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4.2 out of 5 stars2,519
4.2 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: Black/RedChange
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on 29 July 2015
I've owned my E10 for the last 3 years and have been very impressed with the sound and build quality. I'm an ex-Sennheiser CX300-II owner, but moved over to the E10 after reading a What Hi-Fi review.

Sound is smooth and well balanced. You get plenty of bass weight, but without the boom at the bottom end that many entry level earphones exhibit. You're not going to get the kind of detail you can expect from a multi-driver earphone, but for a dynamic driver these earphones dig out plenty of detail.

The earphones are comfortable and easily fit in the bowl of the ear. Standard tips supplied are OK, but I'd recommend trying others. Getting a good fit with the right eartips is essential. Try Comply or custom sleeves if you find bass response is lacking. I upgraded to Snugs custom sleeves, which is a really nice upgrade.

The earphone and cabling is very well made. The cable is a twisted cable that rejects microphone noise fairly well and is very strong. All components are made of metal and last well. You really can't fault the E10 for the money.
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on 16 November 2011
Nice set of cans. I once spent £90 on a pair of Shures only to find that they didn't sound anywhere near as great as expected so I'm no longer prepared to spend silly money on something that for hygiene reasons you can't really try before you buy. I've been through a few of the usual budget options: Sennheiser CX300 (pretty good), Klipsch X1 (not bad) and Skullcandy Titans (not great) and these SoundMagics beat them all hands down. They have a lovely, warm, powerful sound. Volume is good, bass is deep and rich but doesn't overpower the mids and treble, sonic detail is impressive across every genre of music I've thrown at them so far (everything from pre-war blues to filthy dubstep). I've only had them a few days so it's a bit early to comment on build quality but they seem nice and sturdy; the earpieces, jack attachment and the collar where the wires split are all metal and seem robust. Mine came with 7 different options of ear buds (rather than the usual 3 that most manufacturers seem to supply) which is great as finding the correct fit makes a big difference to the sound of in-ear 'phones. Tempted to buy a 2nd pair for spare.
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on 30 July 2015
I discovered the E10 when reading a review for Shure headphones. The reviewer compared them favourably given they were significantly cheaper. He was right to and I've been impressed with both the sound quality, which is superb and the look of them. They also feel well made - the earphone body is made from aluminium and seems very solid.
The sound quality is the best I've heard at this price. Plenty of bass and lots of detail. The cabling appears to be strong a well made. The earphones seem like they will last for a good few years yet. The E10 fit well in my ear and isolate the sound well making them great for commuting - I tried all the tips and ended up going back to the medium size.
Overall this is a quality set of earphones that I can highly recommend.
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on 6 June 2013
So I bought these a few weeks ago and have been using them a lot. In a word they are awesome.

The good points?

1. Rich, deep, bass. Sounds great with rock and metal. You hear people talk about buying great new earphones and all their favourite tracks sound different. The E10s will do that if you are coming from a budget pair - I heard greater depth, new words and minor variations in bass sounds I hadn't picked up on using budget (£40) Sennheiser's . Prior to that I had a pair of high range Skull Candy's I got in a 70% off sale. Those earphones were 5 times the price and sure, they sounded better than the E10s, but only just.

2. Robustness. These seem like heavy-duty earphones with a virtually indestructible cable and robust ear-pieces. After my Skull Candy's went gaga in one ear I ripped the cable from the connector all too easily. The E10s haven't tried my patience, yet, but they would definitely put up a better fight.

3. Practicality. For me the biggest point. I have had many earphones and all of them tended to slip just a little when moving around. The design of these buds means that most of the weight is resting on the ear and not on the cable, thus they tend to stay in place better. There is a also a simple little clip on the cable you can attach to clothing and a thing that adjusts the length of the cable between the ear piece and where the cable forks. All helps prevent shocks that may pull the earphone out of position.

4. Power. Unless you change the defaults, Itunes follows EU regulations to prevent possible ear damage. With these earphones, unlike any of my 7-8 previous pairs, it feels like the EU needs to tighten up those regulations. Never thought I would hear myself say that. I've always been a full power kinda guy.

5. Noise-cancelling properties. I wore these cutting the grass and while I could feel the vibrations through the handle of the mower, I couldn't hear the engine at all. I was using maximum volume at the time.

6. Delivery arrived within the specified window, package was in good condition

Possible Drawbacks?

1. Volume. Parts of your tracks will have a minor crackling at max volume, more so when you see how to increase the volume on Itunes beyond the factory settings. @ 95% volume there is no crackling whatsoever. This may be a positive though as 100% volume for long periods might actually kill you.

2. Cable. Cable is excellent but is a fraction on the short side if you are tall.
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on 1 September 2013
I cannot believe this. You think you know yourself, until something comes along, to be dramatic, to enlighten you, so then you fall on your knees and thank the gods for bestowing you with such good fortune, only later, to curse them for keeping you in the dark for so long. Well, that's the story with these soundmagic earphones.

I don't really like to write fine, happy reviews so quickly after receiving something. One always find the glossy shine of a new product wears off several months to a duller patina, but I can't contain the joy anymore. I'm utterly charmed by these. They'd better keep, or I'll be taking back my words.

I was always one of those skeptics brought up on Apple's original in-earphones that came free with an iPod. You know, those genious ingenious misfits. But having broken my normal earphones for 'in-bed' use, and over-ear 'DJ' type things for daily use, I desperately needed something for both day and night. I've been lusting for noise-cancelling headphones, but their use for me is negligible. The design is still far too large and chunky for in-bed usage, and I'm hardly travelling or fighting outside noise like road-drilling or puerile fighting, travelling only, of course, to those happy sonic heights that are close to orgasmic delivered by my music. And I've noticed, far later than everyone else it seems, that average earphones are useless. One needs to turn up the volume to max when out and about to achieve a good volume due to sound leakage, and depending on their maker, the quality of music is compromised due to the frequencies, etc (all that technical jargon that one doesn't really understand.).

I tried the DrBeats by Dre, and was converted by the noise-isolating feature of the in-ear design, and the quality of the bass (test out your heaviest track), but mostly, the design of the ear buds with their 6 different fits. But really, for that price, I could get two pairs of these. And these are superior save their noise-isolation feature. They deliver on several crucial points: sound quality, good enough noise-isolation, fit and comfort (5 or 6 fits), design and price.

On the point of fit, don't worry unless you're an alien: one must fit. I worried myself ceaselessly, convinced none would be happy fit but they do, as well as my favourite, cosy, woolen jumper. A tip here, since we're all unique, is to mix 'n' match different sized earbuds in left and right ear, and depending on the time of day, your ear canal can change in size slightly, so you may need a different fit. Now, I keep all sizes handy for a quick change.

As for design, impressive. (I chose the rose gold and black pair, these are just my colours fortunately.) Initially disenchanted with the fashionable twisted and glossy cord, I've conceded they do seem stronger than the usual wires that come with all earphones: only time will tell. It comes with a powerful, strong clip to position somewhere high so that your buds don't fall out easily; the bud is average sized, but not so large as to be uncomfortable in bed. And one appreciates the soft carrying pouch, enough to protect your buds when out and about.

The winning feature for me is that the buds deliver a sound in bed that does not become muffled or occluded with a turn of the head in bed, like those Beats earphones mentioned above. I can also sleep on my side with them without the buds jamming in my my canal or becoming uncomfortable.

One simply cannot find a comparable pair for this price, so much so, I'd pay more for them. You may find, like me you'll be getting them insured, and why not, if you appreciate and care for them. Naturally, with all purchases, find a retailer where you can try them on first. You never know, but you may be that rare thing with alien genealogy with misfit ears.

Still, that does not mean I'm not craving those Bose noise cancellation things that I tried out in a department store. That may be something to save up for. All, in all, soundmagic more than suffices in the meantime.
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on 3 May 2013
I was blown away by everything from both this product and this company.

Firstly, I ordered these headphones mid-day Thursday and decided to go for the standard free delivery. They then came mid-day Friday. I cannot explain how impressed I am with the delivery time. As well as the delivery time, everything was really well packaged. A huge bag that was wrapped around a jiffy bag, which then had the products box with the item inside. I even had to sign for these earphones which I've never had to do for something shipped for free.

Secondly, the extras that come with these earphones also really surprised me. They came with a small earphone carry-bag, so that they can be kept in good conditions and 6 different pairs of gel replacements (as well as the pair already on the headphones). Small extras like this are what make me come back to companies.

And lastly, the earphone quality is just fantastic. I was expecting something great after reading all the reviews here and various other websites, but they still underplay just how decent these are. I've bought £70+ Sony earphones before which don't even compare to these. The quality throughout these are great, to the point where there is a clip on the earphones that can be taken off and put back on again if you aren't someone who would be using the clip.

I can't hear a single thing around me while listening to music on these, they're comfortable, don't distort when being played loudly (which is something that almost always happens on 'budget' earphones) and are cheap for the product.

If these are able to last a long time (only time will tell), I'll be switching to using more of their products.
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on 28 December 2015
Great sound quality, and the wires are nicely protected meaning the sleeving won't be torn or ripped after heavy use, HOWEVER, the plastic casing of the audio drivers fell apart after a few months. Since the wiring inside of them is fairly fragile they soon stopped working. I didn't make use of the case they came with much, so if you are a more careful person using the case will give them a much longer lifespan. If you are the kind of person who likes to keep their earphones in their pocket like me then don't be surprised if they start to fall apart a little.
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on 29 October 2013
Bought to upgrade from the standard Apple earphones and as an alternative to cans and after reading a number of reviews for in-ear phones at a variety of price points. These strike a good balance between performance and cost, come with a wide range of soft rubber earpieces for an ideal isolating fit and a soft draw-string carrying pouch large enough to take an iPod or smart-phone as well. There may be higher-performing, generally much more expensive products on the market, but do you want to risk losing them or damaging them in every day use?
I've now been using these E10s for about two months and recommend them unequivocally across a range or music genres. They are clearly very efficient as they operate at half the volume settings of Apple's own.
Examples of performance have included Bill Frisell: Shenandoah (Good Dog, Happy Man album) - an amazing deep resonant base under the guitar but a very balanced range; Jan Gabarek Quintet: Take Off & Land (Neighbourhood) - enables all the players Gabarek, Manu Katche, Marcin Wasilewski, Slavomir Kurkiewicz and Tomasz Stanko to all be sharply and separately defined; Ralph Towner: I knew it was you (Ana) - exploiting the close placement of the to the full in the resonance [and squeaks] of the strings; J.S.Bach: English Suite (Anne-Marie McDermott) - sharply defined piano, spacious, clear and bright and excellent tone.
Treat yourself, you won't regret it whatever music you listen to.
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on 25 March 2015
Have been using these for 6 months now, no change in sound quality or volume and the nice little zip up box they come in keeps them free from tangles and knots. Cannot recommend these enough considering the price.
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on 19 December 2014
Excellent earphones, the ear buds have a range of sizes to fit different needs and preferences. The sound is crystal clear with a solid bass, no external noises. Compared to my iphone ones I think these take the top spot hands down. Unfortunately there is no volume control, so volume can only be adjusted from the music player. The other disadvantage is that when listening to music from the phone you won't be able to take incoming calls or speak through the earphones as they do not have a mic. Besides that the earphones are still a good buy.
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