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4.6 out of 5 stars365
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Coming in at under twenty quid, this Bluray box set of all 5 Fast & Furious films is a real steal. The transfer quality is great and all the films are top quality discs with loads of extras.

The films themselves are fast paced and fun fuelled, with stunts and set pieces that will blow you away. If you haven't seen these films, you really must.

It all starts with a simple formula: fast cars, fast women and lots of petrol driven fun but slowly the franchise evolves into something more. And by film number 5 you will be watching a heist film to rival anything else on the big screen.

For sheer fun and incredible mind blowing stunts you'd be hard pressed to find a film to better any one of the Fast & Furious films, and this box set is a great way to see them.

Here's my verdict on all 5 films:

Film 1: The Fast & The Furious - 5 stars.
I was fully expecting it to be rubbish but was won over by its energy and sheer entertainment factor.

Film 2: 2 Fast Too Furious - 4 stars.
Couldn't quite live up to the standards of the first film, but was good fun nonetheless, and by the end, I was in awe of the finalé. This is just a film of great set pieces on four wheels and all the stunt team have to be applauded.

Film 3: The Fast & The Furious Tokyo Drift - 4 stars.
The franchise shifts gear and changes scene, bringing us a film that looks great in a setting made for the Fast & Furious films. Not quite 5 stars, but immensely enjoyable all the same. And full marks for keeping the F&F films feeling fresh.

Film 4: Fast & Furious - 3 stars.
Trying to be something its not makes this by far the weakest film in my opinion. And overly-intricate story line means the film veers from the road of non-stop thrill and spills and great entertainment, getting bogged down with a confusing plot. Never gets out of second gear in my opinion.

Film 5: Fast & Furious 5 - 5 stars.
The franchise is back in the fast lane delivering a film that is truly mind blowing in every way. The setting is exotic and colourful, the story is excellent but not overly complicated like if film 4, and the scale and scope of the stunts ambitious.

Not many film franchises can claim to have 5 titles, let alone 5 titles of such quality. Most tend to go downhill, with films 2 & 3 being inferior to the first... in some ways, you could argue that these films get better every time! If there are any doubters out there (I myself used to be one), I say, pick up this box set and see all the films for yourself.
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on 28 September 2012
I grabbed this when it was at the absolute bargain of £18 on the daily deals so I have no complaints price wise when comparing it to the standard bluray collection at around the same price.

However, people opting for this because it is the limited edition will probably want to note that it isn't all the time convenient. After unpacking, the tyre certainly looks the part with a chrome like finish on top for the rim with a rubber tyre and flat rubber bottom. However, it can be a pain to get the discs out (10 in total) so my first plan of action was to sort them and put the 5 DVD's with digital copies to the bottom and 5 blurays to the top for easier access. That being said, the box does look good and with the little risk of dropping the disks and extra time to get them out it is worth it if this is what you want, especially at the reduced price.

On to the discs, I'm sure you're all aware of how good the films are, are keeping up a high paced plot with cars, chases and women. Not many film titles can have 5, such quality films. With the added bonus of digital copies, you can download or stream to watch anywhere on pc, phone or tablet!

Overall I'm impressed with this but giving 4 stars purely because I feel more thought could have been giving to the packaging. I will upload pictures to give you a better idea.
review image review image review image review image
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on 6 September 2011
First up, the movies are excellent - this review is just for those considering the packaging (which after all is why you would be looking at the special edition!)
The outer packaging is a strong plastic case that will protect the gem during transport & storage.
The wheel itself is beautiful - rubber type with tracks, and a shiny hub.
The back of the wheel is flat, so breaks the illusion slightly.

Opening the wheel however is why I've dropped this to 3 stars (again - not a fault of the movies, just the casing)
The wheel rotates half way down to open - this isn't immediately obvious and is quite resistent so you may not be certain how much pressure you want to apply.
Take care when it does open - the disks are loose inside on a non-locking spindle so are liable to jump out at you.

Getting to any disk requires removing all disks above it.

This case would have benefited from being slightly wider, with a removable insert that let you access each disk a little like a multi-DVD box.
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on 18 June 2014
the fast & the furious movies are definitely my favourite, they not only are such good movies but they remind me of a lot of my memories as these movies just happened to be on at significant times in my life! such as the night I went into labour ha! Talk about fast & furious.
My favourite movie is number 5! This was when it took a bigger step into action which I loved!
Writing this after Paul walker passed away, I am so sad as he as an actor was my favourite and also my man crush so now watching the movies always makes me feel down compared to when I used to watch them.
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on 27 June 2012
I have been a huge fan of the first Fast & Furious film for a long time so with Vin Diesel's return for the latest two my love was quickly rekindled.

The first film is the perfect film for switching your mind off & watching; it had a simple premise (undercover cop infiltrates a street racing gang only to fall in love with a woman/racing/the way of life) and good action scenes. The characters were, in comparison to many films of this ilk, relatively fleshed out and almost believable. Vin Diesel and co work well together on screen and perform their characters with consistency and ease. As I said the plot was simple but that is not to do it an injustice, it merely means that it is simple to follow and does not require a lot of effort to follow. It is worth pointing out that, unsurprisingly, the rest of the films follow on in this vein so if easy films with little depth are not your thing then stop now!

The second film sadly does not include Vin Diesel and concentrates mostly on Paul Walker, the now disgraced ex-cop trying to get his reputation back in the policing world. To do this he infiltrates a drug smuggling ring to try catch the drug lord in charge. Sadly very few of the original cast return with Walker so he enlists the help of an old buddy, their relationship is believable but not as gripping as Walkers & Diesels was making the second instalment feel considerably weaker.

That is until you reach the third film. Tokyo Drift is by far the weakest of the 5 and is what is stopping me give this boxset a full 5 stars. The action is taken away from it's original setting (now set in, surprise surprise, Tokyo), this may have worked if any of the original cast had remained; instead we're left with a young highschool drop out who we have never met before. The style of this film is very different from its predecessors and it does not benefit from this, it is still mind numbing and easy to watch but lacks the ability to grip you in any way. I'd recommend avoiding this instalment and going straight to the 4th.

The fourth film gets right back on track bringing Walker & Diesel back together, albeit with a lasting tension because Walker is a cop & Diesel's still on the run. In good old cinematic style though they are brought together "united in a common cause", once again trying to bring down a drug lord. Again the two leads show a great chemistry and Walkers redemption in Vin Diesels eyes seems almost believable and the elements that aren't are brushed aside by yet more great action set pieces.

The fifth film makes a slight change to the "street racing for a greater good" formula and moves more into a heist film. To do this they bring back a lot of the major players from previous films and to great effect (the only reason to watch Tokyo Drift is to introduce the character Han and even then you probably don't need to). The chemistry between all the actors is at an all time high and the addition of Dwanye "The Rock" Johnston as a federal agent trying to hunt the gang down adds yet another fun and interesting element.

All in all these films are great for hungover days or times that you just want to watch a film without having to think all that much.
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on 16 May 2014
I bought this as a Christmas present. It arrived within the delivery timescales and was well packaged. I thought just my sons would watch them but we have watched them as a family and we have all enjoyed the films. Well recommended for great (but unbelievable!) action. Loved it.
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on 13 November 2012
It seems most of the comments are regarding the packaging, and rightly so. What I expected was a 5 DVD box set, in individual cases with a cardboard outer case, as in the second image. What I received was all 5 DVDs inside one case, as in the first image.

This really should be clearer on the description. Since I bought this as a gift for someone else, I'm quite disappointed.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 December 2013
The Fast and the Furious movies are glorious homages to fast cars and great stunts. The films also provide continuous action from start to finish. In generally the movies are remarkably good with interesting locations, great cars and terrific action sequences. Yes it is all a bit over the top, but that is part of the atraction of these movies. The only weak movie in the set in my view is Tokyo Drift, but this does not overly detract from the series. The blu ray edition provides crystal clear pictures and a great soundtrack as well as some good special features.

The only drawback is the packaging which is not great, as the DVDs are difficult to get in and out of the box. However, given the fantastic value the box set represents compared to buying the films individually, this is something I can personally live with.
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on 28 February 2013
I just received this item, and the packaging is terrible. The blue plastic case is broken in several places. The pivoting disc holders inside are all broken to pieces and do not function (the discs just slide around inside the case).

Only the first 3 discs are labeled with the movie title. #4 and #5 do not have the movie title.

I have yet to play any of the discs, but initial impressions are not great, and I understand were they have saved cost. Luckily I'll burn them and add to the media server so all the short comings will not be noticeable. If I planned to watch these movies from the disc instead of a rip on the server, I'd be looking for a new case(s) for sure.
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Ok..Ok...I know this series of films is a bit cheesy...BUT... fast women and a fantastic sound is what these Blu rays will deliver... Just listen to any of the opening sequences and they will rock your ears till they bleed... With Fast and Furious 6 just being released soon this will be a great set of discs to own..sit down.. and just chill out and admire the cars...Yes there is a story line throughout the whole set of discs albeit it a bit shallow...Just don't take it too seriously and you'll enjoy these through a good sound surround system...Deep bass.. swirling stereo and loud engine noises...what more can a petrol head want...Enjoy.!!!
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