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on 3 February 2011
These were fantastic value for money, and I know they will last me a while as I have to build up. Some exercises I find I need to take off a couple of weights like the abs, so it's great that the 10Kg per dumbell is broken up into 6 weights on each.
The plastic collars really don't bother me. They tighten perfectly and don't budge.
These specific weights don't normally come with the rubber around the metal, and from the complaints I hear about the bare metal from people who are starting weight training (hands aren't roughened up), this is a great solution. I worked with these for about an hour today and didn't hurt my hands at all.
Super fast delivery. Came within 2 days, Free P&P.

They don't come with a carry case, but then again, why would ever need it? And I hear it breaks anyway

Many Thanks
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on 21 August 2011
I wanted 30kg of weights as 20kg, well you need more than that. I bought this set together with the extra York 4 x 2.5kg set, advertised elsewhere here on Amazon.

There is a second York 20kg option, the difference being a carry case, knurled steel instead of plastic handgrip, and steel instead of plastic collars, for a few quid more. It turns out the shipping box is well solid, more than enough for storage or transport. The plastic grip is thicker that the steel one, which I think is more comfy, with and without gloves. The plastic collars seem quite good, as they don't come loose as the steel ones did on my old set, certainly strong enough.

All up I'm well pleased.

The extra 10kg of weights go on the bars no problem, you don't really need a longer bar than the 14" ones here, don't know why you would want a 16" or 18" bar.

Also comes with a large workout chart which I only took a glance at, it did seem comprehensive though.
Had a couple of days off work so ordered for next day delivery. Ordered in the afternoon and arrived next morn.

Please also see my uploaded photos.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on 2 April 2014
When I bought these they were reduced to £25 or so and I was actually only looking to get two extra bars so I wouldn’t have to keep switching the weights. At £25 they were a bargain and worked out only slightly more expensive than the two bars did without any weights. I was thinking about getting a third set but at £35 I will probably shop around first. For whatever reason it seems that this weight set will simultaneously be at a wide range of different prices on different websites. The first set I got was from Argos and at the time was the cheaper option.

The older set I have is no longer on sale and had bare metal instead of the rubber grips so these are a dramatic improvement over those. You can comfortably use them without gloves on even with heavy weight combos as opposed to the old metal grips which just shred your hands. However I do prefer the old metal spinlock collars as opposed to these plastic ones. I haven’t had any problems with them at all (and I’ve had the set for years) but they are cheaper than the metal ones and probably will wear out eventually. I’m guessing all the negative reviews were the result of a faulty batch. The metal ones also served to add an extra half kilogram or so which was nice.

I would definitely advise cast iron dumbbells like these over the cheaper vinyl sand or cement filled ones you see as these will last you far longer... indefinitely really. Before now I’ve used the weights as cutting or hammering surfaces even. If you put a sand filled weight down too hard and crack it you (and your carpet) will regret it.

I would also suggest getting the 4 x 5kg plates that fit these as it is difficult to amass much weight with this set alone.
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on 19 May 2011
Well firstly, these are a great set of dumbells if you are just starting out with weights. i am 17 and i found them really comfortable to grip, i have grown a bit of muscle since using them and i think for the price you cant go wrong seriously! The only slight worry is sometimes the spinlocks come loose but thats just expected to happen with all that weight being shifted around and up and down :) but yeah all in all 5/5!
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on 19 August 2011
As a student, I'm pretty broke. I wanted to join a gym, but couldn't justify the 20~30 pound per month fee. I decided to get these and started to work on a new routine.

With these weights, I can effectively do the following exercises:
Shoulders: Shoulder press; lateral raises; front raises; bent over raises; shrugs
Arms: Bicep curls; tricep extensions; tricep kickbacks
Legs: Dumbell squats; dumbell lunges
Chest' Flys
Back: Lawnmower (one arm) rows; bent over rows

I then combine these exercises with jogging around a lake by my house, and using monkey bars at the park for pull ups/chin ups, hanging leg raises, and do push ups and sit ups at home.

So I have cut out the middle-man (the gym) saving myself a lot of money. The dumbells have allowed me to focus on a lot of muscle groups that would be difficult to do using bodyweight-only exercises. They are made from metal with nice rubber-gripped handles. Not much more to say really. My only gripe is these little crappy plastic spinlocks that loosen a little after every set of exercises.
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on 27 May 2013
I will start off this review by saying that you would be better off buying the Pro Power 20kg Cast Iron Dumbells from Argos. They are better in all but a small handful of ways, and consistently cheaper. The York weights are good, they do the job, but the Pros are just better.

First of all, my experience with delivery (done by HDNL) was utterly awful. I ordered these on the 8th of May and only received them on the 26th because one of my 200 neighbours brought the item to me. I live in university halls and despite the fact that the address on the box was clearly correct and I was in my flat waiting to receive the item, the delivery man decided to give my weights to building 34 instead of 37, without posting anything to me stating where my delivery had gone. It is PURE luck that I managed to get these in the end at all. I ended up buying the Pro Power set I mentioned as well as this set because I thought these were lost for good.

On to the actual product. My main gripe, as has been stated by others, is that the bar is INCREDIBLY rough. You basically have no choice but to wear gloves unless you have some urgent need to violently exfoliate your palms. I understand this is probably to improve the grip, but I have no difficulty holding the Pro Power set despite their much smoother bar. Additionally, the York bars are slightly wider and less ergonomic than the Pro Powers, which is a bit of a pain in the neck for someone with tiny hands like mine.

There's little to say about the weights themselves. The York ones are nice and compact so they're nice and easy to move around and store. There's a few little chips and scrapes to the paint, but nothing too major. I'd say their smaller size is more or less the ONLY way in which the York weights are superior to the Pro's. York's spinlock collars are made of worryingly light feeling plastic whereas the Pro collars are metal. I've not had the chance to use the Yorks a lot yet, so I'm not sure if plastic collars are any more likely to slip, but the fact is that metal collars simply feel more durable. It also takes a lot more fiddling to get the plastic ones onto the end of the bar, which is a pain in the neck when you want change the weight you're lifting.

TLDR; Buy Pro Power weights from Argos instead of these if you can. Both serve their purpose equally well, but the Pro's will save you the strife of godawful delivery and chafed hands.
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on 1 May 2011
I would recommend these weights as I looked around a range of other competitors offerings before purchasing. What's more - I have just bought my SECOND pair for when I visit my Mum's house in the country. I bought the weights without the box as I don't see the point in paying another six quid for a plastic box. The great advantage of these, over the boxed sort with steel handles, is that the handles are plastic and so don't chafe on the skin as some reviewers pointed out.

The only downside of these weights, over set weight dumbells, is that you have to spend a few moments switching plates when you want a different weight but even switching plates is very easy.

Overall, the price can't be beaten, the quality is good and they don't take up space like multiple set weight dumbells that go on racks. Fab buy.
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on 1 December 2011
For the price these weights are superb. They are the perfect size for use at home and they come with a poster that shows different types of warm up streches and exercises and advice on how best to start working out. So if you've never had weights before (which was my case) it's very helpfull. You don't need to buy gloves to use the weights as the handles/grips are made not to hurt the hands when used.

If after a while you find that the workout is getting to easy you can buy other York weights that can be used on the dumbells. I'd say these were a perfect entry level into weights and working out as you can customise what your lifting in relation to other excercise your doing and I can say after having these for six months, they are vey well made and have made a big difference to my health and weight.
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on 30 December 2015
Well, there is a reason why you buy spinlock dumbbell set which is to have the opportunity to adjust the weights of the dumbbells. A PLASTIC spinlock prevents you from this! It is not mentioned anywhere in the product description that the spinlocks are made from plastic; they only mention that the dumbbells are cast iron!
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on 21 July 2011
This dumbbell set is great for a beginner, or as an addition to a home weight set. These dumbbells come with rubber grip handles and are superior to metal grip handles because they're not abrasive on the hands. The only downside to this product for me was the plastic collars.

This is the second set of these dumbbells I've purchased and I'm very please with both. I would recommend anyone considering serious use of these dumbbells to purchase metal collars direct from York for only a around £4.00 per pair because on both of my sets at least one of the plastic collars has not been able to spin on the bar or locks up after a few spins. Being plastic they are also not going to be as resistant to damage as metal and the plastic thread can easily become damaged or worn with regular use, rendering these collars inferior to metal ones.

There is no reason for these dumbbells to require replacing in the near or distant future and I fully expect these to last a lifetime with care and appropriate use (i.e. not dropping them to the floor after a set).
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