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4.3 out of 5 stars490
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 5 January 2012
Thought I'd pen a review after using this shaver for 6 months. Been shaving the 'delicate parts' for about 10 years which is appreciated by my wife and I and I have done this with a razor and shaving gel. Went away for a short weekend and decided to shave my chest and wasn't sure what reaction I'd get but it went down well. But what a procedure shaving it with a razor.

Hence due to go away for a couple of weeks in the summer and thought about a body wax but my wife was not in favour of that, so investigated body shavers. After reading the reviews opted for this one. When it came I read the instructions and it does what its says it does ie it is not designed for the face except beards.

Nice to hold well balanced, tried my chest first and the trimmer worked well as long as you did as it said ie attached from different angles and were patient, then switched to the shaver for my chest and wow super fast and smooth. Next tried it just above my 'delicates' with the shaver and again fast and smooth. Now for the delicates well you have to treat everything with respect and take your time, better I found if slightly cold, ok if you want a tidy up and maintenance but not perhaps if you want total smoothness although this can be achieved with time. Hence I will use a razor for total fast smooth 'delicates' Bum well awkward as anything else is.

Went away and decided to trim my legs, first time ever and not sure about doing it but got carried away and shaved the lot off. Again trimming took a while but shaving then fast. It made putting sun cream on twice daily a joy rather than a chore and noone knows you on the beach! But legs only for beach holidays. In my rash mood shaved under arm and it didn't have an effect on sweat as feared. Usually now chest, hollywood and bum cheeks. Trimming faster after the initial long grass cutting!

So worth buying, alot cheaper and less painful than a bodywax (I expect) but read the description and instructions. One niggle, Phillips go on about how delicate the foil is but don't supply a cover for when travelling.
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on 9 April 2012
I've waited a few months after buying this before commenting. I had the cheaper TT2021 before, and had many years of service out of it and was originally intending to get another the same, but thought I might splash out on the latest model, and quite glad I did.

A word of warning - If you are moving sharp steel cutters around your most delicate parts you need to take care. The shaver head is very cleverly designed with trimming cutters along both edges, and a foil type shaver head in between, so, as you move the shaver over the skin, in either direction, the longer hair is cut first by the trimming cutter, and then the remaining shortened hair is shaved off smooth, by the foil shaver. The small size, and rounded shape of the head, makes it very manoeuvrable around all those hard-to-get-to crevices in the groin area. When using, it is essential to keep the angle of the head in line with the skin surface, and to keep the skin surface flat, and stretched tight: get nearer to a right-angle, with soft loose skin, and you can get cut. I tell you this from experience, learning the hard way, with my previous shaver. I wondered whether the swivel head would make this shaver more, or less, prone to cutting, as the angle is less under your control, being loose, and I have waited a few months to establish this before reviewing. I can report that I have not had a single cut from this shaver, even though the head is identical to that on the TT2021 I had before. The swivel head helps to keep the correct angle, and so, is much less likely to cut, but you still need to take care.

The other end of the shaver has a trimmer for long hair, and has a very clever comb attachment. The comb keeps the cutting head a precise distance from the skin surface, so cutting every hair the same length. I have a hair trimmer that does the same thing for my head. However, that one for my head comes with six different combs to give a range of lengths, but to achieve the same range on the TT2040 you only need to slide the one comb forward, or back, into different positions. I use it on my eye brows, under arms, and even a bit of tidying of the hair-do, in addition to an occasional trim of the hair on legs and arms when getting too Gorilla-like. It's very handy to do the whole job with the different heads on each end of the trimmer.

So, it is very functional, and also looks good, and the nicely designed cradle is also the charger. An overnight charge, only gives you a couple of uses before it needs recharging, which is fairly short. I have a Phillips shaver which only takes 30 minutes to charge up for over an hour of use, so I am not sure why this one has a much higher charge to usage ratio, but is not that big a deal: I have not run the batteries flat yet.
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VINE VOICEon 20 June 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Like most blokes (my age anyway) I thought that body shavers were for the ladies. So when I tried this item I was a bit skeptical. However I am won over and will keep using this 'All-in-one-Bodygroom'. This is sold as a below the neck groomer. It is not supposed to be for the beard or head hair. But I have used the shaver to trim my beard very successfully. It is also no good as a lady shave (according to my wife anyway!) it doesn't shave close enough. But for that unsightly hair that us boys have grown over our bodies over the years this product is great. You can shave it all off if you want with the shaver. Or simply do a tidy up with the trimmer. On the trimming end of the bodygroomer you have 5 settings for different lengths to trim to, 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 9mm, 11mm. It is comfortable and easy to operate (yes, even around the VERY sensitive bits!).

On the other end of the bodygroomer is the shaver which I did try to see what it was like. It shaved close enough as far as I was concerned. It is waterproof so if you prefer to shave while having a shower you can do.

It is a rechargeable product and they recommend for the first time to charge for 10 hours. A full charge lasts about 50 minutes. It has a good looking cradle to keep it in (which is also the charger).

For people who are keen on having the body beautiful this product is brilliant. For the skeptics, like me, if you are going to inflict your body onto us this summer on the beach, then please buy this. If not for you then do it for the rest of us!
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on 7 January 2013
I bought this to try having used other products and ended up looking like a badly plucked chicken, even the razor that advertised as so sharp we put it behind bars {sic} didn't do the job.

When I opened this I was amazed how solid and sturdy it felt in the hand, the one hour charge was the real clincher for me. I bought it for £31 special offer from a chemist that sounds like it sells footwear and so at that bargain price wasn't too worried about it not being up to job, but I was astounded. Remember this is for everything BELOW the neck line, the foil is too fine for your course head hairs.

Since I didn't want to look like a hairless freak I did a number 1 trim under the arms and on the chest, it was effortless and whilst you need to keep skin slightly taught it gave very pleasing results, I used it in the shower too and had similar results. The comb was a bit awkward to trim about the nipple area but other than this not a problem.

Next was that 'other' area everyone wants to know about its performance and yet the reviews are hard to find. Well I was completely amazed, this time for me it was all coming off. Shaving along the raphe was easy and nick free. You must remember to try to keep the skin tight so 'rising' for the shaving occasion is a good idea. The shaving is gentle enough to so in the shower every few days or so. A neutral moisturising cream would be ideal for after shaving such as J&J lotions etc.


Good charge time
swivel head, easy to do ALL areas.


No protective cap on foil head for when travelling (in my view a big oversight by the company)
comb a little cheap and flexes too much.

Happy to answer questions from anyone about this product it is just so good.
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on 10 August 2015
Excellent piece of kit to get rid of the ugly chimplike growth all over the body. If you want to look good get this, BUT be very careful around the loose skin area as it will drag and bite. Keep loose skin-tight and use LIGHT touches..Most of the previous reviews cover this razor and all I can say is I've removed body hair ever since it started to grow on me as a teenager in the usual place. This razor does the best job to date and Ive used many methods and been injured doing so. Its paper thin tissue down in the underpants dept be extremely careful...Please.!!! I hate body hair with a passion it makes you an ugly mess you dont need it and the only purpose I can see it has is to make the soap lather..... AND I don't want my bits looking like a dwarfs thumb poking out of a sparrows nest, so if you need to be naked don't appear revolting. You will get some comments from the other guys but its because they would like to do this but are afraid of being called names or thought of as someone different... ignore them, its your body. I'd rather look like I was made out of marble not out of fuse wire and spiders legs. I readily recommend this device.
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on 27 November 2015
love it!! my girlfriend loves my smooth bollocks! I cant keep her off them!
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on 30 September 2010
Fantastic bit of kit this, a must for every gentleman who likes to look his best, all over. Charges over night for a full 50 min shave. The all important question is does the trimmer "catch" down there and I can honestly say, not one bit! Be as reckless as you like! I would buy again and thoroughly recommend this.
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on 13 June 2012
I has an old version of the Bodygroom which needed replacing, after looking around and reading reviews i opted for the TT2040 and so far i have not been dissapointed. The fisrt thing i like is that a 1 hour charge gives you 50 mins use. Some of the other models (including my old one) needed 8 hours charge for 50 mins.

The unit comes with a 2 year guarantee but if you register the TT2040 online you get a free year taking it up to 3 years guarantee, i found this out by accident! You will need the serial No though which can be found by taking of the foil head (flick up with your thumb and it clicks off) and on the plastic there will be four digits, that is your serial number. On the Philips registration page it says there is a long serial number or a sticker on the unit...don't be fooled, i couldn't find it so I spoke to Philips who told me where the serial No was. Philips don't make it easy for you!

As for the unit itself very impressed, a close shave and easy to use where ever you want to use on your body, no nicks either. The unit itself is strong and sturdy and comes with a charging stand which looks good if you plan to leave it on the side of your bedside cabinet etc.

Basic instructions or lack of them! The TT2040 comes with a small booklet featuring little pictures on a bit paper so it is the case of trial and error when using it the TT2040 to see how it works best for you.

The only negative comment is that the TT2040 could have done with coming with a pouch to put everything back into. Lucky my old bodygroom did so, so i have used my old one.
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on 15 May 2013
After using this product for a couple of months I can honestly say it was a fantastic purchase. While I am not an extraordinarily hairy person, I use this pretty much every couple of days to keep everything smooth and it makes light work of any and every task I give it, and it is a pleasure to use, whether it's legs, underarms or groin. The best part is that, unlike razors, there is little to no actual skin irritation so going against the grain in more sensitive areas is actually okay and won't result in crazy redness or irritation that can result from wearing clothes on razor-shaved skin.

It is also safe to use down there - I'm still careful but you can pretty much go to town. The shaver 'head' is quite large so getting the right angle can be a bit tricky, but with a bit of patience you can get to all the spots you need to.

From a shaver perspective, naturally you won't get quite as close a shave as with a manual razor but, considering that it takes me less time in the shower, and that I can go against the grain unlike a regular razor, and that it's very much safer than a razor, I can honestly say that the results are comparable. I wouldn't try the shaver part on my face, given the contours of ones face, but theoretically facial use should be possible if you're careful. The instructions do say (rather awkwardly, more on that later) that it shouldn't be used on your face.

The trimmer is good. I don't use it much, and as such the attachment just sits on the side, off the device because I find it just gets in the way. The length options are suitable enough, but when I use the trimmer I use it without the attachment. This isn't "safe" and at the wrong angle you will cut yourself, so you have to be careful. However, I use it in this mode when I let facial hair grow for a bit and want to make a razor shave easier. In these situations it would be nice for the attachment to have one lower setting, but it's not necessary if you're careful.

The instructions provided are pathetic pictograms, showing vague use of the device. Honestly, if there were instructions written in another language I would have had an easier time understanding a few of these properly. Regardless, it's pretty much straight-forward. Don't plug the charger into your bathtub sort of stuff. As covered in another review, but worth repeating, is that removing the shaver's "foil head" is not immediately 'obvious' and I spent a good 20 seconds trying to check where it came off so that I didn't break the thing. Simply hold the pivoting head with your thumb and index finger on each side, hook your fingernail underneath one of the 'cutting edges' of the foil part and gently pull up with a little bit of force. It unclips fairly easily, but is held in place well. Putting it back is easy, just push it in on either side.

Recharge time is quick (enough) and I found I could use the device over the course of a week or so for 10-15 minutes until it audibly needed a recharge.

All in all, I thoroughly recommend this product to men who prefer the non-hairy thing. This makes life a lot easier.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Philips Bodygroom Pro is dedicated to trimming or removing hair from all parts of your body except the face and the scalp. What you get is a double-ended rechargeable shaver, a stand with a magnetic holder, a small brush, and a fold-out instruction sheet in several languages. It's a shame the leaflet is awkward to read as it is is useful for getting started; but you will soon get the hang of it.

Why double-ended? Well, hair grows in all sorts of places and in all sorts of lengths. One end is an adjustable trimmer which operates a bit like a lawn mower (!) in that you set the desired hair length from one to 5, where 5 is just over a centimetre and 1, three millimetres. The longer setting is a good place to start if you are a bit timid and want to experiment. You can also start at the longer setting and work down to get the length you want, or to prepare for a clean shave.

Talking of which, the other end is the shaving unit, and certainly when new and sharp quickly and cleanly removes your hair. The shaver works wet or dry; so does the trimmer, though the guide suggests that you trim dry hair.

Great body shaver then, effective at what it does. Any complaints? Well, removing the shaver head for cleaning is a bit of a puzzle the first time you do it, thanks to a rather unclear explanation; the head is said to be delicate but of course mine pinged into several parts the first time I removed it. The key is that you have to hold the metal part of the head and prise it away from the black plastic holder. Fortunately I reassembled and refitted it with no sign of damage.

No other problems; comfortable to hold, good design, does the job nicely.
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