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4.2 out of 5 stars2,400
4.2 out of 5 stars
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202 of 218 people found the following review helpful
on 16 November 2011
Nice set of cans. I once spent £90 on a pair of Shures only to find that they didn't sound anywhere near as great as expected so I'm no longer prepared to spend silly money on something that for hygiene reasons you can't really try before you buy. I've been through a few of the usual budget options: Sennheiser CX300 (pretty good), Klipsch X1 (not bad) and Skullcandy Titans (not great) and these SoundMagics beat them all hands down. They have a lovely, warm, powerful sound. Volume is good, bass is deep and rich but doesn't overpower the mids and treble, sonic detail is impressive across every genre of music I've thrown at them so far (everything from pre-war blues to filthy dubstep). I've only had them a few days so it's a bit early to comment on build quality but they seem nice and sturdy; the earpieces, jack attachment and the collar where the wires split are all metal and seem robust. Mine came with 7 different options of ear buds (rather than the usual 3 that most manufacturers seem to supply) which is great as finding the correct fit makes a big difference to the sound of in-ear 'phones. Tempted to buy a 2nd pair for spare.
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16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on 29 July 2015
I've owned my E10 for the last 3 years and have been very impressed with the sound and build quality. I'm an ex-Sennheiser CX300-II owner, but moved over to the E10 after reading a What Hi-Fi review.

Sound is smooth and well balanced. You get plenty of bass weight, but without the boom at the bottom end that many entry level earphones exhibit. You're not going to get the kind of detail you can expect from a multi-driver earphone, but for a dynamic driver these earphones dig out plenty of detail.

The earphones are comfortable and easily fit in the bowl of the ear. Standard tips supplied are OK, but I'd recommend trying others. Getting a good fit with the right eartips is essential. Try Comply or custom sleeves if you find bass response is lacking. I upgraded to Snugs custom sleeves, which is a really nice upgrade.

The earphone and cabling is very well made. The cable is a twisted cable that rejects microphone noise fairly well and is very strong. All components are made of metal and last well. You really can't fault the E10 for the money.
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11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on 30 July 2015
I discovered the E10 when reading a review for Shure headphones. The reviewer compared them favourably given they were significantly cheaper. He was right to and I've been impressed with both the sound quality, which is superb and the look of them. They also feel well made - the earphone body is made from aluminium and seems very solid.
The sound quality is the best I've heard at this price. Plenty of bass and lots of detail. The cabling appears to be strong a well made. The earphones seem like they will last for a good few years yet. The E10 fit well in my ear and isolate the sound well making them great for commuting - I tried all the tips and ended up going back to the medium size.
Overall this is a quality set of earphones that I can highly recommend.
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82 of 97 people found the following review helpful
on 6 June 2013
So I bought these a few weeks ago and have been using them a lot. In a word they are awesome.

The good points?

1. Rich, deep, bass. Sounds great with rock and metal. You hear people talk about buying great new earphones and all their favourite tracks sound different. The E10s will do that if you are coming from a budget pair - I heard greater depth, new words and minor variations in bass sounds I hadn't picked up on using budget (£40) Sennheiser's . Prior to that I had a pair of high range Skull Candy's I got in a 70% off sale. Those earphones were 5 times the price and sure, they sounded better than the E10s, but only just.

2. Robustness. These seem like heavy-duty earphones with a virtually indestructible cable and robust ear-pieces. After my Skull Candy's went gaga in one ear I ripped the cable from the connector all too easily. The E10s haven't tried my patience, yet, but they would definitely put up a better fight.

3. Practicality. For me the biggest point. I have had many earphones and all of them tended to slip just a little when moving around. The design of these buds means that most of the weight is resting on the ear and not on the cable, thus they tend to stay in place better. There is a also a simple little clip on the cable you can attach to clothing and a thing that adjusts the length of the cable between the ear piece and where the cable forks. All helps prevent shocks that may pull the earphone out of position.

4. Power. Unless you change the defaults, Itunes follows EU regulations to prevent possible ear damage. With these earphones, unlike any of my 7-8 previous pairs, it feels like the EU needs to tighten up those regulations. Never thought I would hear myself say that. I've always been a full power kinda guy.

5. Noise-cancelling properties. I wore these cutting the grass and while I could feel the vibrations through the handle of the mower, I couldn't hear the engine at all. I was using maximum volume at the time.

6. Delivery arrived within the specified window, package was in good condition

Possible Drawbacks?

1. Volume. Parts of your tracks will have a minor crackling at max volume, more so when you see how to increase the volume on Itunes beyond the factory settings. @ 95% volume there is no crackling whatsoever. This may be a positive though as 100% volume for long periods might actually kill you.

2. Cable. Cable is excellent but is a fraction on the short side if you are tall.
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on 29 November 2015
Previously used JVC Xtreme Xplosives and loved them. JVC Xtreme Xplosives In-Ear Canal Headphones - Blue
This is just as good JVC's and they were amazing. Comparing them, they're both good for different reasons. This gives a more balance of sound while the JVC's give a much more deeper bass. In short if you love the deeper bass, go JVC but if you don't mind the deeper bass, then this is obviously up you're alley. I will be using these as these are great and i still love them although i will probably go back to JVC after these as they just seem to hit that sweet spot with the bass for me and well... I love bass!
However looking past that, the build quality is amazing, never had a cable like these before and they definitely feel like quality. They do come with like a dozen earbuds and honestly there is one which i have no idea how one would use or what they would use it for LOL but they do come with 2 sets of the same size earbuds which are different, one has a smaller hole and other a larger hole which i have no idea for what reason but all i know is that i use to have trouble where the earbuds came off in my pocket or on my clothing when i took out my earphones. this is resolved with the earbuds with the smaller hole as they are much harder to pull off and feel more stable stuck on the earphones although they are also much harder to put onto the earphones but in the end they are worth it. I now won't be losing any more earbuds from now on. also they come with a carrying case so theres no need to get a separate one if anyone uses the cases.
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on 5 March 2014
Like most in-ear earphones they come with a selection of earbuds to choose from. When you find the right set these are some awesome earphones, the noise cancellation is great meaning that you don't have to turn the volume too high and damage your ears. I regularly walk along a busy road in the morning and, with previous headphones, found myself having to turn the volume way up, especially when listening to podcasts. With these earphones I rarely have too, if I do, its only a small increase.

The sound quality is crystal clear, decent bass but if you are so inclined then you'd be better off with over-ear headphones.

With the earphones you get a small carrying case (black and red, pretty stylish), a set of earbuds and a removable clip that can attach to the wire and clip onto clothing and what not if you want to use these during sports.

The wire looks like standard cables but if you look closely you can tell that it is braided (which greatly helps stopping tangles) and sheathed in plastic (Which protects the braiding, giving longer life).

The earphones themselves as you may notice in the product photo have a blue band and band signifying left and right, respectively, which help you figure out which head goes in which ear and is immensely useful.

All of these little design choices come together to make a great pair of earphones that I'd recommend to anyone. They may be expensive but if you're going to be using them day-in and day-out then they are worth it.
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on 7 February 2014
I cannot believe my weeks of costly search for a good upgrade from my standard apple earbud is finally over today. I can now conclude that the Sound Magic E10 is truly a great magical product. For its price, I cannot fault its asthetics, quality of the materials and packaging. It looks like it is a much more expensive product. More importantly the sound quality! Just sublime, no wonder the many awards it has collected!

I must admit being sceptical at first that an in ear speaker product at this price cannot be better than the long respected, established and more expensive Sennheisers, Beats, Sonys in ears. Yes I bought them first and discovered they are either too neutral, too tinny, too bright or just dull. I almost gave up in my search for a good in-ear speakers and about to opt for the on-ears which are much better bet in my mind to get better sound. I thought before I go for the on ears I'd better give myself a chance to try this much positively reviewed and acclaimed E10. After a couple of hours from the box, it is clear why these are much talked about and positively reviewed. Great clarity, rich and powerful sound and yes, the bass is fantastic! It is not audophile sound quality but for the money, I just cannot fault it. That will teach me a lesson not to discount cheaper unknown products before trying! This is now a brand I'd like to explore its other products in the future.

Try the E10s first before considering its much more expensive competition. You may be pleasantly surprised!
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on 26 December 2013
When looking for in ear headphones, there are three things one should look at: the sound quality, the build quality, and the ratio of these two to the price.
It is unsurprising therefore that I have already three pairs of these headphones.

The sound quality is next to unbeatable for the <£100 price range for in-ears, with bass being punchy but not in your face, mids being warm yet clear, and highs being sweet and clear. The sound itself is very pure and undistorted, even at high volumes (tested on iPod touch, Google Nexus 4).

The build quality is where these earphones fall short. As I mentioned, I have been through three pairs of these headphones within the space of 2 years, amongst trying other, more expensive pairs of headphones. The buds themselves are very solidly constructed in a metallic housing, and do not feel cheap. The filters in the earbuds, however have the tendency to fall out upon the removal of earwax from them with a cloth. This means I now have no filters in each earbud meaning I do have to worry about dirt entering the drivers and possibly compromising sound quality and functionality. The wire is also a little on the thin side, and any more stress than a little accidental tugging at the headphone jack can cause damage which is difficult to repair. This the reason for which I have had to chuck out two of these pairs already: The wire is too delicate and not durable. On my current pair. the metallic tube covering the headphone jack has come loose from the glue, meaning when I am trying to unplug the cable from my phone, I often pull the tube accidentally up the wire exposing the whole headphone jack. I can only see this leading to more problems in the future.

But there must be a reason why I have kept coming back to these headphones? I have found that for my own tastes (Electronic & Trap music) these earphones sound brilliant. That is not to say that they do not suit other genres of music too, though. One thing I can promise though is amazing clarity, and for £30 there is not much more you could ask for!
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on 9 December 2013
I received these as a gift 2 years ago! they recently fell apart via the right ear piece coming apart. This i think from what i've read is a common fault, but hey i literally used mine everyday at some points and they were used as inner ear monitors as well for gigs at points, so i was totally fine when they did eventually pass on as i knew that i had really used them hard.

The sound is epic through these monitors. I have listened to sound through near enough every inner ear monitor and can you can think of. some of the higher end brands, sony, bose, beats, sennheiser and so on and honestly nothing can touch these right now! If you listen to a lot of hiphop, rock, pop, that classical rock edge, r&b these are the earphones for you! the bass on these phones is untouchable to anything on the market right now that i know of.
They don't distort they don't make your brain shake when you turn it up! they arnt full of treble, they are totally ALIVE WITH THE SOUND.

You get a pouch to keep them in along with a load of different sized ear pieces so you get a good fit.
I am a vocalist, i have sung for many hours with these in my ears and they don't budge, they don't slip or sweat.

For the price, yes, look after them, i personally wouldn't wind them round a battery pack or your iPhone constantly! look after them because i would say that is the only thing that slightly lets them down, they are fragile, they will break, the glue will loosen if not looked after and so on.

But you know what, i would rather buy 3 pairs of these then one pair of bose ones! enough said really. Don't waste your money on inner earphones that cost you 70/80/90 or even over a ton! JUST BUY THESE and save your money.
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on 14 November 2013
Having searched around for headphones for quite a while I decided to give these a go after a friend recommended them to me and at this price I thought what the heck.

First impressions when I received the box were impressive, they come in a clear plastic box looking very smart. As well as the headphones there is a very good quality pouch to put them in as well as 6 changes of ear buds which is very nice.

The headphones themselves have a good build quality, the metal housing on the earpiece itself is sturdy and adds to the "expensive" feel of them. The cable is wound like a string which makes it very strong and has a slight sticky coating to prevent it from tangling easily, which I have found to work well so far. They sit very well in my ears and even when jogging do not feel as though they would slip out.

After using them for 3 weeks now and around a days worth of music playing through them they are a joy to use. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and they work perfectly with the phone as well as my tablet. With 320 KBPS music the sound is amazing coming from a single driver. Trebles are sharp and the bass is deep which is just the way I like it. The bass does not distort even when used with bass boost enabled on my EQ and the trebles remain sharp.

Only quibble people may find with these is that the mid-range is slightly quiet. With most of the emphasis on the low and high ranges the mid is left out a bit but this does not bother me.

Overall I am very happy with this purchase and just wish I had found them sooner!
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