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4.4 out of 5 stars649
4.4 out of 5 stars
Style Name: 24 inch screenChange
Price:£119.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 20 July 2013
If you are looking to upgrade to a FullHD monitor for the first time, then this monitor will certainly do the trick. It is everything the general user will expect from a 24inch LED monitor. Although, if you are like me (video editor, photoshop enthusiast, photographer and gamer) i find that the monitor is lacking in some aspects.

Pros -

- Very slim
- Small borders around the display
- Buttons are easy to use (actual buttons, I hate touch screen buttons)
- Sleek and subtle design

Cons -

- Back-light bleed in the bottom corners
- No hue controls
- The build quality at the front is lacking. From a high viewing angle I can see the display edges where the plastic inst flush with the display.
- Inputs are horizontal. So when plugging in your cable they will stick out very far.
- No audio output
- Lacking in inputs and outputs

I found that the colors of this monitor where a bit too green compared to my other monitors. To fix this, I changed the RGB values in the monitors menu.
Red: 100, Green: 80, Blue 100.

Taking all of this into consideration, with the price tag it is a great monitor. Although, I personally wished I spent the little extra money to get a slightly better monitor.
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on 18 March 2012
Having used a square 19" monitor for a number of years I was very unsure of what to expect when I ordered this monitor, yeah I did read the forum reviews etcetera but I was still wary. This monitor is excellant value for money, even thinner than my old flat screen and less weight. The forums generally moaned about the buttons being hidden underneath the frame and the on/off switch being hard to find. Well on the instructions it shows quite clearly where everything is so I did not find it a problem. I have never used the buttons as the Acer eDisplay Manager software does EVERYTHING simply. It is true plug and play so just attach and use it, then set up the software.
I use a programme called Autocad which is power hungry and complex, with this monitor it made life so much easier by having a much larger screen area and being rectangular meant that toolbars stacked on the side more naturally leaving a good expanse to work on my drawings, there was absolutely no time lag with this monitor. I have also watched a few films in 16:9 format and the thin edges of the monitor almost disappear giving no distractions whatsoever. I also have a TV card and can have the television on the left of the screen, while I can be using MS word or Emails or any other software that does not need full screen for functionality.
This monitor will suit 90% of the population, great value, ease of use, power saving and looks sooo sexy!
Amazon please please make reviews of items like this a month after purchase, when a more realistic review can be published, I had to leave your Email request for a time till I was ready to write this review.
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on 20 April 2013
The reviews written here are all on the mark. The build quality feels great, it's stylish, minimalist, and the picture is the best of the monitor's I've tried.

My only complaint is that the screen doesn't have VESA mounting points, and therefore can't be mounted on a stand or wall. This wasn't an issue when I bought them, as I intended for them to be on the desk, but having just decided to put them on a stand, I now need to replace these sadly and find units I can mount.

Other than that though they're superb so if you don't need to mount your screen then I highly recommend
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on 6 December 2011
When I first looked into this monitor there were no reviews of it anywhere. I already had an Acer PC so I knew about the brand and quality. The monitor seemed to have everything I wanted - 24 inch widescreen, LED, full HD at a price than was too good to ignore. My only concern was the 5ms response time as I like to play games on my PC. My research suggested that this shouldn't really make a difference.

I decided to take the plunge. The monitor arrived well within the free delivery timescale. The box included the stand, a 3-pin power lead, a 2-pin power lead, a VGA cable, booklets and a CD with software. My plan was to use a HDMI cable which I already had. The unit is light and has a glossy black bezel which matches my PC. The stand was easy to attach with the aid of a cross head screwdriver. There are 5 unmarked plastic buttons on the underside just to the right of the stand.

After connecting everything up, I could not switch the monitor on! The manual didn't point out where the on/off button was. After some frantic pressing of buttons and searching I found the power button to be the stylish bit of plastic that protrudes out below the "acer" logo at the bottom. There is small a power symbol on it which is hard to see. This button glows blue when the screen is on and orange in standby mode.

Once on, the screen is bright. I found that the contrast was a bit high and looked best with it turned down quite low. I also found that when using HDMI there was an inch thick black border between the display and bezel. I switched to using a DVI cable and this was rectified. The 5 buttons activate the OSD where you can adjust brightness, contrast, colour and select input type and screen modes such as standard, graphics, movie or an eco power saving mode. I usually stick with user defined settings. I found the included software to be useless. I used it once to calibrate the screen but on second use, it asked to update and remained stuck on that same screen. I just uninstalled it as it's not really required.

Now after using this monitor for a week I can say that it is a great screen. Colours and vivid, text is crisp and clear. Games look great in widescreen HD and I have not noticed any lag due to the response time. You just need to ensure that your graphics card is up to it. I have made the Windows screen bigger and when surfing I use Chrome's zoom feature to make the text more readable as in native HD resolution the text is smaller than what I am used to.

Overall I can thoroughly recommend this monitor. I am very happy with it. I don't see any reason for needing to pay any more for a 24 inch HD screen.
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on 25 August 2013
huge improvement over hunching over my laptop! plus, now i can have babes around to watch movies.

you'll get a much better/crisper quality image with either a HDMI cable, or DVI cable if you dont have an HDMI slot on your computer.

some people are complaining about a black edge around the screen when using an HDMI cable. this is because your video driver is set to do some "overscan" by default. go into your display options panel (Catalyst Control Center for ATI drivers), find the external display, and set overscan to 0%.

also find the "use display for scaling/use GPU for scaling" box and set it to "display" - no need to tax the GPU because the monitor has a built-in computer to do this.

this little fix worked on both windows 7 and linux ATI drivers for me.
if your display isn't working at full 1920x1080 resolution immediately, try pressing the "change displays" button on your keyboard - usually Fn+F7 or something like that. should detect the proper capabilities then.

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on 9 March 2014
Bought this monitor to replace an old Samsung 22".

A couple of my friends recommended this monitor and at such a low price, how could i say no?

The monitor arrived, I plugged it in and there was a stuck pixel in the centre left section of the screen. This was incredibly annoying, as i thought dead/stuck pixels were a thing of the past. I returned the item to Amazon and received a replacement. I do thank Amazon for a flawless returns policy/service. They were able to pick up the item on a day that i chose, and gave me a replacement within days.

Unfortunately the replacement monitor AGAIN had a stuck/dead pixel in the lower centre section of the screen. I have now returned the monitor to Amazon and received a full refund.

I may be unfortunate enough to get two monitors from a bad batch. From other reviews I have read, no one else has had the same issues.

I do highly recommend this monitor, but due to the stuck pixels unfortunately I cannot give it 5 stars.
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on 30 April 2012
Being in the technology game means I have to read lots of reviews before I finally make up my mind before purchasing something. I knew my budget was sub £150. I wanted LED as its newer technology and I had to have all the right ports for future compatibility.

When I came across this monitor, I thought hrm.. ACER? , I knew of the brand for computer components, but ACER for Monitors?

Lets see...the specs were ideal:
LED - check
HDMI, VGA, DVI - check
Sub £150 - check

The other reviews on Amazon were positive so I finally took the plunge.

What can I say? the Monitor is superb! My old LCD seems so dim in comparison.
Set up of the monitor take less that 15mins and that includes taking it out of the box and attaching it to the stand (just slots in to the base and a small screw you turn with a coin, locks it in place) Windows 7 automatically detects it so I didn't need to install any drivers.

The monitor itself is ultra thin, very good for smaller desks. Its also very light, so easy to move around

I did have to turn the contrast and brightness down a bit as I found it a bit easier on my eyes. The navigation buttons are a bit fiddly but once you have everything set, there is no need to use them again.

Watching HD videos and playing some fast moving games is a dream. I didn't notice any particular lag / ghosting with the 5ms response times (I am using DVI)

Really satisfied with the purchase and contemplating buying another as they are such excellent value for money.

I may even do a video review!
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on 30 March 2012
This was a very good buy for the generously small price Acer are asking for it and I knew from past experience that LED monitors were very good but this one still managed to impress me. It also comes with both a 2-pin and 3-pin connection to the wall so you don't need to worry about any power adapters.

To start I think it looks very nice - it fits the black theme that many of my electronics seem to have, looking sleek and thin on my desk right now. The matte finish is a good choice for the stand over the shiny gloss finish that will scratch as soon as you rest your fingers on it and will be noticeable forever after. The bezel that goes around the screen is a sleek gloss finish which looks very nice. On the bottom it has a blue power light beneath a piece of transparent plastic, the power symbol etched on and this looks very smart. This screen is very thin at the top indeed (only 13mm). Not worryingly thin like the new LG screens at a fragile and scary 3mm thick. There's nothing that I can fault here about the appearance.

I think this is a very good size to be working on at this resolution for all tasks such as office work as you can fit a lot on your screen at once, browsing the web with the option to zoom in web pages or gaming which I do do as well. The ports on the back are HDMI, VGA and DVI so there is a lot of options for connectivity. I have my PC set up via digital DVI and HDMI for the Xbox. Switching sources is very easy, just press the furthest right button twice and it will pick the next active source; This is very easy compared to my old screen where I would have to go through a few menus to get to where I wanted. There isn't too big of a range of viewing options like tilt but I'd say it's perfectly adequate for use if the monitor is properly positioned. Just having a look right now as I write this up the viewing angles are very good on here, you will not find your screen dull if your looking from the side very much at all. There is very good contrast displayed and the colours are vibrant and a pleasure to look at. I really couldn't want anything more for this and it's now such a low price I think I may buy another to fit alongside this one now. 10 out of 10 rating and 5 stars rating. A Great Buy

EDIT 1: This monitor has been viewed so well by my friends that two of them have decided to purchase one themselves! If anything shows how much of a good product this is, that has to be it!
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on 1 March 2013
Using this display with both a late 2010 Macbook Air and a 2012 Macbook Pro, and it works very well with them - the Mini-Displayport to HDMI cable is the easiest way to connect them.

When I first unpacked the display I thought that the screen was pretty turgid, and it was only when I used the Mac's Display Calibration tool that the colours became much crisper. Here's the advice I read: "Open System Preferences and click the Displays icon. If you have multiple monitors, a separate window will appear on each. Click the Color tab, and you’ll see a number of display profiles. If you tick Show profiles for this display only, you’ll just see the profiles that can be used with the monitor. If the selected profile is not ideal given the display’s possible colour response, you’ll want to calibrate the monitor."

I highly, highly recommend doing this. You'll be much happier.

For the price, this monitor is tremendous value.

And the power button is the curved bar under 'Acer' - something that was missing from the manual and there was no quick start guide!
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on 30 November 2011
Having been one of the first two to buy this monitor, I was a bit wary, as when I bought it, there were no reviews. But am using it now and can't believe the performance! Great colour, great brightness really crisp visuals. Despite the pictures, it DOES come with DVI-D, HDMI and VGA for those wishing piece of mind.

Even better, the setup is really simple. The most challenging part is taking it out of the box! You will need a screwdriver to screw the stand into the base of the tilt (which clips into the base of the monitor)


-Great visuals
-Great price
-Easy setup
-Amazing looks (sleek and stylish)
-Thin enough to fit on the smallest of desks
-Comes with both a UK and European Standard Plug


-Only comes with a VGA cable as standard
-Very wide (but then again, it is a WIDEscreen monitor!)
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