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Customer Reviews

3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 9 March 2011
After just 2 months of working this machine came up with an E04 Error Message that stated the machine should be restarted. After retarting the machine this message still did not clear! We contacted the Customer service line and was told we would have to wait 2 weeks as the Workshop was moving address! After 3 weeks and a couple of calls to chase they eventually we managed to pick up the machine, but 2 MONTHS later we are still awaiting either a repair or replacement from gaggia?? After several calls the customer service line promises calls back or says that this is "Awaiting Parts" but to be honest if these machines go faulty after such a short space of time they clearly are not fit for purpose! After what I consider to be the worst customer service from any company I would avoid buying any future products from gaggia or phillips as they clearly do not care about customers and sell below par products that go faulty within a very short space of time!
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on 21 January 2011
We purchased the Gaggia Accademia Coffee Machine Gaggia RI9702/04 Accademia Bean to cup Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Machine, when it arrived we set it up and followed the included instructions. 30 minutes later we had to install the Filter for the water tank that came with the machine, less then 5 seconds later the machine crashed and demanded a restart, this happened a couple of times before the machine would fully booted.

So the first drink I wanted to try was a Cafe Latte so I filled the milk tank up with cold milk inserted it into the machine and pressed Latte Macchiato (Gaggias term for Cafe Latte). The machine started to "Boil" the milk, it dispensed that milk, then Steam and then the espresso shot. So I when to test the first Cafe Latte from the machine and it was stone cold. So I repeated the procedure a couple of times incase the boiler had to heat up including leaving it for 60 minutes and 2 hours with the thinking that it would give it time to heat the milk to the correct temperature. However the milk never got above the 40"C. The water boiler as well never got beyond 50"C.

When I Googled the issue it appears that this is an issue with the Accademia and the coffee lover has to drink it cold or create heated milk via other methods - a microwave.

So after the first day we had it, we decided to return the product under the Sales of Goods Act as "not fit for purpose", to the shop where we purchased it from, which is none other than, Gaggia UK (Trading as Caffe Shop), themselves. They refused our request for the refund and demanded that we had to read the instructions (which we did a couple of times to ensure that we didn't miss anything when we were setting up then making the latte) and failing that we had to wait for the Gaggia Service Department to talk us though making a cup of Cafe latte with the Automatic One Button Coffee machine, and a service engineer to inspect the machine to ensure that it isn't just a faulty one in a batch of hundreds. They then declared that if the store was to issue a refund then the go ahead would need to be pre-approved from Head Office. Weird that Trading Standards never noticed that a shop could overwrite the Sales of Goods Act with their own Terms and Conditions and/or Policies.

So we contacted their head office that were very helpful in regards to allowing us to return it for a full refund in store and he would phone ahead to instruct the manager to issue the refund, and however they stated that there was no way to change the temperature, apart from pre-heating the milk before hand! What the hell, so you will have to use a stove heat the milk before making the Cafe Latte.

My suggestion is to say away from Gaggia systems or rather their top of the range models, as they are just not fit for purpose until they are able to heat the milk to the correct temperature.
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on 28 December 2013
tl;dr - Do not purchase this item, it will leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth, and nearly inevitable hassle to return it.

There are a litany of other reviews on Amazon about this machine being unreliable, or even not working out of the box.

I bought the machine because I felt a significant amount of 'Reviewers Bias' may be involved, or explained more plainly, the desire for someone to leave feedback after a bad experience being more compelling than after a positive experience, compounded by the expense of the purchase.

I'm sorry to say that despite my faith, my experience was left wanting.

Despite the Quick Start Guide clearly saying a water filter should be included with the unit, none was located in the box.

Despite reviews on YouTube showing a fairly cool 'sling' made from plastic to lift the heavy item out of its cardboard coffin, that wasn't present.

Then to put a cherry on the ice cream sandwich, when we followed the instructions to assemble, and started up the unit with water and coffee in the repositories, we are presented with an inexplicable error - a maintenance icon with E05 (like many others) and the only help the manual provides is to say, "Turn it off for 30 seconds, turn it back on, if that doesn't work please call our service centre".

We're going to return this to Amazon for a full refund. I'm sure if yours works, it makes fantastic coffee, but just like an older Italian sportscar, reliability is clearly a major issue and given the cost of this super-automatic machine, well...
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on 7 March 2011
I am now on my second Gaggia Accademia coffee maker in a month
It is now very obvious there is a design fault with this machine.
If you like cold drinks its great !!!!
Using the milk carafe it dispenses milk at an awe inspiring 40 degrees
To get the drink warm you then need to microwave your drink !!
For over £[] i am sure using instant coffee and a kettle produces better coffee
Total waste of money as the other reviews state !!!
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on 25 March 2013
There's quite a few one star reviews of this machine, but they seem to relate to being not working right out of the box. There is some work to be done to get the machine set up for the first time, but once you've done that, this machine seems to be unstoppable.
We've used it to serve way more coffees than it is classed for--we've done about 10,000 coffees (split amongst the various types) in the 6 months we've had this machine. I've posted a picture of the cycle counters in the user images.

It has only error'ed on us once: a "water priming circuit" failure message. This was a completely blocked boiler problem that was not prevented by using the descaling cycle regularly with the gaggia descaler; we've switched to a third-party descaler and all seems well again. Working on this machine was a dream--it is very easy to disassemble, and all parts are labelled well, including voltages.

My only complaint is that the drip tray fills up rapidly, so you end up emptying it very often. Otherwise, a good little workhorse.
review image
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on 14 July 2012
Absolutely amazing coffee machine.

Bought it yesterday and it's so easy to set up and use. So far, the coffee is perfect.
If you want to change the temperature, strength, quantity etc, it can be done at the press of a button.

Don't let the negative reviews put you off
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on 24 April 2013
I have just had my machine. I have settings on the hottest but and big but I can not get hot coffee from the machine. You can drink your coffee straight up. No chance of sipping hot coffee very disappointed. My family mad because I spent such a lot of money. Do Gaggia
read theses revues I bet they don't.
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on 8 April 2012
I have seen and red the previous reviews and all of them were negative. Then I went to (American) and it was a mixed bag.
I decided to give it try because it is as good as the Saeco xelsis but at a much cheaper price and If I do not like it I will returne.
And I am glad I did choose it because it makes on of the best coffee ever.
And it is hot not cold as some people said
I really like this machine
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on 16 September 2012
This is a top of the range machine in terms of cost and its four star rating reflects that. Overall, it's terrific with more adjustments to coffee taste than you'll ever need. You can also adjust the temperature of the coffee (but not the milk) and on its highest setting, it's scalding. Given some of the comments on the heat of the end product in other reviews, I set up the machine to give maximum temperature and got a burnt tongue for my pains!

Set up is menu driven and very easy. For each type of coffee, the amount of coffee, the strength of brew, the amount of both water and milk and the length of prebrewing are all adjustable, so it's possible to fine tune the coffee to your own taste.

For cappuccino and latte macchiato (which is what we usually call cafe latte), the milk carafe can be connected. This offers a thick foam in seconds, making a delicious drink - and it automatically cleans the pipes afterwards. When finished, just disconnect the milk carafe and put it in the fridge until next time, as long as you wash it out every couple of days or so.

The coffee is hot enough to carry off the milk and still provide a hot drink. As I said above, I didn't need to use the max coffee temperature setting to get a decent drink - and I can't abide lukewarm coffee. However if using the latte setting, which just provides frothed milk, the end product could not be described as hot by any stretch of the imagination. If making hot chocolate for example, you'd need to use the steam wand to to heat it to an acceptable temperature. It's this that moves it from a five star to a four star rating.

The only other niggle is that the water tank could be bigger but it's not a reason not to purchase.

Overall, it makes great coffee, which is the reason for buying it in the first place!

By the way, when I bought mine (Sept 2012), it was just under £1000 but the best Amazon price was £1284, so shop around.
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on 30 December 2011
I've just received this machine and sadly after setting up etc etc it doesn't work and I am now awaiting a replacement. I have to say it looks a good quality impressive gadget.

Hoping Amazon returns policy is as impressive as this gadget looks

I'll have to await a new machine before I tell you how well it brews coffee.....
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