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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 11 May 2012
It seems from reading the reviews on this product you are either going to get a chair that works as a chair should, or one that is so utterly useless that its only use might be as bonfire fuel or for clubbing invasive rodents; there does not seem to be any middle ground between these to antithetical extremes, somewhat like American politics. As it happens, mine fell into the first camp, i.e. it works, which might be because I put it together properly, or I was just lucky. Either way, I've been sitting on it for several weeks now, and it hasn't collapsed (188 cms tall, 90 kgs weight), it still goes up and down, and my only gripe (unfairly as I should have read the product details a little more closely) is that you can't pivot the back. The quality is pretty much what one might expect for the price, and it does everything a chair should. I think that, if like me, you are scouring these reviews, becoming increasingly frustrated at the divergent opinions, and umming and erring as to whether or not it is worth making the purchase, then you should do as I did: 1) Can I afford to get another chair if this one ends up in the rodent clubbing bracket and I have to return it?; and 2) Can I trust that people are much more likely to post negative reviews than positive reviews, so the product is probably much more likely to work than not? If you answer Yes to both those questions, then you should probably go ahead and buy the chair.

UPDATE: 2 years and 3 months after purchase this chair now resides in my bin. After a year, one of the sockets in which the wheels are locked broke, probably because they are made of plastic and the wheel spindle is metal. Another shortly followed and then another, but I was able to repair all of them and they continued to function to a reasonable if somewhat limited level, i.e, the wheels didn't move or spin very freely. These problems I could cope with, but then the base plate (the metal plate that binds the base to the chair seat) broke. This happened shortly after I had purchased a new desk and had to raise the seat to its highest setting. At first it was fine, it held stable and no sinking occurred, but after a month I noticed it had developed a slight left-right wobble, and over time, this got worse, and eventually the stresses were too much and the base plate broke. Of interest to some, on attempting to find a replacement for the base plate so that I didn't have to go and buy a whole new chair, I found the standard size (space between the holes) is 150 mm x 255 mm. The base plate on this chair is 150 mm x 180 mm (give or take a few mm) which might explain why it broke, though I'll leave that to a physicist to explain. Anyway, the point is, I couldn't replace the base plate, so had to buy a new chair. (I should point out you can drill new holes and affix the bigger base plate if so inclined.) Other issues concern the screws that hold the base plate on loosening over time, but this is understandable really and required very little time and effort to remedy. So, all in all, a good price for a chair, but has issues and should have lasted me more than 27 months. Make of it what you will, I am a bigger than average human being so perhaps for more normally-sized folk these issues will not occur, or perhaps I am just a very vigorous sitter.
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on 27 July 2011
I bought this even though there had been some bad reviews and was pleased that the chair turned up quickly, I was able to put it together in under 10 minutes, with no problems and that this is one of the most comfortable office chairs I've ever owned. I have back problems and this chair supports me perfectly. The quality and finish of the item are extremely good. I would definitely recomend this item.
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on 24 May 2013
I bought this product 2 academic years ago now, and it has lasted me absolutely fantastically. I've had no faults or issues with it over the whole time of owning it (with exception of the little plastic pits that go over the screws popping out but that's hardly a concern).

I'm 6ft 3" and weigh 15 stone, so am quite a large chap but have had no issues with the size of it or it breaking due to my weight. I sit in the chair for up to 10 hours+ a day and never find myself uncomfortable, even with my back problems that I have.

I'd say its absolutely perfect for university students as the chair isn't too big and hence can fit into most cramped university rooms.

For anyone else I'd say its a perfectly fine chair and is fit for purpose, but if you're a professional and can afford a chair that's three times as much (as some of the 1 star raters have said they're going to go and buy) then I wouldn't say this is THE most comfortable chair so don't bother wasting you're money if you want an incredibly well-padded leather chair as it won't satisfy you. But then for £30 what do you expect?
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on 17 August 2011
An excellent purchase
I am glad to say that the chair arrived the day after I ordered it, and that whilst my wife was at work I was able to assemble it and replace the other swivel chair that she had. When she came home from work she was delighted to see the new chair and has remarked on several occasions how her back has stopped hurting because of the support in the back of the chair.
I would recommend this chair to anyone who suffers with back pain.
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on 24 July 2011
This product represents excellent value for money. It was easy to assemble and looks just as good as a more expensive chair. It's very comfortable,feels solid, the height can be altered and there is a lumber support to ensure good posture. Arm rests and leather faced, it is highly recommended
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on 23 August 2011
Very comfy, sturdy and luxurious. Love it, very cheap too. Fully reccomend this chair to anyone on a budget. Easy to set up and brilliant gas operated height changer.
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on 14 July 2011
This chair was easy to assemble and it looks great and feels sturdy.
Let's see how long it will last.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 15 September 2015
I really like this chair.

When I was (gainfully!) employed, I had an executive-style chair for my desk and computer use and I never had any back problems with it. However, at home I can only fit in a medium sized chair (this I would describe as 'medium' sized).
Until now I have been using rather a small computer chair (not quite a 'typist' chair, but not much better), and my back suffered with that quite quickly and badly with regular use.

I bought a mesh lumbar support to try to correct my posture. It did. But, it pushed me far too forward on a small chair. So my back was fine, but my 'bum' then needed a rest, because it was far too close to the edge of the seat!

Furthermore, I have a Jack Russell dog. These moult quite a lot at any time of year. She doesn't go on the computer chair - but her hairs do! And they are very difficult to remove from a fabric covered chair.

So, I bought this one, because it was medium sized, bigger than my old one, and had PU leather (easy to clean and remove pet hairs), rather than fabric.
I'm writing from it now, and it's great for me.

The instuctions are only diagrammatic - no wording, but it didn't take me that much longer to put it together after it arrived than it did to take the pieces out of the box. All the necessary pieces were supplied, together with the allen key for the screws. It also came with a spare screw and a spare screw cover, which I felt was thoughtful.
Being larger than my old one, it only just fits nicely in the space that I have available, but it does fit. And it has armrests, which my old one didn't.

There is a little lumbar support, but not a great deal. It also has an up/down adjustment lever, but it doesn't have a tilt back function. Both of the slight drawbacks are corrected for me by continuing to use the mesh lumbar support I already have. This is flexible, so it provides the extra support and, if I lean back, it feels as if the back is reclining slightly anyway. With the seat being deeper than my old one, it doesn't give me any 'bum' problems either.

One tip I will give for when you are putting it together:
In common with almost any material which needs cut-out holes for the screw housing, you will find when fitting the armrests that one or two of the housings may still have a little material around the top. I suggest that you remove this, or at least loosely hand-tighten a screw in the holes before fitting the armrest fully. If you don't do this, then some material particles can be left in the inner screw thread, and it can be far too easy to accidentally cross-thread the screws. (I didn't make such a mistake, because I already knew of the potential problem).

I notice that one or two reviewers have said that it may break somehow after use for a while. I don't see why it should but, on behalf of other customers, I will undertake to come back to this review, and update it if I find a longer-term problem.
If therefore, you do not see an addendum to this review below, then you can assume that I have found no problems with the chair (which will now be in everyday use).

Anyway, whether you buy or not, I hope that my review is helpful to you in some way when making your decision.
Thanks for reading it.
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on 7 June 2013
This chair is in my view dangerous. The castors broke of after just three weeks of light office use. The base is constructed of cheap thin plastic, insufficient strength to hold the castors. I am doubtful that the seat is leather?
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on 29 December 2015
These chairs are like baby chairs. See photo. Left chair is the new one!!!

We ordered 20 chairs, there's nothing in the description that explains this.
review image
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