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4.2 out of 5 stars449
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 18 August 2011
Usually I let my hair get quite long before going and getting a short cut at the local barbers (about £10 a time). As my hair on top is getting slightly thinner and more noticeable when my hair is longer I wanted to be able to keep it short regularly trimming it back.
I used the "medium" comb on its longest setting to achieve the length I wanted. I were pleasantly surprised when the end result was a great even cut all over. Trimming loose hairs at the back of your head is hard but the rotating head and hand mirror makes it easier.

The quality is great and Phillips seem to have put a lot of research into the development of this product to make it as easy as possible for the end user to operate.

4 Stars because even though it is a great product, for the price I think it should have included a case/ bag of some sort for storage.
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on 18 September 2011
I bought a pair of these clippers from another website because there was a four week wait for Amazon's £29.99 bargain pair and I needed them quickly. I had an old pair of Babyliss clippers that were getting increasingly hotter every time I used them and the grade one comb guide I used had begun to melt.

I was always quite happy with my Babyliss clippers until I started to use these. They are nice and light without being too light and plasticy and glide over my head so smoothly that it takes half the time to cut my hair. The clippers come with three comb guides, a precision trimmer, a cleaning brush and a handheld mirror. The mirror has an elastic hand strap so you can use it with one hand and not worry about dropping it. There is no hairdresser's cape or carry case included with this item which is a slight negative but can be forgiven for the quality of the items you do get.

I normally cut my hair down to grade one (3mm), and was worried when I bought these that they wouldn't cut as short as I like, but using the shortest of the comb guides (1-3mm) I got a perfect cut at 3mm. I even went a bit shorter to 2mm and will use this setting from now on - but beware - 1mm doesn't sound like a big difference but it's quite significant, especially, if like me you are blonde haired. I now look completely bald!

The rotating head on the clippers is a great idea but does take some getting used to - persevere and you'll get there in the end!

All in all, I would highly recommend this item and am so glad I bought them myself - any doubters should take the plunge and wouldn't regret it!
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on 23 July 2012
i had the previous version of this shaver, whilst it was ok the head never cut short enough for me, let me tell you there are no such worries with this shaver. You can shave down to 1mm with it, you alter the setting with either a different length comb or like me you put the smallest comb on and then you can actually rotate the head of the shaver down in increments of point 5 of a mill, it shows the length of cut on the back of the unit, very handy. The main head can be rotated around so that you can cut easily in different directions. I am very happy with the razor and is a leap from the earlier model, i just hope that it lasts a bit longer than the last one that died on me, so far i cannot fault it, at the time of buying amazon had shaved a bit off the price too, will add about the longevity later or when it eventually dies.
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on 2 December 2012
I received the product well on time (one day earlier).

Easy to use, easy to clean, no design flaws, good battery, overaly performs as advertised*.

I read on other reviews that they had issues with the flexible plastic cuting shorter in the middle, but this is not true, some of them were used to their previous models and put too much force when using. You just have to not put excessive power with your hand when using, let it slide wthout pressing it down and it will do the job. I got imediately used to it and had no problems whatsoever from the first time I used it.

I've only had this for about a month, 2-3 uses so far, so I have no data on its viability/endurance at this time.
*EDIT: I've had this product for 1+ year and it has proven rather durable, its changeable heads have also survived trips tightly packed into luggage.

*small exception is that it does indeed need some minimum lubrication despite what the company says in the descritpion - just a few drops every 2-3 months from a small vial of oil included in the package, quite easy to do.
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on 9 December 2011
Having used multiple clippers over the years (generally binning them when the guard attachments broke - I admit I'm too lazy to try and get replacements), these are by far the best clippers I've owned to date. I've had all sorts - corded, cordless, ceramic... The main difference I notice is the weight of them, extremely light (perhaps half the weight of other clippers I've had) - yet despite this they are as powerful and perfectly up for the job. Even though I've never had a issue with other weightier clippers, the lightness of these really helps when cutting your own hair. Yeah the head part rotates, yeah it helps somewhat (mainly for comfort if you take an age to get the back of your hair right) but honestly the main sell point is the weight and value. Of course they only get 5* because they do a good, even job of cutting too.

Guards go from 1mm-30mm, can also be used without a guard for tidying sideburns etc. Blades are self-sharpening/maintaining so no worries there. Also waterproof but I don't trust them/me quite enough to stick them under the tap just yet; the typical brush is included for a quick clean. There's a mirror included to help you see the back of your head, nice touch. Unfortunately no carrying pouch so bit of a fumble to get them back into the box... nevermind.

Charging takes 1hr to fully charge which equals 1hr of cutting time... nice and quick, other clippers always took an age to charge and I had to think 'ahead' to charge up beforehand. A flashing light indicates when charging and a solid-state light shows when charged. They can be used with the charger attached for emergency head sharpening events, but much better to use cordless.

Fully recommended!
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on 22 December 2013
Worked great the first couple of times I used it, but the third time, as others have also reported here, it started making a high pitch noise for a second then cutting itself off, as if it was warning of being jammed. I tried brushing out hairs and taking out the cutters and putting back in, but it kept doing it. Not only that, but this last time I realised after cutting one side of my hair, that it was shorter than I wanted. Having double check what setting it was on, I realised it had altered from what I set it to. I had set it to 15 but it had gone to 7! I decided to test by rotating it to the highest setting, then gently pushing in, and realised that a firm but not too firm push would actually move the comb attachment in and adjust the setting. So you only need to push down slightly while cutting your hair for it to adjust and cut your hair shorter than you wanted! Totally not acceptable! This, together with the constant cutting out, made me throw it to my kitchen floor in anger. I am now on the look out for a better quality one, and will NOT be buying from Philips range again!
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on 19 November 2011
I really liked this product, the quality is very well and working very well, very handy and easy to use. But if you want to cut your hair longer than 3 mm it is little bit hard, because the front part is plastic and when you push it on your head it will go deeper until 3 mm. so if you want longer than 3 mm, it is not the perfect one, but still it is pretty good.
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on 2 April 2012
Having just cut my hair with these for the first time, all I can say is that I'm a little disappointed. Like others have said, the 3-15mm guide comb is made of such thin plastic that it flexes in the middle, causing the cutting blades in the centre to get closer to the scalp in leaving large, uneven 'lanes' over my head. I've had to go for a 3mm hair cut on the longest settting for the 1-3mm comb as that's made of a much sturdier plastic and is therefore even. It's only redeemed a star as this cut is quite good and was easy to achieve... it's just a shame it's not the length I wanted.

I'm going to put up with this length and keep using it until it's saved me the equivalent in hair cuts and will then get rid of it.
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I've had the previous model of these Philips hair clippers for over 5 years, they are still working but the battery is getting old and I worry it won't hold enough charge for a complete haircut so I opted to get this new model.

Over the last 5 years its saved me nearly £200 in haircuts, no appointments, etc.

I cannot recommend the Philips highly enough, after all 5+ years and no issues is a very good recommendation.

I like the new look of the new model and its now waterproof which is a major benefit for keeping it clean and free of hair.

You have so many options as to how long you would like your hair to be cut down to, it doesn't have to be be shaved head time, just change the combs and set the depth, its extremely flexible.

I recommend one setting for the whole head, then carefully come down a few levels for around the ears, finally take off the comb to trim the back hairline (see my tip below!) and to remove sideburns or to trim and shape them.

The first couple of times you cut your own hair you might end up with hair all over the place and think, i'm never doing this again!, don't panic, just keep at it, after just a couple more times you will perfect it and hardly make any mess at all, I now can do it over the bathroom sink and leave no mess anywhere else, then its just a simple clean of the sink which takes moments.

Here is a tip, get some packing tape, pull off a strip, line it up with your ears, keep it level and pull it towards the back of your head, now pat it down. Use it as a mask to cut the back of your head level and no one will ever know you cut your own hair :-)
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on 6 June 2013
Been using this for about a year now. Didn't want to write a review till I was sure, but WOW !! So simple to use. I've never cut my own hair before. And seeing as all I need is short back and sides, with a little left on top for me to style, I thought I'd might as well give it a go. This product makes it so easy. The best thing for me is how easy it is to blend in the sides and back.

The mirror provided is OK, but a little small if you ask me, but other than that the clippers are fantastic. If you're thinking of cutting your own hair, I doubt there is a product out there that could beat this one on ease of use and quality.
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