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4.6 out of 5 stars1,553
4.6 out of 5 stars
Size: 30m ReelChange
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on 23 May 2009
I was in two minds about whether to purchase this hose and reel or not. It is expensive there is no doubt about that but once you have fitted it to an outside wall it is a dream to use. How much pleasure can you get just from reeling a hose out from the wall and then it slurping it all back into the reel when you have finished? Well if (like me) you have had the normal hose pipe that takes ten minutes of wrestling with it to coil it up when you have finished using it then you will definitely appreciate this automatic hose reel.

Fitting the reel requires a good hammer action drill - I used a professional builders' drill - the instructions are clear enough for anyone to follow.
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on 8 June 2010
I bought the Hozelock Auto Reel from Amazon a few weeks ago, and it is excellent.
I bought it mainly for hosing down my two Springer Spaniels, and it's perfect.
It's very well made, neat and tidy, and very easy to wall mount and the instructions are clear and easy to follow.
Two important things to mention: I'd use bigger screws and plugs when wall mounting it (than the ones supplied with it), as they don't seem heavy duty enough to me.
Also, i couldn't quite get the hang of locking the hose once you pulled it out, what you need to do is pull the hose out of the reel quite firmly, and then wait until it makes a clicking noise, then slowly let the hose jerk-back for a second, and then it locks the hose perfectly every time.
It's an excellent product, and you should also fit a small padlock of the bottom of the wall mounted unit, so that it doesn't get stolen off your wall, if you don't the hose reel just easily lifts off the wall.
Another little tip: buy the Hozelock PRO METAL fittings for it, they are mega-easy to fit, as the plastic ones supplied normally break in winter time, and if you are walking the hose around corners, it may also be worth buying a Hozelock Hose Guide, they are about £10, and are also wall mounted.
I highly recommend this product - 5 STARS.
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on 10 June 2010
The auto-reel has served me well (I keep ducks and hens and have to hose down regularly and manual rewinding of hoses used to be a major chore).

Hozelock boast a full range of spare parts, but this is simply untrue. Recently the main spring on my reel snapped and rendered the hose useless. This is essentially the most important part of the whole system. When I called hozelock for a replacement I was told it could not be supplied and that it could not be repaired as it was fitted with tamper proof screws. To me, this is like having to buy a new car because the fan belt has broken.
The ONLY spares you can get seem to be simple connectors and rubber seals. I don't think you can even replace the simple ratchet as the instructions are to NEVER open the main casing. (Like buying a car with the bonnet welded down).
I needed a hose urgently and the broken unit was out of warranty, so I had pay for a complete new system and they are not cheap.

I have since disassembled the old unit, repaired the spring and reassembled, ...within a couple of hours.
It now works perfectly, again.... However I have had to heat up, reform and temper the old spring, which is not something for the average user to tackle. If they had been able to supply me with spares, the job would have been much easier and quicker. I would rate the product idea quite highly, but the service and spares would get a low 2 out of 10.
Conclusion: It is not that the reel cannot be repaired, but rather that they will not supply the spare parts and thus force you buy a new reel.
By the way, I suggest that purchasers register the product on the hozelock web-site, to ensure the guarantee, in case the receipt goes missing.

Despite the problems, I would recommend this product.
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on 4 November 2008
I have bought this system to use in my garden and wash my car.

It works perfect as any hose system would do, the impressive thing is, it is self rewind mechanism. It is fantastic. I have no hose on the floor to trip over and every time I use it within seconds it's back in the box.
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on 17 May 2011
Excellent product, which does what it says. But don't buy the Aquastop connector which Amazon suggests as well, since it already comes with one.
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on 8 January 2012
Arrived in good time. Very easy to put up, providing you have a strong man to do it. I would suggest you do what we did, make a paper template from the swinging arm, then drill the 4 holes straight through the template into the wall. (It would have been better if Hozelock had included their own template). We did replace the 4 screws with stronger ones, and my husband also put nylon washers between the screw and the swinging arm, to save the screw crushing the arm, (again another thing Hozelock could include for next to no extra cost).
I've tested the unit a couple of times so far - the auto reel facility will be a godsend to me. I've pulled the hose out to full length with water on, and inside the hose, then "walked" it back into the unit. The unit has a kind of hoop thing where the hose feeds onto the reel, which automatically moves back and forth, so the hose winds evenly onto the housing. It doesn't get bunched up in one place. I do have corners to go around, so should really order a couple of the corner accessories hoselock sell, but I'll see how I get on before going to that expense. Because of this, I found it quite hard to pull the hose, given that its rubbing on the corners of the house, quite hard, but not so you end up puffing or anything. In a straight line its a doddle, my granny could do it.
Hoze lock only give you a basic sprayer at the end, infact its not even a sprayer, just a tap really, so you can't adjust the setting of the spray, or more importantly, turn the spray or water off at the end of the hose. I immediately replaced it with my usually multi spray hoselock gun, where you can turn the water on/off at the nozzle, so it wasn't a problem. Again, if you go to the expense of spending that much money on a hose, Hozelock should really provide an equally upmarket spray gun to go with it, not just the basic tap style one you get.
All in all, bearing in mind I haven't used it much, I am really really pleased with this product. Its going to save me tons of time, not having to manually wind the hose, and will be a lot easier on the arms I would think. You will need someone strong to put up the hose itself. I could put up the arm easy enough, but wasn't strong enough to lift the unit onto the arm once I'd done it.
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on 13 March 2015
i struggled to reason why i should spend a lot of money on a hose that reels in & out ????
why have i struggled and wrestled with the wind up floor reel ???
only to have to try whip it in to line as i try my best to keep it neat and tidy on the reel ??
it was kinking and folding man alive !!
so PEOPLE GET A AUTO REEL its the best thing i have ever had
I've bought 4 hoses in 5 years due to kinking - splitting and WHY
when you have it on the wall you will like me wish i had one sooner !!!
pull it our walk it back simple heaven is a AUTO REEL
i love this AUTO REEL you still have to be steady with it
but I'm so relaxed gardening now
get rid of KINKS like my grey hose photo 2
review image review image
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on 17 June 2011
i ordered this hose reel as i suffer with arthritic hands. i must admit, the hose reel was larger and heavier than i expected, but boy, am i one happy lady! it is easy to fix on the wall, and no more turning to reel the hose in and out. you need a little tug on the hose to release the mechanism (i can do that even with arthritic hands) and again to reel the hose in. the spray attachment offers a fine spray through to a jet spray - enough choice for any garden. brilliant piece of kit that i can highly recommend
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on 7 May 2011
Absolutely brilliant! I am a keen gardener and watering the plants was previously very time consuming as it took so long to unravel the hose and get it to the end of our 40m garden and then to put it away again. Now it is so easy. The hose is just so easy to use and the garden so much tidier. Also great for car cleaning too.
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on 20 May 2011
If you regularly use a hose pipe, then you are probably fedup with the chore of unwinding and then winding the hose back up again. This product takes the grief out of this. The hose unwinds perfectly every time (kink free) and when you are finished, a gentle tug on the hose sets it rewinding. It's brilliant!

When we got the hose reel, I was surprised how heavy it was and was concerned that the wall bracket would not take the weight of the hose reel (especially when the hose was full of water) ... but it does. The only thing I did, was to use 6mm x 3 inch long masonry bolts to secure the bracket to the wall ... I'm not convinced that the screws provided are up to the job but to be fair I was bolting it to an old stone wall rather than a modern brick wall.

Anyway, as the review title says, this is a great product, that I would recommend to anyone who uses a hosepipe on a regular basis.
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