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4.7 out of 5 stars61
4.7 out of 5 stars
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Just like their tasty siblings - Scampi Fries and Cheese Moments - Bacon Fries are a gourmet snack. Sure, they're not cheap, but they are superior in both crunchy (or should that be 'crispy'?) texture and flavour intensity to other bacon style corn snacks.

However, such concentrated bacony goodness has its drawbacks, and that is, that even I (who has been known to eat whole multipacks of Monster Munch in one sitting) find it hard to eat more than 3 packets of these without feeling sick.

To put it into context, I can easily polish of a whole tube of Pringles or a large party-size bag of Co-op own brand Streaky Rashers in one go, without any problem at all. But I start to falter after 2 packs of these.

For me, the 'Frazzle' remains the bacon snack of choice: Frazzles Bacon 23 g (Pack of 96)

To sum up: Although Bacon Fries are probably technically superior to the original Frazzle in every way, sometimes you can have too much of a good thing - like sickly, greasy, crispy, bacon flavoured yum yums...

If you found this review helpful please give it a thumbs up and if not comment on why so I can do a better job for you next time. Thanks :-)
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on 1 April 2012
I don't seem to find these snacks very easily in Worthing. Some independant newsagents stock them. Other than that I had previously purchased them in the local hospital League of Friends whenever my husband had an appointment. Then it occured to me to try Amazon and there they were! They are a real luxury and absolutely delicious so I placed an order immediately. After reading some of the reviews I was a little concerned about how long they would take to arrive but I placed the order on Wednesday and they arrived on Friday afternoon. Not only that, but the Cheese Moments order I sneaked in on Thursday was included in the gigantic box the Bacon Fries arrived in so top marks to the packer for combining the two orders. The Bacon Fries are rather sickly if eaten too fast or in too great a quantity but so far I have managed to limit myself to one packet every few days so they are likely to last a long time. Unless my husband gets a taste for them. So I haven't let him try them yet and on the occassions that I do surrender to their call I eat them in the kitchen while cooking the dinner and hope he doesn't come in. If that's not too incriminating...
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I have been eating these for several years at home and in the pub on a Friday night.

The product is presented as a single large cardboard section with a hole to hang the product from a wall or door and they are typically seen hanging from behind the bar in pubs. There are 24 packs of fries condensed and split into 3 columns and 8 rows and are attached loosely to the cardboard.

Each packet is relatively small and the fries are small and patterned. The fries taste delicious and they are full of flavour along with being crunchy and not too dry. I have been know to eat several of these back to back and I don't get sick of them.

These are different to Frazzles and Pork scratchings as they are heavier than the Frazzles whilst being lighter than Pork Scratchings. They have more taste than Frazzles but are less tasty than pork scratchings.

For anyone that might be tempted to run down to their local supermarkets at this point or to order Pork Scratchings online, it might be worth noting that they often contain animal hair and are more likely to loosen your dental fillings whilst you are eating them due to their hardness.
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on 4 October 2014
Do not confuse these with the inferior 'frazzles'
These beauties are greasier, denser and more porky than those other lightweight pretenders.
I used to be able to get these from my local supermarket, who inexplicably stopped selling them, so I had to go to the petrol station, who, now have also stopped selling them and replaced them with the infernal frazzles, as if they thought a sophisticated pallette wouldn't tell the difference! How dilluded they are.
T'internet comes to my rescue.
Bacon fries deliver their wonderment in small packets, because you can only take so much of a good thing. Moderation is key, a la caviar.
Like pringles and nik naks, these are as addictive as cocaine, (I suspect that will be the MSG), but they won't make your nose fall off!
You may however, develop a pair of love handles, and hog's breath heletosis but that's the price you pay for such exquisite porcine indulgence.
Another plus, unlike your average pork scratching, which is basically pig skin complete with the butt hairs still attached, I suspect there's not a hint of real pork to be found here, all created in the lab by those talented men in white coats. Kosher bacon?! Genius. Every religious denomination can indulge without guilt. Bon appetite.
(In way of a disclaimer, I recommend you consult with your rabbi before scoffing this product).
These are usually sold hand in hand with scampi fries, rather than me taking the effort to review those, simply re read the above, and replace every pig reference with 'fish' and you pretty well have it.
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on 7 October 2013
Most crisps in my opinion seem to be laced with powerful drugs, given how addictive they are. Or I'm just a fat bastard. Probably that. Nonetheless these are the most delicious crisps I've ever enjoyed, seriously addictive and much cheaper this way than buying a packet in the shops or the pub.
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on 11 February 2013
I bought these for over Christmas and new year and the were finished off quickly so most of my family enjoyed them
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on 9 January 2014
My son adores these bacon fries and can't stand the supermarket "copies" so when I saw these pack of 24 on a cardboard sheet (just as you get in a pub!) I had to get them as a Christmas treat for him. Worked out significantly cheaper than buying them in our local village shop.

Will definitely get these again - in fact just bought a pack of 24 scampi fries for our cousin!!
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on 22 December 2012
I buy these in local shops around Belfast at 10% dearer so I was pleased to see this offer. If you have bought bacon snacks before I very much doubt they would be a patch on these. They are the only ones I like and most of my friends would agree. Bars and clubs also have a roaring trade with them as they seem to appeal to our local taste.
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on 9 May 2015
The packaging was bonkers - huge - dcebox 1164 - full of brown paper filling, filled a very large black bin bag

On ORDER # 026-6209361-7585150 - I ordered Scampi Fries in error.
It was supplied by The Sweet Pot
In container one eighth of the size

Next time I will order Bacon Fries from Sweet Pot !!!!
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on 12 November 2014
Great product. We have loved Bacon Fries (and Scampi Fries) for a long time and have found them increasingly difficult to find (at least in Scotland), so was delighted to find both these products are available for sale on Amazon. I'm happy.
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