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4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 9 April 2014
Having had iphones from the 3, to the 3gs, 4, and the 4s, i have tried a lot of protectors out there and in all honesty i reckon these were some of the best to apply, i didnt have to mess about getting the bubbles out after i applied it, but as a tip i have put some instructions for it below which is step by step how i did it, but only took 2 minutes to complete:

1. Make sure there is no dust at all on the screen using the cleaning cloth.

2. Remove the Back cover of the protector to a quarter way down and line up at top, to the camera and the earpiece.

3. Using a credit card get rid of the air bubbles and hold it firmly but gently just above where the back is folded down to, this ensures the top bit stays stuck.

4. Whilst still holding as above, remove almost all of the backing plastic carefully, whilst moving slowly down with your card to get the bubbles out.

5. If any bubbles still showing go over with the card and squeeze them out the side of the protector.

6. Finally remove the whole backing and go over with front cover still in place (stops scratching of protector) to get rid of any remaining bubbles.

7. Remove front cover with care so it doesnt lift up the applied protector and rub any minor bubbles out with the cloth

This should see you right i hope.
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on 23 April 2012
Having just upgraded to the iPhone 4S, I wanted a decent screen protector, but didn't want to pay a fortune. It seems you can spend as much as you want on these things, but every single one has mixed reviews and you can't be sure of what you're getting.

I've bought screen protectors from this seller for my previous 3g iPhone and found the product excellent, so thought I would try them again. I wasn't disappointed. The service is great, the pack arrived within a day or so and the screen protectors are perfectly adequate, they cover the phone's screen perfectly and hold nice and tight, without gaps or slippage. Once they are applied on to a clean screen, nice and straight, they'll stay put for ages.

As long as you are patient with the application of the plastic screen savers, you can't really go wrong. There are ten in a pack and for the price, it doesn't really matter if you do make a mistake once or twice. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending these to other users.
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on 5 July 2013
This product was cheap and did what I wanted it to do, and as there are ten i have a few spares as well just incase
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on 24 April 2013
It's like this you MIGHT get them you might not,I made my order for screen protectors on 10 April it is now 15th May well I've waited and waited I have even made a complaint to the company still nothing. Why does it take so long? They must be delivering by rickshaw and I expect he's fallen over and broken his leg as well.This is ridiculous I think I should have ordered these from somebody else I advise you to do the same. and have you noticed the price goes up and down, Don't take a chance with this one, it's not much money to lose but I think a lot of you will lose it.

I will let you know when they arrive or if they ever do. Terence. NOT ARRIVED YET 15th May.

Hooray hooray hooray they have arrived (16th May) and I have attached one to the phone and they seem to work perfectly as long as you understand about the peeling process really take note of the tabs,I have put some instructions below, as you know from reading above I made a complaint to the company and I think that was the only way I got them. I've got them they work perfectly okay and 10 is a bargain but really if you want screen protectors to come a lot sooner then order them from somebody else.

Instructions: Peel the red Tab away discard, next lower what you have left placed on the phone carefully work it out so you don't get any bubbles when you're happy gently peel the blue tab away leaving the film behind, finished.
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on 15 June 2013
having these screen protectors on my ifone makes the face look new all the time and when the time comes to sell it it will still look brand new
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on 22 February 2013
It arrived on time and was very cheap. Two definite pluses straight off the bat! However, it's not really that great when the actual product isn't good. The protectors all seemed a little bit bent or had a slight curved crease in them. Fair enough, this may have been due to postage handling, but it gave a sign if what was to come in terms of quality...

When applying the protector, the first part was fairly straightforward in terms of peeling one side, aligning the screen and pushing down. I know it's not that important to most people, but I prefer the protectors that have a separate front facing camera hole, and a separate speaker hole. These protectors just have one large extended hole that allows both the camera and the speaker to show. This also includes the small area in between the two which doesn't need to be exposed.

As I used the small white card provided to smooth out any air bubbles, I noticed that he top of the protector was getting scratched quite badly. This wasn't a problem because this was only scratching the protector's protector. However, peeling off the aforementioned protector was nigh on impossible. In the end, the label ripped and I had to physically separate the two with my fingers. This struggle took about 2 minutes and left loads of air bubbles which needed to be smoothed out again. This time, it meant scratching the protector.

The protector is the most easily scratched thing I have ever used. I ran my fairly blunt finger nail across it and it left a scratch. The quality is poor and it is difficult to apply. I've applied a different one before with absolutely no problems and it has lasted me well for 6 months. I spent a couple of extra quid on that and wich I had done the same again. Yes there may be ten in a pack, but you'll go through at least 4 or 5 in trying to fit it right.

After 6 failed attempts at applying a screen, I'm off to buy a proper one. It's more of a waste of your time than of 90 odd pence. Yes this product is cheap, but is quantity over quality really what you want when trying to protect something as valuable as an iPhone?
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These are undeniably cheap (at 99 pence delivered for a pack of 10 at the time of ordering, though the price seems to fluctuate a little on these) and it might seem unreasonable to expect too much at about 6 pence each once you deduct postage...but, they do need to do the job...

My experience of these is try as I might to clean the screen so it is absolutely immaculate and then to fix these carefully it is impossible to fix these in place without some bubbles. After a couple of trys I did manage it so just a few bubbles remained at the very edge which was good enough to use. The cleaning cloths supplied are actually fine.

The screen is nice and clear, and far less reflective than many. The problem with these though - and the reason I have marked them down to 3 stars - is that they reduce the sensitivity of the screen. Just touching buttons is fine - so dialling the phone is not affected - but when you try to scroll the response is dulled.

It does seem like great value, but personally I would prefer one better quality screen protector than ten like this, due to the screen response.
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on 25 May 2014
Received the full amount (10) just as described in the advert and they were accompanied by individual cloths and card which is great attention to detail. My only qualm is that this particular type is very hard to get rid of air bubbles even when the screen is totally clean of dust.

But in terms of screen protection this is very resilient and easy to wipe clean.

Would have been 5 stars but for the constant air bubbles.

I ordered this in Feb 2013 and am now using the last one as I gave a few out for others to use for their phones. The one I am using now has been on the phone for about 6 months and it really does protect from scratches. I left my keys in the same pocket and there were so many marks and indentations on the screen. When I removed the protector my phone was clear! No scratches at all! So it works.

I would recommend changing the protector if it gets scratched to maintain full protection of the screen

Thanks for a very good product indeed.
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on 7 September 2013
I ordered this product midday and it arrived the next morning in the post so there was an excellent processing system however when I put it onto my iphone 4 I had some trouble with the air bubbles that form underneath the protector. I did have a personalised skin (sticker) on the front of my phone though so that may have played a part in the appearance of bubbles.
The product itself is good though as it arrived in one packet with 10 individual screen protectors, each with their own cleaning cloths each 4x5" approx and of good enough quality to be re-used in the future. The screen protector was only for the front of the phone though, there was no protector for the back.

Overall it was a good product and I like it but I need more practice putting it onto my phone, if you have a steady hand or know someone who works in a phone shop just get them to do it. There's 10 anyway so there's plenty of attempts for 95p.
I would say great value for money and good product.
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on 23 August 2013
After 4 attempts with different plastics - I chucked it into the bin.

Normally I read negative reviews with the idea "this person is grumpy".

I've never had a problem with previous protectors but they 10x the price and 1000000x scratch resistance and difficult to remove.

This scratched by using a duster to gently push the air bubbles out! Even my Belkin cover will cause the plastic to come off - very weak glue.

You get what you pay for and this utter utter rubbish - do not buy.

I'm going back to the higher priced ones that don't need changing for months and easily stick without a single bubble.

Some things you can get away with but not this product sadly.

Apologies for the negativity - just being honest - you will get what you pay for.
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