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on 9 December 2011
I bought this almost a month ago and it does everything!

The many attachments are all very well designed and easy to use!

If you are looking for something that can do it all (hair, beard, ear, noses, and even other parts of the body), you should get this one.

The battery is also awesome; I charged it once when it arrived (it already arrived with charge, but I charged it anyways) and three weeks have passed, using it almost everyday, and amazingly I haven't charged it again yet :)

The only thing that you should be aware is that on the pictures, they show a little bag and a little purse kind of thing, and it only comes with the little bag; no necessaire included..

But get it, I recommend it 100%; There is a guy here that gave a one star review and said it took 5 minutes to shave, well, you have to get used to it first and learn when to use each attachment, after that, you will shave in less than 5 minutes :)
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I don't need to use all the functions of this Phillips kit as nobody in the house has a beard/moustache but I suppose they may come in handy one day.

Being an old codger I do use the ear & nose trimmers the most and they do a good job with only the occasional twinge when a hair is snagged rather than cut.

The hair clipper is used regularly by another family member whose hair is a very short cropped style, and that works well.

I have saved a few ££s by using the hair clipper comb to give a trim rather than go to the barber (£7.50 plus the necessary optional tip).

The mini foil shaver may be good for shaping beards but it is too small and not close enough for a full shave.

Overall this is a neat bit of kit that has so far paid for itself by using the hair clipper and the Missus likes to see my ears/nose defuzzed.

Also it retains its charge long enough for defuzzing on holiday without having to take the charging stand.
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on 18 August 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was surprised by how well this actually did the job(s). I used it for beard trimming, sideburns, and other things best left to the imagination. And it worked better than I thought it would. No cuts, tearing, discomfort of any kind (except when I used it incorrectly, that's my own fault). Recharge time is good, and lasts long enough to take on holiday fully charged and not have to bring the charger. The 2-year guarantee is also nice to have, most other gadgets are the standard 1 year. Overall I'm well pleased with this item. 4 /5 stars!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
NB. The review below was written by my friend, Michael - fortunately I am not quite at the stage yet where I need a multigrooming kit encompassing nose and ear trimmers - check back again with me in another 40 years!

This great piece of kit comes with plenty of accessories to accommodate all the grooming needs of any man. The interchangeable heads are easy to replace and clean. Compared to others I've used in the past, it fits very comfortably in your hand with minimal vibrations and less noise. It comes with a standing dock for charging and only takes one hour to fully charge. The resulting battery life is generously long.

The beard trimming head and hair trimming head are accompanied with attachable combs. The combs clip very neatly into a special groove on each head and slide perfectly into place. This ensures you can choose any length you desire when shaving your beard or hair. To be honest, I probably wouldn't use this to shave my hair as I already have hair clippers, but I believe it would be a decent alternative, and as such I'm glad I have it as an option.

The nose, ear and eyebrow trimmer head is a useful accessory. Compared to others I've used, it doesn't pull on the hairs as much and was surprising comfortable to use.

All in all, it's an excellent kit from Philips. If I had to find a fault, it would probably be the price. It's a tad expensive compared to other items on the market, but in saying that Philips have proven themselves to a be a superior brand and as such, I fully expect this product to do very well.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Philips have designed a multi-functional hair clipper which is light, easy to use and not overly noisy. They have taken an ergonomical approach to the design so it fits nicely into the hand which adds to the ease of use; it would suit either a right or left handed person.

The nose/ear/eyebrow trimmer works well and fortunately doesn't pull at the hair at all when trimming, which makes for a comfortable experience. The clipper seemed sharp and cut through all the hair it was offered with ease. It is easy to clean (simply rinse under water) and has a charger stand to sit on along with whichever two attachments you use most often. The others can be stored in the black drawstring bag provided. The ion battery only takes an hour to charge and you can use the clipper for a full 50 minutes before it goes flat. The plug I was provided with is a standard 3 pin plug but I note that the description mentions a 2 pin plug.

I think this clipper is a good price for someone who wants to trim their hair and shape their facial hair at home. I think that it is unlikely that all the attachments will be used but should the need arise they will be there waiting.
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on 22 September 2012
This shaver is the best I have ever used. I certainly will not be going back to Babylis, Wahl or any other. The greatest thing about this shaver is you don't have to leave it on charge daily to make sure it will be charge and ready for use when you need it. Also, it does not run down in less than five minutes, like the others, while you are trying to groom. In fact, the first time I used it, I only thought I best charge it after 3 weeks of use so you would have no problem taking it on holiday without the charger if you charge it before leaving. This shaver has no problem holding its charge. I was even able to start using it straight from the box. Its now had 3 months of use. The only reason it's not getting a 5 marking is occasionally the attachments will fly off while I am using it but its probably down to me being too heavy handed. Having said that, I have just bought another as a gift for someone else.
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VINE VOICEon 23 July 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've had the odd trimmer in the past, in fact the last one was a Philips beard trimmer with a hoover like feature built in to capture the cut hair as you trim, wasnt bad but was a huge trimmer and went flat quick, aswell as having the 2 pin plug as standard, it ended up sitting in the cupboard never getting used.

So this little fella is a better alternative, minus the hoover. Firstly it feels good, solid and well built, and comfortable to hold and use. It feels powerful once turned on and the vibrations from the unit are strong so you may have a numb hand after a while.

It comes with 4 heads plus the evil looking nose hair trimmer(anyone actually dare use this?). There is also 2 plastic attachments for hair lengths that come with the unit for hair trimming but to be honest i doubt ill use this feature, have a good pair of hair clippers which do a great job.

Now the unit is well built but the heads and attachments feel cheap. Very light and flimsy. The attchments are the same but it all seems to hold together well once they are attached to the main unit. Each "head" and attachment seem to do their job well, so far i've tried the beard trimmer and the small precise head to shape my goatee. These both worked great, the small precise trimmer was great to mark out my beard, making it look realy sharp and smart. The beard trimmer also cut it down to a nice and even level, enough to look smart despite it being a beard.

A small charging dock is supplied, it too feels a bit cheap but its ok, it will hold the unit to charge and 2 head attachments but there is no room for the other 2 heads, kinda strange but oh well. Theres also a carry pouch and a small brush which will end up getting lost like they also do with these things.

As for cleaning it, its pretty easy, the main unit is not waterproof so un-attach the head section first, they clean up pretty well under a running tap.

All in all its a pretty decent setup, feels a bit cheap in places but does exactly what it sets out, im not a fan of 1 item doing too much, the hair clipper attachment looks a bit weak and im not convinced, but the main features of being a beard trimming set are great and do a good solid job.

Think its probably worth the price tag...Just
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on 11 May 2012
Just got this today and am relieved that it is finally here as I was getting all mountain man looking...

SO I am very happy with it! Back to a normal non-scruffy dude again. I got this to replace my USA Philips/Norelco cheapy rechargeable clipper that needed me to plug it into a voltage transformer and then wait ages to charge up... This puppy charges up quickly! AND it comes with a UK plug. And if you don't have much juice and are in a rush to get your business done - you can plug it in directly to the mains and it will work a treat.

Now this is a groomer - not a shaver - this means it trims hair, but doesn't give you a close shaver cut. For that, you will still need a bit of foam and a steady hand razor or electric whatever you use. There is a close shaver attachment that comes in the package, but my experience with these attachments is to leave it and stick with what you know. I usually get irritated skin using them so I don't even bother with it.

The clipper comes with a beard trimmer (with adjustable guard), hair trimmer (with adjustable guard), a precision tool, a nose hair/ear hair trimmer, and the aforementioned close shave rash factory... It also comes with a stand (not like the one in the picture), UK charging plug, a brush to clean out the bits and a bag to hold all the accessories. I was disappointed to find that the vanity bag in the pic wasn't included. For the stand being different and the missing vanity back/shower bag I have knocked off a star.

In operation this this is strong. Not only did it charge up really quickly, this thing has got some noise & vibra-power. I was able to easily and quickly groom myself back into civilisation. There is a word of caution when using the guards and that is if you have your finger in the wrong place you can cause the guard to slip to a smaller position, thus a much closer cut. However I did 5mm and there was only 3mm left - for a slip there it wouldn't have been too bad. Just a bit of caution to keep in the back of your mind. The results were quick and I feel this item is excellent.

Now, like I said this thing is a proper power-tool. So keep your women folk away from it if you see a copy of 'Fifty Shades of Grey' lying about! I do not think this is the tool for trimming neither-regions and I don't intend to use it as such. But for the good ol chest-facial-headly bit of hair - go for it. I don't think you will be disappointed. Just be aware the pics in the description aren't truly accurate.
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on 2 August 2013
It arrived on time. I have had this a while now. Overall it is very good and better than the Philips that it replaced. It has plenty of attachments for hair cutting, beard trimming, shaver, etc. My only gripe which wasn't evident before purchase was that it has a three pin plug not a two pin shaver plug which previous models had before. Not a real problem though as the charge lasts a very long time and more importantly the cutting heads has remained sharp.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Philips QG3270/32 8-in-1 Multigroom Grooming Kit with Lithium Ion Battery Power is a very nice neat groomer which is very nice too look at and very easy to use. The groomer comes already charged up so it is ready to use immediately when it is delivered.
When you open the box, it is nicely packed and everything is very easy to see what each item is used for. The items which comes within the box are as follows.
1. Hair Clipper which weighs a very light 109 grams, I found this very light and easy to use as the hair clipper sat very neatly and comfortable in my hand. I am a total novice at doing men's hair and have never cut or trimmed hair. I was able use the hair clipper on my Dad's hair and Dad was really pleased with the result also an added bonus it saved him the price of the barber. He said it did not pull on his hair at all which he thought it was very good compared to other hair trimmers/clippers which he has had used on his hair in the past.
2. Full Size Trimmer 32 mm which is used for clipping hair on men's heads.
3. Clear Plastic Hair Clipper comb which was very easy to slip unto the end of the hair clipper which just clicks unto the end of the clipper and clicks when in the right position. It nicely clips on and on the back of the Hair clipper there are two silver dots which when you clip on the clipper comb you slide the comb there are numbers from 3 - 19(odd numbers only no even numbers)these are the measurements of the hair available from 3 mm - 19 mm. This is for the hair length on the top of head only. I found these to be a bit flimsy I would have rather that they had of given sturdier clipper combs and charged a couple of pound more for the shaver.
4. Precision Trimmer 21 mm ( which is ideal for beards)
5. Beard and Moustache plastic trimming comb which is slipped on over the 21 mm Precision trimmer this is used in the same way as the Clear plastic Hair clipper the only difference is the numbers used to measure the length for the facial hair is in even numbers 2 mm - 18 mm.
6. Mini Foil Shaver this is used for shaving the face this is very small head on it and it is 15 mm in length. This could only be used for tidying up beards or moustaches as it is only a very small shaving head.
7. Nose, ear and eyebrow trimmer. Dad found this very comfortable to use.

There is also a charging stand and pouch with the trimmer, also the charger has a plug and lead and a small brush for cleaning it which I found to be very small I would have liked another bigger one with a firmer bristle on it as I found it too soft and small to give the shaver a good cleaning. There is also a handy bag which is big enough to hold everything together.
I cannot help but compare this hair clipper to the older styles that I remember being available and this is so much lighter and easier to use compared to them. This Philips clipper gives a better, neater finish and with it being lighter and easy to use you can trim hair with better precision. Whether you are left or right handed it makes no difference this was an extra advantage for me. It is very easy to charge up, you just click it into place in the charger provided. A full charge takes one hour(60 minutes) and this gives a full 50 minutes of power to use the hair clipper which is adequate time to take care of both head and facial hair.
This multi groomer has many uses for all different men's styles. There is no style this kit cannot be used for and I personally consider it to be very good value for money. I would highly recommend this hair grooming kit for all ages of men and I personally think it would make a great gift for any man in your life. It would be a great gadget for any man that likes too look good.
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