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Customer Reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars214
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 7 December 2010
No doubt about it, this is the best radio alarm I have ever had.... and the most expensive!
Is it value for money? I was tempted to give it 4 stars because of the price but I couldn't bring myself to - it deserves five stars!

What I like about it:
Almost everything - here is a round up: Solid quality build, lovely gentle light, which is touch sensitive and can be set to slowly come on before the alarm, different coloured lighting, good quality sound, 4 alarms which can all be separately set, and more... I love it!!

What I don't like - not a lot
One minor point is the inbuilt alarm sounds (which are very good quality and challenge the radio as an option for waking up) have a very short cycle. That blackbird in the dawn chorus repeats it's self too quickly. If there was a longer loop it would be great to wake up to, but the sound quality is excellent.

One less minor point is the plug. I wish I could understand why a two pin plug is provided. I put it in an adaptor and it keeps slipping a bit and loosing main power (there is an inbuilt battery backup). I will have to think of something else. It shoud come either with a three pin plug or supply a proper adaptor.

The bottom line is would I choose it again? The answer is definately yes!
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on 1 February 2011
Having seen this product in a recent magazine I expressed an interest to my wife, not expecting to hear anything further but having returned home from a busy day for a birthday tea there it was.

My first impressions are all very positive, the changing light colours fascinate the children and the mood lighting is ideal for reading and relaxing in the bedroom and its also bright enough to provide plenty of room light I`m not sure when I will use the disco setting but who knows what future themes the kids birthdays will have.

I love being able to change the light levels by placing my hand on it - very sci fi and the alarm functions are all very good - 4 alarms - radio or themed etc. The light does come on quickly with the alarm, I was expecting something a little more subtle and I would agree that this needs a setting button so you aren`t confronted with bright light whilst still dozing.

The DAB radio itself is excellent quality, we have 3 other DAB radios in the house and this is by far the best quality, it also picks up more signals than the others.

The screen is clear and a big improvement on the bright red LED display on my old clock radio.

I would recommend it to anyone but it is expensive.
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I've lived with this clock for about a year now, and with the recent dark mornings it's really come into it's own. I use it as a bedside light to read by and an alarm clock to wake me up in the morning.

The main light is really bright at 100% and it's so much better to wake up to than an old school screaming alarm clock. I have my clock set to get lighter for 15 minutes before the actual alarm goes off, so if I want to wake at 7am a very low light comes on at 6.45 gradually increasing until it is at maximum brightness at 7am. At this time the clock also plays one of the built in sound effects to ensure I'm awake. You can have it set to turn on the radio, but I prefer the in built wind chimes for more of a gentle wake up.

Brilliantly you can set your alarm to only be on weekdays, this ensures you don't need to remember to turn the alarm off at the weekends. You can also set up to 4 different alarms with different settings, and have as many active as you require.

The light itself can change colours, not a feature I've used much as I'm happy with the standard soft glow white light, but if you fancy a nice blue, or warm orange this is the alarm for you. I really like the ability to touch the top and reduce the light level, perfect for reading in bed and gradually lowering the light level to help get you to sleep.

Yes it costs a fair bit, but remember you're not just getting an alarm clock that will wake you more naturally, your also getting a Pure DAB radio. The speaker quality is OK for a clock radio, it's not going to beat a dedicated sound system but for the morning wake up routine its perfectly fine.

As per other reviewers, the in built sounds tend to loop a little too quickly and it's very easy to spot the loop, doesn't seem like much effort has been put into making the sound loop smoothly to give the impression of one long track.

Looks great, some may find the main buttons a bit tricky to use, but I've not had the problems other reviewers have mentioned.

Overall a great bit of kit that looks fantastic in the bedroom and will genuinely help most people wake more naturally, especially during these dark, cold, winter mornings.
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on 23 May 2013
I have 3 of these alarm clocks in my family, one of which has been returned twice. I have also lived at some point with all of the three as my daily alarm clock over the last 2 years. I can make a safe judgement weather this considerable amount of money is a wise purchase or not. It is not!

All 3 of them randomly turn the light on full power, causing you to be wide awake at 3:25am or come home to a disco show of lights randomly going off.

If you have a power cut during the night you will not be on time for work the next day as there's no battery source.

The manufacturer boasts a soothing selection of noises....well they installed that to cover up the units high pitch operating squeal or its electronic humming noises.

The touch sensitive buttons are useless, to the point of actually pushing one of the units off the bedside table trying to get it to register that I'd pressed a button.

The light quality is not of a bed site light and gives the un-romantic "factory floor" style feel to even the most elegant of rooms.

The USB charging port has not got enough power to charge my phone.

For how much you pay the sound quality is poor.

I sleep and wake up better with the alarm on my phone.

If customer service ever replies be sure to find that your replacement item will be just as poorly designed and manufactured.

Fantastic idea and I was amazed at first, but a whole 3 weeks of consecutive random 'wakeups' in the early hours of the morning (once getting dressed for work as I have black out blinds and I presumed it was time to get up) I am looking forward to finally smashing mine to a thousand pieces! I have not done it sooner because it was so expensive but I really don't care as it means I will get some sleep again!!! :-D

All in all I am not your standard angry customer, I have really tried to live with this product, for more than I needed too, it was a gift, all three were from my Mother to my family and all have just as disappointing an ending as mine.....get out the baseball bats!!!
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on 14 April 2011
Looking around for what my wife required - an all-in-one replacement radio, with the added bonus of daylight awakening - I purchased this product with an air of expectancy and doubts that they could deliver.
Boy, was I wrong!
The lights (both daylight and moods) are totally customisable, either in intensity or (in the case of moods) colours. We chose the blue sea colours (blue to green and back, variance) and it's certainly soothing! The other other pre-sets are good too, and we've even tried setting our own customisable (3 choices) colours also. Not as soothing, but sometimes more pleasing?!
The daylight intensity is also good, either as a nightlight, or as an ever-increasing glow to wake you up in the morning. This morning gloom-dispenser seems to work extremely well, even waking up myself, who has been known to sleep through both fire-alarms and even an earthquake!
What WAS a bonus was the DAB radio - absolutely perfect reception, with the downside being my wife now likes to boast of going to bed with Alice Cooper on Rock FM every night! :o( Just be sure to unravel the aerial as much as possible for best reception!
OK, the daylight intensity isn't a totally smooth transition through all of your pre-selected wake-up time, but it does the job well enough. And the sleep function also works well, once you've learned not to alter the settings once started in motion (they are looking to upgrade the manual to stress this, following protracted but helpful emails with their support people!)

All in all, a none-too-cheap but highly effective alarm clock, radio and light source.
And my missus is well please with Alice Cooper at night! ... to the point where she doesn't want the snooze to end, as she's enjoying the music too much! But that's Rock FM's fault, not PURE's!
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on 20 September 2014
I bought one of these 2nd hand. Yes the reception is poorer outside London. Fixed that by installing an external antenna. The touch lamp is poor but can be operated by front buttons. I had no issues with random alarms at night but mine has the latest software. The unit moves when you press buttons on the front but I solved this with a non slip mat underneath. The wake up light duration can be adjusted. Light is blueish but it is daylight spectrum, that's the whole point! It is the only dab led multi colour sunrise clock on the market. I went through 15 or so halogen bulbs in 3 years on my lumie. This thing only consume 6 watts and should last for many years.
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on 5 December 2011
I picked this light because I liked the look of it. I thought it didn't look as bulky as the philips wake up light and there were good reviews on it.
However even from the get go there were issues with it. The touch light wouldn't turn off all the time, and it would turn itself on during the night without any help.
There was no gradual wake up, it just became really bright almost instantly.
Also to turn off the alarm, you had to turn the alarm sound to auxillary.
I've regretted buying it, I threw out the box about 1 day before it started constantly turning the light on and off all the time so I couldn't return it and I wouldn't buy a product from this company again.
At the moment it is sitting in my room collecting dust and when I go and buy a new wake up light it will be going in the bin. Back to Philips - it might be bulky and doesn't look as good but it does the job and does it well.
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on 4 June 2012
If you scan around the reviews you will find common things pointed out, all of which are true:
- the buttons require so much force that you actually push the device, if it is on a surface like a bed side cabinet
- the 'touch sensitive' buttons are unreliable, and the menus they control are very very slow (even compared to the oldest touch screen phones)
- the menu system is very confusing and little thought has gone into it
- the alarm turns off after an hour, terrible if you like a lazy snooze on the weekend
- the 'touch sensitive' dome is anything but. It often mistakes a touch for a hold and then the light just gets locked into this weird cycle of dimming and brightening. There is no way to stop it other than unplugging and losing all your settings
- don't dare disrupt the snooze function e.g. by changing volume or changing radio station; the snooze is cancelled as a result. Just what you need as you wake, having to fumble around resetting your alarm so you don't oversleep.

All in all this device is awful. If it hadn't been so expensive (and a gift) then I would take it outside and smash it to pieces. A a similar Philips incarnation, mentioned in some reviews here, was just as awful by the way. Actually I find all Philips stuff pretty dire - it's as if the menus have been designed by a mad man, little is intuitive or makes much sense (just like the Pure).

It's a real shame as the theory behind these clocks is excellent. But Pure (and Philips) really need to up their game if they are going to capture the market. Do they not test their products before launching them?!

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on 5 January 2011
I hope to get a firmware update which solves following issues:

Dawn simulation mode is much to fast, slowest is 1 hour: but after 5 minutes it's shining very bright (8% is enough to read a book). Unfortunately it's not possible to set max value of brightness for dawn.

Feature request: fade-in radio when alarm clock starts.

Wake up via dawn simulation and listen radio is possible but it's not possible to turn on radio first and after 10 minutes start the dawn. (even not with setting two alarms) wake up with "mood" light (dawn simulation)

What's great?
* low power consumption
* mixed Favorites (dab / usw)
* mixing colors + setting brightness in "moods" mode
* Stopping alarm by touching lamp
* dimm in/out by holding your hand on the lamp
* display backlight:
- switches on when hand is near the display (proximity switch)
- switches off after a short time (can be configured)

What should be better in next version:
- background light for buttons (when display backlight is on)
- Button for "next faforit radio station" instead of button "Source"
- possiblity to set other sources as favorites (aux input / natural sounds)
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on 7 October 2014
I've had pretty much every dawn light on the market, including models from Lumie and Phillips. They've been hopelessly unreliable with extremely basic functionality. This is by far the best I've had.

For a start it's got a decent control system, meaning you can programme 4 different alarms with different days / times / sounds / light options, and do useful things like skip a day or set a one-off alarm.

The DAB radio is very good quality and integrates well with the FM (they share presets, for example). The built-in sounds are a bit useless but at least there's an option if you go for that sort of thing.

Another reviewer commented that theirs is noisy - mine isn't; the radio is poor sound quality - mine is great sound quality, better than any other alarm radio I've had; the light goes on and off randomly - mine doesn't. (Do they realise the light is touch sensitive?) I'm not saying they're wrong, but the experience they had is not universal.

Very pleased with this, I'll be using it more than any of its predecessors as the alarms are so flexible and easy to programme, and it's LED rather than filament based to boot. The USB charger is just the icing on the cake.
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