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on 27 December 2011
Received this as a gift this Xmas. As a cycling nut I was pleased but also a bit sceptical that it could be made to work - wouldn't the inside rider get an unfair advantage? How could we do any more than simply do a "scratch race"? OK so there are things you can't do with the set like a full-on Keirin but with a bit of creativity it's a lot of fun:

- start riders half a lap apart and run a pursuit until one catches the other;
- simulate a sprint with the use of the countdown timer on your phone: set it to say five seconds, set both riders off together and disqualify one if they complete the first lap before the timer beeps, and then let them sprint the second lap to decide the winner;
- simply run a scratch race over a set number of laps.

Yes the riders have to be handled carefully and therefore if this is for children they need to be reasonably careful but we didn't have any of the issues reported by others. Maybe we were just lucky. But spare riders at a reasonable price would be a good idea. Also how about making one of the riders an Australian say, just to make it a bit more like the real thing!

Oh and the inside track is slightly trickier to navigate owing to the sharpness of the turn so evening up play reasonably well.
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on 13 November 2011
This s a simple oval based on the smaller scalextric format. It is easy to assemble, works well and is great fun. A lap counter would be a welcome addition bu other than that it is perfect.
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on 9 December 2011
Kids might get bored with this quickly nowadays, but it is a great souvenir of the 2012 Olympics. The Scalextric brand should last well and the adults enjoyed playing with it too!
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on 6 November 2012
recommend this product to all to keep the olympic spirit alive. the product is fantastic and well made and runs really fast. the kids love it
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on 29 June 2012
Ok,calm down calm down.Read the poor reveiws then read this.The set is really an adult toy,or one that needs sensible,firm adult supervision.It is a very clever and nicely made set.Yes of course its delicate but what do you expect,Hornby fine detail locomotives are just as easily busted.I have used this set with the cycles coming of the track enough times with no damage.The set is not bombproof,but what do you expect for 34quid(through Amazon)At full price the 2 star reviewers may have a point.As for the critisim of the carboard centre oval and the trackside " billboard " again what do you expect for the money.They are substantial enough and very nicely printed.If you are going to give this to a child,particularly a boy,and expect it to last,then dont.This should be regarded as an adult toy to be used by children under strict supervision.I am going to buy another set to extend the track and have spare cycles and controllers.I like this set,its novel,nicely made and original.Buy one and use it carefully, I`m certainly not dissapointed, and I dont think you will be either.
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on 27 December 2012
The Grand-children had this for Christmas. Great-grandad paid £19 for it and was pretty chuffed as the rrp was close to £60.
I can't agree with those who have trouble stopping the bikes flying off the track .Yes ,when used flat-out they do flip-out at the corners but this is a racing game and its as much about control skills as speed.It's wise to place a few cushions track-side to stop the little bikes hurling themselves into oblivion but to be honest, once he'd mastered a subtle throttle technique my 6 year old Grandson began racking-up up some massive lap counts without mishap.
Its important to keep the contact brushes beneath each motor-unit neat and tidy or handling and performance suffer (Spare brushes are included) and the fixture between cycle and motor unit is undeniably weak.
Realistically it's a high-speed electric racing game of skill and leaving it in the unsupervised hands of boisterous children (or unsympathetic adults for that matter) will end in tears.
If/when the cycles become permenantly detatched from their base-units all is not lost .The motor-units themselves can be raced or other vehicles in the Scalectrix 1/64 "mini"series should fit on the velodrome track .
The recomended price of damn near £60 represents ridiculously poor value for what is a fun but very basic racing set-up with undeniably delicate vehicles.If you pay full price you have a right to feel cheated !
However I've given this product a decent rating based on the combination of grin-value and the more realistic discount price of around 20quid . .
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on 13 November 2012
Having noted some of the negative reviews, I bought this set to see if I could 'engineer-out' some or all of the perceived faults. I was expecting a flat track but was pleased to see that it is banked. I found that the inner track works very well and the bike can travel at very fast speeds without flying off. However, the bike on the outer track kept sticking, particularly on the curves; even with the trigger of the controller pulled right back [max speed], the bike refused to move once stalled. In the hope of eliminating sticking, I had obtained some 'Vaseline Grease' [suitable for electrical contacts] and applied this carefully to the bike gearing [hoping to avoid the rapid wear experienced by one reviewer]. I also applied this grease to the contact strips [braids] on the bikes and in the locating grooves on the curved sections of the track. Whilst handling one of the bikes, I inadvertently applied finger pressure in the wrong place and the front wheel came off. This did not damage the parts and it was an easy job to re-fit the wheel into the front fork. I did not manage to get the outer bike to perform like the inner bike; so reasonable racing would not be possible; the outer bike still sticks when operated at slow speeds; and tends to fly off the track at higher speeds. I tried raising the track slightly [max 2cm] at the bend where the bike was flying off. This had the effect of causing the bike to topple over at low speeds and did not stop fly-off at higher speeds. As for the age-range claimed; I found that careful alignment and a good deal of pressure was required to properly join the track sections; it required a good deal of strength to seperate some of the sections; so an adult is required to set up and dismantle the track. The engineering and manufacture is good value at £20, but the fact that there is only one spare set of braids per bike, suggests that the designer doesn't expect the set to have a very long life. If you can solve the outer track problem, or are happy to do time trials with one bike, or just want to give your cat something to chase and wreck, then I recommend this item for anyone with just a little engineering knowhow.
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on 25 December 2012
Very basic set but liked the idea. Unfortunately my eight year old crashed his bike on the first corner and broke the one millimetere bit of plastic that holds the bike on the motor. That was it as its no good without the bike. The other bike sticks a lot as i noticed in other reviews. My son totally disappointed Christmas day with this product, so Hornby, shame on you. How is the designer of this product still in work? and how did it pass testing and quality control? Not fit for purpose and will definately be going back.
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on 1 October 2012
Like many, Scalextric played a big highlight in my childhood play.

This set however is so cheaply made (& very badly at that), it really should not be sold. £20 is not a lot of money to most, but bearing in mind a lot of young children will be receiving this set, it`s a real shame & a big disservice to Hornby.

Buy it if a you`re an afluent forgiving aduld, but if you`re under 18 censor it !!
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on 6 January 2012
Bought this as a birthday present for my 6 year old boy. First impression, was how much money did I spend on this flimsey, cheap-looking rubbish. The idea is good and the make is reliable, but the product is awful. It is far too difficult for my son and the bikes keep coming off the track. The cardboard "board" looks cheap and so does the track and middle bit.

Do not recommend for children under the age of about 8 as the track and bikes are too delicate. Certainly this toy needs a revamp.
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