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on 28 July 2011
Had the phone a week now and have been very impressed. The 3D photos and video are excellent. It has to be said that the 3D effect works best when there is an object/person in the foreground and something else in the background. The 3D effect isn't really there when you just photograph a landscape in the distance (for example).

The phone itself is pretty good, with a very clear screen.

A lot of website reviews have said that the phone is bulky and heavy, which I totally disagree with. For a phone that has 2 glass screens and 2 camera lens it is pretty much the same as most 4.3" phones (apart from the Galaxy S2).

The new HTC Evo 3D is out in september, which does NOT have the special 3D display menu like the LG Optimus 3D does.

The reason I have given 4 stars rather than 5 is because using the 3D for too long does cause very minor eye strain (in my opinion). If required, the 3D function CAN be turned off on all the photo's, videos, and games. So for example if you take 100 3D photos/videos, you can change them to 2D by a simple click of a button, and back to 3D again. You can also have a mixture of 3D and 2D photos/videos. And if you are playing a 3D game and you suddenly feel eye strain, you can lower or turn of the 3D at any time.

Definitely worth the money. All my friends are very very impressed with it, and it's certainly a talking point.
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on 12 July 2011
I have to say that I was an iPhone user since its first generation but I wasn't happy anymore with Apple's OS (iOS) so I decided to go to Android OS.
So I chose the LG Optimus 3D and couldn't be happier now!

Let's start talking about what you are going to get:

- Screen: it's big and it makes easier to watch videos or play games, the resolution is also very good and I don't have any problems while reading pages on internet (I recommend you to get the Dolphin browser from the market). Everything is very clear and crisp and the colours are vibrant. This screen gives more pleasure while watching or playing a game than on the iPhone 4 that I had, seriously, Apple has to do something regarding the next iPhone screen because, in this case, size matters.

- Battery life: well, here is the thing, the LG Optimus 3D has a very powerful spec and in addition to that it has two cameras on the back to record videos in 3D so, obviously, if you use it a lot you battery will not last long. I usually use my phone when I'm on the train to go to work, on my break and going back home so the battery is less than half which means I have to recharge it every night. While using it I'm always listening music and either playing a game or surfing on the internet.
Charge the mobile phone every night it's not a problem for me but might be a problem for some people...

- Sound quality: the speakers are very good. I can hear the call clearly even in a noise environment. Something that I have noticed is while listing music with headphones you can clearly hear the sound coming from the left and right sides of your headphone, this is something that didn't happen with my iPhone 4 or, at least, it wasn't noticeable.

- 3D: the 3D in my opinion is better than the one offered on the Nintendo 3DS, the sense of depth is very good and the 3D is clear. You can adjust the 3D using a bar that appears on the screen. Also the right position to be able to see in 3D (sweet spot) is quite good, I can use it while on the train and even with the shacking I'm still able to see the 3D effect.
One thing that I notice though is that after playing a while you do feel fatigue but that is not a problem of the mobile phone, it's something that happens with 3D in general.
The phone will come with NOVA 3D installed and Asphalt 6 and Let's Golf 2 are pre-installed so you have to download the game when you try to play it.
There is also an interactive Gulliver's Travels book that it's pretty cool and I hope more books like that will be available! The weird thing here is that it's a book but it's under the 3D games section.

- Android: this system was the main reason that made me leave the iPhone. I wanted an OS that could let me customise my own phone the way I wanted. This is not possible with iOS and those "dead tiles" are not interesting. On Android you have the famous widgets, basically, they are live apps that are very helpful. For example you don't need to open the weather time to know the weather, the widget is there, live, an tells you the current weather situation or you don't need to open the facebook app to check the updates on this phone you have a native widget where you can easily see the updates at all times!
On Android you also have a real multi-task where you can open lots of app and they will keep running until you close them, this might be tricky though `cos you might open a lot of apps and it might influence your phone performance.
Something very cool is the live wallpaper! These wallpapers are animated and you can choose a range of them (i.e. Matrix effect, fish tank etc) on the market.
The OS is very good and easy to use and it gives you the option to download apps from your computer straight to your mobile phone so you don't have to have your phone all the time to download apps, you can do that using any computer.
Many apps from App store you will find on Android Market for free!! and the market is as good as the App store.
The phone comes with Android Froyo which is not the newest one, but LG has promised that it's going to update the system very soon!

- LG Optimus 3D handset: it's well built and doesn't look cheap. The quality of the materials are nice and the phone is not as big as you might read in some reviews about the phone. It's definitely bigger than the slim Galaxy S2, but it's not a brick monster. The size is good if you think about that it has two cameras on the back.
The phone is also very, very fast I didn't have any problem with lag or crashes so far. Even when I've just got the phone and started to download apps like crazy it didn't got slow! It's amazing really!
The handset comes with 8GB internal memory, so it's already a good start and you can add on the top of that a micro SD card up to 32GB! Plenty of space for sure!

- Camera: as I mentioned above, the phone has two cameras of 5MP on the back with a LED Flash between them and a front camera for video calls. Recording videos in 2D can be done with a resolution of 1080p and 3D videos up to 720p. Both have a fantastic quality and so are the pictures that you can take.
Basically you can play around with 2 and 3D while taking photos or recording videos and everything is very simple to use, there is absolutely no complications and again you have a side bar where you can adjust the 3D effect to more or less.

- "The Weird Things": there are few weird things on the phone that irritates me some times. Usually when you press the sleep button on the top the phone, it takes a while to light up the screen, not something horrible, it takes a bit more time than the iPhone 4 that I was used to have.

Another thing, the keyboard might need a calibration, sometimes you typing a txt message or dialing a number, you might see that everything appears twice so it's very sensible. Apparently there is no option to calibrate the sensitivity and I found that if you restart the phone this problem will get sorted.
The buttons menu, home, back and search only switch on their light when you press it which is a bit weird, especially if are in a dark place and cannot see the button without pressing them.

- Tips: careful with apps like Task Killer (used to close apps that you are not using), this kind of app can close your Alarm Clock app and you might miss the time to wake up in the morning.
While using a app use the button menu to see options for that application, usually the app will not show you any option on its main screen and if you want to check the settings for example, you have to press the menu button and this button is physical and every android phone has. I didn't know that the menu button had that purpose on Apple's iOS it's complete different.
A good idea is the back button, very useful and Apple should copy that just like they did with many functions from Android.

All in all it's a great handset with few weird things that might irritate you but I don't regret changing my phone and OS.

Would recommend this handset to anyone!
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on 2 September 2011
The Optimus 3D is a great phone. The screen is just the right size, big enough to comfortably watch films or browse the internet on without hurting your eyes but still fit in your pocket.

If you like 3D this phone is a must have, watching or recording 3D content without glasses is fun and the 3d effect is genuinely unbelievably good to the point that things actually can look like they are coming out of the screen at times.

The dual core cpu delivers the power hd content requires, and while 512 Mb ram is not great compared to its only current 3D rival (the Evo 3D which has 1 Gigabyte of ram) it doesn't slow the phone down noticeably and the powerful graphics processor seems to handle the grunt work which means in practice that much of the ram is free for other purposes other than the graphics.

It is almost perfect, marred only by poor battery life between charges. As a result a second battery or an extended capacity battery is essential if you will, like myself, watch a lot of 3D content on it or create your own 3D videos or pictures.

A very good phone that has a nice customised LG home screen, clear sharp graphics and some very impressive 3D material included to enjoy including some videos and games.
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on 13 October 2011
Excellent phone, very impressed with it, I think at first the LG name tag swayed me a bit, but when I got it up and running I was shocked at the speed and quality!
I worked for a mobile phone company for 5 years, seen god knows how many phones, I have had all the iPhones that have been out so far except 4s, but since getting the LG I honestly would say I find the LG a better phone!
The operating system is sound, you can change nearly anything on the phone to suit you, live wallpapers are great!
3D games are great and also pictures and video.
Silly things like email alerts, on iPhone you can't change email alert (unless jailbreak done) which I couldn't hear half the times on the iPhone, and one of the main things is MUSIC! On an iPhone your locked to iTunes, on the Android system I can just Bluetooth music or connect to any computer and transfer music, with iTunes you need to be in sync with your own computer!
Also bluetooth on the iPhone is useless, you can only use on a headset.
Downside to LG is battery, only if you use the video and games alot though.
Honestly LG is a great phone, all these reviews saying it's chunky and not a nice design are talking rubbish!
Go into any mobile phone store and have a mess about and see what I mean, I noticed in most stores I went into before buying, as soon as I showed an interest they would say na it's a crap phone, then try and sell me an iPhone or samsung, it wouldn't surprise me if more than half of them haven't even picked it up and actually had a mess around with it, I think most of them just think it will be like the first LG mobile phones that where out, and just write it off.
Hope that doesn't upset to many iPhone owners! :-) the only reason I compare to iPhones is because it's all I have had in the past few years.
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on 6 October 2011
It is an Excellent phone.
-With 3D games I need to reduce the 3D depth to mid to make it clear as I play games from a very close distance on mobile. The 3D games are excellent and you will enjoy 3D graphics I have finished following 3D games.
Shadwon Guardian 3D. (I like this game the most)
Avatar 3D.
Spider Man 3D.
Nova 3D
Asphalt 6 (81% career)
All these games have given excellent experience due to 3D feature.
I have also played some of Asphalt 6 and some Assassins Creed on my 2D TV via HDMI cable and it is good experience too.
- Picture Camera also takes good pictures in 5MP but you have to change the White Balance mode accordingly. When I set White balance to Sunny it gives good pictures in Sunny Weather, the auto setting was taking too bright pics. Keep in mind that is a Mobile Phone camera can never be better than normal camera.
- 2D Video recording in 1080P is very good especially with sun light. And video playback in 1080P via hdmi on TV is smooth. I had to install 32GB class 10 card due to huge size of these high quality videos.
- 3D Video recording (720P) is excellent. Sometimes it gives problems on black color on very sunny day but not a big issue. I will say that 3D video recording and 3D video playback is the most strong feature of this phone.
- Performance of this phone is excellent due to Duel cores and fast memory.
- The only bottleneck is the buggy android OS probably it is because, it is old version, but I can't tell about new OS version unless I try it myself. With Bluetooth phone sometimes gets unresponsive (seems like and OS bug) but it is not a big issue as I use Bluetooth stereo headset almost daily. No support for cisco vpn is another thing that I miss.
- I have heard people complaining about battery but you have to be careful about the widgets you install. Don't install widgets that tells you about remaining battery as the widget itself consume lot of battery, you can guess remaining battery from icon on top of screen. Similarly advanced task killers also consume lot of battery probably due to constant monitoring of running application I am not expert there but I have faced this issue. It is not much worth to kill tasks on this phone having duel cores. You can kill most of the tasks easily from the phone's task manager. Don't install unnecessary widgets. Also turn off the Data Connection if you don't need it. Also take care of the running services. I have no issue with battery timings.
-I have used skype video call after some tweaks on this phone and I stopped most of my laptop use for video calls on skype after that. Although the vga camera on front does not give very good video but it is very convenient to use skype over the phone. I am using over wifi so not sure how it will work on 3G data connection.
- Hotmail via Microsoft Exchange is text only another android bad probably due to old version. Although (Although I don't use push, its another battery killer).
- All in all I am very pleased with my purchase.
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on 30 July 2012
This smartphone is a chunky thing, also being quite heavy. I picked up a friends Samsung Nexus which is slightly bigger but substantially lighter. I don't get why people are so obsessed with how light a phone is anyway, are they lacking muscle tone to the point they can't physically use some of the heavier phones? This phone is heavy for a reason... 3d.

The two cameras on the back in my opinion look cool, and anyone that notices asks why there is two. This is where you get to say, 'its cos its 3d'!. Such a conversation starter, and suddenly everyone wants you to film them or take a picture in 3d. I have some amazing pictures in 3d on my phone, and I have a several videos that are made more special by it as well. Just need to get a 3d TV now to watch them in big screen.

The interface is very easy to use, but the phone now filled up with lots of apps, pics, vids and music does lag a little sometimes, but nothing too bad. Most of the time it runs flawlessly and I often wonder how it plays youtube videos without buffering them like my laptop.

Battery life is pretty bad, when used non-stop it will deplete very rapidly, we're talking an hour maybe more. When used normally, i.e. after you have had the phone a while and aren't taking continuous 3d footage, you can get over a day out of it which suits me fine. With my green case (see another of my reviews) the phone looks brilliant. Big and chunky, but also robust looking. I like the headphones that came with the phone as well, some of the best supplied ones I have used, although not as good as ones you could buy in shops.

So, in conclusion, a great phone. I love the 3d aspect of it, love the big screen, love the fact I can treat it as a 24gig mp3 player (with a 16gig sd card) and I like the interest other people have in it. It's on a contract, so I'm not sure I would pay the £400 for one, but I am very happy with it. I would also like to say thanks to amazon for almost ruining my finances by making it so easy to buy and download music through their mp3 app.
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on 12 September 2012

3d Effect is very nice
Phone is fast even with lots of apps on.


Phone is a battery killer. If you use the phone moderately you will run down the battery in less than an hour.
You can get a better battery but that turns the phone into a brick (its already quite big)

Glitchy. Sometimes phone will turn itself off and you have to reboot.

Skype video calls wont work if you are still on 2.2 only works on 2.3 Gingerbread +
officially no update to Gingerbread for UK customers (2012 people..)

You can download it manually and update it yourself but be aware there is a host of bugs that have come with this update....nice to see LG are on the ball on this :/

Touchscreen is not as responsive as its competitors (only becomes noticeable after youve had the phone a while)

In summary if you are getting this phone because of the 3d then be aware by using the 3d (games, video, pictures) you will run the battery down **extremely fast** yeah brilliant.

However if you want a good android phone but your budget cant stretch to the iphone 4 or Samsung Galaxy S2 then this is the next best thing.

Im selling mine and upgrading to a Samsung Galaxy S2
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on 13 November 2012
As I said, this is the best phone I ever had. The only two downsides critics may put it down for are no issue to me. First being the "chunkiness". Yes, in speech marks as I find for instance the embarrassingly faddy iPhone even heavier whilst having a ridiculously smaller screen. The Optimus' slight "chunkiness" is actually an advantage since I like to feel a phone on me as oppose to constant inadvertent checking whether I haven't lost it as in case with the quasi weightless ones. The second being the battery life. Well, thanks to my Optimus I've discovered a way of never ever running out of juice again and those ancient memories of having to be tied to a wall to recharge make me grin in sheer pleasure today. I got 2 batteries (you can get as many as you like if you're planning on a jungle trip or a moon landing)and whilst the one is charging in a itsy bitsy socket charger (which takes only couple of hours anyway) I use my Optimus at will. Browsing, music listening, video watching, Skype calling, game playing you name it. Then I only whack the other juice ammunition in and the drained one in the charger. Snap snap, 7seconds, recharge done. This, an iPhone with no access to its battery can only dream of. :-)
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on 14 January 2012
Lovely screen
3d (ok can play with your eyes a bit!) video and stills
Android (so updateable - at the time of writting 2.3.5 from LG with ICS due Aug 2012)
Market for free (ad driven) apps for pretty much anything
Build apps yourself with free SDK from Google/Java

Screen sometimes doesn't click correctly but not often enough to be annoying
I haven't found a spellchecker/replacement option yet
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on 13 September 2012
I was skeptical of the 3D but after receiving the phone yesterday and trying it out, I have to admit this phone is quite amazing. The 3D is by far better than the Nintendo 3DS.

I have seen many complaints about battery life but I'm not having any issues with the battery, I charged the phone straight after I got it and played with the 3D for about 7-9 hours, I had 35% battery left but according to other peoples review my phone should have been dead after an hour or so.

All in all, the 3D is breathtaking, the battery life is good and the phone is quite good itself, The screen is big and comfortable for 3D viewing, weight was never a problem for me. :)

The update for this phone will be released soon (as confirmed by LG), We should be seeing the ICS on this in a few months time.
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