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4.5 out of 5 stars368
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 24 May 2013
These Dr Who series just get better and better!
Story-line: Absolutely engrossing, often surprising, and always leaving you eager for the next episode.
Pace and flow: Fast-paced action intermingled with emotional but slower scenes allow you to catch your breath, but not so much that you can go and put the kettle on.
Characters: I thought that whoever followed David Tennant as the Doctor would be a disappointment - wrong! I thought also that Rose would be irreplaceable - wrong again! Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill all play strong, wildly different characters that you know well enough to predict their reactions, but the script always delivers the suspense and the surprises.
Special effects: Excellent
Costumes: Perfectly believable aliens ;-)
Sets: Bigger and better than ever.
Living abroad, I get to see the series later than in the UK, so I'm careful not to read spoilers in the news media :-)
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on 26 October 2012
With Moffat at the helm, series 6 delves deeper into the dark quirkiness that is The Doctors life. Time twists with a satisfying "worp scrunch" and recursive, yet logical time paradoxes flourish.
We finally find out who River Song is, and it's a doozy. We meet The Silence, and they're horribly spooky, and just the tip of the iceberg - prepare for behind-the-sofa time! Amy and Rory continue to grow, each becoming more and more appealing. During series 5 I fell in love with both of them, and this feeling has continued to grow throughout.
Sexy lizards, monks with an odd secret, a hidden, sinister society, killer mermaids, flying fish, spooky dolls, trapped gods, the death of The Doctor and will-wonders-never-cease... a helpful Sontaran!
Ever since The Doctor returned back in 2005, the series has just continued to excel and entertain. Wholly recommended to anyone betwixt the age 6 - 1200.
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on 4 January 2015
theres already said enough about the excellent quality of the series itself.
It's great and still stands the test of time (currently the 8th season is done)!

So let me say somesthing about this limited edition.
It looks just great!!
All BD come with brilliant picture and sound
but the real looker is the Raised Silence Head
and the 3D- cards!

It's sad and absurd that there are no collectors editions since this
nice box.

So this one is the last special issue you can buy.

I myself stopped buying Doctor Who box
once the BBC started to release series 7 in two
tacky boxes instead of the former wonderful special editions.
For me as a collector it seems to be the suitable reaction
on this kind of reacket.
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on 30 September 2012
Well first off i ordered this under the free delievery service and it arrived within 2 days, so am extremely pleased. The box set comes in the same style as season 5, which is nice, easy to distingish on the shelf.

As for the season itself it is phenomonal! I really enjoyed it. There are many two part episodes but actually i would say it is more like a running series, as some even continue after the second episode. It is a very intense and dark story right throughout leading up to the discovery of who River Song actually is and what it is she actually does, very compelling. Plus of course it also comes one step closer to the question that surrounds the mistery of The Doctor, Doctor Who? I would say that if your a Whovian you should have a pretty good idea of what the Doctors name is by now, i sure do! In the episode called The God Complex, Amy asks the doctor a question about his faith and who he worships and his face reveals alot about who he is, it is very sutble, blink and you'll miss it.

All in all a fantastic storyline and can not wait to have the entire seventh season to stand next to the rest of my Dr Who collection.
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on 1 September 2014
Love it, love it, love it. The more I see of Matt Smith the better I like him in the role of the Doctor. Series 6 has to be one of the best so far. The Amy, Rory, River Song story has developed brilliantly and I just love the episode, "The Wedding of River Song" If you haven't watched this do so immediately.
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on 16 January 2014
With series 6, we are introduced to probably the darkest series of Doctor Who to date. This series introduces one of the scariest Doctor Who villains in the Silence and the story arc of The Death of the Doctor where the the Doctor discovers he is walking to his death at the hands of a mysterious astronaut.

This series marks the final full season with Amy and Rory, and thankfully there are stronger than ever. Amy is a much more likeable character than she was in the first few episodes of series 5, and Rory really steps up as a full time companion. While some fans have issues with the character of River Song, she really adds some character development to the Doctor and the mystery surrounding his future.
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on 23 December 2013

as i will keep saying. Matt Smith possibly my favorite time lord of all time.
just fantastic to see him bring this character to life. action. comedy. and suspense.

Fantastic way to open the season. can't fault it. LLOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE!
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on 30 December 2013
Matt Smith is well into his stride as the 11th incarnation of the Doctor; Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill return as the newly married Amy and Rory, companions and sidekicks.

It's a confusing series in some ways, and I almost feel as if I should start watching it over again with the benefit of hindsight. While most episodes are complete in themselves, the idea of a `crack in the universe' continues, as do the mysterious `Silence' aliens, who disappear from memory as soon as someone stops looking at them.

Other than the Silence, here are not so many evil aliens in this series; the Daleks and Weeping Angels make only brief appearances, as do the Cybermen. On the other hand, there's a pirate ship complete with singing Sirens, an episode where Hitler appears, and some doppelgangers who impersonate their human counterparts. It was difficult trying to work out what parts of each episode were significant, and I often found my head buzzing... there's a lot of fast action and tension, neither of which really appeal to me.

Yet Doctor Who is very engaging. The human - and human-alien - interactions are often revealing, sometimes moving. The heavier, darker episodes are interspersed with lighter ones; I particularly enjoyed the penultimate `Closing Time', where the Doctor pops in to see his friend `Craig', who featured in Season Five.

There are plenty of short extras in this season, with prequels and mini-episodes as supplements, although it's not necessary to watch them.

All in all, a season well worth owning and watching for anyone who is a fan of this long-running series.
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on 19 November 2013
I directly bought the DVD after I finished watching the season online.

David Tennant is my favorite Doctor, but Matt Smith in my opinion is the BEST Doctor at least of the new series. I really love how he transmits so many emotions by his acting. He's so good you actually think that he is feeling all the pain and all the emotions from his fictional character.

Returning to the DVD...I really enjoyed this season. It was an emotional rollercoaster and had some amazing episodes like 'The Doctors Wife' where we can see The Doctors relation with his Tardis, or the 'The Weeding of River Song' funny and sad at the same time. "A Good Man Goes To War" was one of the best episodes for me,'The Doctor's darkest hour. He'll rise higher than ever before and then fall so much'.

In this season we get to explore so much from The Doctors character and also from Amy, Rory and River Song. This season takes to light some really interesting facts and mysteries from previous seasons. We get to know who River Song really is and her connection to the Doctor (no spoilers) and find out more and more aspects of the Doctor.

The DVD came early than the estimated delivery date and in great condition. I'm really exited to finally have it in my possession and I just can't wait for the price of the seventh season to drop so I can add it to my collection.

Matt Smith was a great Doctor. I really enjoyed every episode with him and I'm really sad that he is leaving. I hope that the twelfth Doctor will keep up to the high standards of David Tennant and Matt Smith.
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on 3 November 2013
Being a huge Dr Who family as a whole (we, as parents, having watched it since Jon Pertwee's time, children since the 2005 revival) we are gradually buying the series on DVD, and some of them 'belong' to our eldest daughter because they were requested, and bought as, presents for birthdays, and this Series 6 DVD was bought for this purpose... but of course we've all watched it anyway! It follows the same format as the previous DVDs - fans who've already bought any of them will already be familiar with it (so don't need to read the rest of my review!) but for those who haven't, it are 'extras' such as episode commentaries (for 'The Impossible Astronaut', 'The Doctor's Wife', 'The Almost People' and 'The Wedding of River Song' - so only four episodes, and if I had a gripe it would be that I do wish they'd make them for all the episodes!), 'monster files' (more of a detailed background to adversaries created for various episodes, such as 'the flesh' in 'The Almost People'/'The Rebel Flesh', showing how the make-up was created and achieved, revealing more about why they act as they do etc) and little mini 'tardisodes' (I think they're called?) which set up, or follow up, certain events in the main series. If you're visually impaired or hearing impaired there is audio commentary (make sure you don't turn it on by mistake - it's easy to do if you're a bit 'trigger happy' with your remote!) and subtitling for every episode (I find the subtitles helpful when I'm listening to the commentaries - that way you don't miss out on dialogue, which is obviously dipped to allow the commentary to be heard, which means you can still identify/keep up with the important bits of dialogue the commentary is referring to!). If you are a fan you will probably already have one or more of the DVDs already, but if you liked Series 6, and haven't bought any of the others for any reason but are considering buying this one, then I hope some of the reviews here have helped you decide!
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