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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The first thing that strikes you about the Philips RQ1180 SensoTouch Electric Razor is its ergonomically designed exterior; with the highly polished hard plastic shell and taught rubber backing fitting snugly into the palm of either right or left hand (helpful to know for those left-handed amongst us).

The razor charges from completely flat to maximum in just shy of an hour. From fully charged the manual states that you will have approximately 50 minutes worth of use. Charging is a doddle - just slip it into the stand it comes with and it replenishes its juices via the two small conductor points located on either side of the unit.

The charging stand will not allow the shaver to overcharge, which means that it can be permanently housed on the stand, charging up in between each use. When charging, a snazzy battery indicator lights up telling you the current level and that it's charging.

In order to get the best performance from the shape of the shaver head, a circular movement is required when using the electric shaver. For those who have traditionally used the `against the grain' single stroke, this can take a little getting used to.

After using the razor, in comparison to my other electric razors as well as wet shaving, I can honestly say that this razor gave me one of the closest shaves I've ever had. The shaving itself is quick, with the flexible head adjusting to all of the contours of my face and neck. The razor can be used for both wet and dry shaving - making it one of the most versatile razors on the market.

The cleaning and general maintenance of the razor is very simple; the easy to remove head popping off in your hand and then a quick run under the tap - job done! The razor also includes a handy little brush for cleaning away any hairs that get caught up or lodged underneath the head.

A precision trimmer is also included for keeping any facial hair or sideburns neat and tidy. The head for this simply pops on to the main unit and then you're good to go (see attached video).

A handy pouch is also included for the shaver and all its paraphernalia to fit into when taking the set away with you.

After a week of using the razor, I can safely say that it has given me a hassle free shave each and every day, which has also proven to be an incredibly comfortable and close shave.
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VINE VOICEon 19 August 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It's been a while since owning an electric razor having converted from them to a wet shave about 10 years ago. The SensoTouch shows how far the electric razor has come in that time. It's an impressive item with several nice touches which make it a pretty desirable purchase.

The first impressions of the razor are quite striking. Compared to some of the razors on the market this is sleek and compact. Its waterproof design means all the switches and indicators are hidden under its sleek exterior. The head sits at the top clipping into the main body when sitting in its stand (which is also acts as the charger) the experience is akin to looking close up at a claret coloured praying mantis. The overall impression is delightfully modern.

Getting started is simple, plugging in the base to the charger and popping the razor on its stand it soon bursts into action. Charging taking about an hour to complete means it is ready to go in almost no time at all. The battery indicator on the front of the main body is bright, clear, and rather pretty - if truth be told.

Operating the razor the next revalation is how quiet it is. Compared to memories of buzzing monsters of youth this purrs quietly and has almost no sense of vibration when sitting in your hand. It does glide nicely over the skin and doesn't take long to do its job (although it hasn't really taken any less time than a wet shave). The cut is reasonable for an electric razor and the well designed head does manage to get around all the contours of the face. There is the addition of a trimming blade which can replace the standard head to cover and staighten sideburns. It's a nice little touch although it does feel a little plastic compared to the rest of the equipment. That said it does a good job.

The only real issue is with the instructions. The booklet included consists of pictures indidcating what to do. The one for changing the blades for the trimmer didn't seem exactly clear to me and I eventually had to resort to the website to deduce what the diagrams were telling me (you simply pull the head off, to save you the trouble of looking it up) and whilst it is appreciated that this overcomes the language barrier it did still seem a little confusing. Fortunately cleaning the razor is easy to do and the overall maintenance is a simple matter. The battery life seems to be lasting me about 5-7 days worth of shaves which seems pretty reasonable.

This isn't a cheap purchase but it is pretty easy to use and maintain. The look and feel is very pleasant and I suspect that this will be pretty durable too. Light and pretty compact (complete with a stylish travelling bag) this is something worth adding to a wish list and it has gone a long way to seducing me back to electric.
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VINE VOICEon 9 August 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have used lots of electric shavers in the past, but never an expensive one. So is this worth the money. The short answer is yes. The blades are driven by a powerful motor which maintains a consisted ratation even when you catch a thicker or longer hair. The shave is very close and very smooth.

I suffer from razor burn when I use a electric shaver and, to be honest, I still do with this BUT it is far less than with my usual shaver. The foil is designed to shave longer and shorter hairs to give a close shave and they seem to work. You can use this wet or dry and it is good with both. It charges quicly and a single charge has lasted me three weeks with a shave a day apart from weekends - oh and it is still going strong.

It comes with a nice little pack which includes a fabric carry case, a cleaning brush and a great charger/stand. I would highly recommend this product, it is far better than the cheaper phillips shavers I have used in the past and gives as near to a wet shave as you are likely to get.
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on 14 March 2011
I bought the Philips Sensotouch as a replacement for my traditional Philishave which was a little old and slow (bit like its owner). First impressions were that it appeared a cheaper product, light and probably easily damaged. I have read other reviews that said it was uncomfortable to use and did not shave close. It is a little rougher on the skin than the traditional Philishave machines but it does shave very close, IF (and this is the important thing) you shave when there is a little stubble for the cutters to grip onto. This means shaving around the same time per day, say each morning. Trying to shave before at least 24 hrs growth gives a poor result, but this is the same for all rotary shavers. I suspect those who make this comment are not used to electric shaving. The wet or dry function is a gimmick without any real advantage over purely dry shaving, however it is usful to be able to wash the shaver heads. The hair trimmer attachment is poor and is attached by removing the shaving head, it is not as good as the integral trimmer on my old machine. Would I buy one again? Well there are two serious problems with this product. Firstly it is battery only, no mains option at all which will probably catch someone out, especially if like me they travel on business a lot. Secondly the actual cutting portion of the head is small and the plastic surround large, which makes getting to the stubble under the nose a real problem. I don't like looking like a second world war dictator so no I would not buy this product again. If however you do then you may want to give it a try.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have been dry shaving for years and usually use foil shavers (my current one is a PANASONIC ES8109 Shaver + HQ110 Shaver head cleaning spray). I decided to give a rotary shaver a go for the first time in over 20 years and this is what I got. I've given it 5 weeks of usage before deciding to write a review. First impressions were mixed. It is obvioulsy a quality piece of kit, it is very tactile and easy to hold, yet the head looks cheap and plasticy. I also didn't like the fact that the trimmer is not integrated into the body - you must remove the main head and replace it with the trimmer head. The quality if the shave is pretty good, at first I had no technique and it took ages to do, but with time I got faster, my skin reacted to the shaving better and the finish was better than it had been. Battery charge has proven to be good so far, I have had to charge it approximately every two weeks. It ships with a stand that is also used as charger and it looks pretty good.

I have a few niggles however.

1. I travel alot as part of my job and having to remember to take two heads for my shaver is not ideal - one will get left in a hotel at some point.

2. You cannot charge the shaver without the stand, this means if I'm working away I need to take the stand with me. It doesn't feel particularly robust and I think it will break in my bags at some point.

3. This more to do with me, but I feel that my current foil razor give a better finish on the hard to reach areas. I would suggest that this is down to my technique, but if you are coming to this from a foil it is something to consider.

It is a high end electric shaver that does a good job.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have been a Philishave fan for forty years [got my first at 14]. I have a fairly dark 'stubble' made of thickish black hair and have never been able to wetshave. I say this as although I love the Philishave electric shaving system, others like my brother-in-law [who is fair skinned with fine blond hair] absolutely hate Philishavers and he binned his after a few months and went back to wetshaving. So if you haven't tried a Philishave system before, I'd try a cheaper standard model before committing yourself to one as expensive as this [e.g. the cheap Philips HQ6970 or quickcharge HQ6990]. The secret of the standard dry Philishave is always shave before you wash in morning, as the oiliness of the skin is essential for a smooth shave - in fact if you try using a normal Philishave directly after washing and drying the razor head tends to 'stick' on the face. I have to say despite the supposedly massive improvement in Philishave rotary head technology I haven't actually found an expensive Philishave head really gives a noticeably superior shave than the old Philishave rotary heads I used back in the 1970s, although I buy expensive Philishaves for other reasons like far superior design and feel, comfort, multi-LED charge level indicator, rapid battery charge [1h not 8h], and better cordless battery life [17 days between charge in this case].

This expensive RQ1180 Philishave model uses the DualPrecision System RQ11 'Lift & Cut' double blades to lift hairs up slightly when cutting to cut 'below the skin level' like all the expensive Philishaves, although even the basic Philishave HQ6970 costing 6 times less has HQ55 heads with similar Super Lift & Cut technology as well. Philips recommend you replace both blade head types every 2 years [and when cleaning try not to mix up the head and blades]. The RQ11 head does offer a broader 'smoother' glide head though, but again probably not a far superior shave. Philishave recommend circular shaving motions, but sometimes pushing the razor head straight against the lie of the stubble also works well and hold the skin taught as with wet shaving.

So what's this RQ1180 actually like. You get a charge cradle, and there's no socket on the RQ1180 as it's waterproof - charging is via two contact pins on the razor side. So unlike my three year old Philishave Speed XL you can't dispense with the bulky charge-cradle or plug the mains cable in directly into the razor to use when the battery's flat. Also the supplied beard/sideburn trimmer is a pain to use as you have to remove the razor head and plug in the separate trimmer head - most Philishaves have an integrated trimmer that pops out the side when required. No problem you'd think, but it's amazingly easy to lose the trimmer head if you rarely use it. Like my old razor this Philishave has a top on/off button - this `new' location's a real pain on my old Speed XL as it's so easy to accidently switch off when shaving, however the waterproof switch on this model is quite stiff so this never happens. This superior push switch will be difficult for anyone with limited movement in their hands though. The head on this new model is on a flexible raised pivot which forces you to shave with less pressure than I'm used to with a standard Philishave model, but the razor still shaves well so that's no problem. This raised head is no doubt related to the razors `water proof' wetshave ambitions. Also included in the box is a decent brush, charge cradle, clip-on head protector, and a well made zip case for storage/travel. The `manual' is frankly appalling with just a series of diagrams and no text, so it takes a while to work out how to use the razor - the on-line pamphlet and product info is more useful. But the product is simple to use: charge it, and dry shave or wet shave using a standard shaving gel or foam. I've not really got the point of the hold the `on button' for 3 seconds to `travel lock', but it's there.

I got this Sensotouch for my 14 year old son as his first razor. And he loves it [it's the iPod of the shaver world], saying it gives a really smooth shave. I've tried it and it's the equal of my expensive Speed XL model. So it's great for dry shaving. I have to say wet shaving didn't do much for me or my son, and it's a messier job cleaning it afterwards, but this razor at least gives you the option. Thorough cleaning of the heads after dryshaving is easy by dismantling and carefully using the supplied brush, do this every few weeks. I've never bothered with Philips head cleaning fluids. This new model offers a better grip, a travel pouch, longer lasting charge, and the 5 LED charge indicator over it's sibling SensoTouch. The only thing I'd add is that if you are new to Philishavers it does take a month or two to get used to any new shaving system. Plus you have to shave daily as Philishavers hate long hairs.

It comes with a 2 year guarantee, although I've never known a Philishave last less than that - they can run for many years with new heads occasionally and a new battery after 3 or 4 years [a soldering job, but easy for DIY]. The only thing that can finish off a Philishave is dropping it hard onto a stone floor [they survive falling into the loo]. Overall a beautiful superb designer razor and probably well worth the high price [we love it]. But you can get a similar quality dry shave from a Philishave costing a quarter of the price - you just won't look as cool using it.

Update July 2013: The area around the RQ1180's on/off switch has begun to crack slightly and although the switch is no longer waterproof the razor still works perfectly (this wasn't a problem for my son as he has already decided he will only shave dry, and I suppose sellotape could keep the water out). It's a year out of warranty but if we wanted it repaired I suppose we could argue the waterproofing should have lasted a lot longer. Update Feb 2016: Shaver still working perfectly 6 years on, cracked on/off switch excepted.
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on 1 November 2010
This is my 3rd Philips wet/dry rechargable shaver in about 10 years.
The RQ1180 gives by far the longest shaving time between charges of the three.

I ran it for 2 weeks, shaving everyday + using the clippers and it still was showing some charge (white led).
Should be ok to take on holiday without bothering to bring the stand and power supply.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I passed this item onto my husband, Mr Gerbiltamer, whose preferred personal facial fuzz removal technique is a wet shave due to the closeness of the cut, although he isn't keen on the dehydrating effects it causes in the long run. Due to his advanced age, Mr G has shunned electric razors for many years because they just didn't do the job as well as their multi-bladed cousins; the battery ones were ineffectual and the mains ones were inconvenient. Anyway, time and technology has moved on at a huge pace so it was nice for him to be able to try one of the modern designs.

He stated that the rechargeable nature was really useful, as was the integral battery meter. He's been using it two to three times per week for the past month and at time of writing, it hasn't required recharging, therefore the battery has impressive longevity. The closeness of the shave is fantastic, as is the agility and flexibility of the head, which means that the unit can follow the contours of the face with consummate ease. The blades also glide well across the skin and operate at such a high speed that the individual hairs don't get tugged out, which was a common problem with the old foil based electric razors.

The razor is easy to clean and has an additional trimmer for sideburns and eyebrows, both of which are effective. Mr G states that he's really impressed by this product and is using it more frequently than wet shaving, as it's far less effort. In conclusion: my husband has been converted to electric shaving because of this product and says that it's the best shave you can get outside a wet razor. In the long term, it's also a great complement to a wet shaving routine and considering the price of blades, it'll pay for itself in the longer term.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've tried several electric razors over the years. When new, they are always excellent. Close cutting, comfortable..ideal. But, after a week or so, I find they start to stop cutting so well, clog up, cause irritation and gradually I drift back to wet shaving.

But, finally, I think I've found a razor I get on with. The RQ1180 is a svelte looking piece of kit and a bit of a change from the usual chunky masculine forms razors normally come in. The cutting heads are in a clover-leaf assembly mounted on a three-way pivot and in addition each head can deflect inwards. These two movements together mean you can keep the cutting heads in constant contact with your skin. The plastic body is completely sealed, with no charging port or even any external buttons. The power button is flush to the body which looks good, but can be annoying in the blurry-eyed morning when you're fumbling to turn it on, and the whole thing is charged by putting it in a stand, a bit like an electric toothbrush.

Dry shaving, the razor is not actually anything special. As I said, I've tried other razors costing a third of the price of this one, and can't honestly say they were worse at shaving than this one. However, you can wet shave with this one and that is worth the extra. A small dab of shaving foam, and this thing is wonderful. Smooth, fast, and very very close, with no irritation. Wet shaving also means the cutting blades seem to stay clean, and so don't dull. Shaving in this way is as close as a traditional wet shave, but much quicker and I'm confident that this constant cleaning of the cutting edges mean it will continue to cut well.

One small annoyance is the way that it tends to dribble. Make sure you're leaning over the sink when you first cut, or a dribble of soap and stubble will instantly stream out of the bottom of the cutting heads onto your shirt. Also, it's a little fiddley to get the shaving heads off for a rinse. The charging cradle is useful if you have a plug in your bathroom, but if like me you have to charge it elsewhere it's a bit big and clunky. It also sort of defeats the point of being able to easily travel with a rechargable, as you have to carry the big awkward cradle with you, although I suppose it's no more hassle than with an electric toothbrush. One nice touch though is the ability to lock the power button - no more suspicious buzzing noises coming from the depths of your bag as your razor turns itself on and runs out of charge.

All things considered, this is an excellent shaver, and i'm very pleased with it. This is at least my fourth go with an electric razor, and I finally think I've found one worth sticking with.
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on 15 May 2011
This is the first electric shaver I have had for years. I bought it because I was going on a 4 week tour of Australia and there were 8 flights involved. I just couldn't face the hassle of taking and replenishing wet shaving gear, because of the 100ml limit on liquids in hand luggage. I went for this razor in particular because it has a Li-Ion battery which offered good capacity, a short recharge time and no problems associated with recharge memory effects often experienced with Ni-Cads. It also had good reports about the quality of shave achieved with it.

It has lived up to all my expectations and provides an excellent shave. It took me a while to get used to the fact that you have to go over the shave areas several times and to learn which direction suits which area best even though a rotation of the shaver is recommended. The battery lasts me for about a week after a full charge and it takes only about 1 hour to completely recharge it, as claimed by the manufacturers. I was initially concerned about whether the recharging stand was robust enough to stand up to the rigours of a lot of travelling around, but I have had no problems. This shaver is so good that I have consigned my old wet razor to the bin because my electric razor proves only a very slightly inferior result, is much quicker to use and is much more convenient.
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