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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 4 December 2011
Firstly, I purchased the Pure PocketDab 1500 in December 2005 and have been pleased with it ever since. Since the Move 2500 release in August 2011 I was in two frames of mind, do I upgrade or keep my 1500? well, I went ahead and purchased one and guess what? best change of mind I've had in ages. If like me you already own the 1500, then you'll find upgrading to the Move 2500 would be a step forward then a step back. The battery life may only be 14 hours as compared to the 21 hours of the 1500, but that's because the battery in the 2500 is only 1000ma where the battery in the 1500 is 1800ma. But, the one thing that did surprise me is walking around Sainsbury's, where my 1500 would cut out and force me to switch to FM, and then the only station I could receive was a local one, the Move 2500 kept going on digital making the FM side more redundant. This is the very thing that once and for all convinced me that going from the PocketDab 1500 to the Move 2500 was a wise move.

The Move 2500 is smaller then the PocketDab 1500, holds on to the digital stations better then the PocketDab 1500, and is better looking then the PocketDab 1500 which to be fair, the design dates back to 2003 as the PocketDab is the same as the 1000, the only difference is the the type of battery, one used AA the other Lithium.

In a nutshell, if you already own the 1500 and thinking is it worth going for the 2500, then go for it, you won't regret it.

If you're one of those people who is thinking about buying a Pure personal digital radio, and you are unable to decide between the 1500 as it's so cheap now, or the new 2500? I would recommend you spend a few pounds extra and buy the 2500, not that the 1500 is bad, just that the 2500 is a lot better, and so it should be, as the 2500 is the first complete design and performance change since 2003, plus the Firmware can be upgraded (there has already been two since August, I've already updated mine).

At the end of the day, although I owned and loved my 1500 for six years, even though it is quite on the large side compared to other personal digital radios out there, up and till Pure released the Move 2500, the 1500 WAS the best out there, now with the 2500, things have got better, and keeps Pure in the number one position in the digital radio market.


I just found out how sensitive the tuner is on the Move 2500, hence the reason why it works in Sainbury's. While fiddling about with the FM side of this radio in my bedroom, not only could it pick up ALL the FM radio stations, it also picked up a station called AHBS CR. Not knowing what this station is I put AHBS CR into Google and it turned out to be the hospital radio station which is about two and a half miles away. I did the retune on my 1500 and not only did it fail to pull in all the FM stations, it didn't even pick up the local hospital one ether.

Forget about the price, forget about the other portable digital radios including the 1500, if you are wanting to buy a portable digital radio, the Move 2500 is now 1000% highly recommended.
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on 13 November 2011
I purchased the Pure 2500 over a month ago now to make my commute a little more bearable. I had low expectations as I've used a Sony portable DAB in the past with mixed results and even the larger 'bed-side' DABs where I live are patchy at best.

Imagine my surprise when I first unpacked the 2500, turned it on and it worked straight away. I should add, where I live I get very poor TV and radio reception yet somehow the 2500 was crystal clear. The signal quality is a vast improvement over FM and the sound is geared more toward the mid-range and bass than the higher end. This is fine though as the sound is very warm and both music and speech are very well reproduced.

The next big test was the train, I've read reviews with mixed results or people just unsure. I can report the 2500 works incredibly well. I use trains with over-head electric cables (as opposed to diesels) and there is very little signal interference. On my 1 hour commute into London there are perhaps a couple of dead patches, but apart from that the 2500 excels. The ony thing that causes interference are tunnels and any oncoming trains strangely.

When in a city the DAB doesn't like being inside some shops, lifts and other heavily insulated spaces but between tall buildings and when walking past cars/buses etc. the signal is uninterrupted.

It's not a cheap audio solution, but it's worth every penny. The battery life too is fantastic, I managed to leave the 2500 on overnight the other day and even after a full day's use there was still juice in the thing.

In the hand the 2500 feels very light and delicate but conversely well made and finished. The only negatives I've encountered are relatively minor. The jog wheel (like a 1st gen iPod) seems a little weak and might cause longevity issues but works fine now. The 'lock' on the top of the unit is very difficult to operate, and it's not clear without looking at it when it is/isn't locked. Finally the on/off/FM+DAB button is a little annoying as the function is combined. This means sometimes when you want to turn the unit on or off you end up switching modes, it's only a minor niggle though.

Overall a very impressive, reliable and nice to use piece of kit.
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on 29 December 2011
I have been a big fan of Dab Radio for a few years now and have purchased a few different Dab radios including a Pure Highway system for the car. I bought the Pure Move 2500 after doing plenty of research into the radio as alternative in car system. I have a car which comes with both and ipod and 3.5mm Aux jack allowing for both options to be used.
After reading the the Pure Move 2500 uses the headphones as an arial to pick up the signal for both FM and Digital signals, I decided to try it in the car and work on the basis that the car would act as an arial for the unit once plugged into the 3.5mm Aux connection. I should point out that I was always prepared to use it as it was intended should this idea fail.
It works brilliantly and i am more than happy with the radio. Its not 100% perfect as there are little glitches in the sound occasionally but this is not too often and completely tolerable in my opinion, So i would give it a 95% rating on that basis.
The unit is small, tidy, well built and very easy to use. I can understand other comments which i have read on Amazon recently regarding the volume being a little louder and the lock switch being a little fiddly but as i use it mainly to listen to Planet Rock in the car it suits me just fine.
As i mentioned before i also own a Pure Highway unit PURE Highway, In-Car DAB Radio With FM Transmitter and trust me when i say this is loads better!!!!! Sure it cost more but the initial outlay far outweighs the amount of happy listening i have had with this compared to the Highway system which uses spare FM stations to pick up and run digital radio. The highway constantly loses reception when moving from area to area and i found myself trying to change the station every 10 minutes. I have also found the reception on the Highway unit sketchy at best.
The Pure Move 2500 can fit inside my arm rest where the Aux connection point is located and be constantly hidden from view, unlike the Highway which uses a Sat Nav style windscreen holder, a 12v power supply and an arial which is only useable in one car and trails cable all across the dashboard.
So if your looking for an in car dab as well as an ultimately portable unit and have a Aux jack to connect to then this is a must for all those listeners of stations like Planet Rock which are not accessible on the usual FM stereo system.
I would recommend it to anyone who this unit may suit.
Pure have always been great and i am sticking with them for all of my DAB requirements.Pure Move 2500 Rechargeable Personal Digital DAB/FM Radio
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on 26 August 2011
Have had one for about a week now. Mostly used whilst walking my dogs through woods and fields but also on trams, trains buses etc. Superb sound quality - seems to cope with dense deciduous woods (Grenoside Woods, north Sheffield near where I live) - and easy to use although the instructions are not very good on how to add a favourite (you need to select a radio channel, then press favourite using wheel, then use wheel to select the number of the favourite you want to add the channel to, then press for favourite for several seconds until the channel is added to the number of favourite you selected). Small, light, 14 hour rechargeable battery, good headphones that are also the radion arial. A joy to listen for hours to Radion 3 with no interference or static whilst out & about.
It is an excellent product, very glad I bought it.
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on 9 January 2014
I have had mine for about a year now and am generally pleased with it. Here or the pros and cons
- I have good reception most of the time when running - better than my old FM radio
- a quality, well-made product with good packaging
- intuitive to use with ipod style buttons
- rechargeable battery allows for easy charging - battery life is fairly good too
- finally a radio that allows you to set an auto-off time - useful when listening in bed

- possibly over-priced considering how low cost a basic DAB radio is these days
- still too big for a pocket radio considering that MP3 players have been tiny for years.
- *UPDATE* the scrolling wheel has lost A LOT of its sensitivity - so you cannot accurately scroll one click for one station - in fact spinning the wheel forward sometimes has the opposite effect so it is often difficult to scroll to the correct station. Not sure if this is a fault on my particular radio or general, but in any case it shouldn't happen to an item like this under 2 years old
- you have to set the auto-off time every time you switch it on - shame it doesn't memorise it.
- I hate the standard earphones as this particular style does not fit my ear - personal gripe however - not everyone will agree.
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The good points. Great reception, not cut off of signal.
Bad points - instructions are awful, took me ages to find the on/off control
More importantly after charging as per instructions for 3 hours tried it out to listen to the football and the set turned off 4 times in 20 minutes. Checked strings and sleep controls and nothing irregular there. Had to return it and waiting for a replacement.
If the second one works, I will consider changing the review.
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on 20 May 2012
I find it strange that there are mixed reviews of this product. I think that this is a brilliant piece of kit. The dab reception is astounding, better than my wife's Pure One radio. I can use this anywhere, even plugged into the car stereo, and have had no issues at all, even though I prefer to use my own sennheiser headphones.
As for ease of use, this radio is so easy and intuitive to use it quickly becomes second nature and you can use it without having to think about what you are doing. Admittedly you do need to look at the display, so if you have any problems with sight then this is not for you.
Finally, battery life is good. I listen all day at work and find average life is about 12 to 14 hours per charge, easily enough to get through the day.
All in all, then, a brilliant little device, well made and designed, amazing clear reception no matter how much you move around and, best of all, lovely clear digital sound. Highly recommended.
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on 9 August 2012
I decided to replace my old DAB 1500 with this new Move 2500 unit. I've waited a while before writing this, as initially I was very disappointed. From first use I found that DAB reception was poor, with the radio often switching itself off. This even happened in areas where the displayed signal strength & quality were at least adequate. I contacted Pure, who after a couple of emails to gather further details, requested that I return it for them to "take a look". While I was deciding whether to return it to Amazon or to Pure, a parcel arrived unannounced from Pure with a brand new radio. Immediately this unit was a great improvement. Areas where I had been unable to listen without "burbles", were now very clear, and the unit never switches itself off. The performance is now up to the other 5* reviews, with great sound quality and greatly improved reception compared to my old DAB1500 radio. Full marks for Pure's support, but how did it get out into the marketplace? If you find you have a reception problem, do what I did and query it.
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on 7 October 2015
I love these hand held radios. I have several, some no longer work. The Pure Move 2500 is a work of art. Designed by someone who doesnt use radios often. It is a "cack handed work of art".
For me, and with comparisons to assess the different radios, I find the volume wheel is very good. A light touch to change volume and very responsive, similar to the ipod but, in my opinion, a better design. Nothing else is anything but fiddly. Finding stations, storing stations, even the lock, are very fiddly. To programme the radio? Not possible for me to do. Even turning the radio off takes over 4 seconds? I have used this radio for several months, on and off, I still find it oddly awkward to turn on. FM comes up with the FM rushing sound, then, to get DAB, a further press, and be careful you dont turn it off, it is all too fiddly.
If all the above had worked smoothly, or worked, I would say, this is a work of art that works beautifully, but it doesnt. It is nice to look at, the design is clever, and the reception on digital is brilliant on the Pure, where as on the Roberts sports 2 I often need the ariel.
The Rechargeable batteries last about 5 hours, (I would say,) but maybe the battery is faulty. Most of it's life is spent charging.

This is how I found the Pure Move, for me, in a word, frustrating. Like a lot of clever designs, it looks good and I can see what they are getting at, but its like, the design wasnt used by radio users to get it right. If it had been tested by radio users it probably wouldnt look so good, there would have been changes, and the Pure would be more like the Roberts, which nearly works very well.
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on 8 September 2011
Looks pretty but very fiddly to operate. The controls have been over-simplified so it's tricky to operate with certainty or ease. You have to look carefully and be precise which control you use as it's too easy to miss the correct one. Impossible to operate in the dark so no use as a bedtime companion. A jog-wheel control would have been easier. Sound is not great, but better with decent headphones. DAB and FM signals generally good but tone controls largely ineffective. Curved chromed back is slippery so easily slides off any surface it's placed on. Instruction book too minimalist, it requires concentration to understand and set up. The earlier Pure PocketDAB 1500 is a better bet, and that model has far greater available volume. The 2500 is too quiet for me.
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