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on 5 December 2011
This is a stylish, expensive and practical cover for the basic Kindle but as others have warned, not ideal when dropped loose into a carry bag. I bought this leather case as I was impressed by the leather Kindle case I bought with the 3G for my wife last year. As I kept borrowing her Kindle I needed my own and the new smaller version is ideal for my use but was surprised that the smaller case was the same price as the larger one for the 3G. However, in my opinion it is worth the cost compared to the lesser cases with elastic retaining straps, etc. The Kindle pops into a hard back cover and the solid front cover folds completely back so the Kindle can easily be read held in one hand. I can see that a catch or restraining strap may get in the way of this neat design but I would have preferred the elastic strap used on the cases for the larger keyboard Kindles. However, there is a simple and cheap solution, buy the Neoprene pouch case from Shock Sock at just £3.95. This offers all the protection needed when your Kindle and case is being carried in a bag with other items.AMAZON KINDLE KEYBOARD/ KINDLE TOUCH 3G WiFi - BLACK NEOPRENE CARRY POUCH CASE BY SHOCK SOCK If you invest in this beautiful leather case I would suggest that the pouch case is an essential investment. It is designed to take the keyboard Kindles (including cases at a stretch) so is an easy fit for your smaller Kindle and case.
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on 28 January 2012
i bought the new burgundy cover and found it too flimsy when open, also after just a few weeks of use the bottom corners were peeling.! ithe bits that peeled off were very stretchy like very thin plastic, the thinnest leather i have ever seen. i have now sent it back with a complaint and will get a cover that is a bit more robust.
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on 28 November 2011
As a kindle keyboard owner and total addict and convert I decided to buy my mum the new kindle for Christmas and she specifically asked for this cover which I duly bought but am embarrassed to give it to her because of the shocking quality:

Good points:

The kindle itself fits into the cover well and has a gap so you can charge the kindle without taking it out of the cover.

Bad points:

Not a patch on the kindle keyboard cover.
The case itself is very thin and I don't think it will bear up well to lots of use
Definitely not worth the £30.99 I paid for it

All in all very disappointed in the cover and would not recommend buying it - I would send it back but as my mum specifcally asked for it I can't so am stuck with it. I have contacted Amazon several times about the quality of this product bearing in mind the price but have not got anywhere (very unusual for Amazon as they are normally very good!)
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on 20 November 2011
Looks and feels cheap and yet it is NOT cheap to buy! I am a big supporter of Amazon and the Kindle but this is a real let-down. Although the kindle fits nicely in the back cover, the front cover does not feel sturdy enough to provide good protection and also it doesn't fasten, so it remains loose and moving. It does not even look good and looks like plastic. For the first time, I feel like Amazon have dropped the ball and are just ripping-me off. Avoid.
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on 2 February 2012
I feel compelled to write a review on this cover so people can make their own mind up as to how they want to spend their cash.

Firstly I'll start with the Pro's.

1) The kindle fits brilliantly into the cover. Far snugger than other brands with corner straps.
2) The rubber back gives the kindle some weight and being able to fold the front cover back over is great.
3) Buttons are easily accessible and so is the power connection.

Now.... thats all i can think of! onto the Con's

1) The quality of the leather is nothing short of horrendous. I'd also question the word 'leather' under trade description act! I have the wine purple which makes the kindle look like a large passport - it is that colour!
2) The front cover has no way of staying closed - I don't like this, some people seem to, personal opinion really.. I'm certain if these people had an iPad they'd agree!
3) Front cover is not very rigid and WILL NOT protect the screen. Its very thin and is in direct contact with the screen - DONT PRESS IN TOO HARD
4) The cover WILL tarnish very easy and show up all scratches, dings etc - not great.

What about the price people may ask? I got this as an unwanted gift off eBay for £8 so its a bargain for that price.... for £31???? Not worth it.
I was rather hoping I would be blown away by it as I was getting it as a 'tester' to see whether i'd invest the £50 in the lighted cover. I am so pleased I only spent £8 on this - there is not a hope in hell I will spend £50 for this cover with a light on it.

Amazon I am so disappointed in you. I have numerous other things you make, including the EXCEPTIONAL amazon basics DSLR camera backpack. You really have made a gaff with this cover, and charging the same for this as the Kindle keyboard cover - which IS genuinely worth the money.

Profits down 54% this year? This is why... poor quality. Maybe thats why the price is so high - to try and recover.

My advice, try and pick one up off eBay etc - doesn't matter if its a little damaged - spend £30 and within a day your new one will be as well.
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on 14 November 2011
I absolutely love my new cover. Bought my Kindle two weeks ago and was paranoid about it getting damaged in my handbag etc so spent ages looking for a nice cover. These were out of stock for a long time and I wasn't sure I had the patience to wait for stock to come in. However, luckily for me Amazon got new stock in last week so I ordered straight away. It was delivered within four working days even though the expected delivery date was set at 24th Nov I acutally received it on 14th Nov so was delighted.
Love the colour - at least its not boring black!!! and it looks as if it will keep the Kindle clean and safe. Also it enhances the reading experience as it makes my kindle feel more like a real book. Well worth the money.
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on 5 January 2012
With quite alot of covers on the market i decided to go with this one as it allows to kindle to feel like a book. Meaning you can hold it just like you did with your book, or you can fold the cover completey round. It is good quality and well made and should keep your kindle in good condition. I still think that it is a lot of money to pay for a cover but, hope fully it will be the only one i will ever have to buy. Some of the cheaper versions would probably need replacing over time as they are not so well made.
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on 10 January 2012
I like this case a lot. It's a bit heavy with the frame the kindle goes into, but I find the frame actually helps me to hold the Kindle and turn the pages comfortably. The light is perfect, flips up easily (without feeling like you might rip it out as on the kindle w keyboard lighted leather cover). I don't mind that the case isn't very padded or that it doesn't close. I keep my Kindle in my handbag so it protects it from scratches which is what I need. I like that the cover can fold back completely and I think the frame protects it enough should you drop it. My one criticism is that I would prefer a more textured or at least more grippy leather. It's so smooth and slippery, I'm a bit worried it will just slip out of my (admittedly dry) hands. Overall, a very good case - quite expensive, so best as a gift! Wine purple colour is nice, slightly more raspberry than picture shows.
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on 10 September 2012
I can not believe how many people have complained about this - its just a cover for goodness sake. Sure it is expensive - but then hasn't anybody here heard of "buyer beware"??? Nobody is forcing you to buy it - there are many cheaper alternatives here. I have used it for about 9 months (I ordered it via the US). It fits well, it looks good, it has worn well, it is comfortable to hold. No complaints whatsoever. It does the job.
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on 4 January 2012
This was a bit pricey at thirty something pounds, but after giving it as a gift I was very happy with the quality of product provided. It was a very snug fit, the leather looks really nice and most importantly to me, it didn't turn the Kindle into a bulky space waster. It probably adds about 4mm onto the kindle in each direction, so it stays slim, light and portable. At twenty pounds this would get 5*s
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