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4.6 out of 5 stars72
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 16 August 2011
My brother introduced me to the Angry Boys series after watching Summer Heights High. At first it was a slow start getting to know all of the characters, but as the story develops you end up forgetting that this diverse group of people are all played by one man. It is extremely well written and produced, and the songs are amazing in their own right. I have nothing but praise for Chris Lilley and found myself literally crying with laughter every episode.

Anyone who loves comedy (and is not easily offended..!) will love this series. I can't wait to see what he has planned next!
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The comedy genius of Chris Lilley of `Summer Heights High' fame returned with this rocking gem of a series. Chris plays a number of characters including identical twins, Daniel and Nathan Sim. Nathan is going profoundly deaf and reluctantly their mum has decided he has to go to Deaf School. So Daniel decides to throw the most awesomest farewell party ever in the uninspiring backwater where they live called `Dunt'. They also have a guinea pig loving grandmother, who works in a juvenile correction facility and is simply called `Gran, Chris also plays her.

We also get to see the lives of their `Legends', who are all being invited to the party. These heroes are surfing legend Blake Oakfield, African American rapper Schwayne Jr who is also called S.mouse! and has all the intellect of a door mouse and a girlfriend with the best name ever - Lasquisha. Chris Lilley plays both of these too. Then their third `Legend' is skate boarding hero Tim Okazaki, who has inspired his over controlling mother to turn him into a global brand, based on the fact that he is gay and therefore everything is `Gay Style', problem is that Tim is in fact straight. His mum is played by Chris too and is my favourite character in the whole show, but they are all pretty good if not excellent.

There are twelve episodes and the stories are all woven together really well and this is done in a documentary style, with interview pieces to camera as well as action footage. The humour can be quite gross in places especially where the twins are concerned and the language can be quite adult, but I just loved it heaps and was totally stoked by it enough to watch it twice. So if a bit of down under humour is your thing then you won't go far wrong with Angry Boys - oh and the opening titles are great too - ripper!
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on 9 May 2013
This is the perfect TV series. My absolute favourite.

It's the third and currently newest of the series by Aussie genius, Chris Lilley, and was actually the first of his shows I saw. (I watched them in reverse order for some reason). I caught the last 3 episodes when they were being repeated on BBC3 and fell in love with the show after just a few minutes, I knew it was 5* stuff.

There aren't any characters I vaguely dislike in this masterpiece.
The main characters are Daniel & Nathan Sims (17-year old identical twin brothers from Dunt, Australia), Ruth "Gran" Sims (a senior prison officer at Garingal young offenders jail), Shwayne "S.Mouse" Jnr. (an american rapper who had one big hit, and it may have gone to his head a little!), Blake Oakfield (a professional surfer who suffered an unfortunate injury in a fight between his gang and their rival gang) and finally Jen Okazaki (the Japanese mother of a 15- year old skateboarding superstar who owns "Gay-Style Enterprises"). Oh, just a side note: ALL OF THOSE CHARACTERS ARE PLAYED BY CHRIS LILLEY HIMSELF!!! No character had any down sides whatsoever and make me roar with laughter every time. Lilley is a superb actor, I always forget, no matter how many times I watch it, that it's just the one man playing these incredibly realistic and three-dimensional characters.

While funny, Lilley once again shows his incredible skill at making his shows touching and very emotional, some parts I'm not embarrassed to admit, were sad to the point that they brought a tear to my eye. A beautiful mix of hilarity and emotion.

I simply can't speak highly enough of Chris Lilley and his shows, my favourite as I'm sure you can guess being Angry Boys! Every time I finish the 12th episode, The next night, I start all over again with episode 1.

I cannot stress this enough: BUY THIS SHOW, NOW.
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on 23 August 2011
As a fan of We Can Be Heroes and Summer Heights High, I was really looking forward to Angry Boys and thankfully it didn't disappoint. If you're easily offended by bad language, definitely don't buy it! Otherwise, you can't go wrong. The characters are diverse, from overbearing Japanese mother Jen to Gran the prison guard. Chris Lilley also has the unique ability to make you laugh and cry all in the same episode. I'd highly recommend all of his programs!
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on 15 August 2011
Absoliute brilliance from Chris lilley - I didnt want this 12 part series to end- great characters with their own unique style and wit and of varying intelligence- which results in great comedy- very dry and some people might not get it- but poor them- lets hope for more Angry Boys, Nathan and Daniel and S.mouse have so much to offer ,as does Gran , not forgetting the Fat Boys Surf School and Gay Style- more please Mr Lilley. im giving it 6/5
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on 12 August 2011
With the first few episodes, I felt a little disappointed with this show. However, as soon as the strands of the stories started coming together and the show moved from five standalone stories to one story mixed around the six main characters, Lilley certainly redeemed himself. All the build-up from the first half of the series was brought together and the last few episodes cemented Angry Boys as (in my humble opinion) the best Chris Lilley series so far. Highlight of the series, unsurprisingly, is the tear-jerker finale.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 6 April 2014
I've enjoyed everything Chris Lilley has recorded. Seems he's quite under rated in the UK and I don't understand why. He's had outings of series on BBC 3 but never hit mainstream, which is probably all to the good. But, for my money, his talent for parody and characterisation knocks the likes of Enfield and Partridge into the ground.

Lilley is convincing as himself or a teenage boy, or girl or mid life female prison officer...the list is endless but I find him original, unassuming and so very, very, funny. This DVD's a cracker.
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on 6 July 2012
Anything chris lilley touches is gonna be a piece of magic, and 'Angry boys' is no exception!
Wonderfully funny, clever, moving, touching, origional, nothing else like it, or him!
A gifted actor/comedian doesn't really cut it, the man is breath taking.
If you have not seen 'we can be heroes', or 'summer heights high', then let that be your next purchase, you won't regret spending a little time in the magical mind of mr lilley.
The best purchase you will ever make, period.
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on 18 September 2011
Having watched the series on television this was a must-have item.

It's very rude and I know plenty of people have been offended by it, but it's really clever, laugh-out-loud funny, brilliantly written and brilliantly performed. Not only that but the main characters (all played by Chris Lilley!) are well-drawn and sympathetic, so throughout I found myself hoping for a happy ending.

I recommend this. Chris Lilley is a genius.
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on 23 May 2014
Angry Boys is a triumph. Chris Lilley is a fantasic character actor, it's amazing to watch. I KNOW he plays all the main characters, but I still think of them as completely different people. The twins especially are so well done. Of course the show is hilarious - Jen Okazaki is terrifying (and as someone who has taught English in Japan, I think Lilley's accent and mannerisms are spot on), and Gran is awesome - but it's also surprisingly touching. The ending never fails to make me emotional... although the same can be said of all Lilley's shows, I think! (with the exception perhaps of Ja'mie: Private School Girl - she's an iconic character but not exactly sympathetic...)

One more thing: doesn't bother me but may bother some more sensitive souls, there is A LOT of swearing. From Daniel and S.Mouse, especially. Like, a lot. Also veryyy dirty/crude humour. Wouldn't watch it with my mother. Oh well, her loss!
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