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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Philips always seem to make very good shavers, and there is nothing to fault this latest Power Touch model. There is a rubber area where your thumb grips it that incorporates the power button, on the back there is a pop-up trimmer, and the three shaving discs are on pads that rotate to match the contours of your face. Additionally, the whole thing is on a pivot that I think is a new feature to this range, as I haven't see it in their shavers before.

Cleaning the bits of whisker out is very easy, as all you need to do is pull down on a catch and the top flips open. It's well placed away from the grip, so that there's no chance of pushing it by accident. There's a little brush included to help you with cleaning inside this compartment, and cleaning the mechanism itself when it's time to dismantle it and give it a quick service. This is something you should do with this type of shaver from time to time to keep it working well - and the instructions include easy to follow diagrams that show you how to do this.

Another feature is that when you remember that yesterday the shaver ran out of power and you said to yourself, "I'll charge it this evening" and then forgot to do so, you can plug it in for a few minutes and it'll give you enough to take it away to the bathroom for one shave.

It also comes with a power cord and plastic shaver-head cap.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
(Reviewed by my fiance)

On arrival, the product seemed well packaged and the photography was very clear - you could see exactly what the product would be like.

Upon opening, the packaging inside did it's job but it wasn't anything outstanding. It was similar material to what is used in an egg box and I don't think it would protect the shaver that well. The instructions were incredibly poor and this is the main reason for only awarding four stars. They only had tiny pictures, with no explanation of what they were trying to show.

Charging time was as stated (1 hours charging time gave me 50 mins shaving time).

Very easy to use, giving a clean and comfortable shave. Whilst not as close as a manual razor, still perfectly acceptable. A downside is that I couldn't quite shave under my nose, even using the moustache/sideburn trimmer.

Once I had finished shaving, it was very easy to clean. You just flip up the top and run it under the tap. You can use the brush provided to get any of the little bits, but this wasn't necessary for me.

I was considering getting one of these for my birthday and if this had turned up I wouldn't have been disappointed.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Although Philips stopped using the Philishave brand name in 2006 their new PowerTouch Plus PT870 electric shaver is a Philishave in all but name! The shaver is rechargeable giving about 50 minutes use from a one hour charge - a much quicker charge than many competitors.

Users of old Philishave models will have no trouble using this shaver - which is just as well as the instructions are rather brief. However it is a straightforward product to set up and it is fairly obvious how it works. Packaging is fairly basic but does the job OK and seems eco-friendly! Not quite as good a shave as my usual wet shave but not too bad for an electric shaver, and less fuss when out and about.

The PT870 would make a good replacement for your old Philishave and those looking to start electric shaving could do much worse than giving this Philips a try. Well made and still produced in the Netherlands rather than China, I give this shaver four stars.
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VINE VOICEon 20 July 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The first thing you will find about this razor is how light it is, which makes it ideal for travelling. Picking it up from the box you would assume you would need to add batteries to it. What is more amazing is how well it keeps it's charge and little you need to charge it.

With regards to it's shaving capabilities, I have fairly sensitive skin and I find it not irritating at all. The shave is pretty close but not as close as my wet shave. I have found that it is easy to miss small bits but I am sure this can be refined by a better technique.

The only critiscism of this product it does not show much charge is left via an indicator, all it has is a light indicator to show when it needs to charge.
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VINE VOICEon 13 October 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As a committed wet shaver I have been impressed by the PT870. I have had several shavers in the past, but have always resorted to wet shaving. This is the best shaver I have owned.

I have now been using the shaver for three and a half months and have had no need to resort to wet shaving.
Taking the shaver from the box, first Impressions were; the shaver looked well made and was comfortable to hold, however when switching it on it seemed too quiet. I decided to give the shaver a full charge before using it.

The shaver has a rechargeable battery with an impressive claimed fifty minutes of continuous use, however in practice this is a very conservative claim. Battery life is excellent, I have charged the shaver only three times, including the initial charge. I charged it before a holiday trip even though it probably did not need it and it lasted way beyond the two weeks.

The shaver comes comes with a charger lead connected to a standard two pin shaver plug connector. It has a useful charge indicator which flashes to tell you it is charging and goes out when fully charged. The shaver is very quick to charge.
When fully charged the shaver was still quiet to use, it will not wake everyone up when you shave in the morning.

So far so good, but how does it shave?

Clearly no electric shaver can be as close as a multi-blade wet shave, however the floating head and three cutters gives a very good and comfortable, fast shave, even after three days growth.

It is also very easy to clean, just run it under the tap, it also comes with a cleaning brush which I have not needed to use. It has a built in trimmer which will be useful for some.
Fairly compact design makes it useful for slipping into the briefcase for late meetings or late starts.

The only 'downside' is no travel pouch (therefore only four stars), this is an oversight which in my opinion would improve the product.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been shaving electrically for more years than I care to admit (OK, it's over 30 years!) but I've always used foil shavers, this is the first rotary shaver I've owned and I'd always been curious about how they performed. Firstly, I'll admit I'm blessed (?) with quite sensitive skin and shaving in particular can be a painful business for me, but after all these years my face is completely used to electric shavers (I almost never blade-shave) so I wasn't expecting any problems. I've given my face a couple of weeks to adjust to the PT870 but it's still not happening, we're not getting along very well at all.

They're like lawnmowers! The difference between using a foil shaver and a rotary is much like the difference between a cylinder lawnmower and a hover one. The cylinder is more precise, cuts shorter and is more controllable especially on the edges. The hover is good over open areas but it's a bit imprecise and less controllable and doesn't give me an even finish. On normal beard hair the PT870 works OK, it cuts reasonably short and it's surprisingly quiet (if that matters) compared to most of my previous shavers. If you stray away from your stubble, onto neck hair for example, it's not so good - with softer, less bristly hair it seems to act more like an epilator, yanking hair out at the root instead of trimming it and that gets painful. The pop-out trimmer isn't the best either - it can only be moved in a downward direction during use, if you try to move upwards it just folds the trimmer back into the shaver.

There are good things about the PT870 - the ability to rinse it under running water is great, no more buying cleaning solutions (although Philips do offer them) and it also recharges quickly. Changing the cutters or removing them for more intensive cleaning is fiddly but Philips say they can last for two years before needing replacement and that's longer than any foil shaver I've had. In the end shaving's a subjective thing for most men and It might just be that my skin doesn't suit the PT870, but if you also suffer sensitive skin or are prone to shave-burn I'd think twice about getting one. I wish I liked it more but I'm disappointed by it and I know from experience there are much better shavers available in this price range.
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VINE VOICEon 25 June 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've used this a few times now and have to say that i'm impressed. I like the fact it is rechargeable as you are not restricted to using it only where there is a shaver point. This makes it ideal for taking on holiday or trips away from home. The battery lasts for 50 minutes and only takes an hour to fully charge the battery, but you can also charge it for 3 minutes for a quick shave.

In use, it shaves pretty close. It's not as good as a wet blade shave, but it is good enough and will certainly get you 'presentable' in a short amount of time.

It is easy to clean as well. You just open it up and rinse under a tap, really easy!

All in all, a very good razor which gives a quick, close comfortable shave.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Whilst looking for a replacement and upgrade for my old worn out battery razor (basically used for travelling) I stumbled across this, Phillips a good reputation so I went for it may be a bit more that I had hoped to pay for but you pay for quality sometimes.
It arrived nicely packed in a largely recyclable package, and is easy to charge plug it and the little recharge light starts to flash showing its charging.
To the first major issue with this razor, not that its rechargeable but the razor has a two pin plug so a special plug adapter is needed, and they don't give you anywhere to store the cable and plug no nice travel bag or travel storage box, unlike my Phillips `Sonicare' toothbrush.
The razor works well a one touch button to start the razor and it glides well across the face a different sensation from a wet shave and my previous cheap travel razor. It cuts efficiently and better than the previously mentioned cheap travel razor, though not as `close' as a wet shave.
Once you have finished you can clean out the head with a flip catch to open and a brush to wipe out the more difficult to access areas. That is if you can find the brush again this is where the previously mentioned replaced razor had the edge the brush for the head was stored within the casing of the razor, this small brush is not its loose and easily lost as there is no travel bag.
So far the razor has met expectations on the shaving front it's efficient and does last a good number of shaves on one charge easily a two week holiday for instance. But there are little things which let the whole package down and ultimately mean this is not really that good a value for money. On all practical fronts the cheaper travel razor that this replaces scores better only on face finish does this one score better. Does that make it worth 5 times more? I don't think so.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Well, I'm not one who is used to using electric shavers.
I have one of those faces where you'll see a 5 o clock shadow at Noon - and my facial hair is THICK!
I tend to wet shave as many years before when I tried using a phillips shaver my stubble was troublesome, and impossible to comfortably shave with the electric - and so the shaving was an arduous endeavour - and to top it off I came out in a nasty rash!
So, many years later I've found myself in possession of this new shaver from Phillips.

After giving it a go I have decided that it's not for me - not because my stubble is too course or thick, no, it's because I find this shaver inadequate just like any other electric shaver, inadequate in that it is simply incapable of effectively and quickly shaving the stubbel on my chin and neck area and cannot cut a straight side burn line.

To be fair it ploughs through the stubble on my cheeks and upper chin and sides easily, but then struggles to cope with contours and my neck and lower chin leaving bits of annoying bum fluff I need to contort and push the shaver to deal with - and it's all rather annoying and time consuming which means the whole point of having an electric shaver - to save time - comes to nought!

If you're used to electric shavers, this is fairly good - its waterproof, easy to wash and clean, battery lasts a long time, its well built, and sturdy, and the shaving head is flexible and the blades perform very well with no sign of burns or a rash. It has a pop out trimmer with which one can trim sideburns or a beard - but lacks the ability to shave a staright line eg. to line off a side burn effectively!
Others may well give it 4 to 5 stars, but unfortunately it's not for me and I find a wet shave quicker, easier, more accurate, more comfortable and ultimately the 'ritual' is more a part of the day and life rather than this electric shaver.

I've given it 3 stars as it's not 'crap' nor is it useless, however it is I believe strictly for those who are used to and prefer electric shavers and for those I'd recommend buying!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The product is well packaged with clear product shots and explanation of the key features.

The manual is a one size fits all for a series of models and though it is mostly pictures it is easy to get the gist of how to perform the operations such as cleaning etc. There are three models. The powertouch, powertouch plus (this one) and the power touch pro.

1 hours charging time gives 50 mins use roughly. The box states its a li-ion battery which is nice to see as these last longer and charge faster etc.

Very easy to use, giving a clean and comfortable shave. Whilst not as close as a wet shave it gave very good results and much better than electric shavers I've used in the past!

It was very easy to clean. You just flip up the top and run it under the tap. You can use the brush provided to get any of the little bits.

It's a shame really that its not waterproof so you can use it in the shower.

Overall a solid little shaver that I would recommend for someone shopping in the mid-range area of shavers. I dropped one star as I feel it should have included a travel pouch which is reserved for the dearer pro model. I think all but the most basic of them should have this.
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