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3.7 out of 5 stars210
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 30 November 2012
I like the look of this product, I really do, and for that reason I'm bearing with it. Time will tell.

On the surface it's great - a unique design that looks like it makes good use of space. And it does, if your crockery is exactly like that in the pictures. At first I was even impressed because the central slats are flexible, which meant my pasta dishes managed to squeeze in there.

But if you've got any other sort of bowl, you can forget it. All you can do with those is stack them on top of each other on the flat bit, and then where do you put your glasses??? There are no bowls in the images - now I know why.

Overall, form over function, which I should have guessed. It's still pretty, but not worth the price.

UPDATE 24/1/12

I've now discovered another flaw in this design - plates stacked in the side slats sometimes roll nicely into the sink. This was amusing for about 10 seconds. My patience is wearing thin; a new drainer may be on my shopping list shortly.

I've added a customer image so you can see how it really works.
review image
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on 9 December 2011
I tried quite a few dish drainers before I decided to keep this one! A very stylist drainer, holds alot more than you would expect for the size of it, if you stack carefully, the utensils holder has alot of space I had thirty items of cutlery, wooden spoons etc and there was plenty of room for more. I found the water drained away quickly into the sink, without any problems. I would recommend this dish rack especially if you have a wooden surface, as the metal ones causes black staining to form on the wood.
I gave it four stars only because my chopping boards are to thick to fit in the drainer, otherwise very pleased, not sure if I would pay £40 but happy to pay £26.
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on 29 July 2013
This is a classic example of style over substance. Looks great and is useless at draining dishes. The plates frequently topple over, the cutlery part is particularly difficult to clean and to add insult to injury despite frequent cleaning mould is appearing underneath the ridges to hold the plates. Holds very little and doesn't drain well. Really disappointed. After a year's perseverance we threw it out. It only got one star as you can't award zero.
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on 6 February 2012
I am skipping over why exactly my husband thought this was an appropriate christmas present (clue - it was cheap in the Amazon Black day sales) and can absolutely say my dislike for this product is in no way the result of the huge grudge I am harbouring... but this item is awful.

I am sure it's quite a funky item for some young hipster living in a kitsch flat in London who has a cleaner paid for by daddy who comes in three times a week; for the average family and for the price paid (even in the sale)it just doesn't work. The main fault is that it is just too small and requires too much forward thinking if you want to fill it properly. You have to really jam plates in to get them to stay upright and there's no space for the amount of glasses and cups we generate as a family of three. Most days we just end up with a precariously stacked mountain of stuff which turns drying up and putting away into an exciting game of plate Jenga. Added to that the water doesn't drain out completely, who needs a dish drainer that you have to continually clean to stop bits of gunk forming in the channels?

Having said all that he did manage to match the it to the colour of my mop bucket. I am buing him a washing up bowl for his birthday.
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on 4 January 2013
When this drainer arrived I was concerned that it will be to small but easily you can fit 4 big plates, one or two smaller plates, plenty cutlery and 4 cups (sometimes pots on the top). It is enough for the two of us (although we have dishwasher as well). Can be washed in dishwasher and the plastic doesn't fade or discolour. Best thing: You don't have to clean the stainless steel from limescale underneath and water goes straight in the sink :-) I would highly recommend it. Hope this review helps.
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on 25 October 2013
I ordered this because of how it looks and ended up returning it as not fit for its purpose. It is useless. Nothing stands up very well in it and if you do manage to get it to, you end up with water settling between the grooves so it doesn't drain very well at all. Style over substance. Cannot recommend.
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on 9 July 2012
Really liked this product as I wanted something different to the usual dish racks
and it was a toss up between this and the dish doctor, we went with this as the
colours were more appropriate for our kitchen and this sounded as though it was very
spacious. It was exactly as we thought, stands out in our kitchen without looking
completely out of place and can fit quite a bit on!
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on 11 November 2012
I really do like the Joseph Joseph range, indeed I am slowly building up my collection of items for my kitchen. I already had the dish drainer on my 'wish list' and then noticed it was on offer, whereby if you bought it you received the Joseph Joseph utensil holder free.

I didn't expect the dish drainer to be so sturdy around the outside (it is rather solid) and the internal grooves are more flexible allowing you to squeeze your various sized plates in to them as required. A gorgeous looking dish drainer - as far as dish drainers go! The quirky (which goes hand-in-hand with most Joseph Joseph products) lips that allows the water to drain back in to the sink is very clever and minimises the need for having to wash and clean the drainer itself. Also it holds a stonking amount of cutlery.

My only negatives would be that it is useless for bowls/dishes (quite a big negative if like most people you use dishes!) as the grooves will not hold them - they're too narrow and your cups tend to take the bulk of the room of the flat area which holds about 4/5 cups.

Also the size, not such a big negative but it sits on my standard-sized draining board comfortably. This isn't so much of a problem as it allows me to shove it one way or the other and then put a row of glasses/mugs on the space left. (Yes that's right I am the pot-washer in the relationship).

I wouldn't recommend this product however much you admire the Joseph Joseph gear to a home of more than three people. It is just right for the pots my girlfriend and I accrue.

All in all another good product but some basic design flaws that will no doubt be improved when the currecnt stock of this item is sold and a new one produced.
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on 23 April 2012
This drainer is perfect for our caravan. We are a family of 6 and it takes LOADS - even has space when we have visitors' dishes. The one piece design is perfect for camping and caravanning as there are not lots of seprate pieces to pack away. Soap bubbles and the occasional bits of food do get caught in the grooves but a quick rinse and its fine again. Hope it lasts for years - I am very pleased. I'm not sure it would be so great for household daily dishes as it might be a bit small, but that's not what I bought it for.
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on 23 December 2011
Absolutely brilliant product. Have been looking for a long time for a drainer next to our Belfast sink. This does the job brilliantly, such a simple but excellent idea. Can easily get four place settings on this. Just wish I had found it years ago.
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