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4.7 out of 5 stars128
4.7 out of 5 stars
Size: 500GBColour Name: BlackChange
Price:£35.00+ £4.59 shipping
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on 27 February 2013
I am a long time WD consumer (my 1st HDD was a WD in 1994) and i've tested a lot of their products, both for private use and in my profession.

I've tried every HDD OEM out there (at least that i know) and my favorites are still WD and Seagate.

The reason i've decided for WD if the fact of the extended warranty that Seagate is not offering.

This HDD deliver what is promised (you can get the specs in this link: [EDIT: Amazon does not let me post link to WD site...]):
Before i did a migration from my old Seagate to this one i've run a set of test's and this is my experience:

(used Intel Dual core x86-64 with 4GiB RAM)
Read speed (formated NTFS NT6.0 32k clusters, no data on the disk) near 130MB/s on a SATA2 controller (note this is a SATA2 device).
Write speed: best value 110MB/s but average was about 100 MB/s
S.M.A.R,T. values report everything OK after a 2 hour read/write benchmark.
Full disk surface scan report zero defects/anomalies.
After endurance test disk temperature was normal. In fact it runs cooler than my previous Seagate.
Extremely silent!

After migration and running normal on my laptop, still no overheating, cant ear the drive spinning or read/write, Windows 7 drive to drive speeds metrics show values equal to my dry run tests.

In conclusion, its what i expected from a WD HDD.

Solid product, built for laptops. I am pleased and recommend it.
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on 28 January 2013
I wanted to upgrade my PS3 Slim from 120Gb as I kept on running out of space. After doing some research on how to perform the process I figured I might as well upgrade to 1Tb at a reasonable price. Hence the purchase of this drive. So far, I have not had any problems and I am happy with the purchase!

This is the process I followed for the upgrade, and to make it as clear and simple as possible.
1. From the PS use the backup utility and back your system up to an external hard drive.
2. Remove the existing drive from the bay (little screw underneath in a compartment should set it free, as well as the front cover.)
3. Swap the two drives by firstly removing the 4 screws holding the drive in the bay. Put the drive back in. Attach PS3 controller with USB cable.
4. From a desktop, download the latest system software from Sony's Playstation website and store on a USB stick. Plug the USB stick into the console.
5. Power PS3 up, you will be prompted to scan for an update by pressing start and select
6. This will initate the setup process - follow the on - screen prompts. Dont worry too much about user set up, as your restore will overwrite this.
7. Use the backup utility and restore the backup you took in step 1
8. Fill free space with free games from PS plus!
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I've no complaints with this hard drive it's got decent performance, quiet with little to no notable vibration.
Ideal as a replacement drive and the price is quite reasonable.

However on testing the Hitachi 7K1000 2.5" 7200rpm drive edges it out for pure speed (this ia a 5400rpm drive) The Hitachi has a bigger 32mb buffer and faster spindle speed yet still very quiet. I've no complaints with the Western Digital though it's very decent and satisfactory for both laptops and quieter desktop pc's. It's also a good choice for consoles with 1TB offering loads of storage capacity.

I would however steer folks towards the 7K1000 if it's their main boot drive and they want improved performance. The Western Digital is no slouch though and very respectable in it's own right. I've not yet tried the latest model so can't really say if there are any enhancements on that side of things. As it is a decent drive that's well worth looking at.

I'm getting about 108MB/s read and 106MB/s write times, that's quite good for a 2.5" drive fast enough for most users and as a main boot drive

Will update the review should any notable issues/concerns arise so far so good though (I'm running a number of these and have done for a while)
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on 6 August 2012
Bought this to replace a damaged 5400RPM drive in my Toshiba Laptop. After installing this 7200RPM drive I have seen considerable improvement in boot up time, game load screens disappear quicker and files get copied faster.

Worthy investment and YES! it is a bit louder and runs slightly warmer but nothing alarming and the noise is easily suppressed by the laptop fan. So if you are worried about how hot it runs, how much it vibrates or how noisy it is, you shouldn't. It has given new life to my 2 year old laptop.

Go get it!
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on 22 September 2012
Not much to say about this - the last few laptop drives I've bought have been WD Scorpio Blue - seems a good compromise between speed, price, noise, power consumption, capacity - all the things which need to be balanced according to your particular needs. I've never had a WD drive fail so, while I know that some inevitably do fail, personal satisfaction gives me a bit of a bias towards them. (In fact the only drives I've had fail in recent times have been IBM/Hitachi ones - I bought this to replace the IBM/Hitachi drive shipped with my new macbook pro - I wanted a bigger drive, of a make I trusted more...)

I tried a Samsung drive a couple of upgrades ago because it outperformed the equivalent WD on spec, but it seemed to run quite hot, seemed no faster in fact, and, while it was no *louder*, the noise it made seemed somehow more intrusive, so I swapped it out to a caddy and got yet another WD blue.

No complaints about this drive. As with all drives, the capacity as stated is a little ball-park - I think this might have a few fewer sectors than some other nominally 1TB drives, but then it's only 9mm thick, same physical size as its 500GB forebear. Although the 12mm drives will fit inside my 17" macbook, this has more room to breath, I'm guessing that makes it run a tad cooler.
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on 28 June 2013
The 80Gb drive in my Dell 6400 was full, so I replaced it with this drive.

I wanted a 7200rpm drive for performance, but you do pay a price with the noise. It isn't unbearably noisy, but with the old drive my laptop was pretty much silent most of the time. With this new drive there's always a hum. It's not too bad (I pretty much use my laptop as a desktop anyway) but if for example you wanted to use it in bed while someone else was asleep it might be too noisy for that.

It was quite easy to replace the drive (smallish screwdriver required, but no cables to fiddle with). Note that the new one has a power connection on it whereas the old one didn't (and so the laptop didn't have anything to connect to the power connection) but it didn't seem to matter.

5 stars as although the noise is a bit dissapointing it's a fair price to pay for the improved performance.
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on 20 October 2011
I hesitantly purchased this hard drive after the one that originally came with my MacBook Pro failed. As with most people I put a lot of research in to selecting the perfect hard drive for my needs. I narrowed the list down to three and in the end settled for this drive due to the numerous negative reviews for the other two. After ordering the drive I found some more reviews that mentioned how in a MacBook pro this drive was noisy and would cause annoying vibrations.

You should definitely not trust all the reviews you read on the internet. This drive is definitely noisier than my old hitachi drive but not noticeably so, especially when you have some background noise or the fans up a bit higher. When I read other reviews I thought that this hard drive may have been significantly more noisy but that is definitely not the case. It is perfectly acceptable for a faster replacement drive. As for the vibrations, you can only feel them when you try and concentrate on them. Even then they are very very weak. Not even noticeable.

I was not too impressed by the packaging however. It came (with a cable that I had ordered) in a large box full of brown paper. Within that large box was a smaller box that contained the hard drive. The drive was supposed to be suspended between two plastic supports however when I opened the box I found it to be on the bottom of the box instead of in those supports. The hard drive works perfectly well however I do feel that it could have easily arrived damaged.

This is a great hard drive and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a faster, larger hard drive or even as a replacement for one of very similar specs.
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on 24 June 2013
Easy to fit (as you'd expect!). Starts up like a jet compared to my previous hdd in my laptop - Lenovo T410. I've had it for 6 weeks only so early days but delighted as the system boots up almost 2 seconds quicker than before (before & after both on Win7). Quieter than the 340GB Fujitsu drive it replaced. The seller did a great job getting this dispatched immediately and it arrived when it should have arrived. I've not had the drive long enough to test durability so 4-ster
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on 6 December 2012
Even though I was unaware that this product was shipped from the USA, it arrived within a little over two weeks, at a very reasonable price.

The communication with the company was excellent and the product arrived well packaged and was formatted and fitted within minutes. It has rejuvinated my 2008 17" Macbook Pro by quadrupling the storage space and speeding up the processing power.

An excellent transaction with an excellent company.
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on 27 October 2013
the Western Digital Blue 1TB Portable SATA Hard Drive expanded my capacity on old laptop which was nearly full,had to install drive in laptop(fairly straightforward) and then reinstall all operating systems to new drive then convert old hard drive to external drive so was then able to transfer all old files back onto laptop(takes the best part of a day to do all this) and now have a half empty drive running fast again and a backup with the old drive.
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