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4.2 out of 5 stars185
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 27 January 2013
These headphones weren't bought from Amazon, and were a bit of an impulse buy on the way through an airport a couple of months ago. I'd forgotten my B&W P5's on a trip, and wanted some relatively cheap 'n' cheerful headphones to use with my iPhone. I thought that I'd give these a try, especially with them being Bluetooth compatible, so that I could listen to my tunes wirelessly. I must admit though, that I wasn't expecting too much in comparison to my P5's, at four times the price.

But something strange happened. I started using them on my trip, and was really blown-away with how good they sounded. At first I thought that my mind must be playing tricks on me. Surely these couldn't be as good as my P5's? I put these considerations to the back of my mind for the time being, and just enjoyed using them. The sound they produce via the Bluetooth connection is simply glorious. The treble is open and transparent, and whilst the bass may not be particularly deep (so maybe no good for Dr. Dre fans!?), to my ears the bass is tuneful and proportionate using a wide range of music from classical to rock/pop.

And oh, what a joy to be without wires! After using a wireless headset, you realise just what a PIA that little wire between your head and your phone/MP3 is! I felt liberated whilst listening to these headphones, free from tangle and weight, and felt I could move with the music completely unhindered. These headphones also double as a Bluetooth headset that I could use with my iPhone, so they are both music headphones and telephone headset in one, and switching between the two is seamless. The microphone for the telephone is extremely discretely built into the headphone housing. Philips also include a regular 3.5mm jack cord, so you can choose to use them in wired configuration rather than by Bluetooth only if you wish.

When I returned back home I did an interesting comparison with my P5's. And remember that these two sets of cans are both about the same size, both 'on ear' designs. I compared the wired P5's (no Bluetooth functionality anyway) to the SHB9100's operating via Bluetooth. What I discovered was startling. Did the P5's sound better? Yes, of course. And so they should, at four times the price. But we're they four times better than the SHB9100's? Far from it, IMHO.

My initial impression about these headphones was correct. They are a wonderful set of headphones, and a proverbial 'steal' at the price they sell for. I really do not have any criticisms at all, given the sound quality and price they sell for, and I would be happy to dispense with my P5's in favour of these, given the sound quality they provide and the ultimate convenience of wireless Bluetooth transmission they offer. Bye-bye P5's!

Some reviewers have expressed reservations concerning build quality, and the lack of a carry-bag. Yes, thee is no carry case, and the ear-pads are covered with synthetic leather, rather than real leather. And the construction, although very strong, is a little plasticky. But these are £70 headphones, not £200 headphones, and IMHO the money has been spent on getting the crucial things right, like sound quality, rather than in aesthetic extras.

I couldn't recommend these headphones more highly.
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on 21 April 2012
I was looking for a decent set of headphones to use with an iPhone and PS Vita.

Considered several in the £50 to £130 price range :
Creative WP-350
JABRA HALO2 Wireless Headphones
Sennheiser PX 210 BT

I plan to use these for music at home mostly, so wasn't too interested in noise cancelling and as the neither the iPhone or Vita support apt-X I couldn't see the point to paying extra (the Sennheiser's) to get headphones that have apt-X

So I ended up with the Philips :

Light, but well made.
Clean simple design.
Great sound quality (You'd be hard pressed to tell they weren't wired).
Pads rest on the ears, rather than enclose the ears, so no sweaty ears.
Pair up with multiple device (not simultaneously, but you don't have to keep repairing when you swap devices)
Great battery life (I charged them on day one, and they still haven't gone flat yet after at least 10 hours use.)
I would have like some kind of storage case to be included.

In summary : Simple, but modern design headphones giving fantastic sound quality and great battery life. I'd buy another pair tomorrow if I broke the ones I have.
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on 28 January 2014
So I've had these for a month and got them at a steal at £45. The connectivity is great. I can use it with my phone, computer, tablet and playstation all with easy and quick pairing. The sound is really quite surprising and I wouldn't have thought the Bluetooth would have made for such good quality sound delivery. The headphones are well balance with a slight edge towards bass sounds. That said their really optimised to play music how the artist intended it to sound, so if you want rediculus bass go buy some Beats. I've listened to hours of podcasts on these and your can hear clearly during rush hour tube traffic or traveling in a car.

Generally I use them for about 1-2 hours a day and they only need charging once a week which is great. Plus they use and mini USB charger so I can use my blackberry charger at work. They also come with a jack to jack to you can wire up and use them in 'airplane' mode the old school way.

The only downfall I've found is the mic. When taking calls on my iPhone people have said I sound like I'm in a tunnel and I really have to talk up. They come through sounding great though. I have heard that this could be a Apple comparability flaw though.

To round up I would say these are quality made headphones that are extremely well worth their price. If your looking for better you need to be prepared to fork out a couple of hundred.
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on 9 September 2012
I got this when they dropped to £58, i haven't owned a pair of Philips headphones before, only Sony, thus i was taking a chance on this.

After using them every day for a whole week, i can safely say they are one of my best buys.

Not are the only one of the most comfortable (on the ear) headphones i've ever wore, the sound quality is superb over both bluetooth and wired and the battery life does indeed last 9 to 10 hours.

I use bluetooth mostly because i want absolute freedom around my house and the range on these is amazing, definitely at least 15 meters.

I pair these to my PC downstairs in my living room and play music via Winamp with Team Speak 3 on in the background in case one of my online buddies wishes to speak to me; then i walk through around my house / garden doing my chores, so whether i'm n the garden weeding, brushing my teeth in the bathroom or emptying the dishwasher in the kitchen, i've always got non stop music on the go to keep me entertained!

When the battery dies (indicated by a lot of beeping), i simply return them to charge for an hour and a half, if i wish to use them in that time, i plug in the cable.

The cable is a little on the short side but a 3'5 cable extension is a quick and cheap solution to extend it.

Another nice feature of these head phones is if paired and set as default device, they automatically connect to the bluetooth source once switched on.

Overall, i am very happy with these headphones.

The only downside i can find on these is the fact they sound bleed, there is no privacy with these, so if you are listening to music that you may feel would embarrass you if others heard it, these are not for you.

Just a few tips:

My bluetooth adapter is a recent purchase from Amazon also, a Hama Class 1 Version 3.0 Nano Bluetooth USB Adapter with EDR.

Not only is it more up to date than the common v2.1 bluetooth adapters, it is also a more powerful one promising a range of up to 100m instead of the usual 10m offered by class 2.

I haven't tried these headphones with a class 2 adapter so i couldn't commend whether or not the range is worse os if you're serious about moving over to bluetooth wireless listening around your house (from a PC), i'd get the above mentioned adapter.

Another thing i've noticed is that these headphones should be set at 93% volume, any higher causes a high pitched background noise.

I hope you enjoyed my review, if you wish to see a video review of these, it can be found on youtube (i used it as a deciding factor before i purchased myself) :)
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on 6 August 2012
Tired of having to untangle my iPhone earphones every time I take them out of my bag, I decided to try going wireless with a pair of Bluetooth headphones. I initially bought the Creative WP350 but found them a very strange size - they are "on-ear" headphones but are not large enough to cover your ears fully (and I think I have average-sized ears) and so feel like they are constantly going to come off. After sending them back, I've struck gold with the Philips SHB9100/00.

Initially, I was looking for a small-ish pair of headphones, or at least one that folds up neatly to better fit in my work bag. The Philips doesn't do that (though the phones do rotate sideways which makes it a lot easier to slip inside a bag) and while the photos make the headphones look quite big, I'd describe them as medium-sized - bigger than the Creative WP350 "on-ear" style but smaller than the full-sized over-ear cups you see on some really heavy duty headphones. For me, it's perfect - I don't have the feeling that they're falling off or not big enough as I did with the WP350s (and indeed far less sound leakage as a result) but they aren't too big - the cups are cushioned and feel very comfortable.

In terms of sound quality, a lot has been said about this already below. I'm no audiophile, but even I can recognise the difference between my iPhone earbuds and these - the sound quality is very impressive, especially for something which is connecting via Bluetooth and is powered by a battery.

The Bluetooth connectivity has so far been brilliant - very easy to pair with my iPhone 4S and hasn't lost connection yet.

All in all, an excellent purchase - these headphones have great sound quality, feel very comfortable and look expensive and stylish, and provide exactly the sort of wire-free commute I was looking for.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 30 August 2012
Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
These are smashing wireless headphones, they have good sound clarity and good bass, not over-powering. They are solid build and very comfortable, something I expect from Philips brand.

You can tell they have spent time and thought on the design and the controls for wireless use is great. You can use this wired as well, so that is an added bonus. But, I prefer these babies wireless.

You have the control funstion on the right headphone and simple touch can pause etc. It is responsive and good. I like the comfort of these phones, and it is pleasing to use on the London underground.
This is where they come in handy on the underground, where I can sit back and listen to music peacefully, until I reach work, lol.

But, it is very good and functional in noise cancelling, I couldn't hear a sound, while i was on the tube, not even the station announcer. The bluetoth on my android phone was clear and I had no hissing or cackling. I guess it all depends on the bluetooth connection, but my phone and my wifes seem clear as I would expect.
Nice Bluetooth headphones and a good price. Definetly 5 star as it ticks all the right boxes.
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on 16 April 2013
I'd been in the market for a new pair of headphones as was sick of the default ones that came with products.

I had some specific requirements, that it must be wireless, must have media controls and a microphone for voice assistant support on phone, and hopefully block out any noisy passengers on the train and bus.

Happy to say this headset is great and very comfy, I have worn them all day long listening to music whilst I work.

The headset's volume slider control works independently to your device, where you device provides the master volume, I've found this quite useful really and can quickly up or down the volume satisfyingly.

The play/pause button is nice, but the controls are different to the stock in line controls on say an iPhone headphone with mic, and this is my only niggle with it, the action for activating voice control is the same as going to the previous song. So unfortunately you need to pause your media before activating voice assistant/control.

This is something you get used to, most people I know though aren't bothered by this as they rarely if ever use their voice control/assistants.

Sound quality is superb and so is the comfort of the cans on your ears.

I was very surprised and impressed when I was able to keep these on my head whilst mountain biking, Not sure how they'd fair for runners, they can slip off your head at certain extreme angles or sudden violent movements (so no extreme vigorous head banging while wearing these ;-) ) but for general and even moderate movement they stay put.

People have commented how nice they look and comfortable and sound really nice too, also people on the other end of the phone and skype calls can hear me clearly (not so much in windy environments, but what non professional microphone is? Not a priority when many other factors affect phone calls anyway)

When using with the wired adapter these only function as headphones, all controls and mic do not seem to function which is a shame, but more reason to stay wireless.

If a newer model became available with adjusted controls (eg dedicated next/previous buttons or some other gesture for voice activation, or other well thought out control) and could keep media controls working when wired, I would be very interested.

Till then excellent product with a few personal issues, if you actively use voice control on your devices whilst listening to music that is.

I can recommend it and I'm very picky with tech.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 3 September 2013
I'd been looking for a Bluetooth headset for a while, and tried a Sennheiser, MM 400 model. I was very disappointed. The sound was terrible, and they were very uncomfortable, so I returned it. Then I came across this Philips SHB9100/28 Bluetooth Stereo Headset, and I think I've found the right one. It's light, and very comfortable, with large ear pads that cover my ears entirely. This means that they provide some passive noise reduction, so if you're in the street, listening to music, you won't hear the cars as much. They're obviously not noise-canceling headphones, but they do a good job of reducing chatter. The sound is excellent. The bass is sufficient for a small headphone, and the stereo separation is excellent, with clear midrange and treble. They also come with a cable, so you can use them as wired headphones if the charge runs out. The charge with a USB cable, and are rated to last about 8 hours (though I've always charged them before they run out).

These have become my go-to headphones for when I'm out and about. I'd like something a bit lighter, but this is a good compromise for sound and wireless capability.
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Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
These are great headphones.

The sound quality is really rich- strong on the bass without being too bass-heavy- with a good noise-cancelling effect. They're very comfortable to wear and nicely adjustable. The sound quality is good both via Bluetooth and through the wired connection, and you can swap seamlessly.

I'm amazed how well they work as a Bluetooth headset. There's no visible microphone at all, and nothing that goes anywhere near your mouth, yet somehow it's able to pick up your voice with great clarity and (according to the person at the other end of the phone) sounds just like using a normal phone. The controls for taking or rejecting a call, and skipping Bluetooth tracks, etc., are simple and intuitive.

There's just one thing that disappointed me enough to make it 4 stars instead of 5. It might seem a small thing, but it's a genuine let-down for what I wanted to use the headphones for. The headphones have a volume control which works for Bluetooth- but doesn't control the wired input volume. So if you're using them wired, you can't use the button to control the volume. Since I'm going to mainly be using them wired, that was a let-down.

Apart from that though, I can't fault them. Another high-quality Philips product.
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on 3 April 2012
Ordered on the Tuesday evening, and delivered Thursday morning, not a bad start at all, and it gets better.

I had always thought that bluetooth wouldn't be able to handle music, especially classical, but it does it with room to spare. I have themn married up to a Galaxy S2 running Double Twist as my player. This way I can find the right equaliser setting for the different genres, because with these headphones it makes every difference. Of course, when you are comparing phones of this quality to a pair of ordinary buds it's not that hard to be impressed, but these really are good quality; bass to treble is dynamic, and the clarity means you get all the detail, better than being there.

Signal strength is good, I can leave the phone on the desk, charging up, and still wander round the house without losing quality. The controls are simplicity, touch to the headphone to pause, or to pick up an incoming call, 2 touches to redial last number. And yes, the microphone does pick up your voice, even though it is embedded in one of the h/phones.

If you are serious about listening to your music, and you don't want to miss a call, then this is the headset for you.
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