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4.4 out of 5 stars1,006
4.4 out of 5 stars
Style Name: F-Bike-max user weight:220lbs (100 kg)Change
Price:£66.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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The summer of 2010 saw me in my mid-twenties, watching the world cup and enjoying the deals on beer, pizza and coke. For the first time in my life I put on weight. My god-given right to not exercise, eat anything I want and stay slim and looking good had been rescinded. A year later and a whole 2inces on my waist, I decided it was time to get some regular exercise, hence the f-bike. Bought for £90 and bought because it had the best reviews.

Some questions:

--------------------Who is the `Ultra fit' f-bike for?

Well oddly it's definitely not for the Ultra fit. Even on the hardest setting it is unlikely to give the ultra-fit an adequate workout in a reasonable amount of time.
The f-bike is for people who are fit and want to stay that way or for people who are unfit and want to get fit.

--------------------Will its size suit all?

Nope... it seems that the bike is aimed at the tall to average and would not be suitable for people who are short. On its smallest setting my lover who is 5.4 sayys that she can't go at full speed as she is too short. I note another reviewer had to drill another hole to make it suit her size better.

--------------------Max weight?

Is 100 kg; that's 15st 10.5lb

--------------------How quiet is the f-bike:

It's not totally totally silent, as when you're on it you can hear a whisper of the belt but it is quiet enough that others can watch TV, while I use it in the same room, the neighbours are totally unaware it exists and I can use it late at night without anyone hearing it. When in normal use it make no vibrations to the ground so is fine for use in any flat... even with Mrs Knock Knock downstairs.

--------------------How easy is it to use:

Really easy. Resistance is controlled by one simple knob 1-8. The digital system is all controlled by one button, giving details of speed, distance, time, calories, pulse, ODE, and a scan button that moves through them all. After peddling details are held for 5mins before the system switches itself off. Holding down the button clears data. There are no user profile or courses. It takes 2x AAA batteries but the bike works on your steam.

--------------------Does Pulse work?

On the handlebars are two metal strips when hands are placed it gives a pulse reading. Some are critical of the correctness of it. So far my system appears to be right but only after cycling for 2mins with my hands on the right place. If measuring your pulse is essential then check with the makers or buy a separate device.

-------------------- How portable is it and how much space does it use up?

It's really not that portable, as it is heavy and fairly large. While it does fold up, meaning it could be stored in a wardrobe this is not ideal and I doubt a regular user could be bothered folding it up and unfolding it every time it was in use. This said it is much more portable are less bulky than a fixed bike; so it's `foldability' is appreciated.

--------------------How fun is it

It's fun for the first 5mins then it's just a tool. This does not make exercise easier nor fun but it does make it more accessible. Watching the TV while exercising is a luxury.

--------------------What's the Wow factor?
The what? It's just a cheap little bike made out of the same welded together silver metal as most exercise equipment has. It feels sturdy but without any frills.

--------------------How complicated is it to build:

Not complicated; easier and more intuitive than IKEA,. It's basically just securing things. It'll take 20 mins max . It's a one person job but will be faster with two.

The instructions are fine but offer little reassurance. Bellow is a little bit of commentary to give you an idea of what needs to be done and a bit of reassurance.

NOTE: all the tools needed come in the box. A wee spanner and a alan-key.

1, unfolding it
Pull the grenade like pin. Unfold the bike and replace the grenade pin. No tools needed.

2. Screwing on its floor stands:
Note the floor stands have an indented side for where the bolts should start from. Screw into the bike. Tighten with spanner.

3. Screwing in its pedals
Screw in the pedals. Note you need to hold the pedal itself still and crew in the bit with the track. Tighten with the spanner.

4. Securing the seat bracket
Place the bracket to the right seat height secure with the ratchet thing.

5. Screwing the seat to the bracket
Screw the seat onto the bracket. Use the spanner to tighten. IT should not wobble at all.

6. Screwing the handlebars to the bike.
Screw the handlebars to the bike using the alan-key. It should not wobble at all. Connect the two wires.

7. Check to make sure everything is tight, secure and stable.

8. Every once in a while you may want to tighten up certain bits and pieces.
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on 17 January 2012
This is a great bike for such a low price. It was delivered within three days (tracked online)and although it requires a small amount of straightforward assembly, the tools are included, and it only amounts to tightening twelve or so nuts+bolts/ screws.
It is surprisingly solidly constructed, and feels quite expensive, apart from the seat which is just awful- get a cushion or padded shorts.
The computer is pretty good, and gives you info on: pulse, speed, calories burnt, distance covered and time spent cycling. While much of this information is fairly arbitrary (calories burned do seem suspiciously high), it does allow you to track your progress day by day, and also to ensure that your routine is useful (the heart-rate monitor especially).
I paid £90ish for this piece of equipment and am extremely happy with it. However much I would like to, I will go running only rarely in midwinter, and the bike has allowed me to get about three hours of exercise a week without having to punish myself (apart from the seat of course). While the resistance is not massive, it is easily enough to allow me raise my heart rate to 60%-70% of its maximum without having to pedal madly, although the bike is solid enough to allow me to do this too if necessary.
It folds up as much as can be expected, and occupies a space of no more than 50cm x 50cm x 125cm in the corner of the room when not in use. It's pretty heavy, but can be moved from room to room at a push.
I'm 36, male, with two kids and a busy life, and am about forty pounds above my ideal weight. This bike cost next to nothing, and allows me to exercise regularly, in the comfort of my own home, whenever I have a free 30 minutes. I've lost about six pounds in the two weeks since it arrived. Obviously I can't speak for the longevity of the bike (or my enthusiasm), but at the moment it's a great buy.
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This is one of the easiest-to-assemble exercise bikes I have ever come across. The X frame arrives pre-built, so all that's left to you is adding the stabiliser bars, pedals, saddle, handlebars and computer unit. There aren't a mass of pieces either, and it's pretty clear which ones go where. You need two sizes of spanner and an allen key to compete the build, but these are included.

The bike is easy to fold/unfold: a procedure that requires the removal/insertion of a locking pin - take the pin out, position the bike to be either open or closed, reinsert the pin to hold it in place. It's that easy. The bike is small - it doesn't take up much storage space, and is lightweight enough that it's easy to move around. Despite its small form, this does feel reassuringly sturdy.

The bike is incredibly quiet - whispering away at all tension settings when in use. I tend to watch TV shows while using my exercise bike and don't find I need to adjust the volume at all to compensate for bike noises!

Tension-wise, this isn't the most impressive: even at the highest level of tension, I find this very easy to use (as opposed to my old, York, bike - which, at the highest setting was murder on my legs). The trip computer puts itself into standby mode after a few minutes of disuse and doesn't save data from one session to another when it wakes. Thus, you can't do multiple sessions in one day and simply use the bike's display to keep track of the cumulative total of e.g. distance travelled/ calories burned. The saddle isn't nice - but then neither was the one on my old bike, and that had a much higher RRP.

As others have commented, this bike is a bit problematic for shorter users. I'm 5'5" and have not been graced with particularly long legs. With the saddle set to the lowest level, I can only JUST touch the tips of my feet to the floor. For my mother, who is 5'2", this bike is simply too tall.

Overall, I'm reasonably pleased with this. It's not the most intensive of workouts, but it's something I can commit to doing regularly and doesn't take up too much space.


- Very easy to store
- Small size
- Surprisingly robust build quality
- Easy to assemble
- 2-Year Warranty
- Quiet to run


- Not much variation in tension
- Trip computer loses your data after a few minutes disuse
- Awkward for shorter people
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on 1 November 2015
Just a little bit about me, before I bought this I didn't do exercise. My thumbs and brain get a lot of exercise because I play a *lot* of video games but not the rest of my body! Since I'm now of an age that I should be looking after myself better and I've enjoyed cycling outdoors,( but only when the weather is good) this bike - which has already had many positive reviews here - appeared to be ideal. And it is. It's sturdier than I was expecting at this price and it folds away in a spare room nice and tidy taking up little space, far less space than my dad's treadmill does.
This bike has a computer that measures speed (km), time spent on current session, calories burnt and your pulse also features an odometer to tell you how much distance (km) you've covered since you began using the bike.The computer takes 2xAAA batteries,which were included too! It took me about 30-40 minutes to assemble the bike, if you pay close attention to the manual you'll be fine. Also the only tools you'll need to assemble the bike are all in the box.

- It's a bargain.
- Its better quality than you might expect at around £90.
- It appears to be of German design (but built in China).The bike is well stabilised,its never tipped up in any direction whilst in use.
- The manual is better than I expected, better than a friend's manual for their Everlast exercise bike of similar value from Argos.This manual has recommended stretches that you can do before and after your sessions. And it has an (albeit fuzzy) graph that gives you idea of what your ideal heart rate you can aim for based upon your age. Mine is approximately 108-113bpm. But I tend to use cycling speed as my benchmark, see my negatives list below for the reason why.
- I wasn't expecting the computer to have that many features,but these are useful for keeping tabs on your progress

- My partner is about 5'4" tall,and despite what some have said amongst these reviews, I don't think she would be comfortable on it,( I was hoping that we both might get some use out of this bike). I set the saddle height on the second notch of three safe positions - I'm about 5'9" tall . for my partner she could have the saddle set as low as it will go, which is without the peg in place,but so far she hasn't used it so I can't absolutely confirm that this bike might not be suitable for ladies of below average height. I've just looked at the saddle stem notches and there are five in total,but two of those are above the Max safety mark, this seems bit daft I guess but if you're tall and you're careful(!) not to make the bike tip backwards, this bike might suit you too.
- The pulse rate sensor seems crazy,either I'm working too hard, or its really sensitive. It takes a good minute to settle on a value,and even then it seems too high.... Or maybe I'm sort of super athlete! Unlikely. I'm thinking of purchasing one of those Bluetooth heart rate wristbands instead.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on 28 March 2011
The bike is very easy to put together - much easier than my last exercise bike. Non-DIY people should have no problems. It has a tiny footprint so takes up a really small amount of floor space when folded up. Light enough for most adults to lug around. The high saddle (height can be altered of course) is superb for people like me with knee problems. I've had very little pain since using it (as opposed to when I use my push bike). So why am I giving it only 3 stars? There are 8 resistance levels. However, the top one doesn't require so much effort for you to want to go through to something tougher. I'm no great cyclist yet I wish there were another two levels at least. For beginners or for people who just want an 'easy ride', this is a great product. For those of us with stronger legs, I'd say 'look elsewhere'.
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on 11 September 2015
GET THIS BIKE!! I just "upgraded" from a very basic exercise bike which gave no resistance and no real "work out" even after 45mins I barely broke into a sweat - been on this bike 10 mins and OMG what a difference it's amazing just get it you will not regret it UPDATE 2 MONTHS LATER I'm on this bike 5 or 6 times a week I still love it best thing I ever bought! Sometimes I just gently peddle for 30-45 minutes but other times I "work" it and do 2kms on each speed increasing upwards then 1km each incriminate back down its sturdy safe and comfortable
review image
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on 1 March 2015
I'm not one for writing reviews but in this instance I think one is warranted!

I've been wanting to get fit for some time but I'm the sort of person who is reluctant to pay through the roof for gym membership or brave the cold, wet and dark to go jogging around the local area. As I live in a flat an exercise bike was out of the question as space is a premium and it would just get in the way. I then stumbled across folding exercise bikes and spent a good few hours reading reviews and trying to find the best one. In the end I settled for this one - what a right decision that was!

---Delivery & Set-Up---
As a Prime member I ordered it on Saturday and had it the next day. I was a little worried about getting it up three flights of stairs on my own but it is not as heavy as it seems. I don't think I have ever seen anything wrapped and packaged as much as this product - it even as throw away plastic caps to protect the end of the metal struts before you put it together!

Putting it together was simple and stress free. My only criticism is that the pictures in the instruction booklet are a bit small. Each part is also numbered in the booklet but there are no corresponding numbers on the pieces of the bike. Not the end of the world as there aren't that many pieces so you can figure out which ones are which. Batteries are supplied but I decided to use some Duracell ones I had spare. I found that I had 4 spare washers which I couldn't work out where they were supposed to go as every screw had washers already! Bit of a mystery...

TIP: Put the straps onto the pedals BEFORE putting the pedals onto the bike. I made the mistake of doing it the wrong way round and as the straps are a bit tricky to get on you don't want to be fighting to stop the pedal spinning as well. I put the straps on the 3rd one up but I might changed that to the 2nd one so I can get more of my foot on the pedal.

The bike folds nicely away and sits in the corner by the TV. Unfolding it is straight forward as you just pull out a pin, unfold it, and put the pin back in. If you are worried about the bike being heavy to move then don't! I store it in the corner and then move it into the centre of the room to use it. Two hands make light work of it.

When you are using it the bike as all the usual settings - timer, calories burned, pulse etc. but for my purposes I just use the timer - it's nothing fancy, it just counts up but that's all I want from it. The bars are angled just right so you can rest a Kindle on it to read whilst pedalling. When using it you can't even hear it! It is the quietest bike I have ever used. Maybe it makes more noise when the tension is higher but I certainly don't hear anything with the TV on. The instruction booklet comes with some easy warm up and warm down exercises which I would recommend doing before you start and when you finish a session.

NOTE: I don't know if it is just me, being super unfit, or the seat itself, but I find that after using it the tops of my inside legs can become really stiff from where it makes contact with the seat.

Like most people I was worried about the maximum tension not being that great but so far I don't have any issues with it. I've only been using it a week, slowly building up the time I spend on it from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. I've been using setting 1 to start as I've not ran/done any exercise in a long time. This has been adequate to get my body used to the motion. Once I reach 30 minutes I plan to crank up the tension to actually get a bit of a workout and burn some calories.

I think this bike is great for those who:

- Don't have much space
- Want to get fit and lose some weight - perfect for beginners
- Want a cheap product that is great and easy to use

I wouldn't recommend this for any serious fitness people as you probably won't get out what you need. If you've got the money, and the space, go for an exercise bike as they generally have higher tension than folding bikes and you can do more with them.

I hope you find this review useful.
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on 4 February 2015
Not the easiest thing to put together, but it is truly compact even for my tiny leaving room and it's been working just fine since I bought it over 3 months ago. I'm 125 pounds and 5'3". I'm honestly not sure if it would work for someone heavier than me, but it suits me just fine. The dial and the screen works great. It's easily to fold and not too heavy to drag around. Great for the price.
review image
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on 9 February 2011
This bike is really nice and very easy to set up. My only complaint would be that the seat dosen't come down far enought for someone who is under 5ft 3in my husband was able to drill an extra hole so now i have no problem reaching the peddles with comfort.

This bike is so easy to move about and folding up is very handy i would recommend this bike to first time buyers as a good start to exercising the more experienced may find it a bit basic.
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on 24 March 2015
Brilliant! I spent so long reading reviews trying to get the right bike for me that would fit discretely in our one bedroom flat.
The bike is really simple and easy to set up and quiet to use. I find the resistance really good and take my hat off to anyone who can cycle comfortably on the top levels! Even my partner, who is a decathlete, has found it really useful and appropriate resistance.
The handles on this are really comfortab so you can lean forward or sit back. I also find the display far clearer and better than any of the others I looked at.
Although it doesn't collapse into anything really small, it doesn't matter too much, as I have it up all the time anyway and find it really unimposing in our front room.
Overall I would recommend this bike to anyone and think it is great value for money. Thanks to everyone else for all their helpful reviews, which helped me to choose this bike :)
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