT improvement - no more photos looking up my nose at the beginning and end.

But GoPro, I use this mainly underwater and you are still supplying it with the crappy, out of focus lens in the housing. I will have to spend another £40 to get a replacement. Shame on you especially as your advert has some stunning underwater shots of sharks. So what lens did you use for those? Underwater this week I used the Hero 2 in my old housing and it does work well in less light. I got good results with lights too and it looks like the white balance has improved.

So great new camera but same old faulty housing. If you are using it above water then it is fine and easily gets 5 stars. Below water you need to spend extra money to get it usable so only 4 but great when it is fixed.

If you want to see how it works underwater in challenging conditions then follow Scottish Scuba Channel on YouTube. All videos up until 28th December 2011 are with a GoPro Hero. New ones will be mainly GoPro 2. Both will be using a replacement flat lens in the housing.
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on 12 September 2012
Recently purchased this product for surfing, along with LCD back and wrist strap, and the surf pack. On the first surf, the sticky pad didn't hold the camera in a small wave and the whole rig sank to the bottom (luckily it was shallow water), so purchased their 'floaty back'. On the second surf the system wouldn't turn on, so came out of the water to find the 'waterproof' housing had leaked. GO Pro inspected the setup, and deemed that it wasn't covered by their guarantee system. Apparently it has nothing to do with being waterproof. An outlay of nearly £500, and it lasted for 45 minutes in the water. I pray you never have the same problem.
Annoyed is an understatement.
The camera itself is terrific, but the service from Go Pro leaves a lot to be desired. Would never tell anyone to risk their money on this product if it is going near the water.
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on 7 August 2012
Now this is a strange one.

The image quality sucks compared to cameras of the same price range, no LCD (sold separately), only two buttons to operate it and not even a tripod mount included. Also audio is very poor when hand-held because of case "sqeaking".

BUT somehow I love this camera.

Being so small and mountable helps you make great videos. It is easy to carry around and always there ready in seconds to record anything that might pop up and be worth it.

The menu, although only operated by two (!) buttons, was easy enough to learn within a day. Bit long winded when you want to change settings on the fly but strangely, this camera has so much character and usability that I honestly don't really mind.

A very good buy, but only giving it 4* because of all the extra money you need to spend on accessories to make it worth it.
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on 23 June 2014
It's hard not to be swayed by Gopro's enticing advertisements..

Sure the people in the videos surf daily, have all the gear sold separately and have a massive ramp at the end of their garden which leads to a canal where they water-ski off the back of their friends speedboat, 24/7, 365 days of the year... ahhh where was I... BUT us normals can utilize these teensy weensy little cameras too, right??

I can imagine a lot of people would view these cameras as a niche product for a specific audience and occasion - I'm one of those people, yet I still ended up with one of these things... go figure... Still, I have an excuse of being somewhat in need as my job often requires various excursions into the woods and such to film various vehicles. Outside of the workplace, I'll admit to not putting this to much use (until recently). It has been plunked onto my dash in my car for filming a night drive home with all the lights of Guildford shimmering away (despite my shoddy camera placement). It's filmed unwitting family members play 'Just Dance' on the WIi and dance away like no ones watching, inside a Christmas tree. It's been strapped to the back of my Staffy's harness as he gets let loose over a massive common, encountering mass foliage, monstrous puddles and of course, other curious canines.

This little beast requires a decent SD card to be of any use (to be capable of handling a high frame rate) so a mark 10 card is recommended - the more the storage the better really (I stick with 32gb). There's a tiny screen about 2cm in height, 1.5cm in width, for you to get a vague image as to what the machine thinks you are trying to ascertain:
A chunky old school looking video camera/picnic table - video
an SLR camera - photos
many frames - continuous shots
SLR and clock- Time lapse
Timer - idea...
spanner - options.
Video capability - VGA, 720, 960, 1080 - both at varying frame rate, the higher the quality, the more space taken and strain on SD card.
Video format - medium, wide, narrow.
Megapixels - 5,8 or 11.
Timer settings - length of intervals
Change of direction - rotation
LCD - turn off the annoying flashing red light.

There's a lot of useless stuff here but here's the basics: You get to turn off even more frustrating features like the beeps when taking shots, PAL vs. NTSC, LED brightness, Auto shutdown and..... a calendar.... for really anal people who MUST know the exact date and time a photo/video was taken - surely if you've got one of these carefree cameras...never mind.

On the outside the Gopro hero 2 has an audio jack for headphones and one for a mic, plus the standard micro USB and even a HDMI port. An external microphone... on the bottom of all places... The outdoor version comes with various mounts (lumps of plastic with quickly degrading sticky pads) 2 plastic waterproof cages (one for when you inevitable give in and buy the wireless add on), a head-mount that makes you look a bit of a gimp/voyeur. Luckily when I'm working with these things, I've got a handful of grease monkeys who can easily apply an adhesive to the one use pads, as well as remove them from a surface if it really sticks..I left it on the vehicle on the drive home! I've tested the effectiveness of the cage by placing it in a wheel-arch of a prototype, whilst it plows through several massive puddles on pot holes. The resulting splash, may look cool on video but every now and then, the water doesn't bead off as it probably should. Battery could last longer - usually squeezing out around 3 hours at full chat.

The Digital Product
The videos themselves are of good quality when you retrieve them. There is a limit as to how much they can record in segments - usually around the half hour mark - making a file size of roughly 1.5GB. The wide angle lens means you can get away with various re-scaling and stretching if you're into editing the footage - so if you accidentally shot in portrait as opposed to landscape (no doubt because of those BLOODY MOUNTS!) then fear not, there is enough realistic 'give' to maintain realistic film. Sound isn't great though, unless its stationary and indoors. Outdoors, everything is inaudible even with the cages, due to wind which seems to amplify as it seeps into every orifice of the device. MP4 format, safe for 1080 & 720, fairly compatible format.

My biggest gripe - it only has 2 buttons. One to scroll through the menu (one way) and no.2 for selecting/recording/shooting. It can be a laborious task to cycle through all the options until you find what you're looking for, although, it is all in there, as simplistic as it may be... Picture/Film quality, auto off, LCD choices, time lapse etc.
No screen - you can view live video and photos via an iPhone app but... that would require a wireless back pack... an optional extra which increases the chunkosity of the device by about 5mm. In fact, ANY optional extra available is a negative for me when it comes to this thing, seems like they are extremely useful bits of equipment left out deliberately for another purchase.. crafty. Another issue I have is the mounts - they can be a bitch to properly get a decent angle and can build up if into an awkward stand of about 3 mounts if you struggle to get the view you want. It's also very frustrating that the mounts don't really offer a standard 'stuck on the bottom bit' option, it has to be some stupidly over the top, Pythagoras dimension of morose proportions, much like these adjectives.

Ok so there is some serious exaggeration going on as to what people actually do with their cameras but the point is you should be able to do whatever you want with them, as they are lightweight and durable, whilst offering an unbeatable quality for a fairly low costing bit of kit - so a great idea! Delivered scrupulously by a bastard company!
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on 25 April 2012
Bought the camera and after only a handful of times it had significant water damage (well thats what Gopro says) all it did was becoming foggy all the time even though I maintained the seals properly. Having bought a lens kit as well I ve got equipment worth 380£ ready for the bin.
I would not recommend the Product, its another classic example of Americans selling cheap chinese plastics through their marketing...i ve learned my lesson the hard (expensive) way!
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on 23 October 2012
Anyone thinkign of buying this. Hold out! The GoPro 3 has been announced and will be released in the UK mid November 2012. The price of this one will tumble as soon as the new one is out. So don't pay this price! Wait one more month!
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on 26 June 2012
Good quality video in normal use, but there's a problem.

The camera and housing is advertised as being waterproof to an impressive 60 metres. Great, one might think, I can use it for diving and underwater filming. Not true however; the standard Hero2 setup will not produce sharply focussed video underwater. Googling the issue reveals a lot of comment about this. Unfortunately I only found this after I'd acquired the camera.

This is a known problem, requiring a redesign of the housing lens, that GoPro have been tardy to address. Until they do so, advertising the depth rating - without any warnings about the focus issue - is misleading people into thinking this is a viable underwater camera. As it stands, it isn't.
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on 15 September 2012
The GoPro freezes during video recording randomly. It worked fine for a few weeks but now no matter what SD card is used or how it is formatted the camera freezes during recording on a random basis. When it freezes you have to open it up and remove the battery. VERY VERY poor product. I would recommend looking elsewhere as it seems a lot of people have this problem. No official word from GoPro about the problem.
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on 3 December 2012
Go Pro cameras are usually excellent, but their after sales service in the event of a fault is a disgrace. My camera went wrong three months after purchase, freezing after a software update. It was returned to California from the UK, at my own cost, in October 2012. Despite their enormous sales in Europe, Go-Pro have no warranty or after-sales structure worthy of the name in Europe. After an extended period, Go Pro finally agreed to replace their faulty product, but eight weeks later it has still not been recieved. They insist that each faulty product is fully assessed in California before any decision to replace is taken. This is a very lengthy process and of course the customer is deprived of the use of the product throughout the period. In my case, even after a decision to replace was taken, there was a significant delay in sending a new camera. On top of the delays, Go Pro mislabelled the replacement, resulting in a demand for VAT from the courier company before the replacement could be delivered. So - more than £250 spent, a few weeks of use, endless frustration and chasing of an ineffecient warranty system, a period where I am unable to use the product I paid for and still no replacement camera. You have been warned.
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