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4.7 out of 5 stars742
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 21 August 2014
A lot has been made of the cuts to the content of this DVD set and for a long time I resisted buying it as a result. However, I always found it a pain trying to catch repeats. £35 is not bad for over 41 hours of television and since I realized it's the best I'm going to get for now - I just thought "what the hell" and went ahead and bought it.

So let's talk about the cuts: As far as I can tell the only episodes that have SERIOUSLY been actually cut are "The Jolly Boys Outing" and "Miami Twice". Other than those two I can't say I really noticed any others. Contrary to what has been written - bad language has NOT been cut and neither has some of the more cruder humour. It seems that a lot of people who've written reviews haven't actually watched the set.

I googled what cuts had been made to the DVD set - and watched a lot of the episodes expecting a cut to come up... and it didn't! I really wonder where a lot of this information has come from.

In most cases when the rights haven't been available for music - it has been replaced with a similar sounding bit of music (Jaws and The Omen are replaced with sinister cues that get the same point across) and original songs have been replaced with cover versions (for example the version of "Our House" at the end of "Time On Our Hands"). Yeah OK - it's not the ideal situation but it could have been a lot worse! The comedy is not lost.

Generally speaking from what I can tell a majority of the episodes are uncut and I can tell you categorically that the second series has absolutely no cuts whatsoever.

With this being the case I believe it's perfectly reasonable to purchase this item at the current knock down price.

The cuts still lose my review a star - but having said that you still see Granddad smashing the wrong chandelier, you still see Del falling through the bar, you still see Del and Rodney running through the streets dressed as Batman and Robin and hear Del's bad french, hear him calling Rodney a "plonker" and a "tart". Let's face it - that's what you are buying this set for isn't it? It's all there, present and correct and funnier than ever. As a plus - the packaging is beautiful.

If you've got £35 going spare it's worth it and a nice thing to have in the collection. Don't pay any more than that though.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 18 September 2014
I got this as a gift and honestly I never tire of the series it always brings a smile to my face so being able to re-watch those classic episodes as often as I want is a real bonus.

On the editing and cutting there are some episodes that have in my view mistakenly been tampered with references to Princess Diana gone in one episode, some soundtracks from the original broadcast have been changed (evidently due to licensing restrictions for the DVD release) in most cases this doesn't make a huge difference but expert Only Fools and Horses fans will notice the changes.

Miami Twice has had quite a few cuts though as has A Royal Flush some lines are gone and laughter tracks added, and the Jolly Boy's outing has sadly had an entire sequence removed in the nightclub when the song "Just the Way You Are" was being performed this does impact the episode quite significantly in my view. In other area some episodes have had no cuts at all so it's not likely to ruin the experience. There is a complete list of edits and cuts via Wikipedia if you wish to investigate this more

Onto the series despite this negative points above remains a true British comedy classic in every sense of the word. Rarely has a series been aired that connects with the public following the struggles of the Trotters, their misguided efforts and dealings. But always in a way which evokes fondness for both the talented cast and script. it is fair to say some episodes are stronger than others, a few of my favourite ones:

"A Touch of Glass": This episode is one of the classic comedy moments when grandad hits the wrong chandelier causing it to crash to the floor broken and smashed, I still remember the room erupting in laughter after this.

"Heroes and Villains": Having Del and Rodney dressed up as super heroes and turning up to a fancy dress party that became a funeral gathering.

"A Losing Streak": The classic Del v Boycie poker game where for once Del comes out on top!

"Time on Our Hands": Seeing the Trotters finally make it big and become millionaires can't be forgotten even if some feel the series only truly returned to form when they end up broke again

"Yuppie Love" Featuring the unforgettable Del Boy scene where he leans on the bar door that's open and falls straight through it one of the top comedy moments ever.

There are too many good moments to mention, but now owning this set well despite some of the editing on some of the episodes really is required for any comedy fan. This never gets old it just continues to raise the smiles even many years later.
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on 27 September 2007
I must say despite the excellent design the content is a huge disappointment. Why? Well like most people who buy this boxset we have already seen them in their complete and unedited glory on the BBC and now UKGold. Wouldn't it be great to have the same episodes to play whenever we desired at home. Think again. Countless episodes are edited to such an extent that dialogue has been cut, scenes have been deleted and musical scores altered. So much so that avid fools fans will watch with annoyance. The fact the BBC couldn't pay for the rights to play the original background music within scenes is criminal, they must have made millions from the Only Fools franchise.

If you have the time tape the episodes off UKGold. I still wait for the genuine complete collection.

*Update* In memory of John Sullivan, I've now re-rated this from 2 stars to 5. A comedy that will provide laughter to generations of people to come, what a legacy to leave. I just hope that should any tribute episodes be released in the future then they take onboard some of the editing issues, and ensure they are released the way John Sullivan wrote them, that would be the perfect epitaph.

**An updated er update** And so now almost five years after the first 'complete collection' was released, we now have a second 'complete collection', both of which are sadly 'incomplete'. To mark the 30th anniversary of the first broadcast of 'Only Fools' you'd have thought some effort would have been put into adding some extra morsels to tempt those who bought the first complete collection into forking out for the second. But no. In all that time, the maestros behind the BBC DVD releases, instead of mastering the musical copyright issues and other matters concerned with the infamous Fools edits, they were more concerned with what new shiny box to put the SAME DVDs in, to release to the great British public to mark this seminal moment.

Our greatest British sitcom deserved better. Do we really have to wait for the 40th anniversary complete collection, to see any signs of what the great British BBC licence fee payer paid for. A TRULY COMPLETE COLLECTON.
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on 12 August 2011
Terribly disappointing. If something is advertised as "complete", it should be complete. But this is not. The heavy edits remain, even though the BBC could quite easily arrange for the original episodes to be released as they were originally screened on TV. My message to BBC: release the original episodes, uncut; or stop putting out heavily edited DVDs and then calling them "complete".
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on 15 March 2008
It is astonishingly poor of the BBC to treat fans in this way. Cut down stories, poor editing, replacing the music. Not worthy of a great series.
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on 4 January 2012
The episode, Series two, episode 8 'Christmas Trees' is missing completely from the set. As well as this on the box it states clearly that episodes have been edited for 'contractual reasons', and once you start watching the episodes you can see it.

It is probably the best of the available sets of Only Fools and Horses there is currently available but it would have been much better without the edits and the missing episode is a real issue.
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on 28 September 2011
I received this box set on its release and have been very happy with it.

OFAH is a great show. The running gags are always funny, the characters are warm and likeable and the timing of script is excellent. For those that have never seen the show before, the plot is based around two brothers (Del Boy and Rodney) who live in a Council Estate in Peckham, London's East End. They both work as market traders and get up to a host of scams and botched jobs together with their family (Granddad and Uncle Albert) and their close-knit group of friends.

Inside you will find every episode of Only Fools and Horses, including all of the Christmas Specials and a making of DVD.

The box set is a nice design celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the show and is of good quality, each series is contained within in its own full-sized DVD case inside the box set.

As some reviewers have mentioned, yes it is a repackage of the last OFAH box set, albeit repackaged as the 30th Anniversary edition - but looking at this positively, it is a lot cheaper than the last box set and also a lot better packaged.

I would have liked the BBC to have digitally re-mastered the show and it's true that the editing is choppy at times, but the crux of it is for the cost of the box set, it really is exceptional value for money of a comedy of this caliber.

I'd recommend this, it's great!
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on 15 May 2008
So disappointing, huge cuts, laughter tracks added, just ruined it for me. So annoyed while watching late one night went to the US site and bought the whole thing again, some edits still , not all the original music, but the Royal Flush seems pretty much intact which was decimated in this version. etc. Just beware you will need an NTSC player.
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on 31 January 2009
As other reviewers have already stated, this is cut to ribbons and, as such, I would say it's pretty much a waste of money.

I'd just like to add, though, that the reviewer who states that the US version is not cut is completely wrong. I regret that I believed his review and bought the US one only to find that it is NOT complete. So, to anyone who is considering wasting money on the US box set, I just wanted to warn you before you part with your cash. Buyer beware!
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on 27 October 2011
Another re-release with so many scenes edited out. When will a DVD company that cares about this series obtain the rights to release an uncut DVD? Fans of the show have been waiting for so long now.

5 Stars for the original TV series - 1 Star for the shoddy release. This is one of the greatest comedies of all time and it's an insult for it to be released like this!
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