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116 of 118 people found the following review helpful
on 20 March 2015
I bought this bracket for my Samsung UE55H6203 TV on recommendation from the seller of the TV.
Knowing nothing about TV brackets with this being my 1st flat screen TV and with all the positive reviews about the bracket I went ahead and purchased it.

The best way I can term my purchase is that I feel with the low price of the bracket and with the ease that me and my friend had putting up, I honestly feel like I have committed daylight robbery because after reading how some other customers had spent £180 plus for a bracket for the same TV, I have been seriously left wondering what the catch is with this bracket.

It is solid as steel and ridiculously easy to put up with crystal clear instructions and the fittings supplied with it are totally sufficient for mounting it with.

One of the main tools I would recommend if you are using the anchor bolt fittings supplied for solid wall fixings is a socket ratchet spanner, which luckily my mate had with him, otherwise you will be tightening the bolts all day if using a spanner (which is also provided with the fixings). This is because of the shape of the plate which fixes on the wall which would just make it incredibly slow to use a spanner.

The wall which I fitted it on is a solid wall covered with wooden paneling with roughly a 1-2 inch gap between the paneling and the solid wall and the anchor bolts supplied with the brackets were perfectly long enough and the wall plate sat perfectly on the face of the paneling.

Other then that the bracket was fixed to the wall and the TV mounted on it within about half an hour and I could not be more pleased.

If you are thinking of buying this, as long as you are sure it'll fit your TV, then do not hesitate! You will not be disappointed.

I have included pictures showing the before during and after stage which are pretty self explanatory, but hope this helps.
review image review image review image review image
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432 of 446 people found the following review helpful
TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 18 August 2011
I've been looking to wall mount my TV for a while now, since it sat too low on the TV stand. There are simply loads and loads of different TV brackets available. I did not want one which was slim line (against the wall) as I am aware that the cables connected to the back of the TV require a certain amount of room. Also I wanted to avoid the situation where the TV wall bracket would be visible from behind the TV and so after having seen the reviews of this wall mount I decided to invest. I have a 37in LED tv which weighs 15Kg, which this bracket can comfortably support.
Firstly the delivery process was top notch, the order turned up a few days after being placed.

All the tools, bolts and rawl plugs are included and the instructions are fairly straight forward. There are an array of machine screws (3 sets of different sizes) provided to ensure that the back plate can be attached to the rear of the television.
You'll need to do some simple calculations to determine where to drill the three holes needed to hold the wall bracket (which holds the cantilever arm), this is to ensure that you don't end up with the television too high and also too far to the left. I calculated the top hole for the wall bracket to be 6 cm below from the top edge of the TV and 22 cms to the right of the centre of the back plate.
You'll need a drill with a size 10 drill bit and a spirit level to ensure you get all the holes right.
Once the cantilever arm is in place I'd recommend asking a friend to help lift the TV to attach to position the back plate onto the fastening clamp and then holding it, while it is being screwed in.
This bracket is very strong and sturdy and I can happily recommend it, it is totally hidden from sight of my tv. However before purchasing check the weight of the TV to ensure the clamp is suitable to support the weight.
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93 of 98 people found the following review helpful
on 9 August 2013
I bought it to hold a 40" Samsung 6800 screen up in the corner of a room. Beware that because of the cantilever arm you'll bolt it to the wall a few inches left or right of the centre of the screen. You also need a socket with ratchet to get the long hex bolts into a solid wall and a spirit level. I made a cardboard template of the screen from the box the screen came in, so I could see where the bracket would be best placed. In other words I put the cardboard screen on the bracket and held it up to the wall. When I was happy with the position, I marked the edge of the bracket with a pencil to be sure I'd get it in the same place. I discovered the VESA holes in the TV were much nearer the top of the screen than the centre. I would have installed the bracket in the wrong place otherwise.

Once I marked the top left hole, I drilled with a 6mm masonry bit first, then a larger 10mm one. Injected a spray lubricant in to ease getting the bolt in. Hung the bracket off that first one, to mark the second one. I'm not a DIY pro and in my experience, if you mark all the four holes and drill straight away, they won't all line up because it's hard to drill each one exactly on the mark. One at a time, marking each one after rechecking the previous ones line up is safer.

When I was twisting the bolts in they did squeak a bit but once tight to the wall this bracket is now immovable. The tilt feature is great.

All in all, I can't see any faults with it. It's a shame the postage cost almost as much as the item.

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83 of 90 people found the following review helpful
on 6 September 2012
After checking around for a full 180 degree swivelling arm for my new TV I had seen many a similar arm for £150-200 and was a little cautious of buying something this cheap.

However, the package duly arrived and upon inspection this turned out to be a seemingly very well made and sturdy arm with a full range of movement and all the bits and bolts needed to attatch to any tv. I did have a brief issue with getting the bolts to fit with the additional samsung plastic inserts that are meant to go onto the back of the TV if wall mounting but when I dispensed with them and just used the parts that came with the arm then it all slid together easily.

Fitting to the wall was simple enough, knock 3 big holes into the brickwork, pop in the wall-plugs and tighten up the long bolts. I would recommend removing the big allen bolts on the wall plate and mounting that first to the wall then re-attatching the arm so the weight is not pulling it out of the wall as you try to do the bolts up (and use I think a 12mm socket - The spanner in the pack didn't fit the wall bolts).

The plate for the TV mounted easily and I didn't need to use the extender which was included, even though the TV is 37", so that saved some time. The plate slotted onto the arm very easily (Just hook in at the top and slide the holes onto the threaded rods) and was fastened with the two locking nuts provided.

I've tried yanking on the arm and then moving it around at full extension once the tv was fitted and it all appears level and sturdy. The only minor issue is the cable clips don't appear to be that great but there's plenty of clearance when the arm folds to hang the cable bundle via a velcro strap instead.

All in all? Great for the price and well reccommended.
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121 of 134 people found the following review helpful
on 9 May 2012
I was nervous about buying a wall bracket for our 47" LG as reviews of several types seemed to report sag and tilt problems with the larger models. The reviews for this seemed best so we ordered it. Delivery was fast - by DHL. My husband and I fitted it in about an hour including clearing the space for drilling and doing the measurements. Hubby's only complaints - no advice about drill bit size and no guidance for measurements when positioning the holes, but it wasn't difficult once the plate was attached to the TV. The wall fixing is 5" to the right of centre (looking at the wall) and the top wall bolt is approx 7.25" from the top of the screen. 3 bolts fit vertically down the bracket (use a plumb-line to make it precise). He used a smallish masonry drill first then a 10mm drill bit but it wasn't quite big enough for the huge wall-plugs so he used the next size up to just make a wider opening. We used the supplied bolts and it seems as solid as a rock.
The bracket comes with a standard TV plate and an extension kit for larger TVs. We needed that as the VESA fittings on our LG are the maximum 400 x 400. There are various size screws included in the kit to suit different TVs.
Our TV weighed 38lbs (approx 17.25kg) including the plate attachment (forgot to weigh it first!) which is well within the maximum of 80lbs.
Once the plate is attached to the TV (must make sure it's the right way up with the slot for the lug at the top)and the bracket fitted to the wall, the plate simply hooks over the lug on the bracket and holds with 2 nuts.
When the TV is pushed close to the wall (our TV came with its own spacers but 2 types are included in the kit as well) the screen is just under 4" from the wall. At full extension it's about 21" away which gives massive swivel allowance, taking our 47" to about 60 degrees from centre, allowing it to be viewed from anywhere in the room. We're not using the tilt but it has about 25 - 30 degrees of forward tilt if you're fixing it higher than eye level. A big TV needs two hands to adjust the position but it moves easily while not being loose and floppy.
Superb piece of kit!
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15 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on 31 December 2014
Great bracket at a great price. Had to modify it to fit my 50' sony, but that's due to sony's unflat back on tv.
review image review image
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75 of 84 people found the following review helpful
on 25 September 2010
Hi. I bought 2 other brackets before. They both were heavy, ugly, poor made etc. Plus size!
This bracket was delivered quickly...and it is most versatile,beautiful and light bracket I ever had.
Fitting in minutes.

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79 of 89 people found the following review helpful
on 24 August 2013
This product is well constructed and sturdy BUT can have drawbacks. Don't get caught out as I was.

Because the product was sold as suitable for TVs from 26 inches upwards, I ordered it for use with a Samsung 28 inch LED TV (UE28F4000AW) and ran into some problems. Samsung TVs up to 28 inches must be fixed to a wall mount kit using M4 x 25mm long screws that comply with VESA standard screw specifications. This wall bracket is supplied ONLY with M5, M6 and M8 screws of various lengths, so the first thing to check is what screws fit your TV. Obviously I had to find some suitable screws.

I planned to use this TV with Freeview and it works very well. ANOTHER BUT...Samsung have thoughtfully? sited the RF aerial socket (conventional aerial) approximately 55mm from the nearest of the VESA mounting screws. This means that the backplate of this product obstructs the socket. This only applies to the RF aerial socket no others are affected. Rather than muck about returning the thing I cut a notch out of the backplate, but not everyone will be comfortable doing this. I would advise a careful check on the siting of the various sockets in the back of the TV before ordering.

The product is secured to the wall with 4 hefty 80mm hexagonal headed screws. A 12mm spanner (not supplied) or ring socket is required to tighten these. If you're fixing to a solid masonry wall a 10mm masonry drill is needed for the plugs (which are supplied).
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on 30 October 2014
I bought this to fix my Samsung Series 6, 40" TV to a masonry wall.

I took my time to fit it, thinking and measuring very carefully along the way but it was actually very easy to fit, requiring a drill, a socket set (or spanner), a screwdriver and a spirit level. Just remember that the position that the bracket fits onto the wall is offset from where the centre of the TV will be, due to the design. However, this is obvious when you "offer up" the bracket to the wall in its fully compressed state.

All fittings that might possibly be required appear to be supplied. The bolts and plugs that fit into the wall are of high quality. They made me very confident that the bracket will easily hold the weight of a TV much larger than my 40" set.

I was content (and surprised!) that I had fitted the bracket onto the wall perfectly level. But once I hung the TV on the bracket, the TV looked very slightly out of level, which initially disappointed and irritated me. However, I quickly discovered that it is very easy to make small "rotation" adjustments, by loosening a couple of screws on the TV side of the bracket and rotating the TV either clockwise or anti-clockwise, so my TV is now perfectly level. That was a "phew!" moment. It's a clever design.

Once on the wall, the TV can either sit very close against the wall or be pulled out and angled left or right using the cantilever arm. If offers a considerable amount of adjustment for viewing positions. My TV is possibly a little small for my room so the bracket allows me to bring the TV closer to me temporarily then pushed back when not in use.

Plastic clip-on covers are provided for each metal "arm" of the bracket, which allow for cable management.

This is a high quality, well thought out product.

One day I will have to hang another TV in another room and I won't consider buying any bracket other than this one. I'm tempted to buy another one now in case these disappear from the market.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 10 September 2012
This bracket is heavy and sturdy. It comes with substantial screws and plugs, which felt 'right' for the weight. We fitted it easily, though a socket set would have been handy as the spanner that comes with it fits only one of the sizes required. (My fault for not checking before taking it to my parents' house to fit it)

The bracket moves smoothly between being nearly flush with the wall (as a TV) to swinging to almost 90 degrees (as a computer monitor).

Very pleased with the result.
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