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4.5 out of 5 stars
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Colour: OrangeVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have used a lot of pedometers in the past, and all of them were very inaccurate. It now seems that the very respected brand, Omron, has finally worked out what we all need, which is a pedometer that works and also gives you a bit more information on how you are doing!

This neat little device is very simple to set up, but it pays to have some vital statistics already written down so that you can enter them when you set it up. You enter the time, your weight in kg, your height in cm and also your stride length in cm, which can be easily calculated by referring to the instruction booklet.

As well as telling the time, this device has a mode toggle that will display steps taken so far, the distance travelled in km, the calories burned in kcal and the fat burned in grammes. It can also store specific sessions that you can record from start to finish, which is very handy to compare different activities.

In all of my walks, I have found this device to be quite accurate indeed and I at last feel that I can rely on a pedometer to give me a pretty accurate estimate of how much walking I am doing and the likely benefit to my health. Especially useful is the feature that estimates the calories, as I like to have an idea of how my walks add up over the week and which ones are paying off better than others.
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VINE VOICEon 4 November 2010
Colour: OrangeVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The step counter unit arrived it was much more compact than I expected being slightly larger than a wristwatch so can easily be stored in even a small pocket or in a handbag or hand held. The unit comes with a wrist strap rather than a full neck strap which for me would have been more convenient, although included is a clip which can be conveniently attached to an item of clothing in conduction with the supplied wrist strap.
Switching the unit on for the first time (or after depressing the set button on the rear) you are required to set up your profile ie height, weight, stride length etc once you have done this the unit is ready to use. The step counter features the following functions: current time of day, step count, distance covered, calories consumed, fat burned. The display is large enough and the information clearly and easily readable and the buttons are large enough I believe even for larger fingers to easily operate. There is also a memory function which allows you to store upto 7 days worth of data, for instant recall. The unit utilises a clever sleep function whereby after 5 minutes if no button is pressed the display goes off but the unit continues to operate to conserve battery life.
The unit is purposely aimed at walking for exercise although I have used it just as well for running/jogging by setting a suitable stride length. Another quality Omron health oriented product!

The detailed enough instruction manual comes in the following languages: English, French, German,Italian, Spanish, Dutch Russian & Arabic.

Pros: Small size, good sized buttons, simple to operate, clear display.
Cons: No neck strap included.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 4 September 2013
I was inspired to buy this bit of kit after catching sight of the elephant in the room in a photograph and realising it was me. First reaction was to comfort myself with a large bar of chocolate, followed by several glasses of vin rouge. Which I did. After the hangover cleared, I knew that the chocolate/wine diet was not working for Nellie and I would have to try something else. I did think about packing my bags and heading off to the circus, but I hadn't the energy. Since I'm an elephant and not a gym bunny, I knew the gym was not my natural habitat.Besides, I can't stand being on the treadmill with some grunting, testosterone-fuelled man on the one next to me showering me in his sweat. I didn't want to land myself with expensive gym membership fees either - been there, regretted that. All that got slim was my bank account to the point of anorexia. Then I remembered how I had managed to shift the weight previously - simples - just by walking. The motivator at that time had been to snare the man of my dreams. However, I wasn't the woman of his, so that didn't work too well. But the weight came off and I felt great. No more groaning as I climbed the stairs. No more 'toddler' sitting on my lap every time I sat down. No more kidding myself that the clothes manufacturers were making everything too small these days and that a size 16 was really a size 10. Now, I am the sort of person who needs motivation - a Sergeant Major shouting at me might do it, but they're not easy to find. However, this nifty little pedometer has proved to be a real boon. It's fairly simple to programme and once I had done the necessary, off I got into my stride. Every day I clip it to my bra strap and every evening, just before, I go to bed I check it to see how many steps Nellie has taken. Beneath the blubber, I am quite a competitive person and even compete against myself. So, I am always trying to better yesterday's step count. Actually, yesterday's step count was 20,000, which was pretty darn good. I am heading out shortly and know that my little Omron will be with me every step of the way faithfully recording my progress - and I am progressing. Nellie has regressed to being only a baby elephant. Soon, she may even transform into a gazelle (I can dream, can't I!). This morning, though, I had a bad moment. I forgot to un-clip poor Omron from my bra before I put it in the wash. Lo and behold, it appeared completely unscathed. It was clean, shiny and had taken the opportunity to do 1164 steps (which I must deduct from today's total!). What more can I say - I love it - Omron and I are an item - together forever. PS. I don't really use it for its calorie counting abilities, since metabolisms differ from person to person. But, I suppose it might be useful as a rough guestimate.
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Colour: OrangeVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As a previous user of the Omron Walking Style Pro Pedometer which I loved until its screen met with an unfortunate accident, I was interested to try a different model.

The first thing that struck me upon opening the package was how much smaller this model is, it's approximately 6cm by 3.5cm and only about half a cm thick, so fits beautifully into a jeans pocket. The place at the base of the pedometer where the lanyard attaches swivels round, the manufacturers provide a short lanyard with a clip on it which is very convenient for attaching to belt loops on trousers, the pedometer could easily be used around one's neck if this was substituted for a long lanyard, however.

Unlike with my previous model, the Walking Style III Pedometer's screen does not stay on all the time, it goes blank after a short while and you have to press a button to reawaken it. I wasn't all that keen on this at first, but the difference this makes to battery life is quite striking - I have been using it on the same battery for almost four months now.

As with all the Omron pedometers, the step counting is very accurate (not perfect, obviously, but their motion sensors are radically better than conventional 'pendulum' pedometers), and it counts steps just as well tossed into a pocket or bag as it does if carefully clipped in an upright position onto your waistband.

Highly recommended item. Definitely worth paying a little extra for one of these quality pedometers.
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on 19 March 2012
My trusty pedometer finally gave up on me after about 8 years of faultless service. So, I was desperate to replace it with something equally as small, easy to operate and accurate. I did see this Omron model in Argos, but as it was out of my price range, I opted for a cheaper one. I returned this as it was unsuitable and bought another model from Argos, which was more like an alarm clock than a pedometer, it was huge! Needless to say, this was returned also. I then tried the internet, discovered Amazon, and found the exact same Omren model at a much cheaper price...ideal!!

It is so easy to set up, and the added bonus of being able to carry it in my pocket is brilliant, I can take it anywhere, any time, without having to clip it on to a waist band and hope it doesn't come off! If I don't have a pocket I can wear it (concealed) around my neck, although I don't find the clip provided very useful, so I tend to use my own strap. The 7 day history is also a very useful feature as I can monitor my activity for the whole week.
I would definitely recommend this product to my friends.

The Amazon reviews on this pedometer were so helpful, that I decided that by writing my own, it might help someone else in their purchase decision.
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on 27 July 2014
A very nice basic pedometer.


~ Easy to use - buttons are a good size and lie flat so you don't hit them accidentally.

~ Durable - the first week I had it I fell flat on my face while running, and though the screen got scratched it still works just fine. (My nose was not quite so lucky, though it has healed.)

~ The belt clip is much stronger than any other that I've tried (I tend to lose a lot of pedometers - they often just fall off). The fact that it's on a lanyard is good too, as you can tuck it inside your clothes if necessary, and if you clip it onto thin fabrics it's less likely to pull them out of shape.

~ Unlike most pedometers I've tried, it's sensitive enough to log my steps when I'm walking super-slowly with my disabled mother. Also sensitive enough to log steps if I put it in my handbag or on the neck of a dress. Previous pedometers that I've tried have ignored any steps that don't match my input stride length, so I've come home many days wondering why it says I only did 4000 steps when I actually walked three times that. This one logs just about everything.

~ I like the colours! OK, it's ridiculously girly, but what can you do? :)


~ It would have been nice to have an aerobic step counter. (If there's one on here, I haven't found it.)

At some point I'll upgrade to a pedometer that I can connect to my iPhone, so that I don't have to hand-log all the details into the app I use for charting food and exercise, but for a basic, reasonably cheap step counter, this is excellent - the best I've tried yet. (I think I've had five or six different ones in the last few years.)
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on 6 June 2013
I chose the Omron pedometer because I had bought one previously and found it to be great for motivating me not to sit about. I no longer work and wanted to lose weight and generally be healthier. I am using the pedometer combined with healthier eating habits. The pedometer records the steps taken, Km walked, kcals, gms used, so I record this combined with my daily activities, I am able to see what works for me in helping with weight loss. Days when I am not motivated to do much more than sit and watch TV, or work on my laptop, when I look at the pedometer, and see how few steps I have taken, it really motivates me to get up and do something, in the house, or out. I wear it practically 24hrs, so I can't 'cheat' when I record the results. It is descreet to wear, and easy to fix to clothes without damage, and appears to be strong enough for regular daily use. Because it records seven days, it is easy to keep data as I don't have to record it daily. I would recommend it for anyone who thinks they 'never sit about, and are always on the go', and don't understand why they 'can't lose weight', but feel they want to do something about it. I only bought another one because I want to give it to a friend, my first one is still going strong after 6months of daily wear and the same battery it came with.
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on 7 August 2012
Bought it to go walking in Switzerland. Was easy to set up and easy to use. But then horror left the device in my walking trousers and gave them a wash. The device came out cleaner and still works perfectly.I did not think it would survive.
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Colour: OrangeVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Omron have got a pretty neat little pedometer here. Unlike some simpler models this pedometer requires you to input your weight, height and stride length in order that it can figure out how far you've walked, calories you've burnt and grams of fat you have worked off. This is a good feature as many generic pedometers basically guess your distance as they don't have the ability to personalise.

The unit seems pretty solidly constructed and the lanyard is good enough too. The pedometer is very simple to use, it stores seven days of information and records anew each day. There is a spot function that measures separately from the seven day recorder. This is handy if you are going out for a hike or walk and want to figure out how far you have gone during that walk.

Beyond being a novelty an accurate pedometer is actually a useful tool for navigation and hillwalking as it replaces having to pace out distances in your head.

Where I ran into difficulties with the Omron was the accuracy of the unit. I walk a circuit that is two miles in length, however, when I use the Omron it gives a distance of less than two miles. I have tried tweaking the pace setting on the unit but it doesn't make much of a difference. The unit will require further tweaking.

Apart from the slight issue with distance this is a neat little unit and recommended.
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on 21 September 2013
Omron Walking Style III Pedometer is a toy and not a reliable device on which you can rely to for accurate data.

After 2 hours of constant walking, my Omron counted only 16 steps. However it seems to add steps when left static for example on the table.

It took me a month of numerous e-mails to get a partial refund for this product, so we aware!
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