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4.2 out of 5 stars178
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 23 March 2011
As other reviewers have already said there are lots of brackets and attachments so you have lots of options about how to position/fit the light. All pieces are plastic, but are nonetheless very study and whilst somewhat utilitarian are not ugly as far as I'm concerned. I'm guessing that most people that buy solar lights do so not because they particularly want a solar light but moreover because they want a light without the expense, inconvenience, or disruption of running cables. This leads to a trade off that must be part of the decision to buy and certainly must be part of one's expectations. The light from this lamp does not last from dawn to dusk, nor is it as bright as a mains powered halogen lamp, but it certainly does generate enough light to see by, does last long enough into the night for when I care about, and is very easy to position (and reposition as I've done already). So am I pleased with it, yes, could it be improved upon, well possibly, as another reviewer noted the solar panel angles forwards and backwards in line with the light but is not capable of being tilted to either side - a feature that I suspect would give better "sun capture" although may risk making the fixture either less sturdy or more expensive, now how much actual difference it would make I don't know. If I could have, I would have probably knocked half a star off for that but didn't feel it deserved to lose a whole star so have gone for 5 stars. So yes I'd recommend it as a good example of what it is - and no electricity bills!
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on 2 September 2011
I purchased these from Amazon as I had read reviews that were informative and praised the quality of the product. Also I was totally fed up with buying much cheaper solar lights from a couple of well known supermarkets that worked for a season and then failed.
The lights arrived well packaged and were very easy to assemble. They charged up over 2 days and from the moment I switched them on they have been brilliant in terms of performance. I am very impressed with the light they give out and they really do illuminate the dark areas of the garden.
I am totally satisfied with lights, do not begrudge the extra money as the product is so good and the effect on my garden has given me a lot of pleasure. These lights will be coming in doors for the winter and will be carefully stored ready for next spring. A sizeable investment, but well worth it.
I just have to dispose of 12 solar lights that no longer function but were much cheaper than the Thea Solar Garden Spotlights. Moral of the story is I guess you get what you pay for.
I can now extend this review as the lights are now back in the garden for their second tour of duty. They are functioning just as well as last year and giving me as much pleasure. As they can be placed anywhere in the garden, new locations can be tried and they are versatile enough to deal with the ever changing garden landscape. These lights are really great.
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on 20 November 2011
I have modified my light in order to mount the solar cell away from the light and have therefore voided my warranty, but having taken the unit apart I can make the following comments.

The solar cell is fixed to the light and can only be moved in one direction. Unless you are mounting the light where the cell can collect the most light during the day you are likely to be disappointed with the performance of the unit, especially in winter. With fully charged battery the light was acceptable but on a dull charging day and a cold night the light was barely more than you get from a £1 garden spike solar light.

The unit is not waterproof. There is no seal around the battery housing, around the on/off switch or around the cable entry. Water will enter if the unit is exposed to rain and probably within a year expect to see "fatal" corrosion around the battery terminals and circuit board. There will be no danger to health as there is no mains voltages and the highest voltage is around 5V.

I have seen more sophisticated electronics in the £1 garden lights and I suspect if similar circuit techniques were used in this type of fitting a better quality (long term brightness) of light could have been achieved.

There is nothing in the light assembly except the 8 LEDs and reflector. The unit could easily have been made a third of the size.

It may be possible to get a better performance by replacing the 3 AA 1500mAh batteries with commonly available AA 2200mAh versions.

In general, the quality reflects that it is made to a (low) price. While the performance figures may be achievable in ideal conditions I suspect that many installations will not allow the full potential of the light to be met.
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I was admiring the effects of this light in my front garden a few moments ago and suddenly had an overwhelming desire to sing its praises, to spread the word about how very impressive it is. My first instinct was to jump in front of it, bathe in its limelight and fashion a little something in its honour in the style of Pam Ayres but I thought that might make me look slightly eccentric. So, here I am on Amazon instead.

This spotlight has been my faithful companion for very nearly three years now. It came with me when I was asked to leave my former home by my former wife and its light has been defying the hours of darkness almost nightly ever since. Even in the depths of winter, the spotlight bravely carries on and is still a wonderful feature. However, this recent warm and sunny weather has allowed it to show off properly. It really is as bright as the description hints at, as well as being of sturdy construction and with an immense stamina. Up until that last bit, my spotlight and I were singing from the same hymn sheet, although recently it's probably brighter than me. The solar panel can be moved in order to chase the sun's energy and the spike which drives the light firmly into the ground would no doubt look attractive to Professor Van Helsing, in any kind of Dracula-related emergency.

This brightness cannot be overemphasised. It looks like a mini-floodlight. I have visions of teams of spiders and teams of beetles meeting under it for a kickabout every evening. I know you're supposed to pluck one lucky shrub from gardening obscurity and showcase it in the spotlight for all to see, but that seems a bit unfair to me, so I do tend to fiddle with its positioning rather excessively. Once it is lit up of an evening it is enormous fun - for a short time anyway - to go outside and pick random shrubbery to highlight. Every plant gets its few moments in the spotlight. It's a bit like 'Opportunity Knocks' outside my house.

I keep promising myself that I'll purchase more of these lights, although I think living in a localised version of the 'Land of The Midnight Sun' might confuse my plants rather significantly. Maybe it's best that I've just got the one. It's powerful but still understated. Impressive but not 'in your face'. It's the perfect gardening feature.
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on 18 June 2013
Having already purchased a variety of solar-powered lights I was curious to know how this one measured up? Bought in May and used over six weeks of mainly dull weather, I find the light stays on for about seven hours - rather less than as advertised.
I wonder how long it will work for on a December day when it is dark by 4.30pm? Two hours?
Very bright light which appears to give out a narrow beam when seen from the front but when standing behind the light the spread is measurable in my garden at 20ft distance as being at least 15ft across, which is good.
The solar panel on top of the light is only adjustable in one plane - fore and aft - not side to side. There are fixing brackets for the wall but mine (I bought a second one) are stuck in the earth on the one pole provided with each one.

Subsequently - written 28 Dec 2014, one of the two lights packed up completely in spring 2014 and the other comes on with a dull glimmer in the winter and fully in the summer but only for a couple of hours. Disappointed.

OCT 2015. Both broken by now. Took one apart, no obvious reason for breaking. My Powerbee products bought same time still going strong.
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on 5 January 2015
Bought 2 and neither work £50 down the drain. Rang Solar Centre they said they would look at them if I return them at my expense.
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on 3 May 2015
The box says it is fully adjustable, it isn't. You can not, for example, have the solar panel face south and the light face north, or in fact any compass degree off the other, at best you can only have the panel face upwards and the light downwards. So consider the position before buying. Also, obviously, if the solar panel is in any shade at any time it will work less well. So yes you can put it wherever you like, but if that's down a passageway, for example, you may be disappointed.
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on 23 January 2015
Bought them before..bought them out of three that I got DID NOT light up...? charge them in the sun for 3days..still no spotlight..disappointed..thrown away the can't return it..Hmmmm
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on 2 May 2015
Good if you want to be able to see a light in the garden but doesn't illuminate anything. Works as you would expect, charges during the day and turns on at night. But even though it is brighter than previous generation solar lighting it still doesn't produce enought light to have any value. Having completed my experiment with solar I am now planning to get low voltage garden lights installed.
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on 14 April 2011
I was suitably impressed by the reviews....the lights arrived, I positioned them in direct sun....they didnt even switch on after 2 days. Also very flimsy case, easy to crack. Returned for a refund.
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