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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 26 July 2011
I'm one of those that has sat staring at my prized VHS copy on the shelf wishing that I had a dvd copy. So finally someone gets round to giving it a 21st century treatment. The images stand up well, albeit it was shot in the late 70's, so don't expect any fancy shots. It is a real shame that there was no cutting room floor to plunder for candid moments or outtakes.
Still Bon in his prime, all the swagger, all the bare faced cheek and posturing. The real deal...the real AC/DC. It is a great record of Bons last great tour...featuring the Highway to Hell tracks. The interview stuff is just as I remember it..a bit of a distraction from the concert footage. But these days I value it more. It is an important snap shot of my favourtie band at their peak.
I do prefer the 1978 stuff at the Glasgow Apollo...not given the benefit of a remaster except for bits and pieces on the Family Jewels DVD...and really the perfect partner for a deluxe If you want blood, if they ever get round to it.
I'm glad the time has been spent giving this DVD an altogether vastly improved sound. My one real gripe..the awful re-packaging. Gone is the original sleeve and replaced by an appalling black effort. I know the original sleeve, cover art from LTBR, wasn't really a good match given that this is from the Highway to Hell tour era but the new one does nothing to evoke the spirit and energy of the concert. Corporate branding gone mad, this concert was in the 70's not part of the Black Ice what's with the rubbish graphics?
Go on won't regret it.
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on 23 September 2011
be aware there are a couple of issues with this, the picture is not 16.9 it is a narrower 4.3 old stylee as at the time this was the norm, now the box states Dolby Digital and also this is slightly misleading as its not 5.1, it is pro logic.......but there is a DTS soundtrack which is fantastic, but not everyone has a DTS decoder. The picture is great and the sound in DTS is great too as is the content, just a shame about the misleading technical info on the box.
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I'm not one of the Bon vs Brian fans with regard to AC/DC - I like both equally for the different sound they gave/give AC/DC. However regardless of the huge concerts and incredible polish of the Brian Johnson era concert DVD's this will always be my favourite. It's not as flash, the sound isn't as good and of course no matter how well the original format has been transferred it isn't as slick as modern output. But that doesn't matter. The sound is reasonable and the 5.1 is fine, whilst the image quality is perfectly acceptable, however it is the atmosphere that is generated which makes this a magical experience.

I first bought this back in the mists of time as a VHS - which eventually degraded to my disappointment. At the time I thought that the raw energy and aggression of a new(ish) band on a roll jumped out of the screen at me. Being a French production there is a bit of weird stuff going on with odd-ball interviews and surreal video clips which should hack me off. But they don't, because the overall effect is to provide a feel to the concert that is both powerful, sad and uplifting at the same time. Angus really is playing out of his socks here, needing oxygen half way through. Bon is just on top form as the sly, sleazy genius he was, somehow injecting just the right level of devilment into the whole proceedings. You almost get the feeling that he can't quite believe that he is fronting a band who is on the worldwide up. The other band members do what they always do best - back up the front men.

The concert is of course packed with the Bon era classics - we all know and love them. This is probably the definitive concert recorded with them sung especially poignant given the sad end soon to come of Bon.

And if like me you really got into music around this time then it's a wonderful nostalgic trip back in time to a period when proper rock and musicians counted more than the condition of your hair or the whiteness of your teeth.

Simply a wonderful record of a band at it's best.
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on 24 July 2011
I saw this concert film on VHS about twenty years ago and it's stuck in my memory ever since. Over the years I've wondered if my memory has overstated how good the band were in this show, so when I saw it was being remastered and reissued on Blu Ray, I was excited and nervous in equal measure. Of course, I pre-ordered it immediately.

I am very happy to report that Let There be Rock is even better than I remember it. I won't rant about the performance itself other than to say it's AC/DC captured at their peak, the band giving it all they've got, even to the point of danger at times - Angus being carried through the crowd is just one priceless moment. Anyway, if you're an AC/DC fan, you'll already know how good this concert is. More to the point, how is the new Blu Ray reissue?

In a word: magic.

The picture quality is terrific, given the source. The concert footage (I assume 35mm stock) has been cleaned up nicely without losing the warmth and grain. It's about as good as you could possibly hope for, with plenty of crisp definition and depth of colour. The inter-cut documentary segments haven't aged quite as well, looking more like lower quality 16mm stock, but are still very watchable.

As for the audio, it's simply wonderful. Both the stereo and 5.1 mixes are tight, beefy and punchy. Angus's guitar is up close and personal, with loads of girth and grind. The kick drum and bass thump along nicely, with Malcolm's rhythm forming a solid bed for everything else. Bon Scott's vocal is clear and present, sitting well in the centre of both mixes.

I have to commend whoever created the 5.1 mix on this reissue. Too often concert DVD's have all the low end instruments routed to the woofer, meaning the warm mids and defining highs of the bass and kick drum are lost. Here, their range flows smoothly down to the deepest lows, and the bass guitar is particularly firm and strident, but retaining warmth and depth. Really, really excellent mixing. Well done.

My one disappointment with the package is the collection of documentaries. I had hoped for something much more thorough and insightful - a real documentary, in other words - but instead we simply get an assortment of people telling us how great AC/DC are. Which we already know, so that makes them kind of pointless. Surely a proper retrospective study of the band's career is long overdue by now. Even if there'd been something more in depth about this moment in the band's rise, just before the death of Bon Scott and their triumphant return with Back in Black, that would have been the icing on the cake. What we get instead seems lazy and rather cynical. Ah well, here's hoping for something better in the future.

I was tempted to knock a star off for the disappointing docs, but that would seem rather churlish given how sublimely good the main event is. So, a solid five stars from me.

On a final note, and this is directed to Amazon: Shouldn't this edition's reviews be separated off from older critiques of the VHS version? The most prominent review is eleven years old! Don't let the out-of-date reviews put you off; this is as classic as classic rock gets. Buy it and enjoy.
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on 3 January 2013
I had this on VHS in the early 1980s, and it was essential viewing with the volume cranked high remembering just how good Bon Scott was. When I saw this was re-issued as 'Remastered', I decided to get it..........and wish I hadn't! It honestly plays back like someone had converted the VHS to a DVD burner, the picture is so-so, and I honestly remember the VHS picture being far better than this!
Sound isn't great either, and I have played through different sound systems to see if it can be 'enhanced' can't!
As for the gig, again, essential viewing......AC/DC were damned good with no pyrotechnics and silly massive blow-up dolls like they use now, back then, just some lights and the pure adrenalin that made them a fantastic live band.
For people wanting to recapture those heady days when Angus, Malcolm and Bon wrote brilliant songs, then buy it. For fans of the current AC/DC who have to contend with sub-standard songs and poor lyrics......then buy this to remember what AC/DC were all about.
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on 17 November 2015
Classic concert from 1980. There are a few interviews with the band where they're asked some very stupid questions. Bon answers all the questions seriously and comes across as the intellectual he was. He takes the questions and gives them some sort of relevance. For instance, he is asked whether he's waiting for the third world war (!?!) Bon retaliates with 'That's a good question because in times like war the only people that seem to come out of it alright are musicians'. He refers to bands going over to fight for the troops. The rest of the band just appear bored by the nonsensicalness of it all. The concert footage itself is excellent, nothing less than you'd expect from the band in this era. It's no wonder, though, that AC/DC interviews were quite rare after this.
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on 25 September 2014
I have to say I'm amazed at the quality of the picture here. From some of the other reviews I thought this might be a VHS to DVD port, but it's clearly not. I'm watching on a 40" HD TV and everything looks fantastic. I have modern DVDs by the likes of Behemoth that don't look as good as this. There's no pixellation, it all looks smooth and it's as if it was filmed in the last 5 years.
You all should know what the actual film is like - it's the classic AC/DC concert performance. This is the one that got me into the band many years ago (although I'm not as old as this film!). I first saw this in about 1990 and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Crazy little man running around in schoolboy uniform, playing the most hellishly brilliant blues guitar, and all underpinned by the relentless (and I mean relentless) 4/4 drumming of Phil Rudd.
The interview sections make the band members seem like complete village idiots. I mean, they all seem to be totally stoned - even Angus who never even drank alcohol never mind did drugs. I'm not sure what was going on during these interviews - maybe the band WANTED to look stoned to appeal to their then audience? Maybe they were just really tired?
They even have the bit from the VHS where the interviewer goes "oyoyoy" for absolutely no reason. I always wondered why that was in there, since his voice is clearly an overdub and not the original interviewer. Well, it's in here too, so enjoy.

Every AC/DC release is brilliant, and every live performance they release is the same.
All you need to know about this particular one is that the DVD quality is NOT VHS.I'd put the visual quality of this up against just about any music DVD released in the past 5 years, it's that crisp.
I can't speak about the audio because I just have a basic two speaker/subwoofer setup and, while it sounds fine to me, it IS noticeably quieter than other DVDs. So if you wanted to annoy the neighbours you might need to mic it up to 100W Marshall stack!

The price for this is very low and it's worth every penny.

Steven A. McKay, author of Wolf's Head: 1 (The Forest Lord)
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on 22 July 2016
AC/DC Blu-ray must have. Fabulous coverage of this iconic band. Some favourite tracks included and great quality as you'd expect of a Blu-ray.
Definitely one that every AC/DC fan should own this is the ultimate DVD to own in my opinion it is the best yet.
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on 1 June 2007
The first performance on this dvd is from the "if you want blood you've got it CD (in glasgow) and includes: Riff Raff, rock 'n' roll damnation, dog eat dog(not on the CD), bad boy boogie, let there be rock and fling thing/rocker. The second performance is in holland and includes: highway to hell, bad boy boogie, the jack, rocker and whole lotta rosie. The rest is 4 shorter performances which includes the song sin city and girls got rhythm. You should really only get this DVD for the first two performances since they have really good sound quality and are really fun to watch, but i rated it 4 stars becase the picture quality isn't the best and should be remastered.
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on 23 January 2012
I am sure that to have been at this concert was the dog's dangles. But those of us that weren't look to such productions to give us an idea. The blurb on the packaging makes much of how good this DVD is at letting you know what it was like, so it is disappointng for the following reasons:

Poor sound quality, for 5.1 surround it seems to mostly come from the centre with bursts of stereo and occasionally the rear speakers are called into use, but that's mostly the crowd applauding/whooping etc, and almost always Bon Scott is drowned out by the music. Considering it has been remastered, the picture is very grainy and colours weak, with darker images showing 'swirls'.
And I find it irritating that there are interviews and other footage interpolated into the concert; this just interfears and would not have been what it was like to be in the audience. Even more annoyingly - sorry I can't at this precise moment recall which track it is - there is a whole sequence of a Porsche (128 I think) racing an old biplane over a very frosty field, no concert footage here then.
Such things should be reserved for extras and not stuck in between or replace concert performances.

AC/DC are a great band and overall I believe this was a great gig, but sadly for this reviewer anyway, it is not reflected in this DVD.
For that I can ony award 2 stars...
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