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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 9 November 2015
Whenever I take my Tyros 5 to bed, it takes up so much space that there is no room left for me and I have to sleep on the floor. However with the Casio SA-46 keyboard I have full access to the land of Counterpane while the keyboard sits discreetly upon my lap like a well-trained poodle. For this I give the Casio SA-46 five stars and the Tyros 5 only one. As further comparisons would be unfair, I will put the Tyros to one side.

The Casio SA-46 is an inexpensive Mini Keyboard that is one step above being a toy, it is well made and moderately robust, it costs about the same as a family size Chinese takeaway. And if you like those “Bee in a tin can” sounds, the Casio has lots of them, this is the keyboard for you! The rhythm section is mainly drum beats which you can speed up or slow down using the two tempo buttons. Casio make a larger version of this keyboard, it has extra keys and is longer. But is it worth the extra cash? The SA-46 has two and a half octaves, starting at ‘F’ below middle ‘C’ and going up to the second ‘C’ above, a total of 32 keys. The SA-78 has three and a half octaves, starting at ‘F’ below middle ‘C’ and going up to the third ‘C’ above, a total of 44 keys. It also has a larger screen showing the notes played and a metronome icon. Don’t be fooled by the metronome icon, the tempo is set from “1 to 16”, but “1 to 16” what? It does not tell you the beats per minute, so it’s only guesswork. Beginner keyboard books usually stay within the two and a half octave range of the smaller SA-46. So buying the smaller keyboard and using the money saved to buy a quartz metronome may be the better option, if you have need of a metronome that is.

The keyboard is battery operated and also has an input for an OPTIONAL adaptor. I write optional in capitals as some people buy this keyboard and then moan “It’s got no adaptor!” I say to you “Read the information carefully, especially where it says ‘ADAPTOR OPTIONAL’ before you buy the keyboard, and if you do, make sure you have batteries to hand for when the keyboard arrives.” While on the subject of adaptors, do not buy a 9 volt adaptor that is advertised for a Casio keyboard, it will cost you more than if you buy a UNIVERSAL adaptor that can be set to various voltages and comes with a selection of plugs, it can be used for many electrical items including other keyboards that require different voltages and centre pin polarity. I bought this one: Connect-It ES1340 Universal Adapter 600ma with USB.

Should you have need to tune the keyboard, the facility is there. You just press the TONE and PATTERN buttons together. They are marked ‘Tune’ in case you forget. You can tune the keyboard a semitone going up or a semitone going down using the + & - buttons. It takes Ninety-nine button presses either way, there is no “Press and hold” function. If you have mistakenly gone the wrong way don’t panic, it’s not 198 button presses back, just switch the keyboard off and on and it resets to zero. The big bright coloured button toggles between the piano and organ sound. The keyboard has eight note polyphony, but don’t let that put you off, it’s not contagious and all keyboards have it to some degree. It means the keyboard has the ability to play eight notes at the same time. That may seem a lot, but in reality it is not. The Tyros has 128 note polyphony and that is one of the reasons it costs a few pennies more.

There is no stand for this keyboard, but if your child is a toddler and mostly sits on the floor to play, then just get a plastic step stool (they cost about a fiver) and put the keyboard on that. The great thing with step stools is they are stackable, so as your child grows you just have to add an extra step stool. And by the time your child is eighteen you will not only have a fantastic Keyboard Hero in the family, but a great collection of step stools. There are five drum pads on this keyboard with the drum type shown below each button. Pressing each button from left to right they sound like this: Bump, Bup, Tick, Dump and Plonk. There are also five more drum sounds under the percussion section using the keys. And you also get some really useful sounds of a Bird, Telephone, Helicopter, Train, Laser Gun, Gunshot and Seashore. There is also a mini stereo jack socket for headphones at the back of the keyboard, the keyboard is, in spite of having two speakers, mono only. So by having a stereo jack socket, your stereo headphones will work on both sides in mono instead of the left side only. Of course you can also use this headphone output to feed a stereo keyboard amplifier like the Roland KC-110, it works a treat. But before you rush off to a Roland dealer to buy one, check with your Granny first, she may have one tucked away in her wardrobe. If not, then it’s going cost you in excess of £300. Joking aside, you can connect this keyboard to anything that has an AUX IN socket, be it Radio, Hi-Fi or Amplifier, which can have several inputs using different types of plugs. All you need is a cable with the correct plugs at either end.

Do not bother to buy a bag or cover, the cost is more than the keyboard is worth. If your child shows ability you will need to buy a bigger keyboard. On the other hand if the child loses interest, then what need of a bag or cover? Finally this keyboard comes with a two year warranty which is great or is it? If it requires attention, guess who pays the postage? And postal charges today can be quite high, it may be the better option is to kick the keyboard into touch, miss out on a family size Chinese takeaway and buy another keyboard. The good news is keyboards are pretty tough when it comes to longevity otherwise eBay would not be making so much dosh from their auctions of thirty year old keyboards which are always in pristine condition and only used once, if you’re daft enough to believe the seller. If you want to consider other mini keyboards that are more than just a toy, then look at the Bontempi models GT740, GT790 or the Korg Microarranger, but have the smelling salts handy for when you see the Korg’s price. So there you have it, the choice is yours…
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on 19 May 2014
This review is based on the premiss that I wanted to buy a simple good quality and solid keyboard for a very young child rather than a branded toy keyboard such as a Micky Mouse keyboard. At the time my son was one and a half years old, now he is nearly three and the keyboard continues to work perfectly, this despite some pretty "heavy" key board soloing and abuse that even Keith Emerson would wince at. As far as it's musical functionality is concerned it has everything a beginner needs, far more than the aforementioned toys, and the tonality is excellent. Some reviewers have pointed out it does not come with a mains power pack, I have just used rechargeable batteries and they seem to last quite well. So, what's not to like? Nothing summary a durable and excellent product at a great price from a trusted brand.
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on 26 February 2013
This is a nice keyboard that does all that you could wish but beware because you will almost certainly need the AC Adaptor which sells separately!
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on 16 September 2012
Excellent value for the money. I bought it for my daughter's birthday. For a few pounds more I've got musical instrument not only a toy. I had similar keyboard from Casio as a child. Nowadays they significantly improved them with natural tones of the instruments, clear sounds and 8 tones polyphony. Very good selection of embedded songs and patterns. I hope this keyboard will be not only for a fun but our kids will start the first piano lessons on it.
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on 29 December 2011
I am very pleased with this keyboard and consider it exceptional value for money. It is of high build quality, performs extremely well and has a wide range of functions. I would readily purchase another in the future.
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on 6 September 2013
Just what I wanted, good tone and I can pick out music I am trying to learn for choir. Pity they don't include the mains lead.
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on 25 February 2014
a great mini keyboard, well made with good sounds, one of the best buys, the quality of the keyboard was as from Casio always good
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on 12 March 2013
Perfect size, not too big, but has lots of programmes installed, which are easy to access.
Only down side blacak keys can fall off and once that happens they cannot be put back
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on 8 May 2015
I bought this to record some budget keyboard sounds after seeing some youtube clips - it actually sounds pretty good for what is essentially a child's toy! There are some really groovy rhythms in there as well, which surpassed my expectations. Unfortunately it has no button for drum fills, but with a bit of editing in pro tools or cubase the sky's the limit. Just jamming along with the rhythms sounds great. It's also really small and cute, easy to carry around and the underneath is bright green. What excuse is there to not have at least one of these?!
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on 29 August 2013
A good looking and well made product which is great as a beginners keyboard for my six year old grandson. However 4 stars only because actually this keyboard really costs another £9 because you have to buy the mains adapter separately. It's also not supplied with batteries so in fact is a completely unusable product straight from the box (fit for purpose??!). If you want this product and want to compare it with others remember that the total price you pay for it is just short of £40. It actually cost the same in my local independent music shop!
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