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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars70
4.3 out of 5 stars
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57 of 58 people found the following review helpful
on 5 February 2012
This is the 4th breadmaker I have owned (other makes were Panasonic, Morphy Richards and a very early Kenwood version) and it is by far the best when it comes to quality of the bread. It has 3 loaf size settings although I have never used the largest (except with Eco which is standard). This is because whenever I make the bread it always comes out larger than expected. It has 11 cook settings including Eco (Fast Bread). The texture of the bread is soft inside and crusty outside. The Eco setting produces slightly denser bread but is ideal if you don't have a lot of time. So far I have tried ordinary white bread, sweet fruit bread, cheese bread, coconut cake, gingerbread cake and chocolate cake. Although it has a cake function I was wary of making a cake in the breadmaker but the cakes come out soft and spongy. All the breads have been tasty and light.

The machine is also very "forgiving". When making one of the fruit breads I forgot the butter and the salt - I just added them during the kneading cycle and they mixed in evenly.

Some reviews state the machine is noisy, I personally do not find it is excessively noisy and compared to the two Morphy Richards machines I have owned it is very much quieter. When I am in a different room I do not hear the machine, so for me there is no problem in this area.

The only criticism I have is that it has not got a viewing window (hence only 4 stars) so you cannot see the bread cooking inside the machine, however this is a small price to pay for the brilliant bread it makes.

Would I recommend this machine? Yes, definitely
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26 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on 25 January 2012
After three months of use, every loaf I've made has turned out well. The included recipes that I've tried are fine. I've made several types of bread with this; the French bread recipe, the enriched premium bread recipe (and the bread I usually make, the enriched premium recipe but I exclude the egg), brioche and pizza dough. Having made at least one loaf a week, there has not been a major problem. I like being able to make different sized loaves; this has been very convenient.

Some of the loaves have turned out lumpy on top, not smoothly rounded like store-bought loaves, but the flour seems to be a major factor in this. I've used three brands of flour, and each results in a noticeably different flavour, and a very different shape of loaf. The recipe book suggests experimenting with a bit more or less water, but I have not bothered.

Negative aspects of this machine mostly concern noise. On the first use, I was a bit surprised at the level of noise during kneading. This is the first bread machine I've used, so I do not know if this noise is normal. After a month, the fan became noisy, making a whirring sound, but it works. The lid is becoming slightly discoloured around the edges - three months seems a bit early for such a sign of age and use. Sometimes the machine beeps for about a minute in the middle of its process, and there is no display or any clue why it is beeping. The loaves turn out fine, nonetheless.

Overall I am satisfied with the output of this machine; I like the bread it makes very much, and it literally takes just a couple of minutes to load the ingredients. The noise is an inconvenience, but typically I load the ingredients and leave, so usually I don't hear it anyway. The other negative aspects are not currently serious problems.

An update: it is now almost 18 months that I have been using this machine and I am very happy with it.

I live in a hot climate and I found that in the summer/hot season the loaves would have a collapsed top but otherwise seem fine. The dough is rising too much, then collapsing. Refrigerating the flour before baking solved the collapsed top problem. This workaround has only been necessary during extreme heat.
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38 of 41 people found the following review helpful
on 4 May 2012
Kenwood BM260 Breadmaker, White

Well, the Kenwood BM260 was delivered on the 3rd May 2012 ... used on the 4th May 2012 ... Followed the instructions and pressed the 85 minute 'Eco' mode.

All mixed well (yes it's a little noisy !)... the dough rose well (Tesco pre-mixed white / crusty) ... and with some 5 minutes left of the baking process, the lcd display went blank and now the machine refuses to switch back on ! Have waited several hours (just in case I did press anything else) but it's completely 'dead' (and it's not the fuse either) !!!

Just an observation, does the lcd display actually glow a blue colour when in use (see breadmaker image) ? The one I had never lit up at all which first set alarm bells going here !

Have ordered a replacement and hopefully it will be OK ... otherwise I will send it back again and get a refund !

The loaf had to be finished off in our gas oven for approx 10 minutes to brown and crisp up, and was superb !

I've only given it 1 star ... and I will update this report if and when necessary ... but it's NOT a good start !

UPDATE : 16th May 2012
Well I cannot fault Amazon for their replacement service, a brand new machine (same model) was back to me within a few days.

To date (16th May) I have baked approximately 7 assorted loaves and 1 cake using the full programs ... my own recipes ... and pre-mixed packets (i.e. Wrights / Tesco etc) and I must say they've turned out very, very good (so far !).

To reiterate ...

1) Yes it's a noisy little so-and-so, but hey, the bread's great !

2) I still cannot get the cooking display to light up 'blue' as shown in the images up on Amazon - does it light up ?

I've now noticed that the 'Mixing Paddle' that fits onto the spindle inside the 'Mixing Bowl' has developed a considerable amount of 'play' ! When it was first used, it was a 'snug fit' ... now I'm afraid the metal that the paddle is constructed of is going to 'round off' and become useless !!!

I have now given this machine 3 stars, but this might be reduced again if the 'Mixing Paddle' gets worse !


The 'Mixing Paddle' mentioned above did get worse and I contacted Kenwood direct and they very kindly sent me not only a replacement paddle but also a new mixing bowl as well !!!

It continues to bake some excellent bread - (using their enclosed recipe book) - and I am so pleased I have raised my rating to 4 stars !


Yes - ANOTHER UPDATE : April 2014

Didn't use the machine for about 6 to 8 weeks and the Mixing Paddle's spindle actually seized up solid and would not rotate. I was really glad I had that spare bowl from Kenwood. I have since gone on a stage further and bought several recipe books and have experimented with different flours and ingredients and I've been very pleased with the results ... so much so it's gone up to 5 stars.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 26 February 2013
After 4 perfect loaves and 4 perfectly delicious cakes i feel confident that a review of this breadmaker is timely. The Kenwood is a replacement for the Morphy Richards daily breadmaker which broke down after 2 loaves! and here i must once again congratulate Amazon for excellent no quibble service.The Kenwood was almost twice the price of the Morphy Richards but is a vastly superior product in every way. I suppose we are all addicted to cheap stuff but a breadmaker by it,s very nature must be robust, so remember "You get what you pay for" The only slight reservation i have i have is it does move around on the worktop-hence the four stars- so you do need to keep an eye on it while it,s kneading but it is working hard so to be perfectly stationary it would have to weigh about 50kilos! to overcome the inertia of the motor. So far so good and if it,s still working in 5 years time i will be very happy indeed
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20 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on 28 April 2011
Got this machine a couple of weeks ago. Apart from making great bread, the other thing I like, is the fact that it's very compact and fits easily on the worktop, so I don't have to put it away all the time. It looks good too - glossy white. I've made brilliant raspberry jam in it believe it or not, and the recipe for marmalade cake, looks strange, but tastes brill! Didn't know you could make cakes in a breadmaker!
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17 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on 3 March 2013
I was dubious about getting a breadmaker because I thought I wouldn't have time and would end up buying bread in the shops and the machine sitting in the cupboard gathering dust. How wrong I was. It's very easy to get into a routine - all you need to do is keep flour, oil, salt, sugar and yeast stocked up in your cupboard. The 15 hour timer delay means you can set it up when you have time then forget about it. It's easy to clean.

We haven't found it too noisy as other reviewers have said. It's much quieter than a washing machine and the only thing that wakes us up if I have it on in the small hours is the smell of freshly baked bread first thing. Mmm!

It makes a lovely crusty loaf better than others I've seen from friends. There are lots of different settings which makes it really easy to program. Reminds me of the farmhouse loaves you can buy in supermarkets but better. Hubbie loves the homemade pizzas and we're saving a fortune on takeaways. The cakes taste okay but don't look that great (there's a hole in the bottom where the paddle is). But fine for everyday cakes. The naan bread dough looks like it'll be a disaster but it comes out very authentic. Really impressive if you add garlic powder. They freeze well.

The eco setting is handy of you've run out and need bread quick (1 1/2 hours) - but the premium bread setting is the best and uses less ingredients for a bigger loaf.

One other thing - we were a bit concerned about out waistlines using a breadmaker (!!) but we found that making good bread makes us appreciate it more and we enjoy quality not quantity.

I would recommend even if you have a very small kitchen like me make room for this it's a very reliable and versatile breadmaker.

I've had the breadmaker for 2 months and not bought shop bread since it's so easy to manage. I must be spoilt with the taste of home baked bread because I recently tried a supermarket "finest" loaf and seriously thought there was NO TASTE AT ALL!! This machine is really worth every penny.

Update July 2014:
Still using this machine and it's going strong.If it conks out we'll just get another.

Update March 2015:
It didn't conk out and was still working fine but we decided to upgrade to the Kenwood BM450 to take advantage of the bigger range of bread making programmes. Still not buying bread from the supermarket. I don't think I could ever go back to that now.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 30 August 2012
Excellent machine and reasonably priced. This is my fourth breadmaker, and second Kenwood. Care must be taken as it is inclined to walk across the worktop, therefore an antislip pad is very important otherwise machine could easily finish up on the floor! Highly recommended.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 8 October 2012
Fantastic bread maker, have not bought a loaf of bread since purchase.
From granary bread to fruit loaf very versatile. Top marks
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 26 February 2015
A great little bread maker. This is my second bread maker, the first being a Russell Hobbs and I can confidently say the Kenwood is head and shoulders above the old one.

The loaves are light and fluffy with a firm crust, the machine mixes evenly - there's no viewing window but the machine beeps at the end of kneading so that you can check that it us fully mixed, I find the three size options really convenient.

I like the look of the machine and find it to be reasonably small compared to my last machine, especially when you consider that this can make a 1kg loaf (my old one was meant to be compact and could only do a 500g loaf and it was bigger than this).

I agree that it is a bit noisier than other machines that I've encountered, but it isn't much of an inconvenience, it makes it difficult to hear other things when you are in the kitchen but it isn't so loud as to affect you in other rooms.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 20 November 2012
my husband had almost given up on having toast for breakfast . I tried various recipes but the results were not good .This Kenwood machine makes fantastic bread , and my husband is now a happy man !!
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