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4.1 out of 5 stars857
4.1 out of 5 stars
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281 of 291 people found the following review helpful
on 16 May 2010
The Garmin Forerunner 110 is a great training aid for your outdoor runs. It doesn't have custom screens so you can just see distance, time and average pace and you can scroll through to see heart rate as well. It doesn't have the feature to set interval targets or heart rate zones, or pace alarms, but let's be honest - unless you are training for the next olympics, do you really need all that!

You can upload all the data to Garmin Connect and you can see a map of your run through the Google maps interface and you can look at your heart rate and pace along the length of your run. You can set an autolap so that the Forerunner records data every mile, for instance and for most runners this is surely enough.

It's really easy to use and perfect for anyone who wants an automatic record of their runs.
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on 23 May 2011
My wife bought me this watch for my birthday, and i'm thrilled with it! Incredibly easy to set up, after a quick charge, and inputting a few details (weight, height, age etc) you are ready to go! The watch located a signal within 30 seconds, and its as simple as pressing start and off you go. The face is easy to read and it's comfortable and lightweight, the heart rate monitor is comfortable and automatically synced with the watch straight away. I'm currently training for a marathon and fount the wealth of information available at a glance really useful. To me( a stats geek!) the information about your run available on the garmin website is fascinating, to be able to see every detail of your run laid out in an easy to understand and comprehensive way is the cherry on the cake! Far more in depth than the Nike plus website, I really think this has been designed for runners BY runners. Essential.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 16 August 2011
Being new to running, but having several friends who are 'runners', I just wanted an easy to use device that wasn't the size of a house brick on my wrist to help me track how far and how fast I was running. The Garmin Forerunner 110 did just that, plus it gave me my calories burnt, pace and the ability to upload my runs to Garmin Connect, which then shows you a lovely map of your route, so I thought it was brilliant!

Unfortunately, after using the watch for just 3.5 weeks (and only on 6 runs), it developed a problem. The screen locked on either blank, or with just 'Garmin' displayed and had no other functionality. I plugged it into my laptop, and was pleased to still be able to download my most recent run, and things appeared normal. I presumed I had let the battery die or it was a minor fault that had corrected itself. That was, until I unplugged it from the laptop and encountered the same problem.

I called Garmin Support (very good service, didn't have to hold an unacceptable amount of time), and was told I may need to do a new software update. I followed the instructions to do this, and received the message 'no updates available, your device has the current software' (or something to that effect). The following day, I tried again, but this time was offered the option to 'reinstall software', so I thought I'd try luck, problem still there.

I called Garmin again and was told that I had one of two options, either return the device to Amazon for a refund, and purchase another, or send it to Garmin (at my expense) and they would send me out a refurbished replacement with a 1 year guarantee. I have chosen the former, but plan on purchasing another, as I really did enjoy using the device before I encountered this problem. I will post another review once I have done so, to ensure that if this was a one-off problem (which I am hoping), that I give a fair review of what is otherwise a very nice, easy to use product, with great functionality for a first time runner like me.
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19 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on 22 February 2012
The Garmin 110 is a light, comfortable GPS watch that provides a simple way for the novice runner to keep track of their fitness progress. Even for those with slim wrists, it can be worn as a normal digital watch without appearing ridiculous, and a full charge offers several days of use as long as the GPS is not being used.

With GPS active, locking onto the satellites is generally quick in an open area, perhaps taking 10 seconds, but in built up areas it's a different story, and can take... well, as long as it takes to find an open-ish space with a clear route to the sky! When running a route regularly in a built up area, it's best to find a spot early on where you know the watch is able to locate the satellites, stand still, and wait for the GPS to lock (rather than trying to lock the GPS on the move and being continually frustrated when the signal strength returns to zero). Once the GPS has locked, it tends to remain locked, even if building density increases during the run. Occasionally, a change of route is needed to lock the GPS in built up areas.

Functionality is simple on the watch itself, and when the data is uploaded to the website via the usb lead, you can conduct a more in-depth analysis of your run, including route, elevation, split times, fastest and slowest pace etc. All runs are automatically entered into a calendar, so it's easy to see how frequently you are running in any given week/month/year. The only slight disappointment is that during a run, while the watch does display the runner's pace, it appears there is no way to set mileage targets, and there is no alarm function to let you know whether you're above or below your target pace. Also, the menu functions can be a little fiddly to begin with, but after a few runs they become familiar.

Overall, the Garmin 110 encourages more frequent running, and ad hoc runs become much more enjoyable, as there is no need to have to record times manually and spend time plotting the route into Google Maps when you get home!
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154 of 169 people found the following review helpful
on 18 June 2010
<<< I've edited my previous positive review here to reflect the terrible service I've received from Garmin, following persistent satellite link issues with my Forerunner 110 >>>

After about 18 months of occasional use, my Forerunner 110 intermittently became unable to find satellites. The problem got worse and worse, and, after getting bored of standing outside my flat for 20 minutes in the cold before a run, I decided to send it back to Garmin for repair - paying a £60 maintenance fee. I promptly received a reconditioned watch back from Garmin, with a 90 day warranty.

After 91 days, the reconditioned watch started experiencing the same problem, even worse than my original. It wouldn't find satellites at all. On calling Garmin support I was condescendingly told that, obviously, it was a software issue (of my own making), because I hadn't run a software update when I received it (since they send out hardware with out-of-date software installed as standard).

This did nothing to alleviate the problem. Garmin Support now (condescendingly, again) insist that, because it's outside of the warranty period, my only course of action is to pay another £60 maintenance fee and get another reconditioned watch.

Do not buy Garmin products.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 16 October 2010
Still getting used to which button does what, as I have an ordinary stop watch with the start stop buttons in a different position.
Accurate tracking but, as possibly with all gps watches, tracking distances over notable elevation changes not so accurate. Did a hilly 10k race and the watch thought I'd done only 9.5k.
The online Garmin Connect programme is great. Not used the other available program yet. Handily, both are Mac compatible.
One issue, that perhaps the 405 and 310 watches cover, is when using the lap time function. There doesn't seem to be an option to view the times on the watch. As far as I can tell, you need to upload the times to your pc/mac. A minor issue if you are keen to know there and then how part of a run went.
A good product but I need to find time to check all the functions.
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309 of 340 people found the following review helpful
on 1 November 2010
I've given this five stars.

I had tried on some of the 105, 205, 310, and 405 watches and I was generally unhappy with the size / comfort of them. Especially the 405 range - they're really uncomfortable for someone with small wrists, as even though you'll be able to adjust the strap to fit you okay - the back facing on the 405s don't fit snug against the forearm part of your wrist (again that's just for people with small wrists.)

The 110 fits very comforably. I went for the version without heartrate as I don't have a requirement for heartrate. I think the watch looks plain but nice. You could get away with wearing this as a normal watch. It also looks nice when the blue backlight is operated.

Functionality. This is the ideal watch for me. I haven't connected it to a pc yet as I was I'm only just back from injury and haven't had much time to check out pc features yet. I deliberately went for the simpler option of the 110 gps as I don't want to get too caught up in after training analysis (Analysis is Paralysis!)

The watch comes with a small user manual that's very easy to read and understand so I'd advise any purchaser to read that.

In the set up you can select your 110 gps watch to measure your PACE or your SPEED. You can amend your set up at any stage in the future so don't be afraid to experiment. I have mine set up to measure my PACE. You're also asked to set the units at miles or km. And you're also asked to set lap distances. I have my watch on Miles, and I set my lap distance to 0.25 Mile. You can turn the alarm beep on / off (it beeps every lap unless you turn the beep off.)

My watch takes about 1 minute approximately to locate the satelites at which point you can press the start button to begin your run. One day I started my run while it was still locating the satelites with the intention of pressing "start" when the satelites were located but it was taking ages and ages and the progress bar was fluctuating but never completing. After about five minutes I decided to stop running and wait for the satelite location to complete. Once I stopped running it took about just 30 seconds to complete the satelite location. I don't think that's a fault though. I imagine that you need to be stationary while the gps device locates the satelites and running during this phase disrupts the process. So my advice is if you've already bought this watch or if you're thinking of buying one - DON'T start your run until the satelite location is completed.

When using the settings as described above (MILES, PACE, lap 0.25 mile) - when running, on the display you'll have three readngs.
1) Main reading in the centre of display - The total time elapsed since you started your run
2) At the top of the display in small digits - The total distance elapsed since you started your run
3) At the bottom of the display - The current pace (e.g. 8:30) - with my settings as described, means in this example my current pace is 8 min 30 sec miles.

Every lap (0.25 mile in my case) it beeps (you can turn the beep off if you like.) Every time you complete a lap the display gives new info for a few seconds (you can also press "ok" when the "last lap" info is displayed to get back to your normal display.) The three readings on the "last lap" display are:

1) Main reading in the centre of display - The time taken to run last lap
2) At the top of the display - The distance of the last lap (this is obviously what you set your lap at, i.e. 0.25 mile in my case.)
3) At the bottom of the display - The average pace of the last lap (for example, average 8 min 20 sec / miles pace for that lap)

Finally at the end of your run, press the stop button. Then hold the reset button (it prompts you to hold if for a few seconds.) At that point the watch then re-calculates your average pace for the WHOLE of the run and saves it to the history. Simple. Perfect.

As of yet I haven't experimented further with what it can do when connected to a pc. But I purchased it primarily for the uses outlined above. It's ideal (for me) plus from a hardware point of view it's superb. I've given it five stars without hesitation, and if I'm happy with additional features when I eventually rig it up to my pc - I'd give it six stars then if I was able to !!!

The watch delivered free to me in Ireland by Amazon UK. Thanks for that.

County Cork.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 22 October 2013
Bought two of these - one for me, one for daughter. Both suffer from the same hugely annoying problem that it won't reliably connect to our respective PC's to allow the download of data. Two different watches, two different PC's, same problem. I've tried every available 'fix' on the internet. None work. A great shame, as when it does work, its great. But after every run, you are left tearing your hair out trying to get it to connect. DON'T BUY!
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 14 February 2012
Very pleased with my Garmin Forerunner 110. The strap adjusts to fit even my skinny wrist. Does as little or as much as I need. Don't always wear the heart rate monitor and sometimes only use it for the time of day! Easy to use; don't really need the instruction manual as it 'goes thro' things on the watch itself. Uploading to the Garmin website is simple and it's great to be able to analyse my runs - which are now improving! So all good!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 10 July 2012
I bought this watch as a replacement for a Garmin FR205. I run regularly, maybe 4 times a week, and run half marathons and the occasional marathon.
The first thing about the watch is that it looks good. It's much smaller than the 205, in fact it's almost the same size as a normal sports watch. It's comfy to wear and the strap is decent.
It picks up a satellite signal quickly (quicker than the 205). The buttons are easy to use and the display is very clear.
GPS seems accurate. I checked it on a bike ride against my bike speedo.
The functionality is limited but is perfectly adequate for most runners. It tells you distance, time elapsed and pace.
One thing to look out for - the default setting is for `auto-lap' to be on. This means that `pace' is your pace over the last mile. If you want to see your average pace over the entire run, you need to disable the auto-lap feature.
I have not yet used the HRM so cannot comment on its effectiveness.
Overall this is a very good watch at a decent price. Garmin have good GPS technology and have reduced the size of the GPS sensor, meaning you no longer have to wear a brick on your wrist!
I would definitely recommend this watch.
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