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on 20 July 2010
I bought this player after months of looking at portables. I mainly wanted it for my commute to work by train, to watch a mixture of DVDs and DIVX files.

I'm delighted with my purchase. After all my going round in circles reading online reviews, it was a simple trip to Currys that decided it. The picture quality on this player is just streets ahead of the competition. Obviously it blew the Matsui and other Currys own brands out the water, but what surprised me is that it was simply so much better than the Toshibas that Currys stocked. If you go and look at players in a shop, look out for text appearing on screen. On the other players, sharp edges such as text were fuzzy and stepped. On the LG they're completely crisp. It's remarkable.

The speaker is nothing to write home about but perfectly useable and as good as any of the other portable players. I will mainly be using this with headphones, for which there are two standard sockets.

DIVX playback from a burnt DVD is fine. I haven't yet tested the SD card slot to see if they will play from there, but in theory they should.

Battery life is excellent. The first charge lasted just over four hours. I had the brightness up the whole time as I was in daylight on a train, and also didn't use it continuously - it was on and off over the course of a few days. So the claim of six hours is probably accurate if you were to have it on constantly with the screen dimmed. Nonetheless, I'm impressed with four hours.

The styling is beautiful as you'd expect from LG. It's shiny! The swivel screen is great for space-saving and clicks reassuringly in to place. It feels sturdy - I'm usually scared of breaking swivel screens!

Neatly, there are no buttons on the player as most have. On the surround, to the left and right of the picture, are touch-screen controls. You touch a 'home' symbol and the menu pops up on screen, with touch-sensitive lights down the edges you touch to select things. Very, very neat. The player also comes with a remote.

Accessory wise, it comes packaged with a soft case, charger and in-car charger, as well as an AV-out cable.

There are a couple of down-sides which I don't mind but some people might want to consider:
1) The screen is glossy. You do see reflections in it if you're somewhere bright, and the touch screen controls on the surround get covered in noticeable finger prints. Like so many LG products it's beautifully shiny but that's not always the most practical thing! This will be a consideration if you're buying it for kids.

2) To be honest, I think this is something common to all portable DVD players: You can't display what you're watching in anything other than widescreen. So, watching old TV shows that are in 4:3, they get stretched to fill the screen. It's anywhere near as annoying on this size screen as it is on your 32" at home, but it might bug some.
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on 3 October 2010
Great player with excellent picture and the resume feature - which surely should be a standard on all portable DVD players but isn't - makes it practical and convenient, as you start viewing where you last switched off. But be aware of one draw back - with the battery fitted (and what's the use of knowing the weight without a battery?) this beast is as thick as a hardback book and weighs 1.4kg. As this player replaced an older Shinco which I have owned for a few years and loved before it started to show signs of old age and which weighed less than half this LG product, it came as something of a shock.

Of course the battery life is a lot longer but so too are my arms now, lugging around what feels like two bricks tied together.
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on 25 May 2011
We have a lot of experience of portable DVD players in our house because my son is autistic and uses his one for a number of hours every day. He's had a Sony for a few years which has been good but I have to say that quality-wise this is at least as good.

The screen is excellent, very sharp and bright. It also responds quickly - which is a fault in many of the cheap brands. Even the Sony would take about 45 seconds to prepare to read a DIVX DVD but this does it in about 15 seconds.

I found the information about this player to be a bit vague and contradictory so I can confirm that is DOES come with a remote control - in fact it's virtually a necessity - see below.

We've not tested the battery in anger - but it certainly appears to be a good 4 hours minimum.

It does have some peculiarities though which may or may not be an issue or you:

1) The battery does not charge whilst he player is ON, it needs to be plugged-in but switched OFF.

2) The screen will not lean back from the upright position UNLESS it's rotated to the "back-to-front" position. In practice you therefore cant really use it without rotating the screen.

3) Normal fast-forward/reverse can't be done without using the remote control. Since my son likes to continually wind DVDs bacwards and forwards in short bursts - this means that he has to use the remote all of the time.

4) There is no Volume control on the remote - just a rotary on the side of the player.

5) The clever on-screen buttons are a nice feature - but mean that you basically have to press TWO buttons every time you want to do something. For example, if you want to pause, you need to press the button to SWITCH ON the buttons, then press the pause button. To start playing again, SWITCH ON again, then PLAY. In practice, I think the remote is easier to use.
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on 27 March 2011
Following months of research into buying a new portable DVD player, I narrowed my choices down to this and the Sony DVPFX 730. Both had good features but the Sony had a few scathing reviews, despite being more versatile.

I previously had a Goodmans model several years ago that broke down just outside its 1 year warranty after being used about 15-20 times only and both the retailer and Goodmans would not accept any sort of liability. Hence, I was being careful that the model I chose now had some sort of back-up if the DVD drive packed in - in this case, movies can be played via USB or memory card.

This player is far better than I expected. A previous reviewer advised to check it out in Currys, which I did - they were not wrong, the picture quality easily outclassed everything on display. The resolution is not stated anywhere online but I can confirm the sticker on the player gives 800 x 480 (although the manual states 480 x 234 in the specifications and 720 x 576 in the instructions!) My guess is that the 720 x 576 may refer to playing movies with the player plugged to a TV, ie. not upscaling. Perhaps someone else can post a review confirming the actual resolution.

There are only colour and brightness options, no contrast, but the picture really is good quality without the need of the contrast.

The screen spins 180 degrees and can tilt, even folds back on itself if needed. This helps with controlling any unwanted reflections on its nice glossy screen (non of that plastic dull rubbish).

The touch controls down the sides are nice and only need very light touch but I prefer to use the remote control that is actually a proper remote not one of those generic credit-card sized efforts.

Sound quality is as expected - tinny through built in speakers, better in headphones. The surround option isn't worth mentioning. I can hear a slight whirring of the mechanism/electrics in the background during quiet scenes but this is negligible and dependant on the quality of the headphones used.

The battery is bulky and the player does not fit properly in the case when attached but this is no big problem when the battery lasts as long as it does. I've watched 2.5 films over 2 weeks before battery needed recharging.

I haven't tried the memory card slot yet but I did try the USB and found that mpeg files can be played, although not mp4. This was a pleasant surprise because it has saved me having to get a DivX converter program. I will update with any other formats I find that can be used - the manual states files with extensions .avi, .mpg and .mpeg can be played.

All round a good quality player at a good price.

UPDATE 13/03/12 - One year on and this player still plays beautifully.
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on 11 August 2010
I'd like to thank Sarah for a very helpful review and agree entirely with her findings. Your comments made me check the picture quality of all the other leading brands and I have to say its remarkable how much better the LG model is. Features too, are very much better than some other top makes and at such a competitive price point too. Needless to say I bought one and I am very pleased with it.

One or two minor issues I do have, and they are only minor, one is the is slightly heavier than I'd have liked but then its probably no worse than the rest of the other brands. Putting the player in my hand luggage with my camera equipment doesn't leave much of my allowance for anything else (good job the other half has an allowance too). The second is the bag that is provided....its a horrid grey and beige colour, whilst not important it just doesn't seem to go with the dvd's shiny black casing.

Last but not least the photo slideshow load times for files over 2MB can be a little irritating but it is noted in the instructions that you should stick below this recommended limit. Still it can zoom in on photos (up to 400%) and pan around them, so on holidays abroad it is handy for checking through photos using the camera's memory card.
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on 31 December 2010
Purchased for 8 year old son as a Xmas present. Screen is the best of all - check out the competitors at your local store (Currys stock this model). Come with leads for composite video, charger, remote and a headrest bracket for the car. Son loves the tablet format and touch buttons (his "iPad").

Big bonus is the ability to play movies (avi, divx formats) from USb drives and from SD cards - hopefully eeking out the battery life. also has the capability to plug in two headsets - so silence in the back seat.

Downsides, as other reviewers have mentioned are the glossy finish, which is a fingerprint magnet, and the tiny speakers.
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on 6 March 2012
I bought this LG portable DVD player to entertain my 3 year old on flights. When it arrived I was really pleasantly surprised to find a tasteful carry bag, a head rest mount for the car, various leads to connect other TV's as well as in car power lead and normal 230v unit too all in the box it came with.

It is well made and will also play recorded DVD's, DIVx via a USB port, SD vid cards and to top it all it can rip a CD to hold and play later.
Volume is loud enough to be heard easily whilst driving without headphones, screen is clear, bright and refreshes nicely to give a smooth image.

If you are looking at buying a DVD player for the kids / car / travel then I would say that this is not a bad purchase at all!

If I could just get someone else to drive I would be more than happy to sit in the back and watch movies myself!
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on 13 April 2011
After trawling through countless reviews from countless websites i finally decided to go for the LG for a few reasons, it has a longer than average battery life even during constant use, the unit is smart and the screen is clear and simple to use with both touch screen and remote control, it is versatile enough to easily fit into any car as long as you have head rests and act as a travel companion, and in addition it plays most homemade cds,dvds and MPEG files from a memory stick. Ok it is not the cheapest, but it is well worth paying a little extra for.
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on 6 October 2010
I purchased this one a few months ago after the 'master' of a twin car system wouldn't work any more. I took a chance and hoped I could connect it to the 'slave' I still had. I was pleasantly surprised that the adapter cable to do so actually came in the box. A major plus. There are 2 minus points. You can use the unit without the battery. But when you use it in the car, you have to either fit the battery or make/use a spacer to prevent the unit to wobble (it doesn't come with a spacer). I prefer not to use the battery in the car as having it constantly on charge while you drive reduces its life. Also the lid that holds the DVD is a bit flimsy. But overall I'm happy with the unit and the kids found it easy to operate.

For those who are looking for a multi region player: I was curious as it came up in the tags. I just tried it with a Australian DVD. It wouldn't work, which unfortunately isn't surprising.
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on 22 March 2011
My trusty Toshiba sp2800 portable DVD player broke down after almost 5 years use this particular model I bought as it had a high res screen and wide viewing angles, I knew it would be a nightmare to replace ! I've tried a number of other portables and returned them due to the low screen res that manufactures use. This LG model as a real high res screen with brilliant colours and good wide viewing angles allowing me and my kids to sit in bed and watch a movie without distortion.
the sound is pretty good considering the speakers are small, and are no worse than any other small player. the build quality of the product is top notch and blows my old toshiba away ! its all very glossy and looks like somthing that has come off an apple production line !
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