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on 6 January 2012
I will start by saying that this is my second Dell Ultrasharp. The first one I ordered was the U2312HM, about £70 cheaper than this one. However I was really disappointed with that monitor, the anti-glare coating was horrible, noticeable back-light bleeding and the edges of the panel seemed like someone had applied a permanent drop-shadow to monitor (photoshop users will know what I mean here).

I reluctantly ordered this more expensive model, however unlike the my first experience with Dell, I am very pleased to say that this monitor is perfect.

Build quality is superb, the stand is rock solid, adjustability is amazing. The monitor has a heavy duty "look" to it, but at the same time very easy on the eyes, the rounded corners are a nice touch.

I was really worried about the anti-glare on this since I couldn't stand it on the U2312HM. I don't know if I was delivered a "dud" the first time around but the anti-glare on the U2412M is much better. Everything is crystal clear, obviously it still has the slightly "dusty" look but I'm not joking when I say that looking at the last monitor made my head spin. I found one of the major complaints in reviews was mostly the anti-glare coating Dell uses, this monitor I believe was only released a few months ago so maybe they listened to the feedback. Anyway I'm too small a sample size to confirm that Dell is using better Anti-Glare now so take from that what you will. Moving on...

Picture quality is brilliant as expected from the ultrasharp line of monitors. Colours were great out of the box, however I did notice that the image was ever so slightly "cool" but I dialled down the blue a few notches and now its perfect. Obviously I will still have to use a professional calibrator to make sure I get spot on colour (my work one will go missing for a few days tomorrow...).

The other thing that really strikes me about this monitor is the 16:10 ratio. Unfortunately manufactures are in a crazy fad of producing 16:9 desktop monitors. While it's great for TV and gaming, it makes no sense to sacrifice vertical space on a desktop monitor. The 16:10 ratio on this monitor makes working with images a dream, I sit about a foot from the monitor and all I have in my vision is my work.

As you probably can tell I am very pleased with this monitor, I would highly recommend putting up the extra cash and get this over the cheaper U2312HM. To be honest at the current price point it's a bargain for what you are getting.
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on 16 February 2013
* Backlight Bleed *
I could find none on my unit.

* IPS Glow *
Most IPS panels have this. Especially panels below £500. This one has IPS Glow. It's very even, and is minimal if you're central to the screen (as most likely you are). IPS Glow does diminish as you sit further back. So you'll not notice it watching dark movies if you use this monitor as a multimedia monitor for watching films, etc.

I'm very fussy about stuff like this. And it really is minimal compared to other ranges of sub £500 dell monitors.

* Black Level * This unit has excellent black levels. I calibrated my monitor to brightness 35, contrast 75, and then used a spectrometer to calibrate the colours, and the blacks are truly black, and not grey. Very impressed with this performance.

* Colour Accuracy *
It's not true sRGB, only covering 95%. And it's a non wide gamut monitor. However, I do web design, and not print design. If I did print design, I would still use this monitor for web design. A wide gamut monitor is only of use if the whole production chain is wide gamut. That is wide gamut camera or other image source, wide gamut OS, wide gamut application and wide gamut printer. I specifically didn't chose a wide gamut monitor for web design, as almost all monitors are non wide gamut, so I would gain nothing. If anything, I may end up choosing colours that the majority of people will not be able to render.

A wide gamut monitor also displays non ICC applications incorrectly, unless you do sRGB emulation. (Think Office, IE, etc). Unless you're doing print work, there is no need to buy a wide gamut monitor.

This monitor fits perfectly for my needs. It's high enough and has excellent performance so that I can colour much to some accuracy my clients colours. As it's a non wide gamut monitor, I know that the colours I pick will be to some degree the same as the majority of users out there.

* Gaming *
I have a Samsung TN panel that's rated at 2ms. I believe this one is around 8ms. To be honest, my eyes can't tell the difference between 6ms. If yours can, you're a better person than I, as I couldn't tell the difference.

* Anti-Glare coating *
I've had to send a dell back in the past, purely because the AG coating was so rough, it was unacceptable. Even on a white blank office document, it's hard to see the AG coating. It's a matte display, and you don't get that "sparkly" affect like you do on some of the other dell monitors. If you do, it's too fine for my eyes to make out.

* Verdict *
I'm very happy with this monitor. It's the perfect resolution for PC's. Don't buy a 1080p monitor, you'll be making a mistake. The colours are fantastic. films look awesome, games do as well. Panel uniformity of colours is second to none. Minimal IPS glow and no bleed. Finally I have a monitor to replace my aging Samsung. It was a great monitor, and the only reason I had to get rid, was the blues were fading somewhat... (well, it was 5 years old!), but this is more than in a position to take it's crown. Highly recommended. Especially if its around the £200 mark. (I paid £240 for my Sammy 5 years ago, so this is a bargain to me).

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on 12 November 2011
This monitor got a gold * with Digital Photo so I bought it. What I wasn't expecting was the difference between my existing monitor (Dell E228WFP) and the new one. It brings everything to life.

I have now colour matched (Both Monitors) it and the difference between the two are:
U2412M is so much sharper, the detail in the photo jumps out at you when comparing the two
Colours are so rich it makes it almost as good as having the product sitting in front of you

Ease of set-up - plug in and go no hassle whatsoever.

My one criticism is that the USB ports do not work when in standby, which is minor niggle.
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on 24 May 2012
For the price this monitor is hard to beat.

I've completed a lot of photo editing on a standard 24" LCD monitor (DELL Professional and an LG 24") and found when I got the photos printed, what I saw on the screen and what I received was always very different.

With this monitor I have compared a number of 12" x 18" photographic prints (at a range of exposures and scenes). I can confirm the colour match on the screen and printed photos is a pretty close.

I didn't need to adjust or calibrate the monitor, and have left the setting as the factory defaults straight out the box.

For the money an absolutely stunning monitor, and one of the best purchases I have made to add to my camera kit.

Far more useful that a 1920 x 1080 monitor for all applications (MS Word, web browsing, etc.).

A resolution of 1920 x 1200 really does make a noticeable difference.

If you don't want to spend £700 for a true colour matched professional monitor, this is pretty damn close.

Highly recommended.
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on 21 October 2012
Best thing is the reflection-free screen. The shops are full of reflective monitors that may be OK for watching films in a darkened room, but for everyday use with text files, internet and photo editing in a well lit room this is perfect - I am looking at what is displayed, not my own reflection!

I had been worried that it may be too big as I was upgrading from a 20". No problems, this monitor is so thin and well designed it fits easily on my desktop and is fully adjustable. I can't fault the brightness contrast and colours and in any case, everything is easy to adjust to make my photos on screen match my photos as printed. I particularly like the preset modes enabling a quick switch to settings more suited to reading text.

I was in a hurry so paid for express delivery. Amazon's agents, DPD UK, kept me well informed of when exactly to expect them and delivered spot on time the next morning; great service, worth the extra.

Great value all round.
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on 19 April 2013
Dell Ultrasharp U2412M 24 inch IPS Widescreen LED Monitor

Until this point I have been using an old 19 inch Dell CRT screen. Why? Pure and simple - colour accuracy. However, time has taken its toll on these old analogue stalwarts, so it was time to look for a replacement. I purchased the Dell Ultrasharp U2412M monitor after years of waiting for a sensibly priced flat panel monitor on which the colours didn't alter every time you moved an inch or so in any direction.

I read many reviews before taking the plunge and I have not been disappointed thus far. So much so that I will be purchasing a second U2412M (I bought the first for the wife as a trial!).

To put you in the picture, I do a lot of film / photo scanning and photo editing and therefore colour accuracy is very important to me and the reason I held on to my CRT screens for so long. Technology now appears to have reached a reasonable pivot point for colour accuracy and price and the Dell U2412M sits right on this pivot point. This is especially the case if you purchase the monitor through Amazon, as even with a Dell discount code, I can't get the monitor for anything close to the sale price at Amazon from Dell direct at the moment.

Obviously if you require absolute colour accuracy for professional reasons then this is probably not the main monitor for you and you should at least be looking to the U2413 or similar, but you will have to pay considerably more for the privilege.

If you want a screen that is a good all rounder, where colours stay the same if you move up, down, left or right, where you can comfortably watch a movie or play a game and work on a spreadsheet or Word document and still get the colours you expect from screen to printer, then you would be hard pressed to find a better monitor for this price at the moment.

That's not to say that some calibration will not be required though. For instance when you first switch on the monitor, it will do its best to fry your retinas. So the first thing you'll probably want to do is TURN THE BRIGHTNESS DOWN! I knocked mine down to 50%, which I found comfortable. Those requiring colour calibration for photography and graphics will find the controls simple and straightforward to use with their preferred colour calibration software / hardware.

I haven't even mentioned the big plus point of this monitor yet and that is the 16:10 ratio screen giving a better than HD 1920 x 1200 resolution on the generous 24 inch real estate, which makes far more sense for a Computer monitor than the widescreen TV ratio of 16:9, which is frankly unpleasant for computer use in my opinion (and at the end of the day that is all this is - my opinion - so please feel free to disagree).

The Anti Glare coating on this monitor is not intrusive. In fact I do not even notice it, which must be a good thing as the display has remained clear in both daylight and under artifical light.

The monitor is easily manoeuvred from landscape to portrait and pivots from left to right and up and down on the sturdy stand. While I have no pressing need for them, the 4 port USB hub (2 below and 2 on the side) may come in handy. I also have no current need for the DisplayPort, but it's there if you need it and despite a missing HDMI port, HDMI to DVI adapters / cables are cheap and plentiful.

Also these montiors come with Dell's own 3 year onsite warranty, so even if only one bright pixel appears they'll replace it, which shows their commintment to the quality of the panels they use. So don't feel pressed into purchasing any additional warranty unless you want accidental damage cover, and even then you're probably covered by your own home insurance.

Overall I would describe this monitor as a good solid performer that I would have no hesitation in recommending to those whose needs it suits, especially at the price currently offered through Amazon.
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on 21 October 2012
I have an HP LP2475w as my main monitor, costing maybe double what this does when I bought it and rated very highly by many reviewers.

In most situations this Dell is its equal and in some cases superior even.

Looks - Good - business like, slim
Heat - being LED is trounces the hp which feels like a small radiator at the back.
Picture - great (calibrated at least)

Yes, this is a "low" Gamut monitor, but wide Gamut monitors (like my HP) are a pain when you are not using software that supports colour profiles (Like Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer). So with those programs, this Dell gives a more true to life picture ironically than a "better" wide gamut monitor.

Fully calibrated against the HP, it stands up - difference are noticeable, but generally it simply looks different in tone and hue. Some would prefer the HP and some might prefer the Dell. One assumes the HP is more accurate, but even side by side its still a debateable point, which is good enough at this price point.

Basically, this is perfect for general business use and any thing more casual as well as perfectly adequate for photography for the averagly discerning user. Having bought a cheaper TN Samsung with its apalling off axis performance, this is well worth the extra. Don't buy a TN panel is my advice.

I've bought a 2nd one of these to use with a triple monitor setup.

Please note that I calibrate with a Spyder, so this review ignores "out of the box" performance. Which I will comment on briefly - its rather bright and blue biased - "really blingy showroom appeal", but not accurate.
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on 30 September 2012
I bought the Dell U2412M display to reduce eyestrain when editing documents. This monitor is an indispensable extension to my Mac's desktop. The mounting can swivel upright at a 90° angle and the 16:10 aspect ratio is good for portrait mode (the more common 16:9 screens end up too tall and thin in portrait mode). In this configuration a complete A4 page can be displayed at 250% magnification. Not only is this easy on the eyes, but layout glitches and typos don't stand a chance at this size! I find this is a more practical setup for editing documents than a large landscape monitor.

After experimenting with the included DVI and VGA cables, I ended up connecting directly via a DisplayPort cable. This is a separate but inexpensive purchase, for instance 3' MDP-DP cable and works on all Macs that have a Mini DisplayPort or a Thunderbolt port. I don't recommend sending the signal via a VGA adaptor as that results in slightly fuzzy text. Using the bundled DVI to DVI cable with a separate (and expensive) DVI to MDP adaptor also works well, but is clunky.

Colours and brightness are good for this price. The 4-port USB2 hub reduces cable clutter and supports high-power devices like flash drives at roughly the same speed as connecting them directly. Finally, in portrait orientation two of the USB ports usefully end up on top.

Edit: 18 months later, no regrets -- this is a great monitor with a Mac and in portrait mode. However, do read the more recent reviews in case the specs of its internal components have been switched in the meantime (my comments above are for the product as sold in 2012). See also the alternative listing at Dell U2412M 16:10 for more buying options.
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on 5 June 2012
I did a lot of research into the alternatives before buying this monitor and I'm not disappointed. I use my computer for online-graphics and photo work as well as general browsing and a bit of gaming. I've not found the screen lacking for any of those uses. Out of the box the colour was spot on, I have a colour calibration tool that attaches to the screen and ended up only making minor adjustments over the default settings. I've been using this monitor for over a month now and haven't experienced any pixel or light leak problems. The hardware is solid but light, and easy to setup. The screen seems to be universally adjustable, it tilts forwards and back, as well as side to side and being able to spin around. Moving the screen up and down on the stand is so easy I sometimes do it just because I change my sitting position (slouching when no one's watching, on the edge of my seat when they are...). The stand's footprint is small enough to easily fit on my crowded desktop.

Of course it's not a perfect monitor, there are compromises to be made at this price point, but unless you are using it to produce professional print-ready graphics and need an accurate colour preview it will more than likely work for you. And really, if that's your job you'd be looking at an expensive NEC or Eizo, not a £220 Dell. I print my photos and previously owned a wide gamut monitor and was surprised how accurate this one is in comparison.

I also prefer the 16:10 screen ratio. I know 16:9 is the 'HD' ratio but I appreciate the extra space.

In conclusion, unless you're willing to spend £300 or more on a 24" monitor I don't think you need look any further than this one. I just ordered a second one of these, so yes, I'd recommend it.
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on 27 June 2012
pretty pleased with this screen.
i'm a freelance graphic designer, using it with a 15" macbook pro, for indesign and photoshop work mainly.
the image is clear, and the colour looks accurate to me. after a bit of experiment, i've settled for the factory settings, though it's fairly easily adjusted in the menu options if need be.

dell advised me that they don't support macs for use with their screen, but installation was simplicity itself.
i connected it with a Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable (available on amazon for £5), and it was completely plug and play. it worked straight out of the box with no need to install drivers or software.

at 1920x1200 pixels, the screen resolution is higher than the macbook's native resolution.
the macbook sets the resolution automatically if you use it in 'clamshell' mode, that is with the laptop lid closed while the monitor is attached, and using with an external keyboard and trackpad. (it's a simple as that: all you need to do is close the lid. no other fiddling with settings is needed).
if the laptop lid is open, the macbook runs at its native resolution, so the image on the big screen is less sharp: just the laptop resolution magnified.
anyway, that's just a complicated way of saying, for the sharpest image, use the macbook in clamshell mode.
then the image is sharp, clear and accurate.

nice screen, good value.
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