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on 10 November 2013
I was looking to buy another pair of these headphones for use with a laptop and discovered that I hadn't reviewed this pair. My son has had these since March 2012 and they are still working perfectly. He uses them with his ipod, listening to music, and when playing his electric guitar - so the rest of us don't have to endure bad Hendrix impressions. The sound quality is great and they are very comfortable to wear and obviously highly durable. I am glad they are still available and at a good price.

Update: These stopped working in one ear in Dec 2013 and I discovered that they have a two year warranty - all sennheiser products do apparently - so, amazon told me to contact sennheiser, which I did through their website, and was sent out a replacement pair immediately! Amazing customer care - well done sennheiser.
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on 16 February 2014
Had the 202's and 203's. Loved them both, so buying them again.
I was not very careful with my last pair and managed to break them, my fault entirely. But I've had these since they first came out and see no reason to buy any other. Great sound. Comfortable, clear, good bass and durable. And they are capable of going louder than many othe similar priced headphones so watch your ears. They also have an extra long cable which is a blessing when plugged into laptops etc.
The 202's are lighter, the 203's seem tougher but just barely. Both are tough enough. Apparently the 203's are clearer but I haven't had the chance to compare them directly.
One thing to note is they are a snug fit, which is great for blocking out unwanted sound and they dont slip off your ears. However, because of the this, after an hour or more of wearing them I do find my ears start to ache a little. Taking them off for 2 minutes seems to do the trick.
Oh and the earpieces unclip from the headband, for flat packing. Very handy.
Way better than the trendy DJ headphones around now. Don't look any further.
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on 4 March 2012
I'm studying a semester abroad, and missed my mid-range 2.1 speaker system back home. I chose these headphones because reviews indicated they had good bass but remained clear, and after using them I wholeheartedly agree. I listen to a variety of music, including folk, indie/alternative rock, pop, dance, and sometimes classical. It all sounds excellent to me, particularly because drums have that deep kick to them, cellos have power, and vocals and guitar strings remain distinct and very clear. For me, the sound is similar to what I hear at a small concert venue, which is precisely how I like it. On my speakers back home I love that I can crank the bass to shake my bones, and although I can't do that with these, I believe these headphones are, overall, the best quality audio output devices I've ever owned. Keep in mind that I have owned several mid-range devices, but never an expensive high-end, studio quality, or fashion-oriented monitor.

As for comfort, I easily wear them for a few hours cumulatively every day. They make my ears sore after about an hour, so I need a few minutes to rest. I have smallish ears that fit almost entirely inside the leatherette cushions, so part of the cartilage touches the hard inner speaker. The speakers were initially tight, though not excessively so, and a week of wearing them a lot loosened them up to fit my head more comfortably. The padding on top and adjustable-height earcups are very much appreciated.

While I think these Sennheisers could be a little better for multi-hour comfort, I am extremely satisfied with them for their superb audio quality and good comfort during single CD-length sessions or with short breaks in between.
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on 21 November 2011
I have had Sennheiser wireless headphones for a few years. They have been really good and I still use them but I wanted to try for better quality sound. Saw these on Amazon with 5 star ratings and at a very good price. Having now bought them and tried them I am very very please. I listen to a wide reange of music including classical and jazz and I really like these headphones. A lovely clear sound. I also like the long cable. Very comfortable too.
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on 18 May 2011
These came 2 days earlier than expected so it was a brilliant start, however it took around 5-10 mins to open the packaging!
I put them on and they feel amazing, really comfy and they sounds SUPERB. I seriously recommend these
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on 6 October 2011
Clear sound, very comfortable, easily adjustable and light weight. Although I could say that there should be a little bit more bass, but a quality headphone for such a low price makes up for it. It has reasonably low sound leakage and a long cable.
I would definitely recommend these to anyone who's looking for quality headphones for a fairly low price.
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on 30 January 2012
I find that after about 30mins of wearing these they hurt my ears. It's not because they're too small for me (woman with normal sized head!) it's just that the shape of the ear part is quite small and pushes against my ears.

Not especially comfortable, but sound quality is fine. They just don't sit as well on the head as other headphones I've had.
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on 29 June 2010
This product is amazing brill bass and clear as anything they are better than the HD202 And for the same price. Also very light and really coumfy it doesnt even fell like your wearin them

This is a must buy worth every penny
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on 3 May 2012
I went for a pair of these after killing my pair of HD-205's and I'm not disappointed!

The only real difference I can tell between the two is a lack of rotating ear cups, but sound quality is on par. If anything, they exaggerate the bass a little bit more but they still have great clarity and mid ranges, again given the price.

Main Positives:

- The most important feature to me is actually sound leakage. If headphones leak sound I can't wear them in the office, and then sound quality becomes irrelevant! These are fantastic for not educating the rest of the office in the ways of Dubstep

- These headphones are literally 500 times more comfortable than the HD-205s. They don't have the head clamping effect and are wearable for hours

- Bass response is excellent

- Lightweight

Any Negatives?

- Irreplacable cable. Be careful with all connectors and you won't kill them like I did with the 205's

- The cable is so so so long. Very annoying

- They do feel a bit cheap in comparison to the 205's, given there's not much of a price difference. But then again, they are cheap!!
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on 28 February 2013
As a professional location sound recordist I have used Sennheiser products for fifty years. The company's reputation for innovation and quality control is second to none and at the price offered these seemed a bargain. I was not expecting these headphones to have a flat response - you pay a lot of money for monitors - as any phones marketed for general use are likely to have a slight, or not so slight, bass lift that flatters some music and most consumers seem to like.
But the low frequency response of the HD203 headphones dominates to such a degree as to make listening to any music written in the treble clef - vocals etc. - impossible.
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