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4.5 out of 5 stars3,028
4.5 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: BlackChange
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on 21 September 2013
I purchased the Sony headphones for watching YouTube and TV etc on my laptop so wasn't expecting much.

I tried them first on my phone and was immediately impressed. However after connecting them to the more powerful output of my laptop the headphones really came to life. They produce a slamming bass when called for and a relaxed treble which makes for easy listening especially on albums like disclosure settle. I then compared them to my sennheiser MX500 in-ear headphones and the difference was like night and day. I've always liked the Sennheiser but to my surprize they sounded awful (no bass, piecing treble)against the cheaper Sony's.

You would have to pay substantially more to get even a marginal improvement in sound quality. The only area that perhaps needs more refinement is the treble which is not quite as sweet as it could be. I owned a website selling Sennheiser and Beyer headphones a couple of years back so I've had the opportunity to listen to many different headphones from £10 to over £200. The Sony's compare to headphones costing closer to £50 so a real bargain.

I simply can't stand ear piecing treble and tinny, thin sound which just ends up being fatiguing. Luckily the Sony's have none of this and instead offer a relaxed sound delivery with a meaty bass and full midrange. This does mean they are not as informative as higher end headphones but it is a good compromise. The MDRZX100B delivers with some short falls however at this price point it would be unfair to expect more!

They are comfortable, light weight, well made and sound superb. For £10 this is ridiculously good value for money. It's worth buying 2 just to have a spare, you never know when the price will go up.
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on 24 March 2012
Bought these for £10, they were going cheap and looked nice. They were coming from Jersey, but only took 3 days to get here with the super saver delivery option. Only problem was they got held up at the post office, and couldn't get them until today (Saturday 24th).
That little hiccup aside the actual headphones are brilliant. I wasn't expecting the best sound for a tenner, but they are good. Other reviews have said that they aren't very loud, and uncomfortable, but so far I haven't had this problem. Certainly loud enough, I don't even have to put them to max and I can hear them round my neck with a lot of noise around me (builders, tele, family chatting etc.).
The sound is brilliant, and cover all the bases for me, no music I have listened to on these has sounded terrible. The only thing I can compare them to though is my in-ear headphones, (JVC HAFX1X Xtreme Xplosives) which have been brilliant for me. I have a feeling though that they will be second best from now on however, as these seem to produce a better sound quality, with more comfort.
The cable was a shock for me. Its a sort of semi-circle shape from both cams, which lasts for around 30cm at an un-educated guess, followed by about 45cm of what would be mistaken for industrial strength cabling. This stuff is thick, so don't try shoving it all in your pocket or it will look like you have a tennis ball in your pocket. I was slightly dis-appointed at this, but have realised that considering how much stresses and strains I will put them through, the thick cable is a good idea.

All in all, they are brilliant, with good quality and doing great for comfort. I bought them for a tenner, have watched the price change a lot recently, from £20 to £10 to £15. Still worth it. I would definitely be recommend them to my friends, and to anyone considering buying them. You can pay much more for worse.
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on 30 November 2013
These headphones are shockingly good for the price. As a music producer i've began to notice when headphones colour sound, when there is too much bass (a problem with so many cheap headphones) etc but these are almost flat and translate onto my HD650's almost the same, they're obviously not as clear but i've listened to £100 headphones which there is little between them. I honestly can't give any more love for these headphones.
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on 4 September 2012
These headphones really stand up to a lot of the praise they are getting in the previous reviews listed. When you take them out of the box for the first time and switch on some music you aren't going to get the crisp sound quality that a lot of people praise them for. The so called 'burn in' is an issue for these phones that you need to take this into consideration. On first listen these headphones sound quite veiled (by that I mean that it sounds like the audio is coming through a wall or blanket), and a little bit muddy. However, please do not stop reading because there is a brighter side.

After using these headphones for about 10 days I have noticed a marked improvement in the sound. They sound a lot less veiled and the clarity has definitely increased for sure. The bass, which is a big factor for a lot of people has noticeably fattened up but become a lot more controlled too. Eleven british pounds is not going to get you Bowers and Wilkins quality and anybody who says that you can will eventually be disappointed. Do they give the listener a pleasing experience? Yes, they do that very well.

Build quality is something which had a more sizeable impact on my scoring. The plastic construction of these headphones is a little creaky and noisy which could potentially pose a problem when thinking in terms of longevity. Do I think they are going to fall apart in my hands? No, not in the slightest but I think you have to mindful and take care.

The ear cups of the headphone swivel outwards so the padding faces away from you. This is a nice touch but why they don't go both ways is something of mystery to me. The headband has no padding whatsoever which isn't a problem necessarily but I would advise people with very SHORT HAIR OR BALD PEOPLE to avoid this headphone and get the HD201 Sennheisers which having padding on the headband but are a little more money but similar in sound. It might irritate you if you listen for extended period. I have short hair and I only experienced this irritation once after 3 hours. Ear cups on the other hand are surprisingly pleasing in terms of comfort as long as you take the time to angle the cups so they sit properly on your ears.

The cord is a big selling point or a pain depending on your usage of these headphones. If you want to do anything other than sit at your laptop or walk down the street with your music playing you may experience problems. The cord is 1.2m which isn't a lot if you want to sit on the sofa with the tv on across the room...but I guess you can buy a cheap extender cable. The cable itself is chunkiest I have EVER seen on a pair of headphones and the L-shaped jack at the end of it is something to be very proud of indeed.

I would definitely recommend these headphones to anybody who was looking to buy in this price range. The HD201 by Sennheiser were the headphones that I owned previous to these and they were good, solid well rounded headphones. Unfortunately one ear stopped functioning because of a breakage in the cable at the jack plug end. I don't foresee this problem happening with the SONY MDRZX100W. VERY VERY NICE HEADPHONES.
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on 5 December 2011
If anyone is wondering if this are worth the money..they ARE! the sound quality i amazing ! forget your skullcandies for this price its amazing! and the design on them if really nice to!
I listen to songs with alot of heavy bass, like drum & bass handles it very well.
got nothing to complain about really! I would recomend these to anyone, and if your hesitating whether to buy them just do it! Im a boy and i dont think at all they look to "girly". I think any boy or girl would love to open a present and see these!
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on 9 June 2011
After trying so many headphones that will be comfortable and not hurt my ears after long time listening music I found these.
Very lightweight , soft on the ears, and sound is just amazing. I like the white color as well they look cool and clean.
Bass is great and very loud and that is what I wanted.
They are very cheap but good quality. Don't think about it, just buy them.
The only down side I must point is that they don't have volume control on them.
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on 30 August 2013
I was a little skeptical about purchasing these headphones as in the past I have only ever used ear-phones as such. I thought it may be a little dodgy paying as little as £12 but thought it would be worth a go and my word was I blown away by these things!

How can anybody consider paying up to £150 for those dre beats when a pair of headphones like these are sitting on the market for as little as £12?! The sound quality is beautiful and you cannot hear anything from the outside world once these our firmly placed over your head. They are smart and fashionable too leaving me no problem with wearing these around the house or on the train either. They are super comfortable compared to those horrible ear-phones, fitting perfectly round my head with an adjustable length too.

Overall, these headphones do their job perfectly, for just £12 you get beautiful sound quality in a neat pair of comfortable headphones.
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on 29 September 2011
These headphones need to be used for several hours before they 'burn in'
You also need to wear these quite loosely on your head. Or they become very uncomfortable and hurt the ears
I managed to find the perfect fit for my ears after fiddling around with angles and sizes. And now its very very comfortable.
Once you get past these initial issues, you will be amazed at the fantastic sound quality of these headphones in relation to the money you pay for it. On ear headphones like this Sony has its draw backs and advantages over in ear headphones. You get more bass and surround sound effect with these headphones. With inside ear headphones you get more volume. But inside ear headphones also give you serious headache in a shorter period of time than on ear headphones. This is why i decided it was time to get some on ear headphones like this Sony.
Volume freaks need to be weary of this product. On my mobile phone this headphone is not loud at all. Does not bother me because i dont listen to music loud. But when i connect it to my laptop it is much louder.
So i think 4 1/2 stars is my verdict for these Sony headphones. But Amazon does not allow that. So ill mark it as 5 stars. Not quite 5 stars but almost. Very good value for money.
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on 14 May 2013
Comfortable to wear, quality reasonable, sound could be louder, but for the price hard to argue. At just over a tenner couldn't be much satisfied.
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on 17 September 2015
Bought these to go on holiday and thought they'd at-least last the trip and whatever if they break within a month after that il buy a new pair which would last longer.
But I had to come back and Review these.
It has been 4 YEARS! and they have yet to break or show signs of deterioration.
Quality isn't too bad either for the price.

If anything there too durable.

SONY have done it again.
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