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on 8 October 2014
Ive just got into modeling and bought this kit as ive never done a 1/24 scale before ,there are a few pros and cons though ,pros ,the size is impresive and when finished it does look the part and comes with a pilot and stand .because its large i also lit the cockpit and navlights and managed to run fibreoptic to the wing tip lights with a little dremmeling and drilling,i used the paints provided but they really do need a good mix for at least a minute, the grey and green for the camo in my kit was a bit gloopy and thick and may need thinning to avoid brushstrokes (i used a little water to do this as there acrylic not enamel) and did 2 thin coats but you get 2 pots of these colours and 2 pots for the underside colour.

would recomend using an undercoat for this kit as the paint seems to go on much better.i just used a grey car primer- 2 light coats (halfords or carplan) i have used and none of these react with the plastic .they both say acrylic on the back !!!wouldnt use any coloured car paints as these might melt the plastic

OK dunno if this was just my kit and have read on here and elsewhere that the tooling is from the 70s .There was flash on every single piece (thats around 200 pcs) ,some was that bad you even end up cutting your pieces short as you cant tell where the piece ends or flash begins so have a good supply of exacto blades and sandpaper handy if youre kit was like mine!!!
the fit on my kit was not great and some lines did not match up and also had a gap on one side where the wing meets the cockpit area (under the RF in pic)
also struggled with getting landing gear lined up to retract and not get stuck, and the covers for the gun bays,biggest pain is the engine ,this must be spot on if you want the cowels which are removable to fit have to dry fit everthing you do to check its gonna fit before you glue,ah yes the glue supplied i dont use its too messy .i used the revell pricision glue.

there is no supplementary instructions to proper show how to fit all the new parts (to modify the kit to the Vb)and leaves you a bit in the dark ,also it requires cutting parts of the model in places to fit the vb parts which i didnt like,this kit also leaves you with a load of spare bits so dont be thinking youve missed a piece .

all in all i am happy with the end result but the work and time it took trimming and sanding and dry fitting every single piece because of flash was not good .i think airfix need to chuck the tooling in the bin and start again,unless i just got a really really bad 1
i would only recomend this kit to people who have done quite a few models allready!
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on 31 October 2013
Received the model one day late,that was fine but the kit itself is fantastic, it's huge with a mighty wingspan and all the details are there, machineguns, cockpit engine etc. I painted mine with d-day stripes and it looks fantastic a must have for any ww2/aircraft model nut.
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on 28 April 2014
I bought this when it was selling for a knock down £19 and I can say for that money it was a bargain. Never having built or even seen a 1:24 scale spitfire, I can say it is impressive in scale and detail. Cockpit detail is extensive, but maybe not up to today's standards as this is basically the old Airfix with newer parts added to upgrade it to the Mk Vb. The flaps work, the landing gear retracts and there is enough room to build some lights into this too.

This version comes with paints, that I always say are only fit for the bin, so buy some Humbrol enamel for this. The decal sheet is huge, markings are huge too for this bird. There is quite a lot of plastic flash present on this one of mine that will need trimming, and I have heard of some fit issues with the fuselage and wings. But them, this is maybe a 50 year old base kit so it is not going to be up to Trumpeter or Tamiya standards is it?

Oh and this is not the version with propeller motor provided, you will have too source one of those from else where. Photo etch sets and detail up items are available, and I would think that a nice new pilot figure would set this splendid bird off if placed in a diorama setting.

Any model of a spitfire is a good thing, so go and get one to pay homage and respect to the few!
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on 20 April 2014
Superb kit of a remarkable Aircraft. Non-modellers need not apply. Needs patience and experience to bring this one to life.
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on 20 August 2014
I'd done a few of these 1/24 kits as a kid, so lovely memory to do one now with my son. At this price it's a good value kit considering size but for those with modelling experience, be aware that on this particular kit the detail, quality and fit of all parts is far from the standard of even a 1/48 scale Tamiya kits (and poorer than I remembered but then that could just be memory!), so some cutting, filing and filling of gaps required. Still fun though but a little less satisfying...
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on 28 July 2014
I've been building models for a good few years and I finally decided to try something a Bit more adventurous. Opening the kit and seeing the parts was staggering. The detail is very good for the a kit that didn't benefit from airfix's "new tooling", there is a lot of detail under the surface so one has to choose between focusing on the exterior or the interior. On most areas a choice doesn't need to be made. The main one is if you want to install the airfix working engine into the model. This is actually an amazon add on and I wish I had done it before. It isn't hard to install as I looked at the details. Along the way when installing the engine pice in the model your given the choice to put in a different piece to mount the engine. If properly assembled this makes the propeller spin, not that fast but very cool. I plan to use this to encorpoate realism into a future kit with some model lighting conversions kits slapped on. The instructions are easy to follow and the cockpit is very detailed with the addiction of a cool pilot. A very good kit for more experienced modellers. I didnt really see the point of paints as someone who uses the paints is probably not experienced enougth to makes this model worth it. I went for the one without the paints because the model is actually no different. You may want to consider after market decals if you want something that's not RAF but you can easily stick with the base model. A great kit for a medium level of experience.
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on 27 January 2013
this model is not for beginners and will take a lot of time and patience to complete, recommended you carefully read through the instructions and practice making the parts fit before actually glueing. a bit of filing and cleaning of flash is required for a flush fit. when completed this spitfire is huge and looks great, it's not toy but your effort is rewarded.
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on 16 August 2013
A fantastic, time consuming, piece of joy !.. I bought this on a whim, as I haven't built a model for a number of years. The end result was very pleasing, but not as pleasing as the time sat back and gently crafting parts in to a unit or painting pieces. Just like a jigsaw, the picture starts to emerge, but unlike a jigsaw, some of the parts need to be properly finished by hand before sticking to each other...Overall the secret to this is monk like patience with a huge dose of piece and quiet. My top tip would be to apply the supplied paint in thinned out washes rather than straight out the pot gloop. Washes don't show paintbrush lines and they build the colour up. Then apply a coat of brush on lacquer. ( a £5 bottle will last forever). This will seal and protect the decals, and help the acrylic (water based + no mess) paint from being scratched off. My finished model is now hanging from the ceiling in the office and it's providing a world of wonder for others too now.........
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on 21 February 2014
This is the largest model plane that I have attempted.The engine is a bit tricky to fit when completed, but can be done .The aluminium paint supplied is a bit streaky other colours ok.Some of the instructions are a bit vague .Some slight modifications are needed but can be done quite easily if you have modelled before.I am threequarters through the build and I am impressed with the detail.Cannot foresee any real probs with what I have left to do.
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on 14 April 2015
There's good points and bad points with this kit, you need to take your time with it, it takes a good amount of trimming and sanding to marry each part it's not difficult but I wouldn't recommend this to someone who is expecting good results without too much effort, it's a slow process but satisfying due to its huge size. I used the paint that came with the model and spent 5 minutes mixing it before thining it to the consistency of milk before using an airbrush to spray the model, it gave a great textured finish.
I'm pretty new to model making so learning as i go. I would recommend this to anyone thinking about trying your hand at it, if there's one thing it does do it forces you to take your time and be patient with it.
Box is huge not sure why though the model rattled around inside it.
Instructions are a bit challenging to figure out sometimes, if you get stuck walk away, drink a beer and it all becomes so much clearer!
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