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4.6 out of 5 stars85
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 10 November 2011
I was very surprised when I first heard The Wanted's debut album, full of eclectic sounds and clever lyrics the album was a smash hit, they had something different and werent just doing generic boyband trash, this album seem's like an extention of that but also seem's like a step back, the single's they released have seemed more like the generic trash that other bands have been doing, having said that they're very catchy and have great instrumentals, another problem I have is that a lot of lead vocals are given to the weaker singers in the band, which seem's a bit odd when there are stronger singers in the band, one thing they do very well is put in rather sexualised lyrics, no doubt used to entice the younger generation into a sexual frenzy to be more inclined to buy the music, but they do it well so I cant complain, i'll run through each track on the deluxe version to give more of an overview of the album:

Track one - Glad You Came, a great dancey song with good vocals and was a number one hit, most people will have heard this song by now, 9/10.

Track two - Lightning, another dancey song with a nice build up to the chorus, not as good as Glad You Came but still very good, 8/10.

Track three - Warzone, a cool ballad with interesting sounding dubstep elements that make it seem quite unique, 9/10.

Track four - Invincible, quite a haunting dance song with creepy vocals, the vocals are interesting and it has a very interesting backing track, 9/10.

Track five - Last To Know, a rock-ish power ballad with cool grungy sounds, and a very catchy chorus, also showcases vocals quite well, 8/10.

Track six - I'll Be Your Strength, this is my favourite off the album, a nice ballad that slowly develops into a full on dance track! Great vocals and delivers a good message about love, 10/10.

Track seven - Rocket, a very intersting mid-tempo with great lyrics and an interesting beat, 9/10.

Track eight - I Want It All, not my favourite on the album, but only because I dont enjoy guitar ballads, other than that its a nice song but again, its not what I enjoy in music, 5/10.

Track nine - The Weekend, kind of a generic, trashy club-ish track, again not my favourite, sounds like something JLS would do, very synthy though, 6/10.

Track ten - Lie To Me, a pop/rock ballad about heartbreak, not great in my opinion, sounds like a Take That demo, 4/10.

Track eleven - Gold Forever, 2011's comic relief track, has a nice build up to some smashing synthy instrumental and delivers a nice vocal, 8/10.

Track twelve - Dagger, a really nice mid-tempo ballad about heartbreak - again, but its still a nice feel good song, 7/10.

Track thirteen - Rock Your Body, some cheesy lyrics but a nice dancey song with great orchestral backing, 7/10.

Track fourteen - Turn It Off, a kind of disco-club track, its good but it doesnt really suit them, they're trying to be to sexy and it doesnt suit them, 7/10.

Track fifteen - Where I Belong, a quite epic piano dance ballad, the song is great, but the main problem with this is that Siva sings the entire song by himself, but he is by far the weakest singer and its kind of cringey listening to his voice for an entire 4 minutes, the whole point of a band is that the other members are there to pick up the slack for the weaker singers, but it doesnt translate in this one, 8/10.

Overall the album is very good, The Wanted havent found their sound yet or that particular genre that makes them sound great, the songs are good, but there is such a mixture its hard to tell whether they're being marketed as a dance group, a pop group or an indie group etc.
Overall I give the album 8/10, The Wanted are definitely the best boyband around at the moment, no where near as generic as JLS and not as cringey as One Direction.
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on 12 November 2011
The Wanted's debut album was great and very memorable, they now return with Battleground! The album is more or less the same as their debut album and contains many catchy songs which make you fall in love with them during your first listen. The album starts off with their single 'Glad You Came', the song the summer, and then continues with 'Lighting', an upbeat song that stays stuck in you head (in a good way). The rest of the album consists of pop and ballad songs. I personally love 'Warzone', 'Rocket' and 'I Want It All', three great amazing ballads with great vocals. An all round astonishing album!

What I like about The Wanted is that they share their vocals considerably so you get to hear everyone's voice, which is rare in a 5 piece boy band. All the songs on the album are worth listening to and the album grows on you every time you listen to it. I've listened to the album three times already and every time I hear it I love it even more. This album is not to be missed!!
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on 31 December 2011
The Wanted's new CD is brilliant my favourite song at the moment is last to know, however i have had many favorites in the past which have included glad you came and lightning :)

I have bought tickets to see the Wanted in March and before i will go i wanted to buy their CD to refresh myself on their music, so i listened to a few songs on Youtube before purchasing and decided to eventually and am really glad i did as it is a great CD and i have no regrets.

Everyone unsure about this CD should buy it, it features some amazing songs and at a fabulous price too, as buying the songs separately on Itunes for example would be a lot more expensive!

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on 24 November 2011
A concept album about addiction, Battleground is one of the most stunningly original releases I've heard all year. An audacious debut that shows how extremely talented these young lads are, this release will have the old guard (Take That, JLS...) quaking in their designer boots. Fronted by the follicly challenged Martin Drooper, this band of misfits have made a debut that shows their massive potential and huge ambition.
Starting with light electronica before rip-roaring into some good ol' rock and roll, the opening track 'U Want It' is a blisteringly brilliant three minutes of high-end drama. Apparently autobiographical, the song deals with male pattern baldness and the woes of the dreaded STD's currently on the market.
With subject matter ranging from the plight of the panda bear ('U Can Help') to the wanton destruction caused by the UK riots earlier this year ('Apples and Orange') the album is a rollercoaster of both good times and bad. With production bolstered by the presence of Mr. Richard D James (of The Aphex Twins fame) and Gary Numan, this collection leaves you simply goggle-eyed at the audaciousness of the whole venture. Currently working the pub and club circuit, the boys will be heading to your town soon enough so keep 'em peeled. This lot are going places!
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This is my favourite music/band as I AM The WANTED's #1 fan!!!! defiantly my favourite album of the year and has been on repeat since it arrived!!! and I was very impressed their last album, it was interesting to listen to and great lyrics and nice tone of music but this one was a step up! their lyrics were cleverly written I loved the tone of the music it was exceedingly good to listen to I enjoy listening to this new approach to music. All the tone and beats were lovely to get into I learned all lyrics in 4 DAYS! to all songs I had listened to it that much!The lyrics were clearly sung. I highly recommend this product to The WANTED lovers like me! It really was worth getting deluxe edition the 4 bonus tracks were amazing "Dagger","Rock Your Body","Turn It Off",and "Where I Belong" where exceptionally good songs as well as all the other brilliant songs, really great CD can't wait for their next album!!!
1. Glad You Came-Brill NO.1 hit!
2. Lightning-Such a great song NO.1 hit again!
3. Warzone-NO.1 Hit AGAIN constantly on repeat i love it!
4. Invincible-Really catchy and just simply beautiful
5. Last To Know-WOW fantastic song
6. I'll Be Your Strength-OMG It had me in tears wonderfully performed and delivered greatly
7. Rocket-Indescribably amazing such a tune!
8. I Want It All-Continuously played fab!
9. The Weekend-Stunning such a club classic!
10. Lie To Me-Can't get enough ace song!
11. Gold Forever-Always have and will love this song!
Bonus Tracks
12. Dagger-Perfect song loving it
13. Rock Your Body-What a beat what a awesome song!
14. Turn It Off-OMG Indescribably stunning I really love this song possibly my fav out of all the amazing tracks!
15.Where I Belong-Incredible irresistibly catchy
5 stars for 5 stars Nathan Sykes,Tom Parker,Max George,Siva Kaneswaran,Jay McGuiness! and 5 postcards of my 5 favourite boys! wow how amazing!
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on 8 October 2012
I have to admit that I am a pretty big fan of The Wanted and was highly anticipating the release of this album as it promised to be full of potential hits and I was not disappointed.

Battleground is such a huge step up from The Wanted's self-titled debut album - it is full of more mature songs and ranging from ballads to upbeat dance tracks. Glad You Came has become massive in America and all over the world with it's catchy lyrics and Ibiza dance track. The rest of the album follows on from there with other dance tracks such as "The Weekend" and "Invincible" but the boys also show their serious side with ballads such as "I'll Be Your Strength" (my personal favourite) and "Last To Know". I also love how Siva has been able to show off his voice in "Where I Belong" where Siva is the only band member to sing. This song shows off his voice and what it can do as perhaps he wasn't as popular as other band members.

The boys also performed most of these songs on their arena tour in February/March 2012 where the songs were brought to life and performed with passion. Touring really did show how far the boys have come and I can't wait for the next album and to see them live again. These boys will only get more popular if they keep writing and producing songs like the ones on this album. I'm so excited to hear what more they have to offer.
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on 22 March 2012
Another great album from this group. This maintains the great sounds of their debut album, but with 11 brand new tracks. Whether the preference is for pop, light rock, ballads or any other style, there's a bit of everything here, and a good few hits too. And you continue to hear the individual qualities of each band member. The guys do good again.
Arrived from Amazon EU S.a.r.L within days of ordering. Top service as usual.
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on 10 December 2011
This has to be my favorite album of the year. It is fun and has been on repeat since it arried. You definitely will not regret buying it.
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on 7 November 2011
it is brilliant I bought it tonight and have listened to it already it is soooooooooo good! love it!! these are a great new band and their music is brill
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on 21 March 2012
This was a great 2nd album by the wanted. All their songs was great. I am very satisfied with my purchase. I am from the states and this was my first time ordering from amazon uk. Buying direct was a lot cheaper. I ended up paying $20 for 2 albums. You can't beat that here in the states. I love the wanted and their songs.
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