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on 6 October 2011
Great printer.
Cheap, simple and does the job - don't expect anything complex/advanced for the price you're paying.

- Feeds from top (no inline feed below).
- Scanner
- Copier
- Cheap Ink

Comes with power cable, both a black and colour cartridge to get you going and various documentation.


I didn't realise (after ordering a new one in a hurry, as my old one died on me) and when it came, I noticed that the USB cable isn't included so I had to purchase a new one off Amazon.
>>> HP USB Cable A-B 2 Metre C6518A was perfect for the job, not too long, not too short of a cable, very cheap and free delivery.
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on 25 July 2012
I cannot speak too highly of this Printer. It is far less complicated and easier to use than my precious Printer yet it does everything that my previous one did. For example when I switched on the old printer it used to take several minutes before you could print anything. Plus it seemed to take a long time from a switching off to going off. I no longer have this problem. I like the black ink being separate to the coloured ink so you can just replace the black or the coloured ink. I also noticed as soon as I put the ink in the printer was ready to go where as the old printer had to 'charge up' and then quite often had to clear any blockage which used half a cartridge sometimes.
This printer came recommended and I would pass on any recommendation.
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on 25 January 2012
If you print sporadically and most of the time you print documents, spreadsheets and boarding passes (not photos or high-quality images) then this printer is Awesome.

It is very cheap, not too big, quite silent when printing...

Note that this model (HP Deskjet 1050A All-in-One Printer) does NOT come with WiFi or Ethernet support, you CAN'T print from your iPhone or iPad through AirPrint, there's a review here that says it works but it doesn't have this feature, it is a really basic printer to "get the job done" which is what I was looking for.

You need to buy an EXTRA USB CABLE (I bought one as per a reviewer suggestion and it works great, colour is black by the way, arrived the same day as the printer).
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on 23 October 2011
Yes, it's inexpensive-feeling and cheap-looking, very heavy on ink costs, does not include the appropriate cable, etc. -- these are downsides that a savvy shopper can find out before purchasing.

However, when I was shopping for a new printer, I read a lot of reviews about this model and I didn't see the problem that mine suffers from described before I bought it. (On help forums, I've since seen a few mentions of other people having my exact problem, with no solution to it. So mine isn't the only one.)

My 1050 scanned one time only, but after that, the scanning simply would not work. Because it worked once, I know it *should* work. I have Vista, which it's supposed to be totally compatible with. I spent 8 hours trying to figure the scanning problem out -- searching internet discussion forums, searching the HP site, searching the manual, tinkering with the cords, uninstalling and reinstalling the software for the printer (5 times; both via the included disk and via the HP site), uploading all the fixes and updates for this printer offered by HP, etc.

Very annoying, as I do need to scan regularly. It's too late for me to return it, so I'm stuck with it.

By the way, if you are having a similar problem, you may be able to find alternative programs on your computer that will allow you to scan. I think that Windows 7 has a couple of options for this, but the only alternative program I have on my Vista computer that will force this printer to scan is Windows Photo Gallery, but it creates a separate document for each scanned page (does not enable me to create one document that contains multiple scanned pages), is very rudimentary, and for some reason (and I have tried everything to fix it), the scan window in that program is about 20% too big for my screen (yes, I've changed the screen resolution, font size, etc. - no luck; and the window cannot be moved about by grabbing the top bar, and can't be reduced by pulling the sides or corners) and so the operational buttons along the bottom of the window which operate the scanning part of Windows Photo Gallery are out of my view, and I can only hit the tab button to get to them - there seem to be 3 of them -- I tab around blindly and randomly press "enter" and see what happens... eventually, I get the right button, and it forces the printer to scan one page.

This is totally backwards and unacceptable for a printer that is advertised as a scanner, and as operating smoothly with Vista.

(tip: check out the 145 reviews on this item that appear on another listing for it on this site)
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on 18 January 2012
I bought this printer about 4 months ago, as my Epson Stylus finally died on me after years of printing. I didn't want to spend any huge amount on a printer, so I opted for the HP1050 All-in-one. Since then, I've spent roughly £80 a month on ink cartridges - it uses up colour ink after just 8-12 pages. But even more frustrating than that, is that if one colour runs out, the whole printer stops functioning, as the colour cartridge is 3-in-1. So if you use up all the yellow, you still can't print in another colour (except Black & White) until you've replaced the cartridge.
Each time you install a new ink cartridge, it prints a test page that you have to scan in to set the alignment - doing this every 10 pages is infuriating. Especially if you forget that it will print the test page (I use higher gsm paper for some of my printing - neglecting to swap that for normal gsm paper when it prints the test page equates to wasted expensive paper) Also - scanning in for alignment is problematic as the scanner doesn't work. (see my next point)

I used the scanner to scan in 8 pages, and now it no longer scans. I'm using a high spec iMac, but it just crashes each time I try & open the scanning application. I've searched online for the solution to this problem, but it seems a lot of people are experiencing the same issues.

I contacted HP about the low print yield per cartridge and they were worse than useless. My 7 year old nephew would have been better suited to answer the question.

Basically, it's a dreadfully expensive printer, and a non existent scanner.
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on 17 April 2012
I bought this as a replacement for a defunct Epson D68, having only ever had Epsons (because of their individual inks). Comparing the two, I'd say that the HP is a bit slower and I worry about how long the inks will last, given that the colour inks all come in one cartridge. However, I'm not a big user and this printer offers scanning/copying as well, so I really can't fault it for the price. There is a 3050 model also available - my brother owns one - and the only difference I can see is that the 3050 has a little LCD screen that shows basic messages - maybe the 3050 has bluetooth compatibility? I don't know. I advise to read the specifications. They seem to perform the same, anyway.
A warning if you are going to buy one of these - HP don't supply a cable to link the printer to your computer, but if you've already got a cable from an old printer then it's not a problem. My Epson cable is OK for it. You can buy printer cables quite cheaply if necessary. You can use these in 'wireless' mode (maybe why HP don't supply cables?), but I preferred to avoid the set-up hassle and use a cable instead.
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on 2 March 2012
Easy to set up and work and it did work perfectly for the two months I had it before it went the way of my last Hewlard Packer printer and broke, the paper won't feed through. My last Hewlard lasted about six months before conking out (and I am a light user) so I was a bit stupid to buy a new one of the same brand. It has a flimsy feel to it, it looks as if it will break easily and does, avoid. I will try a Cannon for my next one.
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on 28 May 2012
I wanted a basic colour printer for everyday use which could also copy, to replace my previous model which included a fax facility no longer required. The previous model, and the one before that - both HP printers - became unusable when the back grid piece broke so that paper would no longer feed through. I'm hoping that this basic model will not suffer the same fate. So far I've managed to use both print and copy facility, though it took a while to set up as I found the instructions very unhelpful. I haven't yet tried to use the scan facility as I have a separate scanner. I think the printer will do the job I need, both cost effectively and hopefully trouble free for the foreseeable future.
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on 29 December 2011
My last HP printer has been great so I did not hesitate to use HP again. It prints OK from my computer, but the copier is a nightmare. No wonder the reviews say it uses a lot of ink! The finished copy was so thick that the letters ran together. There is no way I could send copies out - they looked most unprofessional and in some places almost illegible. Luckily I tried it quickly and so will send it back and order a different make. What a shame these companies do not keep the old quality. Disappointed in Devon.
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on 18 October 2011
It's a nice little printer, which arrived a day after I ordered it (with 1st Class mail). It's about half the size the old printer I had, light, easy to install and use. It's quite fast, the cartridges are very easy to install. The only drawback (although you can't really expect great sophistication from one of the cheapest products) is that the printing options are quite basic (page set ups, etc) - for example there is no double-sided printing, no poster-printing. The basics are there, but if you need more fancy options, go for a more advanced model). However - all in all, I am happy with the printer, and can definitely recommend it.
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