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4.5 out of 5 stars473
4.5 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360 250GBEdition: StandardChange
Price:£239.98+ Free shipping
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on 6 August 2013
Bought for my son's b'day and he loves it. Set up in 10 mins and he was off and playing!

Also plays DVDs CDs etc which is handy as our DVD player recently broke. Runs very smooth and quitely.

Would recommned to all friends/family.
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on 25 May 2013
Bought this for my daughter as a present, she had an old dated xbox which was over heating and made a lot of noise. This is both sleek and slimline, quiet and cool. Fabulous game play as per xbox design. One very happy daughter!
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on 14 June 2013
Great value for money with lots of great experiences. Definitely worth keeping or buying for upcoming games later this year (GTA 5) for example. Whether you are looking to play with friends at home, online or on your own it is great fun. Note that fewer people will be playing online due to mass purchasing of next generation consoles. Worth buying for XBOX exclusives (Halo) for example. Good time to buy due to upcoming releases of next generation consoles (XBOX One, PS4) for example. Cheap at the moment due to this. No free online gameplay unless you get a month free. If you want a console for upcoming games then possibly look at next generation consoles not this one. If not then BUY THIS CONSOLE!!! Cheapest it will ever be. 9/10 because of no free online but great value for money. Never had any problems with my XBOX 360. Could be worth something in 20 years time. Hope this review helps. Thanks
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on 17 February 2012
- Quiet
- Looks good
- Better ventilation
- More USB ports
- Smaller than the old system
- Includes WiFi
- Includes 250GB HDD

- Vibrations when vertical
- No included HD cables
- No included ethernet cable

I got this XBOX 360 to replace my 4 year old 20GB console that was starting to have a couple of problems and had also been repaired once already. I needed the space and quite liked the design of the Slim when they announced it.

The console doesn't disappoint and delivers on pretty much everything Microsoft said. The impressive design of this 360 instantly hits you when you unbox it although I found that at certain angles it does look a little awkward due to having sharper and non symmetrical angles to the older XBOX 360. The design now looks and feels expensive, unlike the old consoles which felt like they were put together as an airfix model kit. The only thing I would say about the design is that I preferred it when it was in a glossy black, but at least with the matte black finish it doesn't get scratched or show any scratches.The touch sensitive buttons are a very welcome addition and work as expected, but the eject button is a little too sensitive and I find myself accidentally opening it at times.

As for ventilation, Microsoft have learnt from their mistakes. There's now a massive vent on the top side of the system (side if vertical) acting as the only air output vent meaning you can put this horizontally without blocking any important vents unlike the old system. There are two intake vents on the left and right of the system (top and bottom and bottom if vertical) and so far these seem to be working well, but the output vent does get very hot, very quickly. Like the old one, the Slim can be put vertical or horizontally, but I found it develops a nasty buzz when vertical (although this seems to depend on the surface its on).

The system is quiet when in use. You cannot hear it when idling on dashboard and in fact the power brick is louder at this point. When playing a game the system does get louder, but it still very quiet. It is not quite whisper quiet, but still very close. I did a test between this and my old 360 with the same game and the TV at low volume and was amazed at how loud the old 360 actually was. I could hear my game well with the Slim, even at low volumes whereas with the old 360 it was no easy task.

The inclusion of WiFi is also very good, although I have not tested gaming over this connection yet. The 250GB hard drive is also welcome so you can install your entire game collection and still have room for loads of downloads. The Hard Drive is now integrated into the ventilation which makes the unit a lot sleeker than the old protruding design. It is still proprietary though, which is a shame, but at least they give you a lot of space. You can also transfer your old Hard Drive from the old 360 to this one if you know how. The only thing I would say about the Hard Drive is only 227GB of it is usable and it is only 230GB total capacity. I know this space difference happens with any device with a Hard Drive, but a 20GB difference seems a little excessive considering the old 20GB consoles only used 8GB for themselves.

This review is starting to drag on for a bit so I'll wrap it up now. The 360 Slim is a great console and there is clear evidence that Microsoft has learnt from previous mistakes. Included WiFi, 5 USB ports, Kinect Adaptor and and optical out port make this console a lot more capable than the previous XBOX 360. It also appears to be a lot quicker in operation. It's able to keep itself cool (although the power brick does get very hot), is smaller than the old one and appears to be better constructed while giving you 250GB (227GB) to play around with. It's just a shame that no HD cables (only Composite AV cables) or ethernet cable was included, but if you have the old system this shouldn't be a problem. Great console and well worth the buy.

The packaging this was sent in was awful (or at least it was when it got to me, don't know if this is Amazon's fault or the fault of the HDNL courier). The box it got to me in was not properly sealed up at the top or the bottom. The bottom was taped, but not properly closed so you could see through to the invoice and the top didn't look properly taped and wasn't properly sealed. The whole thing looked like a makeshift job. I was not impressed.
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on 6 September 2013
I think this is my favourite Xbox and I would not want to swap it for the Xbox ONE at any given time.
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on 20 June 2012
As a 360 owner who wouldn't touch any of the old models with a barge pole after suffering RRoD after only 11 months and subsequent 360's failing for as little as breathing on the console as it were, I have to commend Microsoft on their remake of the 360 - it was sorely needed and I can't put enough emphasis on that, but they've done a terrific job I must say. And in the interest of fairness this is coming from someone who much prefers PS3.

So then these new 360's can no longer get RRoD. Or at least they can no longer readout that way. Crucially though there's lots of slits on top of and on either side of these new 360's to let hot air escape, better out than in! Also these new 360's are supposed to have a fail-safe feature whereby if they get too hot inside then it'll auto shutdown your console to avoid cooking itself. Both brilliant features!

There's also wi-fi now. Good stuff.

I have to say I love the look and feel of the new design. It's very modern and very sleek. Looks better than the PS3 Slim by miles in my opinion. And I love the ping noises that the console makes every time you turn it on and off - reminds me of the old Super Mario games on the SNES when you'd boot them up!

These new 360's seem to run a hell of a lot quieter than any of the old models. The old models used to sound like a jet engine in the room, but these new Slim's are pretty quiet, but a hell of a lot quieter than the older models.

Xbox Live side of things is a bit of a money pit to be honest, Microsoft look to charge you wherever possible for features that are technically free elsewhere, BUT, the service you gain on Microsoft's system is second to none in my opinion in terms of efficiency and usability. Netflix HD content is a great example of this. Try it on 360 if you have XBL Gold and then try it on PS3 if you have one and you should see what I mean. Same thing with demo downloads too, super quick on 360 yet for some reason slow as hell elsewhere.

Games wise, most look and run better on 360, just does. In terms of exclusive games there's a great many I much prefer on PS3 and quite a few on 360 that I dislike but there are some 360 exclusives that I do enjoy which is good because in my opinion consoles live or die based on their exclusive content.

Overall the 360 Slim is a huge success in my opinion as a disgruntled 360 gamer that was forced to 'the other side' as it were. I still much prefer the PS3 as pound for pound it's the better console in my opinion, but take nothing away from the 360 Slim as it's an excellent machine in it's own right especially now that it's corrected it's major design flaws.

Good stuff!
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on 20 March 2013
I bought this product as it was time to upgrade from my older console. It was purchased as pre-owned and allegedly had some cosmetic marks on it.... WRONG!!! It turned up in mint condition, fully functional, easy to set up and incredible value for the price. It does not get as hot as the older model, but then again I did buy an inter-cooler for it, which is a must have accessory for those who play for hours on end. The seller dispatched it immediately, and it arrived the day after it was ordered. Great job.
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on 3 June 2013
I purchased this for my 12 year old son's birthday. I haven't seen him since lol. He is a big gamer so he required the bigger hard-drive (4GB just doesn't cut it).
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on 25 June 2013
I have always hated the xbox because of its problems but with this one they have fixed all of thoughts and made an excilent gaming device
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on 7 October 2012
My youngest son bought this. It must be good because we never see him, he's always on it. Item arrived well packaged and was brand new. Was good value too compared to well known high street game shops.
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