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4.5 out of 5 stars
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
In brief - I was honestly blown away by the performance, and I think I might be a little bit in love with it; but this is a tool for someone with a big family to iron for: I imagine if you do a job-lot on a Sunday afternoon, this would be a Godsend - If you only iron one or two bits every few days, its probably way more beast than you'll ever need.

1. Its extremely simple to use, despite looking quite intimidating when you get it out of the box, you literally plug it in, fill it with water and turn it on, wait 2 minutes - then off you go! Theres no fiddly bits and bobs other than the typical dial you get on any standard iron.
2. It has a built in decalcifier - so no scale flecks on your clothes
3. Sturdy and beautifully made: not a single part of it looks or feels cheap or "thats gonna break off"
4. The sole-plate glides perfectly, and has a narrowed tip which is fantastic for ironing details, between buttons etc
5. The steam is powerful enough to knock out some quite demonic creases: I have a thick canvas-like material jacket which Ive been unable to wear for nearly 6 months due to some horrible creasing (after washing) which hasnt come out regardless of what Ive tried - it now looks brand new.
6. I tried it also on a cotton shirt, thick denim jeans and some linen trousers - all came out beautifully flat (if thats the way to explain it!) - I was really impressed
7. The time it takes to iron a shirt is striking: literally less than a minute - I can see it being loved deeply when Im running late in a morning and find my shirt is creased.
8. It doesnt spot or pool water on your clothes or board
9. In the images it looks garish neon blue - it isnt, its parts are powder blue, white and the tank is a shade off navy - it looks really rather cool and, if an iron ever can be, cheerful!

1. It DRINKS water - I only ironed 5 things the first go I used it, and I had to refill it twice
2. Very heavy - if you had an old or cheap'n'cheerful ironing board it would probably make the legs fold under! If the base fell off the board and landed on your foot, it would be a trip to casualty and a plaster cast I imagine.
3. Noisy - which it has to be due to the pump - I just wasnt expecting it to be quite THAT loud - if you iron while watching TV, you'll probably need to put the volume up quite a bit (the steam blasts out at quite a racket too)
4. It takes up a fair bit of room on the ironing board, so you have to work around it when ironing some items - not a problem for things like Tshirts, but long trousers etc you might have to do some laundry acrobatics to get the right angle
5. It gets hot - all of it. It does warn you of this on the box, but I wasnt expecting for instance the flex wire between iron and base to be so hot - Id be worried if I had children around
6. Its not TRICKY to fill, but its a bit of a pain - I did splash water everywhere because the inlet, though large, has a sort of grid over it which deflects water unless you trickle it in. More annoying because you have to do it quite a few times!
7. Its massive, so Im going to find it difficult to store between use
8. Expensive: Ive seen similar ones in Tesco for around £60
9. It seems to take a lot longer to cool down than my old iron. Again a concern if you have little ones or pets running around

Final note: it has NO extras - for instance it doesnt have the traditional spray function, which at first I thought "oh... what if I need to dampen the clothes to get deep creases out?", but you really wouldnt ever need it, it makes use simplicity in itself and the steam power is phenomenal - You could iron a knife edge crease in denim, then iron it out again just as easily. You could probably even strip wallpaper with it! (*Dont use it to strip wallpaper)

So yes, I cant recommend it enough for someone who has epic ironing tasks - but its definitely excessive for light users.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've used steam generator irons fror several years and current own a Morphy Richards model which I've had for the past year and used to make comparisons with, and write this review for the GC7420.

Considering the price of the Morphy Richards was almost half that of the Philips, I was expecting bigger and better things when the GC7420 arrived, was unboxed and turned on. Unfortunately, things weren't to be.......

My first disappointment was the water tank wasn't detachable. This meant a pan of water would be needed to fill up the reservoir - or several trips to the tap to fill the filler cup supplied with the iron. To fill the reservoir with water took four fills of the cup. The Morphy Richards I'm comparing this too has a removable tank which you just put under the cold water tap to fill.

To the ironing itself then. I managed to get through 5 long sleeved man size shirts on the first tank of water before the steam 'ran-out' and a water refill was needed; not brilliant. The reason for this is that this model has no variable steam control which for its price I find unforgivable. You have two choices of steam - 'on-demand' which is obtained by depressing the steam button with your thumb which then activates a burst of steam for a long as the button is pressed, or there is permanently on. The problem with the steam being permanently on is that the steam comes out at full belt, the unit drinks like the proverbial fish and unless the room is well ventilated, it quickly turns your workspace into a sauna......

To conclude, for its faults the Philips GC7420 does ultimately provide an extremely speedy and effective iron and removes heavy creases with total ease, but for the cost I'd expect a variable steam control, as for 'lighter' items such as shirts and tops the steam output is simply far too excessive and wasteful of the water. My advice would be to browse Amazon for other steam generator irons as my own experience has proven there are far better models available for far less money.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 16 November 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm sure there may be some people who don't mind ironing but, if you're anything like me chances are you'll I find it a tedious and slow process (resulting in me ironing separate items as and when required rather than doing a job lot in one go). Well, thanks to this impressive bit of kit ironing doesn't seem quite so arduous or boring any more.

To begin with the steam generator is well packaged and easy to set up. It seems quite robustly made and was up and running in no time thanks to the quick start guide and ease of operation. The water reservoir is generous enough to last a good couple of ironing sessions and is very easy to fill. You can station the unit either near to your ironing board or close to it; there's still enough 'reach' in the iron's cable to allow the second option. Once the water reservoir/base is plugged in and switched on it takes about a minute or so to heat up and once it does - man - there's steam aplenty! The amount of steam it produces is way in excess of a conventional steam iron and because the steam is fed directly to the iron via the water tank there is an almost constant supply. Even better is the fact that you can easily lock the steam-on option on the iron itself saving you the bother of having to 'blast' the item every few seconds. As the iron doesn't house a water reservoir it means it is very light to manoeuvre and the easy-glide soleplate really makes light work of the toughest and most creased-prone types of fabric (worth bearing in mind particularly if you suffer from arthritis etc).

Are there any downsides? Well, a few niggles that you should be aware of perhaps. Firstly I think the lead to the base unit could have been more generous (no problem if you're near a wall socket but otherwise you'll need an extension). Secondly, the provided reservoir refilling jug is totally inadequate (just dump it and use your own large jug). Thirdly I found it difficult at times to see how full the water-reservoir was depending on how sunny the room was: at times I was really having to squint to see the water line. And lastly the noise: as you might expect producing this volume of steam is never going to be whisper quiet - which is fine - however every minute or so the unit made a buzzing/grinding sound which I'm guessing is when the base unit is 'reloading' the iron. This doesn't affect its operation but it might become an unwelcome intrusion if you're bothered by the noise.

In conclusion I can thoroughly recommend this product. Despite a few niggles this is a quality product that is really very effective and it really does cut ironing time down considerably with the additional benefit of a superior result and finish. Despite the high initial outlay I still believe it represents fair value for money.
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on 12 August 2012
The iron is generally OK, but regularly spits out brown silt and leaves a mark on clothes. I originally purchased this iron in February. The first one had to go back as it was leaking hot water everywhere. The replacement irons well and cuts down the time it takes to iron shirts /duvets etc. The iron is however high maintenance. It requires constant cleaning. We don't live in a hard water area and yet the iron seems to need cleaning every month and it regularly spits out brown silt which means that I have to wash some clothes again, which is extremely annoying! I've tried the solutions suggested on the web site but this doesn't resolve the problem.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a very expensive beast of an iron that produces extraordinary results in half the time taken when using a standard iron. And it really does not look anywhere near as cheap and nasty as the photos here suggest.


- It produces excellent crease free results. Alternatively, when you want a crease in trousers or shirt sleeves you certainly get one.

- Continuous, non-stop steam when using the auto-steam function.

- Easy to fill and you never have to wait for the iron to heat up after refilling it with water.

- It never ever leaks water all over your clothes.

- Ready to use 2 minutes after switching on.

- Cuts down ironing time considerably. The amount of steam produced is incredible and when the iron is in contact with the clothing, the force of that steam goes directly into the cloth. And it glides effortlessly over clothes.

- Easy to clean using the built-in Calc-Clean function which, if used, prevents scale leaking on your clothes.


- It's very expensive.

- The tank / stand is big, bulky and heavy (approximately 4Kg).

- It drinks water.

- The lead from the tank to the iron gets very hot.

- The 'Cord Storage Hook' is ineffectual and appears to be an afterthought.

- Sometimes it is very noisy when you have auto-steam on and every couple of minutes there is a pumping sound that lasts for about five seconds.


This is a quite excellent iron and having been in uniform for over 20 years, I do know a thing or two about irons and ironing (sad, but true...). The positives - and the benefits gained from them - outweigh the negatives. However I would, given the price, consider an alternative cheaper standard iron if you iron less than half-a-dozen items per week. On the other hand, if you do all the ironing for a family it really is a worthwhile investment - over the course of a year you'll save hours and hours in ironing time.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
We have gone from what I would call an ordinary iron with a little bit of steam when you pressed the button on the top, to this, which is incredible on the steam front! It is quick to heat up, and certainly does generate a lot of steam. There is a noticeable improvement when ironing such items as shirts, there seems to be a much crisper cleaner finish with this iron when using the steam compared to the results we used to get with our old iron. The water holder part which the iron sits on when not in use does need filling up fairly often during your ironing session depending on how much you are doing in one go. And there really is a lot of steam! We weren't prepared for the amount that it generates. It is also a bit noisier than other irons we've had. But as mentioned the results are very good.
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on 30 November 2012
We bought a cheap steam generator iron some years ago, this was a great improvement on a standard iron but it required the tank to be heated up every time a refill was needed. Eventually it clapped out and we had to replace it. With the Philips GC7420 Pressurised Steam Generator Iron, 800 Watt the business is all done in the iron itself which means instant heating, and one is able to add water to the tank continuously if needed,

The steam at 4.5 bar pressure does most of the work with very little actual ironing required, and you can whip through a large pile of ironing really quickly and efficiently.

If you are used to a normal iron, then this machine is a little on the large side but having used a steam generator before, this is lighter and much more convenient to operate than our previous model. I would recommend a heavy duty ironing board designed specifically to hold one of these irons, however.

The leads supplied are more than adequate and the equipment seems well built although the cap to the flushing point in the tank (the unit needs flushing every 10 uses to remove any deposits which may be building up) does fall off every now again.

If you are like us and let a big pile of ironing build up,to be done once a week or so, then this iron makes short work of it. It is considerably more expensive than a standard iron but in my view well worth the extra expense.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First of all I should point out this iron is huge. The base itself is twice the size of the iron, but then you also have the iron sitting on top of it. Then you have the wire to plug it into the socket, and the cable connecting the iron itself to the water filled tank. It doesn't make for easy storage and so you do need a decent amount of storage space for this iron. Despite how fancy and technical this iron may seem, it's actually extremely easy to use and you don't need to study manuals for ages before you use it. In fact the box it comes in had 2 cardboard instruction cards you simply detach from the box, and a quick glance at these and you know what you have to do. You simply fill up the tank with water using the jug provided, switch it on, set the dial on the iron to the correct setting as you do on any iron, wait a couple of minutes and then you're set to go. Due to the huge size of this iron and it's tank, and the fact we only have a small ironing board, it was obvious from the off set that this wouldn't be sitting on the ironing board. Instead we have to put it down on a table next to the ironing board just to use it. It might sit fine on much larger ironing boards however due to the size and weight, I would be wary about doing so, especially if you have children or pets running around.

wouldn't be put off by the pictures of this iron as it's not as bright blue as it seems. In reality it's a nice shade of blue which isn't too garish at all, and the whole iron is excellent quality and sturdy. There are also some other good features about this iron which makes it even better, one being that you can fill the tank up with more water at any time, even during ironing. The iron is always ready to use in less than 2 minutes, meaning an early morning rush iron of a shirt is possible, and there's also never any drops of water that leak from the iron as I have found happens with other steam irons. It also has permanent anti-calc tablets which delay the formation of scale build up, and also means you don't have those annoying white flecks appearing whilst ironing. Safety wise it has an overheat safety stop to prevent the boiler from overheating, and it also has rubber feet to prevent slipping. I should however point out that this iron does get very hot, and I suggest leaving it to cool down after use before moving it as even the base and the cable gets hot. This also means being careful when using it around children and pets.

I was sceptical about having an iron so big, however I can see the many benefits it has. It irons everything with ease and seriously cuts down on ironing time, making this perfect for someone with a large family and a huge quantity of clothes to iron. For people like me whoever, where there's only 2 of us, we only really get it out if we are ironing a few things at once, because it's large size makes it awkward getting in and out of storage.
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on 28 January 2013
Makes ironing a doddle! It takes much less time to get through a load of ironing, and does a much better job than my last Philips ordinary steam iron, which by the way l had for 12 years. I only replaced it because I had heard such good things about this sort of iron with the built-in steam tank. You have to flip the steam spray switch with your thumb each time you rest the iron on its heel (in order to move the position of the garment you are ironing for example); otherwise you send a huge jet of steam straight out in front of you, which wastes water and power and is of course potentially very dangerous. However you very soon do that automatically. All in all, a good product which I recommend.
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VINE VOICEon 16 November 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm not a great user of iron's and have always owned traditional steam iron's previously, when I first saw the Philips Steam Generator Iron, it seemed a little bit over the top for the occasional user.

However, since using it, I have completely changed my mind, it's excellent.

The iron itself is lighter than a normal iron as the water reservoir is in the base unit and not in the iron itself, consequently, you don't get the annoying sloshing sound as you iron, as just the right amount of water is pumped into the iron to produce the steam as you request.

The quantity of steam this unit produces seems endless. Available instantly, stops instantly when not need also, so much better than normal steam irons. I found the amount of steam it produced almost too much, and your do need a well ventilated room to iron in, or the moisture build up could be considerable.

You ideally need a small table next the your ironing board to put the base station on. We have a very large ironing board and even that would not comfortably take the steam generator. The iron can be placed on top of the base unit during use, or stood on the ironing board in the usual fashion.

It has a convenient on/off switch on the base unit so you can leave it plugged in. It also has a replaceable scale filter but it is too early to know how that performs. The tank capacity is about 1lt.
Overall, a great iron.
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