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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 13 September 2014
Best monitors I've ever bought. I'm very surprised at the quality of image and colour, considering the price. They are worlds apart from monitors that don't cost must less.

I bought two and use them side-by-side for web development and none of my other monitors come close for quality or clarity.

Those extra 120 pixels (16:10 vs 16:9) make a colossal difference in my opinion and I can't personally stand ever having to use a 16:9 monitor of any size.

I searched online for the best profile set-up and quickly came across these settings which I now use and everything is perfect for my eyes:

Preset Mode: Custom Colour

Red: 96%
Green: 93%
Blue: 87%

Brightness: 45%
Contrast: 75%
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on 6 May 2014
I had for many years a 19 Dell Monitor which was fully adjustable and incorporated a hub. I decided to upgrade to a 24 inch monitor and first chose an Acer because of the price and good feedback. Fair enough it was a good monitor although not adjustable and no hub. I also found the screen was very bright and had to turn the brightness down so I sold it at a small loss. I had my eye on this 24 inch Dell monitor and although more expensive had all the features of my earlier Dell monitor with the 24 inch size in a better proportion as it was not as wide but a bit higher than the Acer. The picture is sharp and clear but does not glare so have been able to leave it in its default settings. I intend to keep it for many years as I am sure there is none better for the price on the market. Definitely worth 5 stars
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on 31 March 2013
Basically monitor choice can be divided between superior colour/image quality in IPS or superior fluidity with 60/120/144/etc TN panels. As a gamer/multimedia user with no interest in 3d at all I chose image and colour quality of the dell ultrasharp and do not regret it, as you're only going to be getting much over 60fps with an expensive dual card setup if you like to crank settings to max, and the colours/quality of a TN is going to be *nowhere near* this. Not recommended for solid FPS gamers however as a sole monitor, even a good 60Hz TN is visibly faster and smoother if you're prone to noticing these things.

It's also 1200 pixels vertically, none of that 1080 malarky, much nicer for a PC screen.

With large screens viewing angle is also important, TN just are not suitable for larger upclose displays, they look hideous with weird colour shifts all over the place. IPS monitors like this dell have hugely reduced issues here to the point I don't notice it.

The build quality is excellent, the menus very easy to use, connectivity decent (a nifty USB hub but no HDMI, easily solved with an adapter), the stand is fantastic and the monitor has a VESA mount capability. Reasonably thin bezels too, useful if desired.

Only 4 stars because mine has 2 dead pixels near the edges (now named Tyler and Marla), very hard, even impossible to notice most of the time but still taking a star away, it's a £200 monitor afterall, not some cheap tat. Yes I could send it back, but getting upset over such a tiny thing just isn't cricket.
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on 24 April 2013
I'm a gamer, programmer and I also occasionally watch films etc at my PC. Forget worrying about the deeper technical details here: if you're a graphics professional you'll be looking at a different price bracket entirely.

The quality of this display is, I'm sure, the best you can get for this money. Very low reflection, no visible ghosting that I can make out, and the colours and contrast are perfect. Plus, it's 1920×1200, which in this age of the wide screen boom is very refreshing, not just for games, but also when I have to switch h to programming mode.

A special mention should also be made of the stand and usb hub capability : you can rotate the screen through 90 degrees should you need, with a simple cable management solution ensuring that you don't rip out your connectors as you do so (assuming you have slack of course!). And the hub is perfect for your wireless mouse receiver, xbox 360 dangle, phone or memory stick needs.

No dead pixels to report, and I'm sure this screen will be on my desk for the next 3 years at least.
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on 2 May 2014
If you want a monitor for graphic design or print-production work then this is the one.

The colour accuracy is astonishing, as it comes, out of the box, and without further calibration.

Text is razor sharp.

Photographic images are uncannily vibrant.

The format is entirely functional (not just for widescreen movies).

And the value is exceptional.

And of course, it has a matte finish, otherwise I wouldn't have touched it with a barge pole.
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on 28 November 2014
I have been using my previous Dell 2007 WFP Monitor for about 5 Years and had scanned, Photoshopped, printed and filed hundreds of old colour and monochrome negatives using the excellent colour rendering of this old monitor.
I noticed recently that its brightness and colour accuracy had become degraded, and decided that it was time to retire it to the games computer and obtain a replacement.

I had seen a lot of reviews for the U2412M and thought that this would be THE ONE to get and ordered it without really looking at the specification! An enormous cardboard box arrived and I proceeded to unpack it. This was a very well packed item and it was quite difficult to actually get at the monitor inside; talk about boxes within boxes!

Eventually, and surrounded by discarded packing material, I realised that it would be very difficult item to repack if I wished to return it for any reason. However, there was no need to worry about this, as everything was, as usual, just what I wanted. I was a little alarmed by the huge size and shape of the screen (foolishly, I had not bothered to check this before ordering) but have grown to love it.

Despite the fact that the assembly and commissioning instructions were printed on the usual postage stamp sized sheet, everything went perfectly and, on switching on, it was ready for use, even self selecting the correct input. There was a fuller instruction manual on the driver disc, but this was unavailable until after the installation was complete! I did search the disc before loading the drivers but, as I was looking for a PDF file (it was not!) could not find anything in the usual places!

I have been using the monitor for several weeks now and have got used to its large screen size. The image is crisp and bright, with perfect colour rendering that matches the printer I use. As I also do a lot of work with spread sheets, the larger size and shape of the screen alows a large number of rows and columns to be seen without loosing readability.

All in all, I can definitely recommend this item as suitable for most of the work that you might need to so on it
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on 14 October 2015
Having spent several months researching an upgrade for my 2007 Samsung Syncmaster 226BW (a superb monitor, though I did have to replace the capacitors a couple years back), I decided to buy the Dell U2412M. I'm glad I did.

The monitor is spectacular: crisp and clean with all good pixels. Default settings are very good, but I did make minor adjustments based on the test system provided by Lagon ( The stand is solid and well designed. The four downstream USBs are welcome. Two are somewhat inaccessible at the back, but that's fine for a keyboard and/or mouse. The other two are on the lefthand side, very convenient for flashdrives.

Regarding setup, there are some quirks. I received a UK power cable, but I had to laugh when I unwrapped it because it's way too short to be useful. I mean, it's just so cute, like a puppy dog tail, 40 inches, one meter. Maybe I'll use it for something else one day. Fortunately most of us have spare power cables kicking around.

The CD is useless. It doesn't actually do anything at all. Instead, you need to go to the Dell website ( and download the driver (DELL_U2412M-MONITOR_A00-00_DRVR_YXXV4.exe). The exe simply unpacks the driver (U2412M.inf). From Windows Device Manager, update the default P&P driver by pointing to the folder containing the U2412M.inf file. Windows will then recognize the monitor. Forget the related Dell DDM Monitor Application download. It doesn't work. While every application on your system will recognize the Dell monitor (once you have installed the driver), the Dell DDM Monitor Application (ddmsetup1586.exe) won't. I laughed again when the Dell monitor software couldn't recognize its own Dell monitor. Amusing, but you don't need it anyway. These are minor quibbles. I just point them out to save you some time during setup.

Overall, I'm thrilled with this monitor. Simple, elegant, clean and functional. The screen is uniformly lighted, flawless, text is sharp, colors are sublime. While the reviews suggested this would be a good monitor, it exceeded my expectations. Best 200 quid I've spent in a long time.

As for the bad reviews, I'm puzzled. Either you got a freak dud or your video card sucks or you accidentally dropped it off a cliff. As Jordan Grosz pointed out in a hilarious review on, this monitor won't wash your dishes, walk the dog or give you every pixel in the Andromeda galaxy. If you want that, be prepared to fork out mucho serious cash. For average humans who want a brilliant monitor at a reasonable price, this is excellent value for money.
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on 3 March 2015
A word of warning for anyone buying this to compliment an existing U2412M that is over a year old, make sure you do not get a panel revision with the "warm tint" issue.

I bought this monitor to compliment my 1 year old U2412M but unfortunately it came with a warm tint to the panel which made it impossible to calibrate with my existing model. It will not matter which calibration technique you use, software or hardware, the inconsistency in the panel colour is so fundamentally different.

I'm not really sure that there is any way of avoiding this issue apart from buying two of these monitors at the same time and crossing your fingers.

Very disappointed by the inconsistency here Dell, will be opting for an Asus Pro Art next time.

I have included a photograph of the problem that MANY people have reported online, just search "U2412M warm tint".
review image
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on 1 March 2013
It's a great value monitor. Wanderful colors and most notably is 16:10 which is a black swan in those days where the monitor market is plagued by those terrible cinema screens. I wander why general consumers doesn't just buy a tv + xbox instead of ruining the pc world. Anyway that said ofc this dell is not a perfect monitor. Be warned that there are eveident backlight bleedings in almost each one of those guys (just google it). Mine is no exception. Fortunately for me it's acceptable. Maybe a little more that what I wanted on the bottom left angle, but not enough to bother for getting a replacement. Also because frequently this results in obtaining an even worse screen. So... look at you wallet. If you are on a budget I'd say this one is your guy. But if money is not a concern just go on something more expensive and more qualitative because this screen is far from perfect. Your call.
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on 26 April 2015
With all the choices and different variables on offer, I researched, compared and "agonised" over a monitor for days, but the 16:10 ratio, screen adjustability every which way, and the consistently favourable comments seen about this Dell model persuaded me. After a month of use I couldn't be more pleased.

I retained a 19" almost-square Acer monitor and added the Dell for a dual set-up, and it's given me the best of all worlds. I couldn't watch widescreen media properly and wanted to - square screens not good for this - but the PC's a busy work tool as well, and I wasn't overkeen on the usual 16:9 widescreen ratio, as screen-height was "thin" and not ideal for various applications used or productivity. This 16:10 Dell offers the extra real estate height-wise when needed for work stuff, and for seeing more page-depth online than a 16:9, but it's great for widescreen media as well. I still use the older Acer for most of the work, but now in the Dell can have the browser visible for research etc as I go along, do some work in it when it's better suited - very wide spreadsheets for instance - plus watch films/DVDs/live TV properly and various other things.

Having odd-shaped/sized monitors wouldn't be to everyone's taste in a dual set-up, but it's perfect for what I do. Being able to take the Dell down to its lowest position with the stand adjustment means in physical height the two are almost an exact match, and the mouse moves smoothly between the two with screen resolution for both set the same. I really like the Dell's non-reflective screen, but found the out-of-the-box brightness setting rather too much so turned it down. It's robust and solid - the stand's built like a tank - and some might find it a bit utilitarian-looking overall, but I don't mind it looking business-like at all. A very good buy indeed.
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