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4.8 out of 5 stars427
4.8 out of 5 stars
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 15 April 2012
On the 3DS, much better than its predecessor on the Wii. It is much more addictive and fun. It is great in both 2D and 3D as well, so it is great for young kids.

It caters for everyone with easy levels, medium levels and hard levels. So it is great for inexperienced and experienced games young and old. it is great for people with patience and little patience and it is great for people who want to progress and those who want to have fun.

I particularly like that you can collect coins and are given vehicle customisations for so many coins every hundred or so. That is a great idea and lets creativity through as well as encouraging you to be strategic. Genius.

The on-line is good, not amazing...

I love on-line so much but there are a few snags:

-There is a glitched track and LOADS OF people choose it.
-loads of people cheat at the glitched track which makes players choose whether to question morals or lose points. You have to cheat at that track to win.

^That is 'Wuhu Mountain Loop' and I now hate it!

I also dislike that you have to wait for ages to play sometimes and then could be faced with brilliant players. It can be unfair if people choose the same track over and over again and nothing can be done about that.

But all in all, it is great and an amazing game. I love on-line and the snags are only small! I would moan about the use of weapons which makes the game more about pot-luck than skill, but I thanked them when they helped me so it works both ways to be honest. I can only complain that you get the best weapons when you are last - the Golden Mushroom and the Bullet Bill, but that is so people don;t get disheartened, it is annoying when you have worked hard to get to 1st-3rd and then they all overtake you though! It only takes one weapon for you to drop down the rankings.

Please bear in mind that I am short of patience though,. The on-line is great, but don;t play it if unjust placings annoy you. I would also recommend you wait until you have mastered the hard levels as the players on-line are amazing and I am sure you don't want to lose loads of points playing when you aren't ready. You start off at 1000 on-line but can lose 3 each time you get last place. When the game is so addictive it is easily done!

One last thing.............Make sure you play with a steady internet. If the game cuts out on-line mid-race then you lose points as a penalty. I guess that was put in place to prevent cheating. E.g. turning off the console when you are losing so your record and points aren't damaged. Don't turn it off mid-game...You can lose up to 50points!!!

I recommend it to everyone! You don't need on-line to make it fun, but it is great knowing you are playing against humans not the game! ;)
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21 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on 3 April 2012
Okay, okay... I'm a a huge Mario Kart fan! Give me a break! But I'm here to discuss the features of this slick racing game with you.


Grand Prix - Race in various cups, consisting of four different courses. There are 8 cups in total which means (if you do the maths) there are 32 tracks in total to play. The good thing about Grand Prix is that it's basically a tournament, competing in an attempt to grasp that 1st place position with that grand total of 40 points (10 for each win) we all crave so much!

Time Trials - Choose your best Kart, Wheel and Glider combination to perform a record-breaking 3-lap wonder which you can share with your friends via Streetpass and Online rivals via Spotpass. This is also a brilliant way to master those courses that you always seem to crumble on in Online races against those dreaded Japanese racers!

Balloon Battle - This was first introduced on Mario Kart 64, I believe. The aim of balloon battle is to hit your opponents with as many items as possible. Each item which successfully hits your opponent will remove a balloon from their collection of three. Your only opponents available in single player are the CPU players.

Coin Battle - Collect as many coins as possible and protect yourself from enemy attacks but also sneakily fire items at your opponents to steal their coins. Once they're hit, coins will jump out of their kart (given that they have some)


Local multiplayer is available for 2-8 players simultaneously. From this mode you select 'Create a Group' and wait for your friends to join your group. Once your friends have arrived, you're ready to go! You should then choose your kart combination, then be given the option to play Grand Prix, Single Race, Balloon Battle or Coin Battle. The same rules apply in single race to grand prix, except the choice of the courses are entirely based on a roulette of the tracks each player has selected. The winner is decided once four races are complete.


This mode utilizes the Nintendo Network. Options within this category are:

Worldwide - Race against up to 7 others random racers online within your skill level. Your skill level is based on your 'VR' which I believe stands for 'Virtual Rating', which initially starts at 1,000. But, don't worry about decreasing in VR, when you win you gain approximately 10-20 VR and if you finish in 8th position you'll only lose a maximum of 5 VR. So fear not! Also, if you join a game which happens to be full, you will enter 'Spectator Mode' in which you can watch a participant of the race from various angles.

Friends/Opponents - This feature is new to the handheld Mario Kart series, and is Semi-New to the series as a whole. This feature allows you to join a friend's current game as long as you have their friend code added to your 3DS. Also, here comes the best part... Let's say you race in a Worldwide game against a really fast opponent, and you're really determined to beat him/her, but you no longer have the time, so you have to come offline... Well, you can race that opponent again because they get saved to the 'Opponent' list, and when they're online, you can feel free to race them.

Communities - This feature can be used for Online friend-only games, Clan matches or Friendly Community races, for example IGN, the popular game resource site, to access their community, just enter the follow code: '60-2240-3145-6926' you will probably find that there are always people playing in this group, so if you haven't joined a community already, this could be your first one! Exciting, huh?


This feature mainly uses Streetpass and Spotpass to communicate with friends and people who you pass by. It allows you to create your own Mario Kart 7 profile, and share your favourite kart combination, your favourite courses in the form of a Grand Prix, your time trial records and you can even share a message with people you Streetpass! Also, using Spotpass, you will receive recommended communities and Ghosts for each course, used in time trial mode.

Time for the pros and cons:


- Hours of fun (I've already played over 250 hours).
- 8 Player Local Multiplayer and Online Multiplayer
- Music provides a nostalgic feel as well and a fresh one
- A stable online network
- Addictive online multiplayer and ranking system, I currently have over 25,000 VR
- Option to use your Mii as a playable character (has to be unlocked)
- Several unlockables, including characters and kart parts give you many reasons to continue playing for a while
- The addition of travelling through water and air
- Brand new items, Fire Flower, Super Leaf and Lucky Seven.
- The CPU players are intelligent enough to take shortcuts
- Endless fun with friends


- There are a few glitches that let the game down a bit. I'll warn you before you play. 'Wuhu Mountain Loop' and 'Wuhu Island Loop' both have shortcut glitches in which the characters jump into the water at a certain part of the race and end up 30 seconds in front of everybody else.
- No option to do single race on single player
- No Waluigi as a playable character.

I'd honestly recommend this game to anybody. Nintendo never fail to keep me entertained. They've done well!
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44 of 51 people found the following review helpful
on 3 December 2011
I've had the 3DS since release and after much waiting, have finally received this game! Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land have brought the 3DS to life instead of those not so good 3rd party games.

Mario Kart 7 is an AMAZING game, it's bright, vibrant and will have your mouth wide open when you race on your first course. The graphics aren't as good as the Wii's but the 3DS produces quality lighting and shading effects which make it look much better than on Mario Kart Wii.

The glider is a nice way to cruise through the course and you'll feel like a fan boy remembering all the GameCube, Wii, N64 and SNES courses. The music on this game is also very appealing, has me turning my volume way up.

With every game like this though, I believe that playing with other people (friends and online) is what pushes the game to it's peak. With a Mario game you never know when a blue shell will come and hit you right at the finish line or a lightning bolt striking you down from your glider at the worst possible moment and this adds to the excitement... As well as frustration when you know victory was in your almighty grasp!

The only downside I'd say is that there's a lack of characters. I'd of loved to see the baby characters, Dry Bones, Toadette, Diddy Kong etc. But it makes up for it in a sense with new characters and your own Mii Character which looks far better than the Mii racer on Mario Kart Wii, so treat yourself, siblings or children for Christmas.

Get gliding, diving and screaming; enjoy all the courses, new and old, but for those that fear Rainbow Road beware, there are two Rainbow Roads in this game - MWUHAHAHAHA.
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18 of 21 people found the following review helpful
on 10 February 2012
Not only does Mario Kart 7 stay true to form with it's awesome gameplay, it innovates with new kart design, new terrain and a new way to play. The 3D adds to the game using minimal but effective use of 3D, creating awesome atmosphere and depth. A must have for 3DS owners.
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on 22 February 2015
I must admit I'm not a huge mario fan, my last purchase from the series was Mario Kart Wii. After purchasing a 3ds, I immediately bought this game - It didn't entirely live up to my standards but that may be perhaps due to my urge to relive the momentum produced from the previous Wii version.

At first I was hooked, new customizations including: Gliders, wheels, Karts. I played 3-4 hours a day for that following week. However after that week, there was simply nothing left. Once you had gotten all those customizations and characters, mario kart would be placed on that shelf with all the other 3ds games that had gotten boring. The occasional online mode would force you to stay hooked with the game, so it wasn't too bad.

Lets not forget the download play included in this game. Its an absolute great feature, you could relive everything included in the actual version of the game but, you had to be shy guy with the standardized kart. Honestly, its not too big of a fuss - the great gameplay provided by the game would hide all of this.

There are many new additions to Mario Kart 7, including; new items such as the lucky 7 (which I really like), new characters such as metal mario and lets not forget the new addition of the gliders. *secret* IF you fall mad crazy with this game (like I did) you'll be able to earn the secret gold kart,wheels and glider through the coin system.

All in all, if you have a nintendo 3ds, this game is a must buy.
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on 14 March 2012
Mario Kart 7 is a fantastic game, it's everything that's good about the franchise with none of the things that have dragged down previous instalments.

Gone are the gimmicks of Double Dash, no more motorbikes etc. The game follows the formula of Mario Kart DS. There are some absolutely brilliant new courses, Rainbow Road being a standout.

However its the courses that often let the game down, some of the new ones just aren't very good or inspired, you almost wish you could edit your own grand prix to get rid of the boring ones.

The grand prix's that have 4 tracks from previous instalments could have been better, there are so many great tracks from the past but they picked some fairly terrible ones. Only 3 N64 track's seems like a big mistake especially when they pick average tracks from the Wii or Gamceube iterations instead.

The new characters are also disappointing, the Honey Queen and Wiggler are pretty much never seen in online races.

Kart customisation is great fun though and you'll find yourself doing "just one more" cup to get enough coins for another kart piece.

The game is thoroughly addictive despite its negatives. It's great that it hasn't tried to move the series on in any drastic way like some of its predecessors, the additions like gliding fit into the game naturally which is all you can ask.

Buy this and it will be in your 3DS for years to come.
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on 2 July 2013
It's traditional Mario Kart with all the mayhem of crazy weapons, unpredictable race finishes and great multiplayer.

This version has fantastic graphics and 32 great courses to race on including 16 classics from Mario Kart history and a fair few from the recent wii version as well which have transferred successfully to the portable version. For those who enjoy the nostalgia of previous tracks the retro courses are listed below:

Shell Cup: N64 Luigi Raceway, GBA Bowser Castle 1, Wii Mushroom Gorge,DS Luigi's Mansion
Banana Cup: N64 Koopa Beach, SNES Mario Circuit 2, Wii Coconut Mall, DS Waluigi Pinball
Leaf Cup: N64 Kalimari Desert, DS DK Pass, GCN Daisy Cruiser, Wii Maple Treeway
Lightning Cup: Wii Koopa Cape, GCN Dino Dino Jungle, DS Airship Fortress, SNES Rainbow Road

New to Mario Kart is also the option to customise your kart choosing different wheels and gliders to storm around the tracks.

Mario Kart 7 also features online multiplayer which works fantastically well and even keeps stats against those you have raced against. If you also street pass a fellow Mario Karter you can get the opportunity to race against them when next you're both online.

I've really enjoyed this game and love having it easily available to play at any time in portable form.

A must-buy for the 3DS
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on 26 August 2012
I received this just after my previous birthday in May, this year, and I still haven't completed it!!!
This game is so much better than normal MarioKart for DS. The quality is seventy times better and, though the 3D effects are brilliant, they are a little distracting in certain courses, so I just have the 3D effect turned off most of the time.
I love the fact that you can customize your kart. You unlock new wheels, vehicles and gliders by collecting coins in races. Some vehicles are really random which I think is really cool!
There is no 'vs' option so you can only play Grand Prix, Time Trial, Coin Battle and Balloon Battle.
The 'Grand Prix' mode is good because most of the races are new.
'Time Trials' are alright but it's quite hard to beat the computer.
In Coin and Balloon Battles, there are only six courses to choose from and five of them are new.
'Coin Battles' are cool but they are quite hard on the new tracks.
'Balloon Battles' are very easy especially on the new tracks.
I also love the fact that, as well as the original characters, there are plenty of new characters, too.
I haven't tried 'Local Multiplayer' mode yet so I don't know what that's like.
I would recommend this game to people who enjoyed the original MarioKart.

Overall, this game is absolutely amazing!
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on 7 January 2013
This was only my 3rd game on the 3ds so I didn't exactly know what to expect. I didn't think it was good at first because it wasn't at all like Mario kart on the ds and I didn't get the hang of gliding. I thought gliding was a bit weird because to go up you push the control pad down and to go down you push the control pad up. I thought the characters were brilliant how you started with eight and you unlocked nine (including your mii). The races were good and there were a few from Mario kart wii and a few from Mario kart ds and lots brand new! The items were OK because they added some but I didn't really like them. I thought the battles were good but a tiny bit easy and the locations you do them in are fun too. What I also thought was good that you can unlock different kart's, (there are no bikes) gliders and wheels. You can do time trials witch are really fun because in time trials you can also try out shortcuts without coming eighth in a race. You can also earn coins on the game by driving into them when doing normal driving but you can only earn ten coins in a race. The only problem with this game is that the 3d affects aren't very good compared to Super Mario 3d land and Pilot wing Resort.

Overall: This game was very entertaining and I recommend this to anyone with a 3ds.
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10 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on 19 December 2011
This is the first of the Mario Kart games that I have ever played, and I'm beginning to wonder why it's taken me this long! The controls and objectives of the game are very simple so it is easy to pick up and get straight into. Even for a complete beginner like myself!

The 3D effects are wonderful and the colours very rich and bright.

So far I've competed in lots of Grand Prix's, updated my Go Kart and completed in a couple of online races...of which I came firmly last!

All in all one of the best games I've played on the 3DS, or any console for that fact! Due to it being very fun and easy to get into it will be one of those games I always come back to.
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