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4.0 out of 5 stars4,030
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 23 January 2015
These phones used to be great... Now? Not so much. My initial thoughts were that these were fakes - I can see from the other 1 star reviews that this is not the case. The old design had a much clearer and full sound, now these are hardly better than your bog standard free white ipod headphones. Seriously the difference is shocking; they must be trying to skimp materials to make money on the good rep the old revision had. Having had both, I'm seriously disappointment. Total waste of my money.
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on 11 December 2011
I bought these as an early birthday prezzy for my 15yr old son after much deliberation & reading of various reviews on here for all manner & makes of earphones.
He's had a few sets over the past year (including SkullCandys) that just don't seem to be able to take the frequent use.
He uses them every day on route to school or for a little gaming on his iPod Touch.
He told me that the sound quality when listening to music is very good (particularly with the dubstep that he enjoys),the bass pick-up is great,and what he said to me was "Mum,my new headphones are beast! Thankyou so much" :)

Our conclusion is that for a cheaper but quality & pretty robust set of earphones you really can't go far wrong with these ones :)

**7 MONTHS AFTER PURCHASE: These earphones did finally succumb to the constant day in,day out nigh on 24/7 use that my son inflicted on them. One of the earphones did fall off of the cord completely. However my son loves them so much he has requested a 2nd pair. We'd still recommend them as you can't help just general wear & tear & pretty hard handling from a 15yr old.** :)
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on 25 October 2011
These headphones are simply amazing.

- Their technical details are very close to that of the Dr. Dre headphones at only the 1/6 of its hefty £120 price tag.
- Their noise cancelling is very good while the music produced is simply breath-taking.
- Its rich deep bass sound produced is as good at higher pitches.
- Its appearance is very aesthetically pleasing even quite cool.
- It is very comfortable even after long periods and it stays in your ears unlike many other headphones.

Very pleased with it and would recommend to everyone else who is looking for any great decent headphones at a low cost.
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on 9 August 2015
I have owned these since 21 September 2011 and bought them for £21.53 since then I have purchased my sister a pair earlier this year and another pair for myself after loosing my first pair just over a month ago.

I can genuinely advise I used these earphones daily for in my work and college and the quality out them for the price (especially now) is unquestionable. Bear in mind phone's are not designed for "Studio Quality" but these do hit high notes and have a really nice bass drive to them - not excessive but not too little - its very satisfying.

If you are a bass head and just want ridiculous bass please go and buy a higher end earphone but if you enjoy drum and bass/dubstep and still want to enjoy the other tones in your music these are ideal for you for the cost that they are.

The issue I have always found with earphones is the cables go faulty and crackle/one earphone dies etc. After using these for almost 4 years the same pair still sound great and do not have any issues. They have lost a tiny bit of sound quality but this is due to me leaving them in jean pockets in the washing machine to which they still come out working (after allowing them to dry for 2 days without plugging them in) they still sound pretty bang on after a harsh life in the washing machine and using them in the garages I have worked in. The cable is of decent thickness (slightly thicker than a candle wick for each earphone) - Highly recommended for their reliability.

If you want an earphone that is cheap but will blow you away for the best £ to Performance ratio with reliability in mind - these are for you and are genuinely great.

Please also buy extra ear buds - I have lost many of them so a replacement pack is highly recommended and you can pickup a 50 bud pack on ebay for £4 - 6 or on amazon for the same price.
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on 11 September 2012
I wanted a pair of in-ear bud earphones because my standard iPhone earbuds kept falling out and they leaked a lot of sound (because they didn't sit well). I also wanted something with noise blocking capabilities for public transport - especially flights. So after reading the large number of positive reviews I brought a pair for a discounted price of £14, and this is my impressions:

I currently have two headphones - Seinnheiser HD212pro and Bose QC3, and if I compare the audio quality these are in a hugely different league to the HA-FXIX. The biggest difference being the HA-FX1X are all bass and no mid/high range or treble, so everything sounds as though you have cotton wool in your ears. Yes I know you can't compare £300 headphones to £14, but the reviews made it sound like they weren't miles apart from a pair of Dr Dre/Beats (Which I should remind myself never to buy if the sound quality is comparable).

- They do fit really snuggly in my ear - and it comes with 3 different sizes so you can get an exact fit.
- They do a reasonable job of blocking out external noise (good for flights or public transport), almost equivalent to my Bose QC3s but more comfortable on long haul flights - and a lot cheaper.
- Plenty of bass. If you're the type that likes to annoy other commuters on public transport by pumping up the volume then these are for you.
- The case is handy - especially as the buds seem a little flimsy if knocked about in your pocket/bag with other loose objects
- For £14 (discounted from £25) they are not a bad buy.
- If your a fashion conscious hipster, then the red cabling looks as though you have a pair of Dr Dre's at a fraction of the cost.

- Really bad high and mid ranges. I'm not sure if it's because the bass drowns out the rest of the frequency range, but as other have mentioned it's not suitable if you're into Jazz, Classical of even acoustic. Everything does sound muffled as though you have cotton wool in your ears.
- Flimsy cabling which I expect will discolour if I place it in my bag/pockets
- The buds themselves are quite soft - almost scared of tearing them

Other minor annoyances - It took me 5 minutes to extract the earphones out of it's packaging, which is when I noticed the red cable was quite flimsy - left those white marks when cables get stretched/pinched as I attempted to extracted it out of the packaging.

Overall: You get what you pay for. For £14 the HX1X is a good bargain and they fit very comfortably in my ear. The bass is great, but you pay for it at the cost of any decent mid-high range or treble.
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on 11 April 2013
While I am by no means an audiophile, I have certainly owned my fair share of Sony's and Sennheisers over the years. These have been brilliant, the base is as punchy as any in ear head phones I have ever heard. The noise isolation is good, i wear these whenever flying and watching in flight entertainment, and they have worked great.
They knock the socks off the one pair of beats by dre in-ear headphones I have listened to. I recently listened to a pair of Beats by Dre Studio over-ear headphones. While they do sound great, I was non-plussed in comparison to these, especially when considering they cost 20 times the price and require batteries.
My boss's Atomic Floyd headphones broke after 18 months, and he was lamenting to me about spending another £100 or so on more. I told him to buy these, and said I would buy them off him for more than he paid if he was not happy. He bought them and is happy with them.
I notice the newer generation of these are smaller, and get less favourable reviews so i intend to buy more pairs of these before JVC stops production.
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on 10 September 2011
i am a person who loves my music, and my headphones recieve a pummelling on a daily basis. i have tried all sorts of makes and models and they all wore out within a matter of days or were completely demolished. these on the other hand, have not. They look amazing (only downside is that they protrude out of the ear a few cm's, but due to my long hair it doesn't make a difference) they feel amazing, they are well built, and best of all they sound like a home theatre in your ear. the bass is amazing, the high end is as clear as a bell and well, to be frank they are the best sounding pair of headphones i have ever seen. and the price make it all the better. 100 out of 10, a**** and all the rest, extremely highly recomended. (delivery was also exelent and speedy)
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on 17 April 2013
Having just bought this set of earphones & played about with them for 2 days, I thought I would give them one of my typically subjective long-winded yet dispassionate reviews.

I somehow lost my previously-loved Creative EP 630 earphones, which are re-badged Sennheisers, btw, so I needed something to replace the atrocious Apple earpods supplied with my iPod & to listen to & watch iPlayer TV on my Kindle Fire HD.

These fit the bill precisely. The JVC plastic carton in which theyre supplied needs a chainsaw to open, as has been previously mentioned, but after 10 minutes of hacking, eventually youre presented with the product. The actual ear canal phones are default-supplied with medium sized silicon ear-inserts on, which fit my earholes perfectly, but if youve super-small or gigantic lugholes, a pair of small & larger ones are supplied. The supplied case is also jolly useful, & unlike one of the revevers pics suggests, the actual earphones do fit inside the case quite happily, along with the wire, as theres not much point in leaving the breakable bits outside the case, is there? Anyway.....

The phones are a lot more durable-looking than my lost Creative/Sennheisers & the ear-canal bits go further inside my ear, so as effectively cut off outside noise & not fall out when I mow the lawn....they go in quite a long way & are supremely comfortable to wear. The wire is red. Now, never having heard of Dr. Dre, & his no-doubt super products & "music" , yet being aware of the brand through reviews of this product, I have yet to be questioned about whether or not theyre "Dres" by my septuagenarian neighbours whilst outside in the garden. The wires are twice the girth of my Creatives & Apple earphones, very robust & do not tangle & twist about themselves, which is a major plus compared to other thin-wired ones. Nor do they transmit rustly noises when touched. However, they are red, so be warned!

The Sound.

They are VERY LOUD. So turn down your volume before playing a track, then crank it up to taste. The base is punchy but not overtly overwhelming & drums particularly crisp & noticeable & the sound drills into your head very nicely, with good stereo separation. The higher frequency sounds are a tad exaggerated & marginally rough at full volume to my taste and the way these phones have been configured clearly muddies the midrange a bit. I used to be an audiophile, with fancy hifi setup & so on & highly critical, but Im not so fussy now.

But hey.....theyre 13 quid right now & you can always adjust the equalizer on your device to compensate, cant you?

Ive been assured by my wife that theres no external sound leakage also, even with the volume at 11. These things really go quite far into your ear, & probably also loosen any irritating earwax problem you may have, eventually, so thats another plus.

On my Kindle Fire HD watching TV programmes, the sound settles down, turned to mediumish & the ambient sounds in the production are faithfully produced & the stereo stunningly rendered.

Im very pleased with this purchase, & believe me, they beat the Creative 630s hands down in the budget stakes, stay in your ear whilst mowing the lawn & probably when running. I wouldnt know about the latter as I dont think running is a good idea unless youre being pursued by a zombie, but thats just me. For the price, an excellent choice, & the funky little box they supply means you shouldnt really lose them in your bag, if you remember to take the little box with you, that is.

All in all, an excellent product at a very reasonable price.
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on 29 November 2012
Needed some new earphones as my portable headphones were irritating my ear. Earphones tend to fall out of my ears due to them being small my siblings told me that ear canal earphones were much better in terms of sound quality but after having cheap ones and trying No Fear ones I discovered they still fall out (but this was slow and I could feel them moving which tickled my ears). After reading some reviews and having experience with JVC headphones before and liking them (Gummy Air and HA-RX300)I decided to take the plunge and buy the HAFX1X. I'm so glad I did, they came earlier so I walked to the supermarket wearing them, the noise isolating is amazing and with the smallest bud size they fit so snugly in my ears and only started falling out when I caught the cable!
I like the design especially the red cable which feels quite strong and sturdy. I love the slight curve of the ear pieces which appear to be helping them stay in my ears. I'm not an expert in sounds but I like listening to my music through earphones/headphones as I can hear slightly more, to me these sound great, definitely the best earphones I've had. The drums seem to have more depth than they used to.
The packaging they came in was annoying to get into but I managed it I like the addition of the case it appears to be quite sturdy (time will tell) and with careful folding the wire and ear pieces do fit in the case. For the price these really are worth it and I would recommend them.

UPDATE March 2013
I am gutted I went to use the headphones for a song and noticed that the sound was quieter and that I wasn't hearing all parts of the song. On closer inspection I found the wires had pulled away from the jack a bit I shall try and find my warranty and see what I can do but they haven't even lasted the year I also noticed that the casing on the right ear has a crack, I don't know how it happened as I don't abuse my headphones :( because of this I have taken a star away it's really knocked my trust in JVC.
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on 23 July 2012
Received mine within 3 days
Music Listened: R¡¦n¡¦B, Pop, Blues, Dance Floor Remixes etc etc
Player: Ipod Touch

Built and looks

Built quality is simply first class ... really sturdy with a thick cable, (tangle free to some level), I used to spent a lot of time un tangling my old earphones
The carry case is a nice addition to the value
It has a little ¡¥Bling¡¦ look with the red and black colour combination ... just like dr.dre ... but some may think of it as dr,dre¡¦s Chinese brother !!!
Over all the built and looks are really satisfying (the packing is a weapon proof one i think... u will be burning a few 100 calories to open it)

Sound quality and performance

The bass response is simply awesome, Rich, deep and not at all distorting
I¡¦ve seen many critics say that the bass is over powering,,,, come on guys, what u expect from an earphone which is marketed for a bass blast (as the name suggest... explosive)
In my personal opinion, if u hear songs in the mid or upper mid region of the volume level, its superb,,, I can hear all the Rich Bass, Generous Mids and crisp highs, without losing any thing
But if u go higher in volume, It can hurt you ,,, the bass and treble becomes unbearable ... U can adjust the equaliser a bit to overcome this to some extent, and surprisingly I found the eq setting ¡¥loudness¡¦ as comfortable one
These are like 2 sum woofers in your ears with proper song and a good music player ... i believe it will explode even more with sony walkman than ipod
It can easily go loud to louder and keep going without destortion

Overall its a superb product
Don¡¦t here to the critics if you are a normal guy who love to listen music without worrying all the frequency, mid range technical stuffs bla blah blah and all
It won¡¦t disappoint you fact it will blow your head away º
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